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					                                Diocese of Austin
                                     The Catholic Church of Central Texas

                Policy on the Celebration of the Quinceañera
                                           Effective Sept. 24, 2004

In order to serve the needs of the people of God in the Diocese of Austin and to be responsible stewards of the
gifts given to the Diocese, The Diocese of Austin issues the following Policy:

The celebration of the Quinceañera is a custom of the Mexican culture that is often celebrated among families
who celebrate their faith in the parishes of the Diocese of Austin. Like many celebrations of the sacraments and
important times in the lives of the people, this is an opportunity for evangelization for the young woman or man,
and for the family and friends. Parishes are encouraged to provide a way to respond to the requests for families
who want to celebrate this time of blessing in their lives.

The following recommended guideline is a way to encourage and support the celebration of the Quinceañera in
the local parish. Parishes with an identified Hispanic population will be most affected by this request; however,
other parishes may also find themselves presented with this opportunity. All parishes are encouraged to
celebrate the Quinceañera when approached by the faithful.

        Formation includes the process of:
              a. Faith Formation
                  ? It is recommended that no more than six months of religious education class can be
                      expected or required of the quinceañera girl or boy prior to the celebration of the
                  ? This may be accomplished by attending ongoing religious education classes and/or the
                      confirmation class.
              b. Sacraments
                  ? It is required that the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and First Reconciliation
                      be completed.
                  ? It is required that Confirmation be completed or in the process of completion.
              c. Reservation of ritual date at parish
                  ? It is recommended that no more than one (1) year and not less than six (6) months be
                      observed by both the party seeking the reservation of a date and the parish providing
                      the celebration to celebrate the quinceañera in order to reserve such date.

Approved by the Presbyteral Council: Sept. 22, 2004
Promulgated by the Diocesan Bishop: Sept. 24, 2004
               d. Participation and Registration
                  ? It is recommended that no more than a one (1) year and not less than a six (6) month
                      period of parish registration be required to celebrate the quinceañera.

       Models of celebration may include the process of:
             a. Individual or group celebration of the ritual.
                  ? It is recommended that those parishes which have a history in the parish of more than 1
                     request per month for the Quinceañera celebration have them in group style.
                  ? Otherwise the quinceañera can be celebrated individually.
Determination of whom (priest or deacon) and how (Mass, Communion Service or simple
blessing) the quinceañera will be celebrated is to be left at the discretion of the pastor.

Approved by the Presbyteral Council: Sept. 22, 2004
Promulgated by the Diocesan Bishop: Sept. 24, 2004