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                                     Technology Fee Proposal Worksheet
Fiscal Year 2004                                                                       Student Organization? ___Yes _x_ No

Title of Proposal: Smart Classroom Interactive Display

Submitted by:                  Barbara Thomas                              E-mail:     bthomas          Phone: 4283

Program/Department/Organization: CSE

Approved By:         Dr. Rebecca Rutherfoord                                 Title: Program Head Information Technology.


1.      Please indicate the Category of Technology Fee Request, as defined in the SPSU Technology Fee Proposal:

        ___ STUDENT/ORGANIZATION                 _x__FACULTY/ACADEMIC                ___ IT INFRASTRUCTURE

2.      Is this request part of a continuing project for which you have received previous technology fee awards?
                                     __x_ No               ___Yes (# previous awards ____)

3.      What is the proposed project "lifetime" or "life expectancy" of any resources/equipment to be acquired?
        7 years

4.      Where will the resources acquired be located at SPSU?           J202, J151

5.      Who will manage/support the resources acquired?             CSE Staff

6.      How many students per semester will have access to the requested resources?             300

7.      Explain which students will be served by these purchases and how they will be served. Students enrolled in courses
        meeting in the target classroom. The classroom is used primarily for classes offered by CSE, but other courses are
        offered there from time to time.

8.      If the products/positions included in this proposal support a course(s), please list the course(s) here and indicate whether it
        is a core, elective or required course.

        Course                                            ___ Core         ___ Elective      ___Required
        Course                                            ___ Core         ___ Elective      ___Required
        Course                                            ___ Core         ___ Elective      ___Required
        Course                                            ___ Core         ___ Elective      ___Required
        Course                                            ___ Core         ___ Elective      ___Required
        Course                                            ___ Core         ___ Elective      ___Required
           Instructors teaching SWE 4324, SWE4624, SWE4724 and IT4401 currently capture class notes for posting on a web

Revised 11/22/2002
Define the “mission critical” level and nature of this proposal.

     The goal is to provide a better view of classroom notes (lectures) This proposal provides facilities for posting all lecture
     notes on a web page.

     This proposal provides two interactive graphics display units for existing Smart Classrooms. One will be used in a
     classroom with an existing smart board and one in a classroom without an existing smart board.

     Two of our faculty members currently use Smart Board facilities to capture annotations and lecture notes posted on a
     smart board for subsequent posting on their web site. The proposed equipment will be used to capture and display lecture
     notes in these classrooms. The intent is to provide efficient display and capture capabilities that will encourage faculty use
     of these techniques.

9.   Are you requesting funds primarily to    _x__ acquire new resources or     ___ update/replace resources?

10. What other resources, if any, will support this project? Existing PC and LCD camera in target classroom

11. Are there any space issues related to this proposal (e.g., has space been assigned for a new lab)?       ___Yes      x___No

12. Are there any information technology issues related to this proposal?      ___Yes       __x_No

13. Determine and indicate if equipment will be maintained under a service agreement and how payment of these future
    service agreements will be funded.

     Equipment to be maintained by CSE staff

                                        Please complete the following budget summary:

                     Fiscal Year 2004                                $ Project Total       $ Tech Fee Request

                     Equipment                                     3798                    3798
                     Operating & Supplies
                     Student Assistant Salary Funds
                     Regular Employee Salary Funds/Benefits
                     Other, please explain below
                        TOTAL                                      3798                    3798

Revised 11/22/2002
                              PROPOSAL FOR USE OF FY2001 TECHNOLOGY FEE
                                        School of Computing and Software Engineering
                                Contact: Professor Barbara Thomas ( , 4283)

TITLE: Smart Classroom Interactive Display

This is a proposal to purchase an Interactive Pen Display unit for installation in two existing Smart Classrooms.

Smart classroom equipment including PC’s, smartboards, LCD projectors and graphics cameras have been installed in several
classrooms used for CSE courses over the last 3 years.

CSE faculty have been enthusiastic users of smart classroom equipment and believe that it’s use significantly enhances the
quality of instruction being delivered. As experience is gained, however, some problems and opportunities for improvements
in the Smart Classroms have been identified. Specifically,

1. The size of computer output displays in class rooms with smart boards is limited by the size of the board (72” diagonal).
This can cause some displayed materials to be unreadable for students on the back row in the largest classrooms. A smart
board has not been installed in our largest classroom because of this limitation.

 2. For optimal, unobstructed viewing by all students, smart boards need to be mounted at least 46” above the floor. If the
board is mounted at this height, however, some instructors are unable to reach the upper part of the board and are thus limited
to using only the lower part for written notes and annotations. Two of our instructors now capture all classroom lecture notes
and annotations from the smart board and post them on a web site. One of these instructors is finding that inability to use all of
the smart board limits the amount of material that it is practical to capture.

As a solution to these problems, we propose addition of a Cintiq Interactive Pen Display in two existing classrooms. The units
will permit users to write lecture notes and annotations on an LCD panel located at the instructor station and display them
through the classroom projector. Installations in other classrooms to solve the problem described in item 2 above may be
considered if this equipment performs as anticipated.

This proposal is relevant to Technology Fee Guidelines number [1] in that it is intended to directly benefit students by
improving delivery of instructional materials.


We believe that the developing trend toward capturing and posting of classroom lecture notes is a significant educational
benefit for our students. We expect the proposed equipment to make capture available in large classrooms and encourage more
use of capture facilities in any classroom.

The unit will benefit students who attend classes in these classrooms. We estimate that the average classroom serves
approximately 150 students per semester. The target classrooms are used principally for classes offered by the School of
Computing and Software Engineering, but other courses are offered there occasionally.

The effectiveness of the investment will judged by evaluating whether or not it increases the volume of lecture notes that are


The cost for two 15” Cintiz 15x Interactive Display unit is $1899 each. The unit will interface with existing classroom PC’s
and LCD projectors.

Revised 11/22/2002

Impact of the additional equipment on infrastructure expected to be minimal. The unit will be maintained by CSE staff.


Quote for Cintiz 15x

Revised 11/22/2002