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					                                                                                                                           ANNEX A TO
                                                                                                                           SofD 510/41/02/09
                                                                                                                           Dtd 22 Jun 09

Detailed Recreational Diving Standards Check (RDSC) Report

UNIT:    RAFSAA Adventure              DATE:       9 – 13 Mar 09        OVERALL ASSESSMENT:                  PASS
         Training Centre
SUMMARY: This was the second visit from the Diving Standards Team (DST) to the Royal Air Force Sub Aqua Association (RAFSAA)
Adventure Training Centre Ascension since the post was manned in June 07. On completion of the last RDSC to Ascension DSO(AT) was
concerned about the remote location of the island and lost diver location if an incident occurred. It was recommended that an EPIRB system
operating on 406 Mhz which links to a satellite system be introduced. This action has been carried out and a simulated ‘lost diver’ exercise
was conducted during the RDSC. Also the loading and unloading of the dive boat at Guana jetty remained a safety issue. RAFSAA are in the
process of producing a ‘demonstration’ video which shows the correct method of loading a dive boat which will be incorporated into the arrival
brief given to joining expeditions. This is especially important to expeditions which have not used the centre before.

SERIAL                          ITEM                                PROPOSED REMEDIAL ACTION                     PRIORITY      COMPLETED
   (a)                            (b)                                               (c)                              (d)             (e)
  1.    RAFSAA Adventure Training Centre Ascension           This is not Sgt Marshalls primary job and                A        Vote of thanks
        is not manned full time. Sgt Marshall the            RAFSAA are very fortunate to have such a pro-                     and written
        RAFSAA Equipment Officer carries out works           active member on their committee. His                             report to
        parties pre-season and mid-season and closes         experience and knowledge of the workings on                       support Sgt
        the centre down at the end of the season. His        the island are excellent. He should be fully                      Marshalls
        time on the Island is spent working considerably     supported and rewarded for this outstanding                       annual report.
        long hours to achieve the very high standards        contribution to the running of the RAFSAA AT
        observed during the RDSC.                            Centre Ascension.
 2.     The Bauer B Trox NITROX membrane                     In line with the new JSP 319 the Compressed              A        Immediately.
        compressor has now been fully installed and is       Natural Breathing Air (CNBA) produced from
        in good operational condition.                       two air compressors must have a sample sent
                                                             to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis on

SERIAL                        ITEM                                 PROPOSED REMEDIAL ACTION                        PRIORITY   COMPLETED
 (a)                           (b)                                                  (c)                              (d)           (e)
                                                            an annual basis and the test unit used to carry
                                                            out the 3 monthly interim confidence check
                                                            (stain tube grab test) must also have a sample
                                                            taken at the same time as the lab test sample to
                                                            confirm accuracy. The Bauer B Trox membrane
                                                            compressor must also have a sample sent in
                                                            order to confirm that a ‘nil oil’ content is showing
                                                            in the gas produced therefore satisfying the BS
                                                            8478 standard.
 3.      Sgt Marshall is required to carry out a mooring    A noticeable mooring chain wastage was noted              A       The works
         chain inspection as part of the pre-season, mid-   (50%) and a solution should be found to secure                    party
         season & end of season works parties (Ref:         the safe mooring of RAFSAA dive boats.                            inspection
         258/10/1 dated 30 Jan 08).                         DSO(AT) suggested the use of sacrificial                          dives must
                                                            anodes to help maintain the integrity of the                      continue & a
                                                            mooring chains and Sgt Marshall was to                            solution
                                                            investigate the options available                                 should be
                                                                                                                              found to help
                                                                                                                              mooring chain
 4.      A MOD trial on ‘dual fuel’ with an Envirude        DSO(AT) would like to have an update on this              C       Suitable time
         outboard motor (OBM) using aviation fuel was       trial on its completion.                                          frame, end of
         being conducted during the RDSC.                                                                                     season
 5.      The new 2009DIN 07-021 ‘Guidance for CO’s          As Sgt Marshalll runs the Ascension Island AT             C       DSO(AT) to
         with Service Sub Aqua clubs has been               Centre this document should be added to the                       attach copy to
         produced.                                          centre arrival documentation and a copy for the                   inspection
                                                            RAF Base Commander to remind Exped SADS                           report.
                                                            of CO’s delegation and responsibility.

SERIAL                        ITEM                               PROPOSED REMEDIAL ACTION                    PRIORITY   COMPLETED
  (a)                           (b)                                              (c)                           (d)            (e)
  6.      During the previous RDSC 08 DSO(AT) saw a       During the RDSC 09 the following mandatory            A       Base
          very good powerpoint presentation for joining   information was not mentioned:                                Commander
          expedition members.                                 1. Oxygen (O2) equipment has been                         back brief
                                                                 brought onto the island by the exped                   from DSO(AT)
                                                                 (med centre only supplies O2 cylinders).               was informed
                                                              2. A SAT phone has been brought onto the                  this would be
                                                                 Island by the exped and exped SADS to                  implemented
                                                                 confirm communications back to DDMO                    by RAF
                                                                 in UK.                                                 Ascension
                                                              3. A current copy of the JSSADR’s dated                   HSE Rep.
                                                                 01 Apr 09 to be in arrival documentation
                                                                 and the exped SADS has the current
  7.    A competent persons register needs to be held     This should be filled in by the exped SADS at         A       Rectified
        for the operation of the Compressed Natural       the start of the exped when he has checked that               During
        Breathing Air (CNBA) compressors and the          the operator is both qualified and competent to               Inspection
        Bauer B Trox NITROX compressor.                   use the plant.                                                (RDI)

  8.      During DST inspection of Ascension AT Centre    DSO(AT) sat in on the arrival brief and the           A       A check sheet
          there was an exped just arriving from UK.       points raised in Para. 6 were not covered. As                 listing all the
                                                          this centre is not managed it is imperative that              mandatory
                                                          the safety equipment highlighted in the said                  equipment is
                                                          Para. 6 are confirmed and in working order.                   recommended
                                                                                                                        which should
                                                                                                                        be provided
                                                                                                                        by RAFSAA
                                                                                                                        for Ascension
                                                                                                                        Island to use.

SERIAL                          ITEM                                 PROPOSED REMEDIAL ACTION                    PRIORITY    COMPLETED
   (a)                           (b)                                                (c)                            (d)             (e)

The Ascension Island RAFSAA AT centre holds 24 diving cylinders and weights for visiting expeditions. All the cylinders were found to
be in date and good condition. The master file with all test dates and cylinder records are held by Sgt Marshall at RAF Benson. The 3
monthly grab test unit which is used to carry out the air analysis (Factair 3000) was also in date and in good condition. This will require
having an air sample carried out in accordance with JSP319 when the 2 CNBA compressor samples are sent to a UKAS laboratory for
analysis. This is to confirm the accuracy of the unit. Sgt Marshall has samples taken for him from the CNBA and the results are
forwarded to him for trend analysis. The AT centre also holds x 4 Humber ‘A’, x 1 Humber 16 I & X 1 Avon 525 craft. These are all
maintained to a very high standard along with the outboard engines (OBM). Considerable time and effort is spent maintaining this
equipment by Sgt Marshall and his works parties. During the RDSC the team that DSO(AT) saw on average were still wor king until late
into the evening getting the equipment ready for the first incoming exped. Sgt Marshall and his works parties are to be commended for
the hard work that is often not seen by the visiting SADS and expeds.

  9.       After visiting the Ascension Island AT centre on   DSO(AT) strongly recommended that RAFSAA              A        The x8
           the 2008 RDSC, DSO(AT) was concerned with          purchase an EPIRB locating beacon that would                   EPIRB’s come
           the casualty location from the more remote dive    assist the recovery of a lost diver. This advice               with
           sites around the Island.                           was followed up and the exepds are now given                   waterproof
                                                              a 406 Mhz satellite global position location                   containers &
                                                              device (x8 have been purchased). Each exped                    the exped
                                                              is to carry EPIRB’s while diving on Ascension in               SADS should
                                                              case of a ‘lost diver’ situation.                              ‘risk assess’
                                                                                                                             how these are
  10.      During the 2009 RDSC a simulated ‘lost diver’      The exercise demonstrated the effective use of        B        The base
           exercise was activated and included the RAF        the AIG F&SRS inshore lifeboat which arrived                   operations
           Ascension Island base operations room and the      at a location with a pre-positioned buoy to                    VHF
           Ascension Island Government (AIG) Fire & Sea       simulate an EPIRB signal having been                           equipment if
           Rescue Service (F&SRS) (see attached report).      activated. However, communications became a                    due upgrade
                                                              problem between on and off shore parties as                    or renewal
                                                              the exercise progressed.                                       should include

SERIAL                                 ITEM                                      PROPOSED REMEDIAL ACTION                             PRIORITY        COMPLETED
     (a)                                (b)                                                         (c)                                   (d)                (e)
                                                                                                                                                      channel 25 &
                                                                                                                                                      28 if budgets


1.     Serials marked with * indicate that the shortcoming represents a SAFETY related item

2.     Priorities:

       A.     This shortcoming will prevent the unit from achieving its mission or achieving a safe or minimum standard of diving. Immediate action is likely to be

       B.     This shortcoming may prevent the unit from achieving its mission or full potential.

       C.   This shortcoming is of a routine and probably not unusual nature, which, although requiring rectification, is unlikely to significantly hinder completion of
       conducting safe diving practises.


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