Building a flat bottom boat

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					                   Building a flat bottom boat
         Many people have gone out boating at least once or twice in their lifetime. Some

people go out on lakes or ponds, while others go on rivers sloughs or swamps/marshes.

There is a special type of boat used in rivers, sloughs (a pond on the side of a river) or

swamps/marshes. This boat is called a Jon boat or flat bottom boat. The flat bottom boat

is used in more shallow areas because it has a unique design. It has a flat bottom that

makes the boat maneuver more easily in shallow of water. These boats are mainly used

for hunting in marshes, rivers and in sloughs. These boats can be used in any shallow


         For this project I will be constructing a flat bottom boat made from 2x2 inch,

2x4,and 1x3 inch pine timbers/ boards and plywood. The boat I will be building will be

roughly11 feet long, 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall. When I get done constructing the frame

and plywood sides I will fiberglass the boat and after that I will caulk it with silicone

caulk. I will probably paint the boat in camouflage colors after I fiberglass it.

         To construct the boat, I will need to use power tools. Some of the tools I will be

using are the circular saw, table saw, and power drill. Since I have been in Manufacturing

1 and 2 and since I have been using these tools since I have been about nine years old, I

think I will be able to construct a wooden boat.

         There is limited information on the web for constructing wooden boats by hand

because a lot of boats are made from aluminum and fiberglass. Most of the information I

will be getting will be from my father, Roger Klopp and my shop teacher, Mr. Scoucie,

since most of the information on the Internet is mainly for fiberglass boats and aluminum
boats. I have found one site on the Internet that explains how to build a flat bottom boat

that is going to be similar to the one that I will be constructing. This website is from

Vintage products, How to Construct a Flat Bottom boat. The design on the Internet will

help me construct a design that I will want to build.

       I think that this project will be a great learning experience for me because I like

wood working projects. I also am a novice carpenter so I think that this will be a great

and challenging project for me. I will gain carpentry, design and building skills that will

serve me well for my life.
        State Academic Standards for Wisconsin
           I will be achieving these Wisconsin State Academic Standards as

English Language Arts,
Standard B: Writing Performance Standards
B.12.1 Create or produce writing to communicate with different audiences for a variety
of purposes.

Standard C: Oral Language
C.12.1 Prepare and deliver formal oral presentations appropriate to specific purposes and

Technology education
Standard B: systems
B.12.2 Demonstrate how systems are planned, organized, designed, built, and controlled

Performance standards
C.12.9 Apply basic engineering concepts in the design and creation of solutions to
various problems or opportunities
C.12.10 evaluate a technological solution and make necessary improvement

Note** The above information was taken directly from the Wisconsin department of public
instruction Academic Standards at the following website
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