Minutes of a meeting of the ODSSA Committee by lonyoo


                    Minutes of a meeting of the ODSSA Committee
      held at the Fishermen's Lodge, Farmoor Reservoir on 26 September 2005

Present:                     Bob Medcalf               Commodore                  Chair
                             Hazel Howarth             Treasurer
                             David Bickerton           Sailing Secretary
                             Chris Russell             Member                     (items 3 to 9)
                             Nigel Vick                Warden
                             John Wylie                Member
                             Karen Glisson             Secretary                  Minutes

Apologies:                  Tony Scott                 Member
                            Charlotte Christie         LEA Representative

1.         Apologies for absence

           Apologies had been received from Charlotte Christie and Tony Scott.

2.         Minutes of the meeting held 11 th May 2005

           The minutes were agreed to be a true record of the meeting.

3.         Matters arising

3.1        Minute 3.1 Oxford Sailing Club Development Group: Nigel Vick has been advised that the
           group has not met formally since before ODSSA's last meeting. They have, however, asked an
           architect to draw up some plans of their proposals. Bob Medcalf will check with Kate Saffin to
           make sure that the Group's convenor has Bob on his list of e-mail contacts for notice of the
           meetings. Action: Bob Medcalf.

3.2        Minute 3.4.1 Monthly briefing meetings between Thames Water, OSC & ODSSA:
           Nigel has not heard of any briefing taking place.

3.3        Minute 3.4.2 ODSSA issues with Thames Water: Nigel finally received a letter from Thames
           Water on 8 August. It advised that the speed ramp (for outside the Fishermen's Lodge) is on
           order. Nigel was also able to come to an agreement with the cleaner, who is now cleaning the
           toilets in the Fishermen's Lodge regularly, in return for Nigel giving the main room an
           occasional clear-up. Nigel is still not happy about the maintenance of the DPS barrier, and he
           will write once again to Thames Water about it. Action: Nigel Vick.

3.4        Minute 4.2 Carterton Community College Sports Showcase: Sadly this event was cancelled.

3.5        Minute 5.1.3 Oxford Sports Council: Nigel Vick is yet to apply to the Oxford Sports
           Council for a £200 grant towards building a new Bee. Action: Nigel Vick.

3.6        Minute 5.1.4 Local Network Fund grant: The Treasurer has amended the accounts
           spreadsheet to make it possible to monitor income and expenditure on this grant specifically.

3.7        Minute 5.2.3 £1100 for servicing of the engines: David Bickerton felt this might be rather
           expensive for the servicing of three large and two small engines, and wondered if Red Line
           Outboard Services was giving good value for money. Nigel Vick agreed that it was important to
           monitor the costs carefully, but felt, along with John Wylie, that they do provide a professional
           and convenient service, and that they often try to use second-hand replacement parts and make

                  Minutes (16/11/05) - ODSSA Committee Meeting held 26 September 2005 Signed .. Date
        other economies for us where it is feasible. Bob Medcalf pointed out the importance of using a
        reputable firm that documents its work, so that it is easy to see (and prove, should it ever be
        necessary) that engines have been repaired and maintained.

3.8     Minute 5.2.4 The Bartholomew grant/account: The Treasurer has established that the carry-
        forward from last year on this grant was £1382, and the grant for the current year, after Nigel
        Vick's salary and costs have been deducted, is £10,144. Hazel Howarth will also ask Frances for
        a printout of expenditure on this grant, so that we can work out what other expenses are charged
        to it by direct debit/ standing order - the telephone bill is one that we are aware of. Nigel felt it
        would be very good to try to find out how the level of the annual grant is decided. Action:
        Hazel Howarth.

4.      Correspondence

        Letter from Thames Water received, as explained in minute 3.3, above. 5.


5.1     Treasurer's report:

5.1.1   2004 Accounts: These are currently being checked, and the final version should be available
        for the AGM. The Treasurer pointed out that there is a £2000 positive balance on the year on
        general running costs. She felt, therefore, that the current ODSSA membership fees are pitched
        at just the right level. Pontoon Project donation: The £4020 shown in income under Grants/Donations, goes out
        again as expenditure under Equipment. This was the donation made towards the Pontoon
        Project, paid through ODSSA so that the Gift Aid on it could be claimed for the project.
        ODSSA was pleased to be able to assist the Pontoon Project in this way.

5.1.2   Charity Commissioner's annual return: Chris Howe and David Yeates are to be taken off
        the list of ODSSA Trustees. Remaining on the list are Chris Russell, Tony Scott, David
        Bickerton, John Wylie, Hazel Howarth, Nigel Vick and Karen Glisson. Bob Medcalf is to be
        added to the list. Action: Hazel Howarth.

5.1.3   NSSA membership renewal: ODSSA's membership category is "local sailing
        organisation", and some schools are to be included in the membership as affiliated
        institutions. Action: Nigel Vick to assist Hazel Howarth in identifying the relevant schools.

5.2     Warden's report:

5.2.1   Community Sports Coach: Sports Council funding might pay half the cost of a Community
        Sports Coach, with OYSTC funding the balance of costs, enabling youth sailing to be offered at
        Farmoor at the weekends (and on weekday mornings). OYSTC's Stage I application has been
        successful, and Nigel is waiting for the paperwork for the Stage 2 application to see what is
        required. It may not be possible for OYSTC to be the employer, because, as a trust, their accounts
        are not audited. Oxford Sailing Club wants to try to improve its own provision for youth sailing
        over the next six months, rather than partnering OYSTC on this project. It was felt that it would
        not be appropriate for ODSSA to be the employer. Nigel Vick is proposing, therefore, if
        necessary, to set up a new "youth sailing club" body, to be run by the youngsters and their parents.
        Of those who completed feedback returns after doing OYSTC courses over the summer, thirty
        stated that they would be interested in a youth sailing club. The Committee asked Nigel Vick to
        make every effort to work with OSC on this project. If this proved impossible, they were
        supportive of him going ahead with his proposals for a new youth sailing club.

               Minutes (16/11/05) - ODSSA Committee Meeting held 26 September 2005 Signed .. Date
5.2.2   Art & ODSSA: The Board gave their support and encouragement to Nigel in going ahead with
        the pilot art events to be associated with the ODSSA regatta, working together with Lorna
        Marrison and Kate Saffin.

5.2.3   NSSA Regatta Bassenthwaite July 2006: The Committee confirmed it was happy for Nigel
        Vick to be seconded to this event as Principal Race Officer. David Bickerton said he also
        planned to attend, provided the dates did not clash with the Laser Youth or World

5.2.4   Boat replacement: It was agreed that Nigel should go ahead and purchase the usual two new
        Toppers (at a cost of £1374 + VAT each) before the price of Toppers rises in December. Nigel
        proposes that four boats go from the long-term hire fleet into general use, and that four boats get
        retired from the general use fleet and, if possible, sold. If there are no buyers, he suggests that
        they might be put up for long-term hire also, but for recreational use, rather than racing. This was
        agreed. The Committee hoped that the young people hiring the new Toppers next year would be
        racing them on a regular basis.

5.2.5   Thames Water Stakeholder meeting: This will take place in London on 8
        November, and Nigel will be attending it.

5.2.6   Changes to ODSSA constitution: The Charity Commission has consented to all the changes
        proposed, with two minor exceptions, as follows:

        a. Clause 10c of the constitution: The Charity Commission recommended that there should be a
        pool of authorised signatories, and two signatures be required for all cheques, even those for small
        amounts under £500. The Treasurer pointed out that the bank requires two signatures on every
        cheque from the ODSSA account anyway.

        b. Clause 10e of the constitution: The word "item" is missing. The end of the first sentence
        should read, " ... convened in accordance with Item 5 General Meetings".

        The Charity Commission need a certified copy of the resolution to members, the minutes of the
        AGM and a copy of the revised constitution. Action: Nigel Vick and Hazel Howarth.

5.2.7   D'Overbroecks College: It was agreed that D'Overbroecks College's payment of their
        affiliation fee in September 2005 would cover them to the end of December 2006.

5.2.8   Summer programme: OYSTC had a record number of young people on their summer sailing
        courses, and good work was done on these courses by a pool of instructors and senior
        instructors. A facilities fee of £1000 was paid to ODSSA to
         cover the cost of petrol used.

5.3     Sailing Secretary's Report: ODSSA was represented at the NSSA regatta, the Laser Europeans
        (with some good results), the Topper Nationals and Cork Week. ODSSA and Abingdon School
        teams will enter the NSSA team racing championships on 15/16 October, and ODSSA's own
        regatta will take place on 15 October. ODSSA alumni Justin V isser has recently become 29er
        youth world champion.

        David Bickerton has been asked to help with safety cover at the Laser Youth and Laser
        World Championships at Weymouth during 2006, and asked if he might borrow the ODSSA
        RIB for these events. This was approved.

        The Committee asked if Nigel Vick would provide a list of dates of future events at the next
        meeting. Action: Nigel Vick.

6.      Purchases

               Minutes (16/11/05) - ODSSA Committee Meeting held 26 September 2005 Signed .. Date
      None to report.

7.    Health & Safety

7.1   AALA inspection: The inspection has highlighted the need for revisions to the safety policy.
      Nigel will produce an amended safety policy for approval at the next ODSSA Committee
      meeting, for publication in a new ODSSA handbook for 2006.

8.    Anv other business

8.1   Oxford Sailing Club AGM: We have had notice of this, and ODSSA has 20 votes available,
      should it choose to use them. It was felt that there was nothing of controversy on the agenda for
      the meeting. Nigel Vick advised the Committee that he intends to propose David Newton as
      Affiliates Representative on the OSC Committee. David was formerly a member of ODSSA and
      is involved in Sailability.

9.    Date of next meeting

      The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 16 November 2005. The ODSSA AGM will be
      at 7:30 pm on that date, and the next ODSSA committee will take place immediately after the
      AGM. The venue for both will be the Fishermen's Lodge at Farmoor Reservoir. Chris Russell
      was persuaded to stand for the position of Sailing Secretary on next year's Committee.

             Minutes (16/11/05) - ODSSA Committee Meeting held 26 September 2005 Signed .. Date

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