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					                    THE NAGS HEAD                                                 GOOD PUB GUIDE
                                                                                                                                                 Sitting Times
                      HAUGHTON MOSS                                                                                                     1st at 12:00 noon or 12:15pm
                                                                                     CHESHIRE                                        2nd at 2:30pm, 2:45, 3.00 or 3:15pm
                 XMAS DAY MENU                                                       DINING PUB                  (Please note tables reserved on the 1st Sitting are rebooked from 2.30pm)
                                                                                    OF THE YEAR
                FRIDAY 25TH 2009                                                                                           A Deposit of £10.00pp is required to secure your reservation
Tel: 01829 260265 www.ournagshead.co.uk                                                                                                     ( Sorry Non Refundable )

                 STARTERS                                                    MAIN COURSES                                                                   DESSERTS
                                                                    All Main Course Items are served with Fresh Seasonal                                Served with Cream or Ice Cream
            Festive Christmas Crackers                                     Vegetables, Creamed & Roast Potatoes
                                                                                                                                                        Traditonal Christmas Pudding
      A Basket of Freshly Baked Assorted Bread                              TRADITIONAL ROAST TURKEY                                                       With Rich Rum Sauce
                                                                            With Sausage Wrapped in Bacon,                                                      Sherry Trifle
                          ***                                                Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce
    SEASONAL PATE & CUMBERLAND SAUCE                                                                                                                    Homemade Chocolate Sponge
       Garnished with Salad & Served with                                OVEN ROASTED SALMON FILLET
                                                                 Oven Roasted salmon, coated with a creamy watercress                                     Rum & Rasin Ice Cream
            Toasted Ciabatta Bread
                                                                        juice, garnished with fresh watercress                                                Fresh Fruit Salad
      CHEFS HOMEMADE VEGETABLE SOUP                                                                                                                     White Chocolate Cheesecake
       Made From Fresh Seasonal Vegetables                                   BEEF FILLET MEDALLIONS
                                                                         Pan fried, served with a rich port sauce                                        Strawberry Shortbread Stack
                   BLACK PUDDING
    Pan fried black pudding topped with apple slices                         PAN SEARED DUCK BREAST
                                                                    Served on a bed of mushrooms and spring onions                                                   ***
      served with a creamy apple and cider sauce                                                                                                           Freshly Brewed Coffee
                                                                            finished with a sweet plum sauce
             PORTABELLA MUSHROOM                                                                                                     Also - help yourself to our Selection of:-
                                                                                     LAMB SHANK                                                              Cheese & Biscuits
A baked portabella mushroom filled with caramelized red                Braised, & served on a bed of Champ Mash
onions topped with stilton. Served over crisp leaves and                                                                                              Served with Grapes & Celery
                                                                            with a Minted & Cranberry Gravy                                           Mince Pies, Whole Fresh Fruit
                 drizzled with balsamic
                                                                                                                                                       & Mini Wrapped Chocolates
                                                                            VEGETABLE WELLINGTON
           SMOKED SALMON PARCEL                                Mixed Mediterranean Vegetables wrapped in Puff Pastry,
  Smoked salmon filled with cream cheese and chives                                                                                                 Adults £59.95          Children £39.95
                                                             Served on a bed of Spinach, with a rich Tomato & Herb Sauce.
    served on seasonal leaves and a lemon twist                                                                                                                             (12yrs and under)

                                                                        A PERFECT GIFT IDEA
                    NAGS HEAD                                                                 DEBBIE’S FAMILY               No dice, - No trivia,          Created by Debbie Kiegan
                                                   Gift Vouchers                               BOARD GAME                  The simplest of ideas.
                  GIFT VOUCHERS               Vouchers can be purchased for                                                                                 A quality made product
                                             any amount, & can be redeemed                                           Industry voted Cash Trap a
                                              against the total cost of a meal,
                                            regardless of the number of people
                                                                                   OR                                Top 10 Xmas Game in 2005                   Read reviews
                    AVAILABLE                                                                                           £15.00 -It’s different                Check out more @
                 FOR ANY AMOUNT                          attending                           FUN FOR ALL AGES        Exclusive to The Nags Head              www.cashtrap.co.uk

          Visit our Web Site for more Menus, Our History, Pictures & An England Football Song for 2010 !!!
                                                                                                                (only look from last week in August)

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