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									                            CHAI TIMES
                                Volume 6, Issue 2                                      November 2007- December 2007
    Congregation                                                                          Kislev 5768 - Tevet 5768
   Agudath Achim                   From the Rabbi's Desk...
        59 Broad Street
      Freehold, NJ 07728           Do you have a “gelt” complex?
                                    Walmart and many retailers,       I’m     talking        about      house from the Evil Eye to
   Rabbi Kenneth Greene             according to the evening          old-fashioned coin of the         purchasing ingredients for
                                    news, will be starting the        realm. Not that it may cost       holiday treats.
                                    holiday season this month by      one significantly less, but it    According to another
OFFICERS                            cutting prices as a way to        may be an opportunity to          source,      Hanukkah’s
                                    entice consumers to start
President: Marcy Cortez                                               teach our children the true       association with money
                                    shopping early. There was a
                                                                      value of money. After all,        dates back to the time of
1st Vice President: Larry Edelstein time when most retailers
                                                                      the distribution of gelt for      the Hasmonean monarchy
                                    waited        until    after
2nd Vice President: Jeffrey Wolf                                      Hanukka h goe s ba ck,            (de sce nda nt s of t h e
                                    Thanksgiving to begin their
                                                                      according to one source, to       Maccabees) who were
3rd Vice President: Richard Greer holiday sales. According to
                                                                                                        given permission to mint
                                    urban legend, that is why the     the word play for the
Treasurer: Jeffrey Shapiro                                                                              their own coins and
                                    Friday after Thanksgiving was     Hebrew word for education         distribute them to the
Corres. Sec’y: June Winkler         named “Black” Friday – so         (hinukh) being similar to the     population.
                                    that retailers could adjust       name of the holiday. Both in
Financial Sec’y: Gabriel Gurman                                                                         No matter its origin, using
                                    sales in order to come out in     Sephardic communities such
Rec. Sec’y: Miriam Kapelushnik      the black. But given many                                           the      “gelt”    for    the
                                                                      as Smyrna, as well as
                                    trends in the economy, that                                         improvement of human
Exec. Director: Marvin Krakower                                       Ashkenazic communities            welfare seems to be a key
                                    does not appear to be the
                                    case for this year. By moving     influenced by the earliest        factor. Whether it be a
                                    up potential sales, especially    Hassidim, it became a             donation to the synagogue
Sandy Altman
Ross Basen                          toys, and I would guess, not      practice to distribute coins to   or some other communal
Michelle Chesny                     too far behind them,              teachers and scholars as a        institution connected with
Lewis Goldstein                     electronics, not only before      form of compensation for          education and human
Debbie Gross                        Thanksgiving but before           any time lost from their          betterment, it might very
Barry Hochberg                      Halloween, such retailers may                                       well be appropriate to make
Irv Kaplan                                                            usual occupations.           In
                                    believe they will get a jump      Ashkenazic communities,           part of this year’s Hanukkah
Steve Kaplan
                                    on the competition. The end                                         observance the distribution
Rob Kash                                                              contracts were even written
Jeffrey Kneler                      result, of course, is to                                            of gelt to needy causes.
                                                                      to permit not only teachers       Indeed, what better value
Abby Kramsky                        influence consumer spending.
                                                                      and scholars, but preachers,      lesson can we impart to our
Avi Labkovski                      With Hanukkah coming
Michele Moserowitz                                                    cantors, butchers – those         children, than at least focus
                                   towards the beginning of           who worked for the
Lauren Nadler                                                                                           on making one night the
Wendy Sherman                      December this year (thank
                                                                      community – to receive            gift of sharing our good
                                   G-d, it’s not in November),
ACTIVE PAST PRESIDENTS                                                some kind of remuneration,        fortune with someone less
                                   the Jewish community may
Lou Barth, MD                                                         not always in money. Only in      fortunate.
                                   feel this consumer frenzy
Jerry Einhorn                                                         the 19th Century do we hear
                                   even more. Yet whether you                                           To you and yours from the
Jack Feinstein
                                   are a “one small package for       of gelt being directed            entire Greene Mishpacha,
Bernard N. Hochberg
Jerome T. Kurman                   each night” family or a “one       towards children. Children in     Chag Urim Sameah – A
Rachelle Lederman                  large gift to cover all eight      the Sephardic communities         Happy Holiday of Lights!
Laurence B. Lubber                 days” family, Hanukkah gelt        of Persia and Yemen were
David Metz                         may be an answer to this           known to go from door to
Charles Miller                     year’s retailer blitz. By “gelt”
Linda Perchuk
                                                                      door soliciting coins to either
                                   I’m not referring to fake gold
Robert Rosin                                                          perform acts to protect the       Rabbi Kenneth Greene
                                   coins made from chocolate;

                           Freehold Jewish Center Calendar
                           November 2007 - December 2007



18         BAT MITZVAH JACQUELINE RUSH                              10:30 AM
           CHURCH                                                   7:00 PM

22         THANKSGIVING MINYAN                                      8:00 AM

23         POST THANKSGIVING SERVICE AND DINNER                     6:00 PM


30         FRIDAY NIGHT SERVICE - TOT SHABBAT                       7:30 PM


2          FAMILY HANUKKAH PROGRAM                                  11:00 AM

6          BORO HANUKKAH CANDLE LIGHTING                            5:00 PM

7          DALED CLASS HANUKKAH FAMILY SERVICE                      7:30 PM

8          SATURDAY MORNING SERVICE    PORTION MIKETZ               9:00 AM

14         FRIDAY NIGHT SERVICE - NEW MEMBER SHABBAT                7:30 PM


21         FRIDAY NIGHT SERVICE                                     7:30 PM

22         SATURDAY MORNING SERVICE    PORTION VAY'CHI              9:00 AM

28         FRIDAY NIGHT SERVICE                                     7:30 PM

29         SATURDAY MORNING SERVICE    PORTION SHEMOT               9:00 AM

4          FRIDAY NIGHT SERVICE - COLLEGE NIGHT                     7:30 PM

5          SATURDAY MORNING SERVICE    PORTION VA'ERA               9:00 AM

Chai Times

From the Desk of the President....
Now that fall has officially arrived (both figuratively       chairing this event and greatly appreciated the
and literally-there was frost on the cars this                assistance afforded to her by Gabe & Evan
morning), it is time to look ahead to our late fall and       Gurman and Michelle & Cara Moserowitz. A true
winter calendar of events. By the time you read               act of tzedeka.
this, Sisterhood will have hosted a lovely breakfast
meeting and we will be getting ready to enjoy our             While fun-filled days and nights and tzedeka are
delicious post-Thanksgiving Shabbat dinner. Make              all part of the shul experience, obviously ritual
your family a part of our family by celebrating               observance is the main reason we exist. Ask a
Shabbat with your friends at FJC. Call the office to          congregant if they have attended services lately
place your reservation.                                       and many will reply: I was there for the high
                                                              holidays, but not since. Unfortunately, death
Once again this year, the Cortez family is privileged         touches into the lives of many congregants and
to be hosting an Israeli student during the                   they wish to honor their loved one by reciting
Chanukah holiday. This was a wonderful experience             Mourner’s Kaddish. It is very disconcerting to me
for us last year and we are all looking forward to it         to attend a service and find that a mourner
again this December. Please mark your calendar to             cannot fulfill this obligation because we do not
attend services on Friday evening, December 7th to            have a minyon. I recognize that everyone has
meet our guest. Watch your email for more                     obligations outside of FJC; however, I am only
information about our Chanukah celebration and                asking that you make an effort to attend Shabbat
other events in 2008.                                         services once a month and fulfill a mitzvah for
                                                              one of your fellow congregants.
None of these events would be possible without the
ongoing efforts of our hard-working group of                  Hebrew school is in full swing, so why not get a
volunteers. The High Holidays under the spiritual             jump start on fulfilling your junior congregation
leadership of Rabbi Greene, Cantor Amar and many              obligations for this school year, by attending
volunteers were a wonderful start to the New Year.            services at 10:30 am in the chapel on Saturday
From the Men’s choir to our youth as well as adult            mornings. Junior congregation is lead by a terrific
torah readers, to the terrific shofar sounder and             group of FJC Hebrew School graduates-Josh
reader, to the individuals who lead various services          Bleznick, Ilana Cortez, Ally Greer and Jonathan
as well as davened the Haftorahs, to the ushers and           Wolf, so come on out and enjoy our youth based
board members who all contributed to such smooth              worship.
running services, a hearty mazel tov and thank you
on behalf of a very grateful congregation. We                 Our membership committee has been hard at
couldn’t have done it without you.                            work recruiting new members, however, Ricky
                                                              Greer, Gabe Gurman and Fran Lubber can only do
Mid-October was the time for our first annual                 so much. Please give these very hard-working
Murder Mystery Dinner. Jeff Shapiro, Rob Kash, Jeff           individuals some assistance by providing them
Wolf and Marvin Krakower all deserve a round of               with referrals of potential members. Just call the
applause for their efforts in executing a fun-filled,         Synagogue office at 732-462-0254 and leave
delicious evening of food and entertainment. Plan to          them your referrals and they will follow up. A
attend our next social fun-raiser and see why                 special thank you to Fran Lubber for the
everyone who attends has a terrific time with our             wonderful advertisements that have recently
shul family.                                                  appeared in the News Transcript.

The last Sunday in October was Monmouth County’s              Come to services, join a committee and be a part
annual Mitzvah Day. Freehold Jewish Center once               of our beloved shul family. Hope to see you soon.
again participated by collecting food and donations
at Shop Rite for the food bank of Monmouth                    Shalom
County. Michelle Chesny once again did a terrific job
                                                              Marcy Cortez

Chai Times

From the Desk of Cantor Amar….
                                             only for one day and have it last
                                             for eight.
 Dear Family and Friends,

 SHALOM!                                     So why eight days? The word
                                             eight in Hebrew is "Shemoneh"--
 The famous question of the Bais             Shin, Mem, Vov, Nun, Hey. By
 Yosef on Chanukah is why do we              changing the order of the letters
 celebrate for eight days? If there          we can read it "Shemen Vov Hey."
 was enough oil found for one day            What is the significance of Vov
 then the miracle was that it lasted         Hey?
 for seven more, so why don't we
 celebrate for seven?                        In the name of Hashem - Yud Kay
 Chazal ask, "Mai Chanukah?" (What           Vov Kay -- the Yud Kay is
 is the Nes of Chanukah?) It                 representative of Nistar -- that
 continues by explaining that after          which is hidden. The Vov Kay is
 the defeat of Antiochus, the                representative of Nigglah -- that
 Maccabees entered the Bais                  which is shown.
 Hamikdash and found everything
 destroyed and made impure. After
 searching for a while they found            It was only after the Macabees
 one pach (vial) of oil with the seal        found the oil that they understood
 of the Kohen Gadol untouched. It            that all of Chanukah was
 was enough for one day, but                 miraculous, including their victory
 miraculously lasted for eight. This         in battle. Until then they did not
 according to Chazal is the miracle.         see their victory in battle as a
 However, when we say Al Hannisim,           miracle. When they found the
 we find no mention of the pach of           pach and it lasted for eight days,
 oil, only the victory in battle. So         they realized that everything that
 which one is the miracle, the victory       happened was a true miracle. That
 in battle or the finding of the pach?       is why we celebrate for eight days.

 We would say the pach. While it             Wishing you     a   full   of   light
 may be rare for such a small group          Chanukah.
 to be victorious over such a large
 army, it can happen. However, it is         Cantor David Amar
 truly miraculous to find enough oil

Chai Times

                  From the Desk of Marvin Krakower...
The High Holidays have ended, and as
I write this article, all of the Yom Tov’s                A WARM WELCOME TO OUR NEW
                                                              SYNAGOGUE MEMBERS
are behind us. As the festivals end, the
regular season of work for our                   New members of Freehold Jewish Center will be welcomed
                                                 wholeheartedly into our congregational       family. A new
synagogue begins.          I refer to the        Member Sabbath Service is planned for December 14, and
                                                 other activities are planned to help introduce new members
season of Hebrew School and activities           to the congregation and help make them feel at home.
that have been planned by the various            In order to help you meet them, we present some
c o m m i tt e e s a n d a r m s o f o ur        information about several of our new members and their
                                                 families who have joined us in the past year.
                                                 Boris and Ilyayeva Babadzhanov live in Freehold. They
                                                 have two children, one in Hebrew School.
I look forward to a year of productivity.
                                                 Howard and Gina Haber have been living in Marlboro for
The Mystery Night, under the guidance            the past ten years. They have two children.
of Jeffrey Shapiro and his volunteers,           Fred Heitzer is a single member and has lived in the area
was a rousing success.        We have            for the past twelve years.
                                                 Joel and Judy Kaliroff have three children – all going to
engaged other activities for the year.           Hebrew School. They have lived in Manalapan for many
Of course, all of these programs are             years.
successful only when there is                    Jonathan and Patrice Kraidin have been living in Millstone
                                                 for the past few years, and have one daughter in Hebrew
participation by members of the                  School.
congregation.                                    Charles and Holly Lichter were recently married and live
                                                 in Jackson.
So far this year, participation       and        Jeffrey and Felicia Malkin live in Freehold. They have two
cooperation have been excellent,      and        children attending Solomon Schechter.

because of that, we look forward     to a        Ted and Lisa Miller live in Freehold Boro. They have three
                                                 children who all go to Hebrew School.
very successful year of programs      and        Matthew and Heidi Pollicove have lived in Freehold for
holiday celebrations.                            five years and have two children, one in Hebrew School.
                                                 Phillip and Jodi Pollicove live in Marlboro, and have two
The Hebrew School programs this year             children, one in Hebrew School.
will be enjoyable as well as an                  Bennett and Victoria Schneider presently live in Asbury
                                                 Park with one child.
educational experience.      With the
                                                 Craig and Lisa Wellens have one child in Hebrew School
cooperation of our parents, FHSA, our            and live in Marlboro.
Hebrew School faculty, and of the                Eliott and Isadora Wiener are currently retired and live in
children themselves, we will have a              Freehold.
                                                 Welcome one and all! The few words about you and your
successful and enjoyable school year.            family which we include here are only an introduction. We
The future events in Hebrew School are           hope to get to know you better, now that we’ve been
on the November and December
Hebrew School Calendar and in this               Marvin Krakower, Executive Director
                                                 The Membership Committee: Ricky Greer,
                                                 Gabe Gurman, Fran Lubber
Marvin Krakower

Chai Times

                                                  anything he signs, as he has no real
What’s Happening In Israel…                       power to enforce it. On October 10th,
                                                  President Abbas stated that he wants a
                 News from Gaza -                 full Israeli withdrawal from all territories
                 Israel’s Security Cabinet        captured in the 1967 Mideast war.
                 d e c l a r e d      t h e       Palestinians want to establish a state on
                 Gaza       Strip       an        2,400 square miles including the Gaza
 “enemy entity”. This is the most                 Strip and all of the West Bank and East
 serious means Israel has taken against           Jerusalem. Israel did not comment and
 the rockets fired from Gaza by the               thought these demands are more than
 Palestinians. Rockets from Gaza have             Israel is willing to offer. Israel wants to
 killed 12 people in southern Israel in           hold on to parts of the West Bank where
 the past 7 years. Previously they have           Jewish settlements are located. Abbas
 carried out air strikes and limited              will give some of the West Bank to
 ground troops have gone in. This has             Israel; he wants to give 2%, Olmert
 been basically ineffective. They have            wants 6 – 8 %. In exchange for the
 also halted trade in and out by sealing          West Bank, Israel is considering giving
 Gaza’s borders. The day after Israel             Palestinians a strip of area between the
 declared this, Hamas announced its rule          Gaza Strip and the West Bank so they
 of Gaza is temporary and called for              can be connected. Olmert is willing
 talks with Fatah. This is 4 months after         however to support a division of
 it threw a coup in Gaza killing more             Jerusalem. Neighborhoods in east
 than 100 people. Hamas must renounce             Jerusalem where about 170,000
 its power before Fatah will talk to them.        Palestinians live would become part of
 Gaza is cut off from the rest of the             the Palestinian state. Israel would keep
 world as it is internationally boycotted         the Holy City and neighborhoods around
 and the Israelis are threatening a               it. The State of Israel must stay Jewish
 serious offensive against them.                  and democratic; this division would
 By the time you read this the Mideast            enable this to be possible.
 peace conference held in Annapolis,              Again this year, we will be bringing a
 Maryland will probably have been held.           child from Israel for Chanukah, which is
 The major issues that are to be                  the first week of December. You will be
 discussed are borders, security,                 able to meet her/him on a Shabbat. We
 Jerusalem and refugees. This will be             will let you know when the time comes
 very difficult to agree on, as the Fatah         closer.
 faction who will come to the conference
                                                  I would like to wish everybody a healthy
 does not represent the Palestinians as
                                                  and happy holiday from my family to
 they lost the elections in January 2006
 to Hamas. Abbas cannot deliver on
                                                  Linda Perchuk

Chai Times

From The Ritual Committee...
In our previous article our focus was         There are 3 particular web sites which we
twofold, namely: defining a Synagogue         recommend that you, our readers go to.
as a house of prayer, study and               Namely:
assembly, along with pointing out that
your participation in the activities of the              defining prayer
Synagogue is a key element to our               (In fact, the previously mentioned
survival.                                            points are from this site.)
In that definition, from the ritual
perspective, the first part of the  
definition (i.e., prayer) is the key            _Jewish_prayers_and_blessings
element.       Prayer serves many                  (as the site’s name implies)
purposes, all routed in the concept of
• belief     that the finite can                           services
   actually communicate with the                (also as the site’s name implies)
• belief     that the infinite is             We encourage you to go to these web
   interested in communicating                sites, as we are certain that they will not
   with the finite                            only educate you and your entire family,
• belief that the prayer is listened          but stimulate questions which you are
   to and may or may not get a                certain to direct at our Rabbi. Hence our
   response                                   secondary goal of getting you to increase
• belief that prayer is intended to           your level of participation.
   impress certain attitudes in the
   one who prays, rather than to
   influence the recipient
• belief that prayer is intended to
                                              On an individual family basis, it may be
   train a person to focus on the             possible for the wife to ascend the bima with
   recipient through philosophy               her husband to recite the Parent's prayer
   and intellectual contemplation             after the Torah has been returned to the Ark.
                                              This will be discussed with the family at the
• belief that prayer is intended to
                                              rehearsal. The reason it is individually based
   enable a person to gain a direct
                                              is because some families are not comfortable
   experience of the recipient
                                              doing so, or there is a mixed marriage and it
• belief that prayer is intended to
                                              is not really appropriate for the Gentile
   affect the very fabric of reality          parent to be on the bima.
• belief that the recipient expects
   or appreciates prayer

Chai Times

                            What’s Happening In…

Freehold Hebrew School Association              ADULT EDUCATION

                                                The Walking Tour of the Lower East
With Hebrew School in full swing, the
                                                Side of New York will be rescheduled.
FHSA volunteers have been very busy.
                                                We are looking at available dates in
Our children enjoyed apples and honey
                                                March, April, May or June.
to celebrate a sweet Rosh Hashanah
and then enjoyed more treats in the
Succah. Everyone got to enjoy the               November Programs:
chocolates that we handed out as we             Our programs this year are under way,
danced with the Torah on Simchat                and November is a busy month.
                                                These include the Crash Course in
By     n o w,   your children have              Hebrew with Miriam Kapelushnik and
(HOPEFULLY) come home from Hebrew               the Challah baking workshop with
school asking to bring in a $1.50 to buy        Debbie Gross.
a water bottle and a “healthy” treat
from our new snack cart. The snack
cart is off to a great start -- THANKS to       Lectures:
all of those parents who are                    December 16 - Program on Internet
supporting FHSA, the teachers who are           Safety.
helping taking the snack count, and the         January 6 - The Bible’s Impact On
office helpers, Drew, Ilana, and Eric,          Our Lives with Peter Stark.
who deliver the snacks to each
classroom. Thank you – and please
keep supporting FHSA!!!                         Workshops:
Our next meeting will be Monday,                February 24 The Shabbos Workshop
November 12 @ 4:45. PLEASE join us              topic will be Havdalah in preparation
as we plan our next big holiday                 for the Hey class Havdalah Service
ce lebrat ion s – t he Syn agogu e              March 1.
Chanukah party and Purim dessert
party. We look forward to seeing you
                                                March 2 We will have a Shabbos
at our meeting!!!
                                                Workshop with rituals and songs in
                                                preparation for Shabbat Across
                                                America on March 7.
The FHSA Volunteers
                                                Joel Storm

                Shul can help you live longer, study suggests

Published: 08/21/2007

A Hebrew University of Jerusalem study suggests that people who attend
synagogue regularly live longer than those who do not.

Professor Howard Litwin of the university's Israel Gerontological Data Center
studied 5,000 Israelis aged 60 or older over a seven-year period, according to an
article in Ha'aretz. He compared various factors influencing their longevity.
His findings, published in The European Journal of Aging, showed a death rate 75
percent higher among those who did not attend synagogue regularly.

Litwin suggested several reasons: Faith may help people survive
psychological pressure better; observant Jews walk to shul on Shabbat,
thus maintaining an exercise routine; and a supportive community helps
people live longer.

"It's important to remember that according to the findings, social ties carry
the same weight as attending synagogue,” Litwin told a reporter for the Israeli daily.

                           Ritual/Yahrzeit Information Update Form
Dear Members:

Periodically, the Ritual Committee likes to canvas the membership to update the synagogue
records in terms of ritual information. This is due to missing information on old membership forms,
new member affiliations and changes in family status. Please take a few minutes to complete this
questionnaire and return it to the synagogue.

Most sincerely,
Rabbi Greene

Member’s English Name___________________             Hebrew Name________________________

Father’s English Name_____________________           Hebrew Name________________________

Circle one:     ( Cohen, Levi, Israelite )

Spouse’s English Name____________________            Hebrew Name________________________

Father’s English Name______________________          Hebrew Name________________________

Circle one:     ( Cohen, Levi, Israelite )

Child(ren)’s English Name____________________ Hebrew Name________________________

English Name_______________________________ Hebrew Name________________________

English Name ______________________________ Hebrew Name________________________

Member’s Yahrzeit Information:

Name of Deceased: ________________________               ________________________________

Relationship           ________________________          ________________________________

English date:         _________________________ Hebrew Date: _______________________

Spouse’s Yahrzeit Information:

Name of Deceased: ________________________               _______________________________

Relationship           ________________________          _______________________________

English date:         _________________________ Hebrew Date: ______________________
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
Liora, Howard, and Stephanie Lacks

Yahrzeit Plaque
Jan and Sandy Altman in Memory of Stanley Blumstein
Barry and Helen Hochberg in memroy of Sylvia Hochberg

Chair Plaque
Larry and Dale Iserson in memory of Harry Silvert

Menorah Plaque
Mel and Diane Kramsky In Honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Grandson Matthew David Kramsky, Jan 5 2008

Promise Plaques
Les and Abby Kramsky in Honor of Matthew David Kramsky's Bar Mitzvah
Emilyn and Donald Schipper in Honor of Our Granddaughter Sabrina Rose Schipper

Six Million Memory Plaques
Steve and Rachelle Lederman in Honor of Eric Lederman and His Participation on the High Holidays
David and Linda Perchuk in Honor of Linda Perchuk's Bat Mitzvah June 17, 2007

Yahrzeit Fund
Michelle Chesny in memory of Beloved Husband Harry Chesny
Shalom and Marcia Dermon in memory of Jacob Weslo
Jerry and Ellen Einhorn in memory of Bertha Einhorn
Jerry and Ellen Einhorn in memory of Joseph Einhorn
Manuel Fruchter in memory of Morris Fruchter
Ellen Rockmaker in memory of Beloved Husband Gordon Rockmaker
Rhoda Farkas in memory of Beloved Daughter Felice Kalika
Joan Frommer in memory of Al Frommer
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Greenberg In Memory of Jenny Offenbach
Mona Handler in memory of Ruth Handler
Seymour Hersh in memory of Harold Hersh
Seymour Hersh in memory of Leo Hersh
Marilyn Karaban in memory of Beloved Mother Ida Shuren
Marilyn Karaban in memory of Beloved Father Nathan Shuren
Marilyn Karaban in memory of Beloved Father-in-Law Leon Karaban
Marilyn Karaban in memory of Beloved Mother-in-Law Sylvia Karaban
Allan Koplitz in memory of Beloved Mother Clara Koplitz
Muriel Meiskin in memory of Beloved Father Michael Pack
Martin and Laura Metz in memory of Laura's Parents, Samuel and Ruth Herson
Mona Handler in memory of Max Michaelson
The Lebwohl Family in memory of Alex Lebwohl
Ada Richmond Iin memory of Isadore Weisbrod
Ellen Rockmaker in memory of Beloved Husband Gordon Rockmaker
Yahrzeit Fund cont.
Helen Rubenstein in memory of Beloved Father Steve Simon
Arthur and Dorothy Shapiro in memory of Lily Simon
Arthur and Dorothy Shapiro in memory of Sam Miller
Karen Silverman in memory of Irving Silber
Karen Silverman in memory of Steve Silverman
Doris Silverstein in memory of Jeffrey Greenblatt
Lewis and Michelel Waldman in memory of Joann Waldman
Lewis and Michelel Waldman in memory of Victoria Waldman

General Fund
Mrs. Gail Birenkrant in appreciation of hospital visit
Michelle Chesny
Bruce and Marcy Cortez and Family In Honor of the Marriage of Julie Nadler and Ian Hoffman
Bruce and Marcy Cortez and Family With Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery for Lawrence Edelstein
Marilyn and Eddie Grad in memory of William Cortez
Julio and Flora Gurman in Honor of Their Son, Gabriel, and Family
Harriet and. Richard Hoffman In Honor of the Wedding of Ian Hoffman and Julie Nadler
Jeffrey Kneler In Honor of Bubba Faye's 80th Birthday
Jeffrey Kneler in Memory of Ray Cristobar
David Schaeffer for Kaddish prayers for his Beloved Mother
Donald and Emilynn Schipper in Honor of the 96th Birthday of Rose Stern (Mother of Lucie Sterling)
Karen Silverman in Honor of Rabbi Greene's Recovery
Jeff and Karen Wolf in memory of William Cortez

Louis and Paula Barth
Karen Brooks
Shirley Goodman
Alan and Francine Groginski
Alvin J. Keitz
Robert and Anne Las Klein
Edith Las
Marlene Neff in memory of Essie and Al Sorcher
Marlene Neff in memory of Secye and Jack Yaro
Hedy Pal in memory of Bela Ehrenfeld
Helen Pollicove in memory of Beloved Husband Leonard J. Pollicove
Helen Pollicove in memory of Beloved Parents Barney and Laura Yanover
Eleanor Weinberg
Gloria Zapin

Tree for Israel
Saul and Carol Cohen in memory of Mel Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Etter and Family in memory of Stanley Winograd
Fred and Ellen Forman in memory of Seymour Goldstein
Eleanor Lubber in memory of Victor Goodman
Eleanor Lubber in memory of Shirley Selznick

                                                  Tired of Turkey?
                                    Don't cook after Thanksgiving!
                              Make your family part of our family.

                                              Join us for Italian at
                               FJC's Family Thanksgiving Shabbat
                                               Worship and Dinner.
                             Friday Evening, November 23rd 2007
                              6:00 PM Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat
                     (Welcoming the Sabbath and Evening Service)
      Come meet and make new friends, or rekindle old relationships.
                    It's also an Open House for prospective members
                      (Do you know anyone you could bring along?)
                                    FAMILY STYLE ITALIAN DINNER
                                             $13.00 per adult
                                      $8.00 per child (12 and under)

                              Double Junior Congregation Credit

                      Catered By Levy’s Kosher Italian Cuisine.

                                                         Caesar Salad
                                                         Garden Salad

                                                       Baked Ziti
                                                  Eggplant Parmigiana
                                                   Penne a’ la Vodka
                                                 Salmon Mediterranean



                                            R.S.V.P. by November 16th

            Please fill out the form below and return it to the Synagogue with a check made payable to

                                                     Freehold Jewish Center

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

                                          Thanksgiving Shabbat Dinner


                                _____________#of adults ($13.00 per adult)

                               _____________ # of children ($8.00 per child)

                                                                                        $______________Total amount enclosed

            Wouldn’t it be nice to…
        Follow the Siddur with ease on
              Shabbat or on Holidays?
        Help the kids with Hebrew School?
Feel more confident with the major Jewish prayers?

     Yes? Then come join our Beginner’s Hebrew Class!
        Whether you just need a little review of your
              Alef-Bet, or are a total beginner,
                 this class is right for you!

                  THIS CHANUKAH,
                     OF HEBREW.

           It’s FREE! It’s FUN! It’s HERE
             at Freehold Jewish Center!

            Tuesday Evenings 7:30-9:00 PM
                November 13, 20, 27
                December 4, 11, 18

 For more information or to enroll, call 732-462-0254.
   Member of                                                      N J : (732) 625- 9991
NJ, NY & DC BARS                                                  NY:   (718) 356 - 4909

                   LES R. KRAMSKY, ESQ.
                       Attorney and Counselor at Law

                   REAL ESTATE CLOSINGS
                                NEW JERSEY AND NEW YORK

  Municipal Court:                 DWI/DUI,
                                   All Traffic Violations,
                                   Traffic Tickets,
                                   Driving While Suspended,
                                   Driving Without Insurance,
                                   Disorderly Person Offenses,
                                   Housing Code Violations,
                                   Drug Offenses.

                                  NJ: (732) 625-9991
                                  NY: (718) 356-4909

            New Jersey Office                              New York Office
          27 North Main Street                          43 New Dorp Plaza
          Marlboro, NJ 07746                             Staten Island, NY 10306
          Tel: (732) 625-9991                            Tel: (718) 356-4909
          Fax: (732) 625-9992                            Fax: (718) 356-5279

                                    Experienced Verbal SAT Tutoring

                                             Individual Attention
                                             Reasonable Rates
                                            Phone 732-431-9210


                                                  38R West Front Street
                                                   Keyport, NJ 07735

                                        Phone: (732) 264-9555 Fax: (732) 264-9507

  Advertise Your Business
           in the
        Chai Times

Call the Synagogue office at
 732-462-0254 for details.

  Mention this ad and receive a
        10% discount

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Volume 6, Issue 2
November 2007- December 2007
Kislev 5768 - Tevet 5768

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