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Seat                                                                            Page

Youth Male ………………………………………………………………………..                                        1

Youth Female …………………………………………………………………….                                        7

Affirmative Action Female …………………………………………………….…                                17

Affirmative Action Male ………………………………………………………….                                 23

Veteran Male ……………………………………………………………………..                                       27

Veteran Female …………………………………………………………………..                                      31

Labor Female …………………..………………………………………………….                                      33

Labor Male ………………………………………………………………………..                                        37

Gay Male…………………………………………………………………………..                                          41

Lesbian ……………………………………………………………………………                                           47

Disabled Male …………………………………………………………………….                                       51

Disabled Female …………………………………………………………………                                       53

French Speaking Female ……………………………………………………….                                   55

French Speaking Male …………………………………………………………..                                   57

Portuguese Speaking Male ……………………………………………………..                                 59

Portuguese Speaking Female ………………………………………………….                                 61

Senior Female ……………………………………………………………………                                        63

Senior Male ……………………………………………………………………….                                        65

Gender Balance ………………………………………………………………….                                       67

Officers ………………………………..……………………………………………                                        75

Statements are included for candidates who submitted Letters of Intent by 2/15/2008.
Please note that individuals are also eligible to be nominated from the floor.
             YOUTH - MALE



                                                                                                  YOUTH - MALE

Bill Abely – Boston

I am seeking election as a male youth member of the Committee. I am a 30 year-old Massachusetts native
currently practicing law at Ropes & Gray in Boston. I have spent much of my adult life fighting for the
ideals that we all share, and I hope to have the opportunity to bring my enthusiasm and experience to the
state party as a member of the Committee. Regarding my political experience, I am most proud to have
served as Special Assistant to Senator Kennedy. In addition, I worked full-time on Al Gore's presidential
campaign for more than a year and spent more than 5 months working in New Hampshire and Florida on
behalf of Senator Kerry. It is my great hope that I will be able to continue to pursue the causes I hold dear
as a member of the State Committee, and I thank you for your consideration.

Jason Davis – Waltham

                  I am Jason Davis, 32, of Waltham and am seeking to run as a male youth add on state
                  committee member. Originally from Lexington, I earned a degree in environmental geology at
                  Colorado College and attended the Munson Institute of Maritime Studies. For the past five years
                  I have worked as Massachusetts General Hospital as a clinical software engineer and a member
                  of the hazardous materials response team. Since 2003, when I enrolled in the party after having
                  previously been a Democratic leaning unenrolled, I have been elect the secretary of Waltham
                  Ward 9‟s committee, been a delegate to the state convention four times and have worked on
                  several local and national races. In 2004, I was the liaison to the Delaware delegation at the
National Convention here in Boston. I am most interested in civil liberties, maritime law, environmental, military
oversight, voting rights, and healthcare issues.

James DiTullio - Boston

            I care deeply about the Democratic Party. I grew up in a staunchly Democratic family and began
            volunteering on Democratic campaigns when I was a teenager. I continued my Democratic activism
            through college at Yale University and law school at the University of Virginia. I‟ve been privileged to
            work for dedicated Democrats on the campaign trail and as a staffer on both Beacon Hill and Capitol
            Hill. As an attorney, I‟ve tried to live the principles of our Party, protecting voting rights in the 2004
            election and providing pro bono representation of criminal defendants. In 2001, the State Party
honored me as the first recipient of the John Joseph Moakley Internship, and I am ready to give back to the
Party. As a State Committee member, I will reach out to the Commonwealth‟s young professional and legal
communities and do significant fundraising for the Party. I ask for your support.

Brian Elworthy - Merrimac
                  I am running for reelection to the Male Youth Seat that will be voted on at the March 8
                  organizational meeting. Since first being elected in 2004, I have worked for many Democrats,
                  including Senator Kerry‟s presidential campaign and as a Legislative Aide in the Massachusetts
                  State House. I currently serve on the Youth Services Committee, the Site Selection Committee,
                  and work with the Finance Committee. This past November I organized and hosted a
                  fundraiser in Washington DC for young professionals. Over sixty people attended and pledged
                  their support to our Party‟s efforts. I am currently in my final year of law school and will begin
working at a Boston law firm in the fall. I have worked to recruit young people to the Massachusetts Democratic
Party and I hope that on March 8 you will give me four more years to continue this work.

                                                                                                   YOUTH - MALE

Patrick Hart – Concord

My name is Patrick Hart, and I would like to be an add-on youth delegate to the Democratic State Committee. I
would bring several positive attributes to this position: a strong dedication to the progressive ideals of the
Democratic Party, experience as a campaign staffer (for Governor Patrick), volunteer, intern (for State
Representative Cory Atkins), and local coordinator (for State Representative Jamie Eldridge's congressional
campaign), and a good work ethic and willingness to travel the state to spread the Democratic cause. If elected, I
hope to focus on supporting and improving the Party's field operation, ensuring that local Democratic
organizations are strong, and bringing the Party's powerful message of progressive change to younger people,
who are often not as tuned in to party politics. We can strengthen and energize our party in this presidential
election year, and I would love to be a part of that effort.

Steven Hoeschele – Amherst

At 27 years old, I am seeking a youth add-on position on the Committee because I have demonstrated a
commitment to the Party over the past eight years and wish to further promote progressive candidates and issues
through the State Committee. My experience within the Party began in college, when I volunteered for
Congressman Olver and became finance director of College Democrats of Massachusetts. I took my first paid
political job right out of college, organizing Peter Vickery's successful 2004 Governor's Council
campaign. Shortly after, I traveled the east coast, volunteering on Democratic campaigns throughout. I have
campaigned in VA, NJ, NY, CT and NH. I have been elected as a delegate to the 2006 & 2008 State
Conventions. Outside of party politics, I served six years in the Army National Guard as a legal clerk. I've also
worked on several ballot questions for liberal causes. These experiences have lead me to recently found the non-
profit, Advancing Democracy, which advocates for progressive election reform. Also, I am currently teaching a
course in the SocialThought & Political Economy program at UMass-Amherst.

Christopher Jenkins- Dracut

                           My name is Christopher Jenkins and I am a candidate for one of the four male youth
                           seats which you will be filling on March 8th. I have several times been a delegate to the
                           state convention, both youth and elected. I am currently a member of the Dracut
                           Democratic Town Committee, as well as the Secretary of Massachusetts Democratic
                           Future and of Greater Lowell Area Democrats. I was previously a chapter officer and
                           Vice-Chair of the DC Federation of College Democrats. My campaign experience
                           includes both paid and volunteer work for all levels of elective office and I hold a masters
degree in political management from The George Washington University. Some of you are familiar with my
newsletter of Democratic events in the Merrimack Valley. I look forward to this opportunity to work with all of you
and I respectfully ask for your vote.

Larry “Anthony” Lopez – Lowell

 It is important to have diverse voices at the table, and as a youth male add-on, I believe that I will be able to
participate actively and bring a unique, but ever growing Democratic voice to the Massachusetts Democratic State
Committee. I am representative of many of my peers. We are individuals who attended college in the
Commonwealth and stayed after graduation. We also struggle with the economic situation, debating to save, pay
student loans or attempt to purchase our first home. We are fortunate in Massachusetts to have a healthcare
system in place for all, but know over 47 million Americans are without. We see the effects of this war, and
wonder about the cost. We believe in democracy, and this year we participated in the primary system in record
numbers. If selected, I promise to bring not only my own voice, but the voice of many others whose experiences
are the same.

                                                                                                  YOUTH - MALE

Frank Mathis – Male Youth

My name is Frank R. Mathis; I am African-American, 23 years of age, born in Philadelphia, PA and have
lived in Boston since coming to organize at the Democratic National Convention in support of the Kerry
campaign back in 2004. With an apparent crisis in the Sub-prime Housing Sector of the economy and a
response from the Federal level which has not been very helpful, and in some cases detrimental, this
election year of 2008 will have to be a year of real Grassroots organizing lead by the youth. I believe that
if young Democrats are mobilized en masse to not only support but also to understand policy solutions
like those of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and then, introduce those policy solutions into the active debate,
we have a chance for not only a victory in 2008, but a revolution in political affairs for generations to

Matt O’Malley – Boston

As a proud and loyal Democrat, I have had the great honor and good fortune to support progressive candidates
                      and push for positive social and economic justice. I am a Democrat because I believe that
                      no one should be left behind. Moreover, I believe that government can best be used as a
                      catalyst to affect real change and ensure that equality is protected for all. At 28 years old, I
                      have already run for an at-large seat on the Boston city council (I lost by 2% points and was
                      able to earn nearly 30,000 votes as well as significant support and endorsements from
                      organized labor unions, local media, and Democratic Ward committees). Before that, I
                      served as campaign manager for Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral‟s 2004 race and was
active in both Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray‟s campaigns beginning in late 2005. Most
recently, I served as GOTV coordinator for Hillary Clinton‟s New Hampshire effort. Formerly a member of the
Boston Ward 20 Democrats, I now serve on the Ward 10 committee. I believe that my experience and energy
would compliment the mission of the DSC, and my unique resume would resonate with outreach to young
professionals and college students.
Matthew Ogden

                          My name is Matthew Lincoln Ogden. I am 25 years old, and I have been involved actively
                          in building the base of the Democratic Party, both among the lower 80% and youth, since
                          2002. I believe the party must return to its roots in Franklin Roosevelt – the party of the
                          "forgotten man". The forgotten man in politics is now not only the working class, but also
                          the youth. The future of the party depends on a mass-based movement among youth.
                          The "surge" of youth voters in 2006 and the active involvement of youth in this year's
                          Presidential campaigns prove that youth are the force in the new politics. I think that
Senator Clinton's victory in the recent primary in Massachusetts depended on her dedication to fighting for the
"invisible people", being "a voice for the voiceless". That includes the youth, and I will make sure the average age
of the party stays below 30!

Pavel M. Payano – Lawrence

In August of 2006 I had the pleasure to start working for the DSC's Gubernatorial Coordinated Campaign.
Throughout this important election I assisted in the execution of the Affirmative Action and Outreach Committee's
task, organized college students of color to register 2,000 voters in a 2-3 week period, assisted in the
implementation of a GOTV plan geared to precincts with high democratic concentration and managed campaign
operations in Lawrence. Shortly after the election was over, with the help of several interns and DSC members I
tracked over 2000 convention delegates, managed the Add-On Delegate Selection Plan, and recruited over 150
volunteers to assist in the operations of the 2007 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention. These tasks
prepared me for the role I played in the recent election of Congresswoman Niki Tsongas where I managed one of
three regional campaign headquarters located in Lawrence. With the help of several youth activists we were able
to organize hundreds of college volunteers and create/execute a campaign plan that achieved the highest margin
(69%) and 2nd amount of votes in the district (4,001). It is my hope that through this Youth Add-On Delegate
seat I will be able to use my skill to help the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

                                                                                                 YOUTH - MALE

Ben Snitkoff - Boston

I am currently a law student at Northeastern University and live in Mission Hill. While I am currently a law student,
my background is in Molecular Genetics and Computer Science. In working with the DSC, I hope to use my
knowledge in both law and science to ensure that new policy is sound, and that we elect representatives who
don't ignore science out of their own self interest. Furthermore, with technology becoming an ever important
aspect of daily life, it is vital that our laws protect consumers, while maintaining privacy, which has become so
elusive recently.

Peter True – Boston

               I am asking all of you to consider supporting my candidacy for an add-on position in one of the
               male youth delegate spots on the Massachusetts Democratic Party‟s State Committee. I have
               been a life-long democrat, and over the last six years have had to privilege to live here in
               Massachusetts and gain experience working for some of our great elected officials. For the last
               year and half I have worked for Governor Deval Patrick‟s political committee, and have had a
               chance to meet or work extensively with the Massachusetts Democratic Party in this role, as well
as my last job working for Mass Victory 2006. This opportunity has given me insight into politics throughout
Massachusetts, not just within Boston. I hope to use my experience to continue electing democrats around the
Commonwealth, and hope that as a member of the State Committee I will be able to accomplish this goal.

                                          Floor Nomination - Male Youth


        YOUTH - MALE


              YOUTH – FEMALE



                                                                                            YOUTH – FEMALE

Elaine Almquist – Haverhill,

                        I have lived 19 of my 23 years in Massachusetts, a place where my family has
                        been attached to public service and political activism for five generations - as
                        police officers, mental health workers, teachers, and firefighters. I live in
                        Haverhill, a city struggling to transform from an aged industrial-era manufacturer
                        to a forward-looking community for young professionals and families. Like many
                        young people in the Merrimack Valley, I attended state colleges (I am three
                        semesters away from my Bachelor's degree in Political Science), and I commute
to Boston to work. I have been an active Democrat since before I could vote. I traveled to Iowa with the
Howard Dean campaign in 2004. I volunteered for the Democratic National Convention, and for Governor
Patrick's campaign for office. I worked in the office of the Mayor here in Haverhill, and I have worked with
former State Senator Jarrett Barrios to advance legislation that protects communities of color, gay rights,
and the environment. It would be an honor to represent young women as a member of the Democratic
State Committee. I have been elected twice now as a delegate to the State Convention by neighbors in my
ward, and I hope that you will grant me this opportunity to serve on the Committee. Thank you all for
your consideration.

Libby (Main) DeVecchi - Arlington, MA

                     I currently serve as the Co-chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party‟s Youth Services
                     Committee and I am seeking re-election to a Youth Seat. For the past eight years, I have
                     worked with other Young Democrats, Democratic activists and elected officials to organize
                     successful youth outreach events across Massachusetts. I believe in involving young people
                     of all backgrounds in the political process. In 2006, I was proud to serve as Press Secretary
                     for Deval Patrick‟s campaign for Governor. In 2004-2005, I was state chair of the Young
                     Democrats of Massachusetts/Massachusetts Democratic Future; I am still an active YDM
                     Board Member. In addition, I have volunteered for numerous Democratic campaigns at the
                     local, legislative, Congressional and state-wide level. On a personal note, I work for UMass
                     and I live in Arlington. Please call or email me with any questions at 617-851-5657 or
            I would love to have your support!

Jenny Getachew – Somerville

Hello, my name is Jenny Getachew, and I am a resident of Somerville. I would like to run for the add-on youth
delegate (state committee) woman because I think it‟s crucial for young people to be actively involved in politics. I
am a classically trained musician and my strong Jewish cultural background has taught me to fight injustice. I
have been involved in a political action committee since the 2004 presidential elections, active with such
campaigns as: the campaign to defend social security from Bush in 2005, the campaign to protect the machine
tool sector in 2006, the campaign to energize the youth vote on campuses for the 2006 mid-term elections, and
the campaign to freeze home foreclosures. I also served as a delegate to the 2006 Massachusetts Democratic
convention. I am saddened by the fact that most young people on campuses in Massachusetts are apathetic, or
worse, desensitized to the growing political and economic crisis facing our nation today, and I think the solution to
that, is a strong, Franklin Roosevelt-style Democratic party policy. I think Massachusetts can be a leader in that!

Ashley Levine

                      As a very active young member of the Democratic Party, I have been involved in numerous
                      campaigns (including serving as a Ward Coordinator for Governor Patrick) and awareness-
                      raising activities while working to promote the ideals of the Party in the Commonwealth. I
                      work by an ethic that cohesion is necessary in order for us to succeed both in bringing a
                      message of positive change, and in paving roads that allow that change to actually take hold.
                      Through working as a board member of the Massachusetts Democratic Future (YDA) and
numerous other positions on a local and national scale, I have gained the experience necessary to serve with
distinction as a Youth Member of the State Committee. I will bring a deep commitment to placing our Party in the
strongest positive light possible, and in representing the will and desires of our constituency. Thank you for your
time and consideration.

                                                                                              YOUTH – FEMALE

Jesse Mermell - Brookline

                I am running for reelection to a Female Youth Seat at the March 8, 2008 reorganizational meeting.
               As a former Youth Services Committee Chair, I have been proud to continue my Democratic
               activism these past four years, and I am looking forward to furthering my work in the years ahead.
               I‟ve been busy since 2004: representing Massachusetts at the Democratic National Convention,
               becoming the youngest person ever elected to the Brookline Board of Selectmen, serving as
               Executive Director of the Massachusetts Women‟s Political Caucus and as an elected member of
the Brookline DTC. I am anxious to spread the Democratic message to young people as we approach a crucial
general election season, and I am committed to working throughout Massachusetts and beyond to advocate for
our Democratic candidates and to bring young voters to the polls on election day. I hope to earn your vote on
March 8 .

Alysia Ordway – Boston


Catherine Pisacane

                     I would like to be a member of the State Committee because I believe firmly in the values of
                     the Democratic Party and want to work to promote them.
                     My full time job is the executive director and founder of the non profit organization Project
                     Smile. Based in Hopedale, Project Smile is dedicated to helping children who have been
                     involved in traumatic situations. I am dedicated and I want nothing more than to work with
others to create good, just laws that will benefit the majority of people, will protect their Constitutional rights and
will provide more opportunities for those who have limited means. I have held public office in the town of
Hopedale, as a member of the Hopedale Planning Board since I was 22 years old and I would like the opportunity
to make a greater difference.
Through my work, personal experiences and through meeting people, I have seen families that struggle every day
just to get by. I know the families that live on a vicious cycle of debt and are almost broken by staggering health
insurance costs, college tuition, gas prices, heating bills and the like. I have tutored college students that have
made it through an entire public education system and can barely write a coherent paragraph. I don‟t want to be
just a witness to these issues, I want to be an active part of the solutions.

Kathy Robertson – Brookline

               My name is Kathy Robertson, and I have been involved with the Massachusetts Democratic Party
              since moving here in 2005. During the 2006 election cycle, I was a grassroots volunteer in
              Brookline for Mass Victory 06 as well as Governor Patrick‟s campaign. In addition, I volunteered my
              time for researching and writing Andrea Silbert‟s environmental policy and reaching out to the
              environmental community. After the primary, I focused on phone-banking and canvassing for
              Governor Patrick. I also volunteered in conjunction with the inauguration, helping to process
              ticketing RSVPs and then organizing will call. Later, I was a reviewer with the Patrick/Murray
Inauguration Committee Community Grant Program. I was and remain energized at the additional level of
community involvement Governor Patrick inspires. In daily life, I am a policy analyst with M.J. Bradley &
Associates in Concord*, where I provide research and strategic guidance to energy companies regarding climate
change and air quality regulatory and legislative initiatives.

                                                                                           YOUTH – FEMALE

Samantha Shusterman – Brighton

                My name is Samantha Shusterman and I am running for a designated youth seat on the
                Democratic State Committee because I would like to actively participate in the expansion and
                revitalization of the state party's base in Massachusetts.I have worked since my freshman year in
                college to organize and mobilize young people to check into the democratic process and engage
                politics in a meaningful way. In 2003 and 2004, I lead the largest student organization in the
                country for Senator John Kerry's presidential campaign at Boston University. I worked as a field
staffer in Missouri and Ohio in 2004 and since then have worked at an anti-hunger non-profit and on a few local
political campaigns. Most recently, I worked as the state-wide volunteer coordinator on Governor Deval Patrick's
2006 campaign. I have spent the last year working in the Governor's Appointments office and I have just begun
working in the Governor's Commonwealth Corps office to help further the administration's commitment to civic
engagement and service. I would like the opportunity to serve on the Democratic State Committee because I am
enthusiastic about moving the party's agenda forward and I am deeply committed to building the party's
grassroots organization.







                                           YOUTH – FEMALE

         Floor Nomination - Female Youth


         Floor Nomination - Female Youth


         Floor Nomination - Female Youth


         Floor Nomination - Female Youth



               COLLEGE - MALE



                                                                                                  COLLEGE - MALE

Valentino Capobianco- Winthrop

               I Valentino Capobianco am running for the college add on seat for the Democratic State
               Committee. I feel I am great candidate for the DSC because this presidential election the youth will
               be a huge help for the Democratic nominee. I have proven leadership with getting the not only
               registering to vote but actually getting out and voting. My political career started when I was the
               “Winthrop teens for Kerry” chairman back in 2004. Since then I was elected delegate for the past
               two Massachusetts Democratic State Convention‟s. I am also an active member in my democratic
               town committee and I intern at the state house for Senator Anthony Petruccelli. Being a 19-year-old
teenager that understands the issues that matter to the youth I feel I would bring a fresh voice to the
Massachusetts Democratic Party. I have the experience and the proven leadership to be a member of the DSC.

Jason Palitsch – Shrewsbury

            My name is Jason Palitsch. I am an 18-year old resident of Shrewsbury, and a student at
            Northeastern University in Boston. I am seeking an add-on male youth seat on the Democratic State
            Committee. I have been involved with the Democratic Party for several years, and am quite
            passionate in my commitment to advancing its ideals and candidates. In 2004 I founded the Young
            Democrats of Shrewsbury High School, and served as its President until 2007. I have interned for
            both the Massachusetts Democratic Party and for Senator Edward M Augustus. In 2007, the
Shrewsbury Democratic Town Committee - to which I have since been elected - honored me with its biennial
Eleanor Roosevelt Youth Award for my involvement in local Democratic initiatives. I ask for your support in my bid
for DSC; I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve the Massachusetts Democratic Party in this

Gregory Polin – Boston

I, Gregory Polin, hereby announce my intention to run for a student seat on the Massachusetts
Democratic State Committee, election to be held on March 8, 2008. I am 25 years old and work in the
Massachusetts Securities Division in the Office of the Secretary of State. I am a first year law student at
Suffolk Law School, Evening Division. Some of my past work experiences include, working as Field
Coordinator for Deb Goldberg on her campaign for Lt. Governor of Massachusetts and interning for
former State Representative Mark Carron (D- Southbridge).

Patrick Roath - Somerville

                              I am writing to declare my intention to seek the position of student member on the
                              Democratic State Committee of Massachusetts. My name is Patrick Roath – I'm a
                              resident of Somerville and a third-year student at Tufts University. I have been a
                              dedicated progressive Democrat for my entire life and as a student member of the
                              committee I would hope to accurately represent the views and needs of students in the
                              Commonwealth. At Tufts I am managing editor in charge of news at the Observer, a
                              weekly magazine. In that capacity I have investigated student loans, tuition increases, and
                              admissions practices. I have worked for two democratic campaigns: Dr. Sam Kelley's
                              campaign for Lt. Governor in 2006 and Diane Farrell's 2004 campaign for a seat in the
U.S. House of Representatives in Connecticut's 4^th district. I have interned for Corporate Accountability International in
Boston and was previously the Vice President of Tufts' chapter of the ACLU. I have also worked for the Council on
Foreign Relations, a think-tank, and the Somerville News, a local news organization..


                 COLLEGE - FEMALE



                                                                                          COLLEGE - FEMALE

Ramya Kumar – Lowell

Growing up with a single mother, I have personally benefited from Democratic initiatives like food assistance and
after-school programs. Without them, I would not be a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. scholar at Boston University
today. Because of this, I have always believed in public service. It is what drove me to become a relief worker in
India for survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami, and to work with FEMA and the Red Cross in Lowell to get my
family and neighbors into temporary shelter after being displaced by a flood. Since being elected to the DSC, I
have worked with the Boston University community to further Democratic ideals and promote civic engagement
among youth and minority groups. I hope to be reelected, so that I may continue to work with other Democrats for
a stronger party, and for a stronger Massachusetts.

Krista Zalatores – West Brookfield

As a college sophomore, I am tired of being labeled as apathetic. After spending the first 18 years of my life in a
small town west of Worcester, I chose to attend school in Boston so I could be in the front row of political action.
Since arriving on campus, I have not ceased in participating in political activity advocating for the Democratic
Party on the local, state, and national levels through the Boston University College Democrats. I am also a
member of the Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee and an intern to US Senator John F. Kerry. I advocate on
behalf of the Democratic cause with activities averaging 3-4 nights a week. It is my personal cause to work for
the tenants of the Democratic Party. On the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee, I will be a voice to the
young voters across our Commonwealth.

                                       Floor Nomination – College Female


                                       Floor Nomination – College Female





                                                                         AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - FEMALE
Nazda Alam,

Born in a small town in Bangladesh. Came to United States in 1982 for my graduate school in Houston,
TX. I moved to Massachusetts in 1988, made my adoptive home here. I registered as Democrat after
becoming U.S. citizen. My grassroots and community involvement: METCO in Needham school system,
1995-2000, Organizer for Immigrant Worker’s Freedom Rights in 2003, member of Governor’s Advisory
Council on Immigration and Refugee policy, 2004-2007, Executive member of The Commissioner’s
Advisory Council on Racial, Ethnic and Linguistic Minority Affairs in the DSS 2006. Worked for Howard
Dean in 2004, Deval Patrick in 2006, and Niki Tsongas in 2007. I am a social worker. I believe in core
democratic values and activism in fundamental human issues, social justice. A current member of
WTDC and being elected for State convention 2008. I want to finish with Gandhi’s word: Be the change
you see in the world.

Katherine Chang, Somerville

I am seeking re-election to the Massachusetts State Democratic Party as an Asian American Affirmative Action
candidate. I am a member of the Affirmative Action and Communications Committees. I greatly enjoy the work
of both committees and would like the opportunity to continue with them in their work in reaching out to the
Asian American community. Additionally, I am interested in keeping my city informed. As of this writing I am a
member of Somerville‟s Ward 2 Committee and will be running for Somerville City Committee Chair during our
upcoming re-organization.
Field Staff: Clinton Campaign
Volunteer: Curtatone for Mayor
Volunteer: Eldridge for Congress
Delegate: Deval Patrick for Governor
Board Member: Emerge Massachusetts, Mass Pro Choice NARAL

Magnolia Contreras, Lynn

I am seeking your vote for an At-Large Affirmative Action seat. I want to continue to represent the interests
of diverse communities that exist across Massachusetts. I grew up in Lynn and have been politically active
since the 1980‟s when I became a United States citizen. I am a member of the Lynn Democratic City
Committee and have worked on the campaigns of Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray, State
Senator Thomas McGee, State Representative Steven Walsh and Lynn School Committee member Maria
Carrasco. I am enthusiastic, active and engaged, demonstrated by the community and political organizations
where I have served as a volunteer. Your support allows me to provide a voice that does not currently exist on
the North Shore. I want to help to elect Democrats and contribute to making our Party stronger

Kathryn Cunningham, Taunton

My desire is to recruit more members of color that are not traditionally recruited to participate in their local
town/ward committees. I am an African-American female who holds a Master‟s degree in Education from
Bridgewater State College and alumni of the Afro-AM Club. As an Educator, I teach ABE courses and
Developmental Reading and Study Skills courses to college students. Since 1988, I have been an active
member of Taunton Democratic City Committee (First Plymouth and Bristol District). Secondly, I have been
Chairwoman of Ward 7 during 2 gubernatorial races and recently volunteered on Deval Patrick‟s gubernatorial
race with former Registrar of Deeds David Simas and former Mayor Robert G. Nunes. There are many African-
Americans, Cape Verdean and Latino Americans who wish to participate in the political process but fear they
will be rejected and/or not accepted by the status quo. Fear and intimidation appears to be the main reasons
why young people and adult persons of color are hesitant to join any political organization. I believe that being a
member of the Massachusetts Democratic Party‟s Affirmative Action Committee would provide me with more
information on organizing voter registration drives and how to effectively reach members from disenfranchised
groups to become active participants in the democratic process.

                                                                        AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - FEMALE
Dorothea Jones – Roxbury

Briefly. I am and have been a Democratic Party member and activist all of my adult life. Since the age of
21, I have involved myself in one way or another in the principles of the democratic party and the election
of democratic candidates to office. Over the 40 plus years of my activism, I have supported candidates for
every category that Democrats can participate in, within our democracy. Although I am proud of every
campaign I've had the opportunity to work on, I am particularly proud of the part that I played in Iowa for
Senator John Kerry's Presidential Campaign and in Massachusetts, the Campaign to Elect Governor
Deval Patrick, in which I was a Senate District Coordinator. Most recently, I decided I would utilize the
experience I have gained over the years, to run on the February 5th ballot for Democratic State Committee
Woman. Although I did not win the contest, it was very definitely a valuable experience. If the purpose of
activism is to ensure that democrats enlist people into the Democratic Party, create and encourage
support for Democratic candidates and work so that our party continues to win...those are the principals
around which I have and will continue to work.

Jingying Li –Cambridge

              I, Jingying Li, was born in P.R. China, came to the U.S. in 1997, and became a citizen in 2004. I
              am a mother of a 5-year old, a manager in an investment firm, and a member of the Cambridge
              Ward 6 Democratic Committee. I am passionate about politics. Democracy and freedom have
              always been my dream. I was very active during the Tiananmen Square Protests in 1989. Two
              flags that I handmade with two big characters of "DEMOCRACY" and "FREEDOM" embroiled on
              them later became a leading icon in Shanghai during the movement. My hope of democracy within
              Chinese government was interrupted after the massacre, but my dream of pursuing democracy
              and freedom has never stopped. I want to learn how democracy really works. I want to
experience how freedom really feels That is why I am running for an add-on position on the Democratic State
Committee based on Affirmative Action.

Faye Morrison – Ayer

My name is Faye Morrison and I am running for re-election to the DSC as an affirmative action member. I have
been on the committee for over a decade and in that time I have supported a number of Democratic candidates
from local office to the presidency.
In 2004 I criss-crossed the country on behalf of our junior senator John F. Kerry, and I was proud to stand with his
heroic efforts to become our commander and chief. I continue to do outreach in the communities of color all over
the state, bringing new people into the process, like Ramya Kumar our newly elected college seat and youngest
member on the committee from the great city of Lowell, educating fellow democrats, and providing events, such
as the debate in my home town of Ayer, for the special election, 5 Middlesex Congressional race.
I have enjoyed my time on the committee and wish to continue representing my senate district. I humbly ask for
your vote and support. DSC Committees: Site Selection, Affirmative Action.

Tina Poindexter – Watertown

I am running for re-election to one of the Affirmative Action (Female) seats on the State Committee and I
respectfully ask for your support. During my past term on the state committee, I have worked on several local,
state, and national political campaigns including the 2004 Democratic Presidential Campaign, Senator Edward
Kennedy‟s 2006 MA African American re-election committee, Senator John Kerry‟s 2004 MA African American
Presidential Steering committee, the 2006 gubernatorial race, several of the 2004 & 2006 state legislative
campaigns. I have been an active member of several of subcommittees of the state committee including
Affirmative Action and Outreach, Field Services, and Campaign Services, and a member of the Mass. Delegate
Selection Committee for the 2008 national convention in Denver. Since 2006 as a political activist, I have been
working very closely with the DNC‟s American Majority Partnership project and thereby motivating me to become
a co-developer of the MA Democratic Black Caucus as a means of increasing the political outreach to the African
American community statewide.

                                                                          AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - FEMALE

Lucinda Rivera – Boston

Since my family emigrated from Mexico to Boston, sixteen years ago, we have looked to the party who speaks to
our values. So, I registered Democrat. I am a newer member to the State Democratic Committee; nevertheless, I
have enjoyed attending the State Democratic Committee meetings and I have enjoyed participating with the
different sub-committees. Upon my joining the Committee, I became very involved with the Filed Services
subcommittee. In the past year, I became more active with the Affirmative Action sub-committee. While in Law
School, I became the Vice President of the Massachusetts Democratic Future/The Young Democrats of
Massachusetts. Today, my work as a lawyers consist of defending people who have no means to hire an
attorney. I was involved with Ward 5 in Boston, until two years ago, when I moved to Ridgeway Lane, in Boston.
 I have diligently raised money for: Al Gore, Sen. John Kerry, Governor Deval Patrick, A.G. Martha Coakley,
Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Hillary Clinton, and City Counselor Michael Flaherty. In 2006, I worked for the
Coordinated Campaign. In 2006, I organized a fundraiser for the Coordinated Campaign, raising$4000.00, in that
event. I have participated in field work in numerous City and State campaigns. But, most interesting and
memorable field experience was for Senator John Kerry‟s Campaign to support his bid for the presidency (I
contributed in his Boston and New Hampshire field organization. But most memorable, his campaigned offered
me to relocate my field efforts for one month to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2005. This was most interesting and
memorable for so many reasons!).I look forward to new events and new initiatives and committees!

April Taylor – Dorchester

                     I am April Taylor, a committed life-long Democrat and dedicated community advocate. I am
                     applying for an affirmative action seat to become a Democratic State Committee member. In
                     seeking this position, I hope to bring a wealth my experiences in public health, policy and
                     coalition building to represent our constituents and values of the Mass Democratic Party. I
                     believe in the Democratic Party and want to advance the Party by working in concert with
                     marginalized sectors of our society. I desire to work within a democratic party that is rich with
                     the diversity of people we represent. Thus, I have hands-on skills, passion and abilities to bring
                     about a new spirit of civic engagement. In closing, we are in the midst of revitalized interests in
                     politics in our Commonwealth and the country, and I seek to harness and play a role in sharing
this spirit to the Massachusetts Democratic Party!

Christine Yancey – Taunton

I am Christine Yancey, seeking the position, Affirmative Action. I am African American/Japanese. I support
effective change and believe my credentials can assist your committee.
Education: M.Ed./ Business Management: cum laude. Positions: Director, EEO/ Affirmative Action: IRS/DOD,
Assistant District Director,Contracts Compliance /DOL, National Manager, New Business/DOD.
Qualifications: 20+ years experience: executive/financial management/supervisory, marketing, fund raising
 negotiating, oratory, analyzing, coordinating/executing events/programs/training conferences, civil rights, unifying
people, interpreting/implementing laws/regulations-effective decision-making. Mentored: "At Risk children":
Boston Schools: 10 yrs.: Boston Herald wrote an article of me: 6/16/97: Real Role model. Awards: highest
award: NPR "Hammer Award" presented: by Vice President, Al Gore: 3/12/07: my outstanding contribution to
building a government that works better and costs less.Outstanding Professional of the Year Award: DOD: yearly
performance awards. Organizations: DST Sorority: Social Action Team, Evangelist: Charles St. AME
Church, Taunton Democratic Team.

                                  Floor Nomination: Female Affirmative Action



                                              AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - FEMALE

         Floor Nomination – Female Affirmative Action


         Floor Nomination - Female Affirmative Action


         Floor Nomination - Female Affirmative Action


         Floor Nomination - Female Affirmative Action







                                                                              AFFIRMATIVE ACTION – MALE

Oscar Arce – Greenfield

I live in Greenfield and will like to submit my intention to run state committee.


Russell Ashton – Wayland


Alexander Getachew – Somerville

I am Alexander Getachew, a resident of Somerville, and declare my candidacy for an add-on post at the State
Democratic Committee. I am a 33 year old African American male. My mother came to the United States along
with three sons, all political refugees from Ethiopia, in 1979. Before I was ever familiarized with the formalities of
American politics, John F. Kennedy was a house hold name in our family (I subsequently learned that he loved all
over Africa for his committement to that continents development, beyond mere words) my mother, although she
did not give me details of his policy, would always speak of him with the utmost respect. My own instincts have, in
times course, developed and changed for the most part, but one things for certain: I have always had my hopes
planted, in the desire to make a deep impact on politics. I intend to keep the youth involved through and beyond
this period.

Ed Hamler - Quincy

Greetings, my name is Ed Hamler and I‟m a resident of Quincy, Massachusetts. I‟m 25 years of age, and an
American of African descent. I would like to run for an add-on Seat for the State Committee because the next
President of the U.S. will be inheriting the biggest economic crisis in modern times. The decisions made by
whoever that will be will shape the next 50-100 years of Global history. So, I think the task of our State
Committee should be to empower the population not to merely cast a vote for policies that they themselves had
no part in crafting, but rather to bring the population into shaping the political process and policy shaping itself, for
now and for the long term, so we can solve problems together. That‟s my commitment. I have already taken an
active role in doing this with the LaRouche PAC in generating massive support for our legislation on foreclosures
and banking entitled the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act which has been endorsed by the City Council of
Lawrence, Massachusetts, and by the delegates of the 2007 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention.

                                                                          AFFIRMATIVE ACTION – MALE

Darren Major - Attleboro
                  I am a proud minority (African-American) member of the Democratic Party. As the
                  Technology and Diversity Chairman of the Attleboro Democratic City Committee, I am
                  active in voter reach out, upkeep of grassroots resources, GOTV files, E-Mail
                  notification, and web site maintenance in cooperation with Jim Humphrey. I’d like to
                  focus on why being a member of the Democratic State Committee is important to me. I
                  value deeply the core principles of the Democratic Party. I value the attention to the
                  needs of our fellow man that the Democratic Party pursues as part of our platform. I am
                  proud to be one who contributes to success for everyone rather than just a chosen few.
                  I strongly consider myself to be a member of the FDR/JFK Democratic Wing of the
Democratic Party. I want to reach out to everyone that may feel the same way I do and try to gently bring
those who need coaxing to the “right team”, the party of the people…..Democrats.

Mushtaque Mirza – Cambridge

             I was born in India of Persian ancestry to a middle class family and in my early youth was inspired by
             the speeches of President Kennedy for civic duties. I am a Diplomat Environmental Engineer by
             profession. I have made my home in Cambridge since 1973. I registered as a Democrat after
             becoming a US Citizen and became an associate member of the Cambridge Democratic City
             Committee (CDCC) in 1988, Chairman of CDCC Ward 4 since 1994; Democratic State Committee
             since 1999; elected to be Vice President of MA Electoral College 2004. I have campaigned for
             Democrats since 1982, for Kennedy and Kerry for US Senate, Dukakis/Bentsen, Clinton/Gore,
Gore/Lieberman and Kerry Edwards for Presidents, Roosevelt/Massie, Harshbarger/Tolman, O‟Brien/Gabrieli and
Patrick/Murray for Governors. I am a trustee of a labor organization and a member of other civic and professional
engineering societies. I promote interfaith dialogues, peace through the Cambridge Peace Commission, voter
registration and political awareness. I am dedicated to core democratic values and advocates for Clean
environment, ethnic diversity and human rights for all. Please feel free to call me at 617-876-4267 or Email me at

Mel Poindexter – Watertown

I am running for re-election to one of the Affirmative Action “Male” seats on the State Committee. I was elected
four years ago and respectfully ask for your support to continue to serve another term. I have had the honor of
serving as a past co-chair for the Affirmative Action Sub-Committee for Massachusetts Democratic State Party &
now have the privilege of serving as the chairperson for the 2008 Massachusetts Delegate Selection Committee.
Over the past (4) years I have been an active member of several of subcommittees of the state committee and
I‟ve had the opportunity to work with several community organizations as well as national projects like the DNC‟s
American Majority Partnership project in the hopes of building a broader network of communicates between the
Democratic Party and the Communities of Diversity. Since 2006 as a political activist, I‟ve been working very
closely with the DNC‟s American Majority Partnership project and thereby motivated to become a co-developer of
the MA Democratic Black Caucus as a means of increasing the constituency outreach in the African American
community and thereby motivating their continued participation in the Democratic Party. Thank you for your
consideration, and I ask for your support and your vote on March 8 .

Ervin L. “Tootsie” Russell – Wareham

My Name is Ervin L."Tootsie" Russell At present I am a member of the state committee and have been placed
on the Affirmative Action and Outreach committee - Rules Committee and have attended workshops on the
running of caucus for the state convention. I was elected to the state committee in 2004 and have served as Chair
of the AAOC- Subcommittee which was charged with developing an Affirmative action plan for the MA Democratic
Party, this committee was staff by both members of the state committee and volunteers for the communities. A
plan was developed and voted on by the party at a regularly held meeting of the state party. I was a active
participant of the minority democrats breakfast also very active with both the Plymouth County Democrats League
and the Wareham Democratic Town committee where I serve as Vice Chair. I,am employed by the Barney Frank
for Congress Committee along with being employed by the US House of Representatives. I serve as co-chair of
the Annual Lobster Bake held in Onset at the Dudley L. Brown VFW and will be held in August 08 I am a Vietnam
Veteran and have disabilities

                                                                       AFFIRMATIVE ACTION – MALE

Parwez Wahid – Framingham

                I have been an active Democrat since 2002 having served as Secretary and Chair of the
                Framingham Democratic Town Committee. I was first elected to the DSC in 2007 to fill a
                vacancy. I have actively supported Democratic candidates since 1995 and in recent years
                I have participated in numerous campaigning, fund raising and GOTV efforts. I have
                attended DSC meetings since 2004 during which time I have made many friends and
                continue to reach out to DSC members for collaboration and counsel. This past summer I
                conducted a successful Presidential Primary forum that was well attended and
encouraged others to hold similar events. I have been volunteering for one of the Presidential campaigns
through canvassing, phone banking and outreach. In my community I am pursuing efforts to promote the
Democratic Party with activities such as cook-outs, breakfasts, debate watch parties and holiday
gatherings. These efforts have been successful in engaging new participants.

                             Floor Nomination - Male Affirmative Action


                             Floor Nomination - Male Affirmative Action


                             Floor Nomination - Male Affirmative Action


             VETERAN – MALE



                                                                                               VETERAN – MALE

Terrence O’Rourke – Jamaica Plain

I, Terence Murphy O‟Rourke, hereby declare my candidacy for the Democratic State Committee Add-on Seat in
the category of male veteran. I am a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, having served in Iraq from June 06 to
June 07 as the Operations Advisor on a Military Transition Team embedded with an Iraqi Infantry Battalion. In
November of 2007, I completed my four year activity duty commitment in the United States Army as a Captain,
having served in the 18 Artillery Brigade (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, NC. I now serve as the State Captain for in Massachusetts. A native of Haverhill, I am also a graduate of Marquette University and The
Tulane University School of Law. I live in Jamaica Plain and am currently studying for the bar exam.

Alessandro Pizzi

“Freedom is not Free”… The message resonates with all who have seen the bumper sticker or heard the words.
There is a price to be paid for the freedom we all enjoy. All too often, that price is borne by young men and
women who enter the military in service of their fellow citizens They need and deserve our support for the
sacrifices made while in harms way. Unfortunately too many of the same citizens who display the bumper sticker
or utter those words, forget that support for those who serve must extend beyond active duty. They ignore the
perils facing military personnel upon discharge. Our military veterans must transition into civilian life. Too often, it
is without support from those same people who put them at risk! I tell you this because I was discharged from
military service in 1972 and I know friends and classmates who still struggle with physical and emotional trauma
associated with that transition. Too many need services they cannot get. It is betrayal of those who gave so much!
We as Democrats, have been in the forefront of efforts to assist Veterans. Many of the Democratic State
Committee have distinguished themselves in that effort. I want to serve, and with the help of other committee
members, advocate for advancing the needs and interests of all veterans. My personal history and commitment to
the Democratic Party, its candidates and issues, for the past 30 years as a member of this committee, as Co-
founder and past chair of the 2 Middlesex and Norfolk regional alliance and former chair of the Franklin
Democratic Town Committee have prepared me for this position. I promise you that I will take on the
responsibilities of the Veterans seat with the deepest sense of duty expected from anyone wanting to represent
those who have, in good faith, served the nation so well. They deserve nothing less!

Sam Poulten – Chelmsford

             For the past eight years, it has been my honor to serve on the DSC, holding one of the Labor Add-on
             positions. I believe that during this time I've been a tireless and effective advocate for both Labor
             and the platform and ideals of our Party. I've been more than just a member in name, attending
             nearly all meetings, and can certainly not be accused of failing to raise my voice when voices needed
             to be heard. I've volunteered my time, donated my money, and made my offices available for phone
             banks. I helped in President Gore's Florida recount effort in 2000, and came home from war in time
to help coordinate John Kerry's Southern New Hampshire field organization and Veterans for Kerry. I am proud of
my involvement and know that our Party "team" can and will make a difference. I would be honored to have your
vote to continue serving. As an Iraqi War Vet who deployed to war at age 55, I have a unique perspective on the
needs and concerns of our Veterans and their families. During my 38 yrs. in the Army Medical Service Corps, I've
been there, done that, and more. I enlisted as a Private in 1969, and currently serve in the USAR as a LTC on
the General Staff. I know that those who serve us in uniform truly represent the ultimate in Labor. I hope that I
have earned your support for election to the Male Veteran DSC position. I truly believe that I can be effective and
serve my Party, my brothers and sisters in Labor, and Veterans everywhere. I ask for your vote at our March
meeting to whichever position will best serve our Committee. Please call me at (978)265-6568 with any

Gene Ring – Medford

Growing up in Cambridge in a politically active family in a politically charged area, I was consistently impressed by
the compassion of hard working local leaders such as Tip O‟Neill, the civic-minded Sullivan and Clinton families,
as well as, my grandfather who was the founder and first president of the country‟s meat cutter‟s union. While my

                                                                                        VETERAN – MALE
political life was suspended as I served as a Jet Engine Technician in the Air Force, it quickly resumed when I
took my first job out of college working for the Massachusetts Agent Orange Program, where we pushed an Agent
Orange Compensation bill through Congress to assist those poisoned by dioxin in Vietnam. I continued on in
public service to work for, among others, two Attorney Generals, a Governor and two District Attorneys over the
next 16 years. I am now a small business owner, which is something I believe the Democratic Party needs more
of it in its ranks. I maintain that grassroots political action does not just happen, you must work for it.

                                           VETERAN – MALE

         Floor Nomination – Male Veteran


         Floor Nomination - Male Veteran


         Floor Nomination - Male Veteran


         Floor Nomination - Male Veteran


        VETERAN – MALE


          VETERAN – FEMALE



                                                                                         VETERAN – FEMALE

Nazli Erbay – Boston

I, Nazli Erbay, am a candidate for the add-on DSC female Veteran seat. I ask for your vote and support at the
election the next DSC meeting on March 8. I have been attending the State Committee meetings regularly since
2005. I have attended the Massachusetts Democratic Convention in 2006 and 2007. I am also board member in
the DNC Veterans and Families Council. I am grateful for all the Democratic State Committee members who
work tirelessly to elect Democratic leadership at every level. I want to be part of the DSC, working with all of you
to further the goals of the Democratic Party. I am especially interested in:
- Serving the veteran community here in Massachusetts, involving them in the political process
- Improving the access of veterans to resources of the Democratic Party
- Outreach to people who might not otherwise be involved, especially female veterans
- reach out to the families of the veterans
I served in the US Navy for 5 years and during the first Gulf War as a medical officer. Later, I worked at many
Veterans hospital in the Northeast, mainly Massachusetts and Connecticut. As we all know, the current Iraqi War
was the wrong war and we need to bring our troops home. Also, many of our soldiers have been injured however,
once they return home, health care, and support services are not available. I want to be involved with the
Democratic State Committee so I can play a larger role in electing those who will improve the lives of the
veterans, help to provide better health care including psychiatric and medical care, and give the veterans and
their families opportunities to move forward. Being an immigrant, having served in the military, practicing full time
physician, raising 2 children, I have many assets which I hope will be an addition to the Democratic State
Committee. I hope to earn your vote and support and become a member of Massachusetts Democratic State
Committee. Thank you for your consideration.

                                       Floor Nomination - Female Veteran


                                       Floor Nomination - Female Veteran


                                       Floor Nomination - Female Veteran


              LABOR – FEMALE



                                                                                              LABOR – FEMALE

Cathaleen K. Ashton – Wayland

I strongly believe unions create and maintain better working environments for all. In partnership with the
DSC, unions are working to keep the interest of working families in the fore-front. I will continue to work
on behalf of working families in the Commonwealth. My activities with the DSC and/or my union date back
to 1992. Just to a name a few activities, Delegate to the DSC Conventions since 1992; I have served or
currently serve on DSC Platform, Field Services, Affirmative Action and Labor Outreach Committees; A.A.
officer for Wayland DTC. I have been involved with campaigns for State Reps, State Senators, and I have
campaigned for candidates for President in NH and MA. I have been a delegate to the AFSCME Council 93
Conventions 2005-07; AFSCME International Convention 2006 and Mass AFL-CIO Convention, 2007. And
last but not least, I am a Honorable Member of the Mass Electoral College, class of 2004. In closing I
quote from one of the greatest union activists A. Philip Randolph, “A community is democratic only when
the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civic, economic, and social rights that the
biggest and most powerful possess.” My colleagues on the DSC have been a tremendous inspiration and
again, I would love to continue my service and commitment on the DSC.
*(AFL-CIO Labor Slate)
Cathy Dwyer – Tewksbury

                     I am currently seeking reelection to the Democratic State Committee as a female labor add-on. I
                     have been a member of the AFT, AFL-CIO for over 30 years, first as a teacher in the Billerica
                     schools and now on staff at the American Federation of Teachers. As Political Director for AFT
                     Massachusetts I work in coalition with other unions and progressive organizations to help elect
                     Democratic leaders at the State House and Congress who will advocate for public schools and
working families in Massachusetts. In addition to working on campaigns, I organize AFT members to help them
get politically active on the local, state and national levels, and to promote the importance of establishing
professional liaisons with all their elected officials. I have been a delegate to the state conventions, a volunteer at
the national conventions, and a member of the Tewksbury Democratic Town Committee. I would truly appreciate
your vote. *(AFL-CIO Labor Slate)
Kathy Manson – Walpole

             Kathy Manson‟s qualifications as a tireless advocate for the Labor Movement and the Democratic
             Party are countless. That is why she is President of the Plymouth/Bristol Central Labor Council and
             an Executive Board Member/Vice President of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, she is Co-Chair of the
             Walpole Democratic Town Committee, elected Delegate to the Massachusetts State Convention
             (1991 to present), elected Delegate Democratic National Convention 2004, and elected Delegate
Democratic National Convention Women's Caucus and is a Founding Member of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO
Women's Committee. As Legislative Director of the American Postal Workers Union of Massachusetts and as an
Executive Board Member and the Director of Industrial Relations of the South Shore Local of the American Postal
Workers Union, she has working relationships with politicians and their staff at every level. She also has these
relationships because she helped get these Democrats elected. She has been key player in delivering local,
regional and state votes for political campaigns, and has had hands-on involvement for over 20 years in countless
state senator, state representative, city councilor and county races. She has been managing and coordinating
political events including attendance by political influencers, media, business leaders, union members and voters.
 *(AFL-CIO Labor Slate)
Carol Pacheco – Dedham

                         I am running to become a Labor add-on member to the DSC. In 2004, I was elected a
                         Gender Balance add-on member. I‟ve been a member of my town committee (Dedham) for
                         many years. I‟ve also been elected to many State Conventions. I volunteered at the 2000
                         and 2004 National Conventions. My activism began in college working on the Robert
                         Kennedy campaign. It continued with the Boston Teachers Union. I„m a longtime COPE
                         Committee member. I‟ve done standouts, phone banks, mailings and rallies on local, state
and federal elections. As a teacher, I was elected delegate to AFL-CIO and Greater Boston Labor Council. I
regularly participate in AFL-CIO COPE Roundtable. I now work for the American Federation of Teachers as a
Field Representative. Aside from negotiating contracts and servicing members in grievances and arbitrations, I
also enlist them to become politically active. I would greatly appreciate your vote.* (AFL-CIO Labor Slate)

                                                                                      LABOR – FEMALE

Mary Richards – Clinton

           As a life-long Democrat, I have been deeply involved in party activities. I ran for state
           representative, I am a current member of the Clinton Democratic Town Committee and served
           on the Electoral College for President Clinton. I volunteered on many campaigns for over 30
           years. I served as Delegate, Alternate and Volunteer to numerous state and national
           conventions. I was a 2006 Patrick/Murray Delegate. I was President and Vice-President of the
           Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists, (MOSES), a state employee
union representing some 4000 professional workers. I currently hold a seat on the MOSES’ Executive
Board, and was Legislative Agent. In addition to party activities I am a twenty-two year employee of the
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, presently serving as Project Manager
coordinating, outreach, and education to Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises.

Deb Sullivan

                             I have been involved in the labor movement for almost my entire working life,
                             holding both elected and appointed positions in multiple Unions. I have worked in
                             both the private and public sector, and I have a broad understanding of the
                             issues regarding the Labor movement in this state. I understand and believe
                             deeply in the cause of working people. I also have a degree in labor studies from
                             U Mass Boston. I have also been involved in the Democratic movement in
                             Massachusetts for many years, serving on the Town Committee in both
                             Randolph & Norwood. I see that Democratic views & values are closely aligned
                             with the Labor movement, and would like to ensure that the voice of labor has a
                             seat at the table of the Democratic Party.

                                    Floor Nomination - Female Labor


                                   Floor Nomination - Female Labor


        LABOR – FEMALE


             LABOR - MALE



                                                                                              LABOR - MALE

James Dentremont – Quincy

My name is James Dentremont, and I reside at 24 Hilda Street, Quincy, Massachusetts. I am writing to
inform you and the Democratic State Committee of my intent to run for one of the vacant Democratic
State Committee male labor seats. I am a Quincy Police Officer and an active member of the Quincy
Police Patrol Officers Association. I believe that a public safety/law enforcement perspective is an
important part of the democratic party. I am an active member of the democratic party and a member of
the Quincy Democratic City Committee. Also, I have been an elected delegate to the Democratic State
Convention five times. Over the years I have strongly supported former Congressman Brian Donnelly,
Senator Michael Morrissey, Register of Probate Patrick McDermott, State Treasurer Timothy Cahill, and
Governor Deval Patrick

Kenny Donnelly – Arlington

                      Based on his outstanding record and commitment to the cause of organized labor and to the
                      platform of the Democratic Party, it is clear that Ken Donnelly will make a tremendous
                      addition to the Democratic State Committee. Ken Donnelly‟s support for organized labor and
                      for the social and economic justice principles of the Democratic Party has been proven
                      throughout his time serving as Secretary Treasurer of the Professional Firefighters of
                      Massachusetts and during his time as Commissioner of the Public Employee Retirement
                      Administration Commission. He has been fighting for public safety and economic security for
workers for over thirty years. In 2007 he ran a valiant campaign for a vacant State Senate seat, where his
powerful message resonated so well he was able to go from being the underdog with little name recognition,
running against 3 sitting State Representatives, to a strong second place finish in the Primary. Ken Donnelly
continues his fight for working families and for the Democratic agenda as a Labor Leader and as a Democratic
Activist, and his voice will make a powerful addition to the Democratic State Committee. *(AFL-CIO Labor Slate)

John Doogan – Boston

 I am a candidate for reelection to one of the five male labor seats. I have served on the state committee since
1996 and as a labor member since 2004. I am a consistent advocate for public employees having served on the
negotiating committee for state workers. I am a member of N.A.G.E and have also been a member of SEIU Local
285, A.F.S.C.M.E and the Old Retail Clerks. I have strongly advocated for the state party to push labors agenda
in the legislature and I proposed that a special committee to support labors agenda be created in the early 2000s,
which was a precursor for the labor committee we have today. I ask for one of your five votes and hope to
continue serving with you in the future.

John Dumas

                           I am writing to respectfully ask for your support and your vote for re-election to the
                           Massachusetts Democratic State Committee as a representative of organized labor.
                           For the past 30 years I have been an active member of I.B.E.W. Local 103, serving the
                           past 11 years as Local 103‟s President. In this capacity I have come to work every day
                           with the singular goal of making life a little better for the over 6,000 members I am
                           elected to represent. In doing so I have worked hard to promote many of the values
                           and ideals we share not only as Democrats, but as leaders in our community. As a
                           member of the Democratic State Committee I have been an active and enthusiastic
supporter of our mission and a staunch defender of basic human and workers‟ rights. I ask for your support so
that together we can continue this fight *(AFL-CIO Labor Slate)

                                                                                              LABOR - MALE

John Kelly

I wish to be considered for election to the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee in the add-on
position of male-labor. Currently, I work full time as the president of IBEW Local Union 2321. I serve on
the executive board of the Merrimac Valley Central Labor Council (chairing the COPE committee), as well
as the advisory board of the Merrimac Valley United Way. I have represented labor in various capacities
over the years and would welcome this new opportunity. I have worked on many Democratic campaigns
over recent years. In 2004, I spent many hours in New Hampshire, where I am proud to say we delivered
the state of NH for the John Kerry campaign. I spent many hours on Niki Tsongas’ recent Congressional
campaign. Most recently, I have worked on the Clinton campaign in the New Hampshire, Massachusetts,
and Maine primaries. I received my B.S. in Political Science from Northeastern University, a M.S. in
Labor Studies from UMass, and am currently finishing my P.H.D. in Law & Policy from Northeastern. My
dissertation is based on the relationship between politics and labor, and the grassroots action I feel is the
essence of labor’s future.

Gerry Leary

Gerry Leary has been a proud member of IBEW Local 2222, Massachusetts AFL-CIO since 1982, where he has
been a Vice President of his Local since 1991. He is one of the founding members of the IBEW 2222 Committee
On Political Education (COPE) fund, and has been a member of the COPE Committee since 1994. He has been
a very active member of the Greater Boston Labor Council since 1995, where he has sat on the GBLC‟s
Executive Board since 2004. Gerry has been involved in hundreds of political campaigns to elect Democrats that
will fight for working families going back to the Kevin White and Joe Timilty Mayoral races in the 1970s. Gerry‟s
decades of activism as a union member and a Democrat make him more than qualified to be a Male Labor
Delegate to the Democratic State Committee. *(AFL-CIO Labor Slate)

Eddie Mills – Hopkington

I have been a proud dues paying member of the Boston Carmen‟s Union Local #589 since 1974. In 2000 I won
the democratic nomination for State Representative of the 8 Middlesex District, with endorsement from all AFL-
CIO unions. I was honored to have received the labor endorsement as I am proud of the work the AFL-CIO has
done for working families. I have always advocated for the rights of working men and women. Member of
Hopkington Board of Assessors since 2000. Chairman of the Hopkington Democratic town Committee since 2001.
Vice Chair of the Metrowest Alliance./ Senate District Coordinator for john Kerry for President 2004. Senate
District Coordinatore for Shannon O‟Brien for Governor. Hopkington Town Coordinator for Congressman Jim
McGovern. Hopkington Town Coordinator for Governor Deval Patrick. Hopkington Town Coordinator for Barack
Obama for President 2008. Education UMASS Boston, Boston Labor Guild, Citizens Legislation Seminar. I am
the proud father of 8 children. Four are in labor unions; a son and daughter in IBEW Local #103. A son in
Sheetmetal Local #17 and another son in Teamster Local #17. * (AFL-CIO Labor Slate)

                                                                                               LABOR - MALE
John Tanionos – East Sandwich

My name is John Tanionos. I was a ten year member of the Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers Union, a
fifteen year and present member of Service Employees International Union (SEIU). I’m past Steward of
SEIU. Eight year and presently SEIU delegate to Southeastern Massachusetts Labor Council. I’m a
member of the Sandwich Democratic Committee, Cape and Islands Democratic Council, where I served
on the Executive Board. I’m an active volunteer in Democratic Politics. I attend State Committee
meetings and would like serve as member of State Committee. The labor movement is what built this
country. It is an important component in recognizing the interest of working people and an ingredient in
representing those who have no voice. My over 25 years experience as a member of labor, plus the long
standing personal, professional, and political contacts I’ve established, uniquely qualify me to serve as
your Labor Representative. Thank you.

Paul Toner – Cambridge

Paul F. Toner has served as vice president of the 102,000-member Massachusetts Teachers Association since
July 2006. Toner taught social studies at the Harrington Elementary School in Cambridge from 1993 to 2001. He
went on to become president of the Cambridge Teachers Association and served in that post for five years. A
graduate of the Boston University School of Liberal Arts, Toner holds a juris doctorate from Suffolk University Law
School and a master‟s degree in secondary education from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. He lives in
Cambridge with his wife, Susan Connelly, and their two children, Grace and Jack. Toner is proud to be a public
school parent and a voice for MTA‟s members, who include teachers, education support professionals, and higher
education faculty and staff. During his time at Harrington, he taught seventh- and eighth-grade social studies and
reading. He created interdisciplinary curriculum units with team members, was responsible for a seventh-grade
inclusion classroom, managed an assertive discipline program, and operated before-school and after-school
homework programs. Toner also developed a school handbook and policies, served as acting assistant principal,
and belonged to both the Extended Day Planning Committee and the Student Support Team.

Robert Travers – Cambridge

                             My name is Robert V. Travers, Jr. I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and have
                             worked as a paraprofessional in the Cambridge Public Schools for twelve years.
                              Currently, I serve as Treasurer for the Cambridge Teachers Association. In
                             addition, I serve on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Teachers
                             Association (MTA), as well as the National Education Association (NEA) Board of
                             Directors. Public Education is extremely important to me and I believe every child in
                             Massachusetts has the right to quality public education. If afforded the opportunity
                             to be on the Massachusetts State Democratic Party, my priority will be to support
                             candidates that value public education for the children of Massachusetts

                                         Floor Nomination - Male Labor


             GAY MALE



                                                                                                    GAY MALE

Ryan Adams

                My name is Ryan Adams and I'm running as an add-on delegate to the State Convention
                because we, as a party, need to be able to get our powerful grassroots movement beyond
                organizing around particular candidates and into organizing around the common
                problems Massachusetts citizens face everyday. As a successful state politics blogger at
                Ryan's Take,, and a winning Field Director, I have direct
experience at both the communications and field level - two critical elements in enacting the change we
need. I hope to bring my experience and fresh perspective to the State Committee to bridge those two
powerful tools in a way that will truly make our grassroots army blossom on Beacon Hill. If anyone has
any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at 781-599-6114 or

Tom Barbera – Waltham

Tom Barbera has been a democrat since his first campaign with Bobby Kennedy at age 11. For the past 30 years
he has been both a labor and a gay activist. He has served as a National V.P. of Organizing for PAW/AFL-CIO.
Tom is an 8 year incumbent for the GLBT state committee seat and serves as co-chair of AAOC. Tom is involved
in the Waltham City Com., and is the AAO officer. He was the first GLBT person appointed to the Greater Boston
Labor Council over 10 years ago. He was elected as the first vice-president of the Massachusetts State AFL-CIO
to specifically represent GLBT workers in the United States. Tom serves as National co-vice-chair of the Lavender
Caucus of SEIU. Tom was a founder of National Stonewall Democrats. Tom has been a board member of the
Baystate Stonewall Democrats for more than 12 years. He is often found on picket lines and protests or generally
rabble rousing because of his strong convictions and a belief that “an injury to one is an injury to all”.

Robert Case - Jamaica Plain

I know first-hand how our State Party affects people‟s lives for the better. Through the dynamic support system of
our state Democrats, my life has dramatically improved by being able to marry my husband. This accomplishment
demonstrates the power of our State Party and should inspire us to keep improving, knowing together we
undoubtedly have the ability to accomplish even more. I would be honored to represent GLBT Democrats on the
State Committee. Our Committee needs leaders who boldly work together to support Democrats. They must use
their power to better inform our members and the public about our work. My experience through constituent
development and fundraising, and my ability to engage people, would be an asset to further improve our State
Committee. I will always work to make Massachusetts a better place to live by helping our State Party to elect
Democrats on the local, state, and national levels.

Stephen Patrick Driscoll - Pembroke

                     Lately there has been a debate in the gay community centered around this question: "Which
                    are you first? Gay or Democrat?" As someone who began working on Democratic campaigns
                    since the age of six, I can answer that without hesitation: I am first and foremost a Democrat.
                    As Co-Chair of National Stonewall Democrats I travel around the country visiting our 92
                    chapters to organize in red states and blue. But I also work on the state and local level as a
                    member of our Executive Committee and as an officer of the Pembroke Democratic Town
                    Town Committee. But my home, politically and spiritually, is here on this committee. I hope
                    will be grant me the honor of being re-elected.

                                                                                                    GAY MALE

Paul Giorgio- Worcester

I have a long history of working for Democratic candidates on all levels of Government, and have been
active with the Democratic State Committee in the past, when I worked for Sen. Paul Harold & Sen. Gerry
D’Amico. I previously was a Lead Advance Person for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. I had the privilege of
Traveling both around the country and around the world for the Vice President. I also served as Deputy
Director of Special Inaugural Events for President Clinton & Vice President Gore. I currently am on
Governor Patrick’s, Lt Governor Murray’s & Senator Kerry’s Finance Committee. In my professional life, I
serve as president of Pagio, Inc. a small magazine publishing company in Worcester. I am also a Gay
man. I guess I put this last because it is part of who I am, not who I am. I am however a committed
Democrat-who could more easily change my religion than my Party.

William Haddad


    B.S. Political Science 2006, Northeastern University
    Volunteer Coordinator, 2006 Gubernatorial Campaign
    Research Analyst, Joint Committee on Revenue
    Volunteer, MassEquality
    GLB participant, Massachusetts Statehouse
    Become an active member of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee
    Represent the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Community
    Advocate on behalf of Gay and Lesbian Community at the State Level
Supported by:

       Representative William Straus
       Representative Carl Sciortino
       Representative Liz Malia
       Representative Thomas Stanley

Shawn Hartman - Charlestown

I am running for re-election to the Gay- at-large seat for the Democratic State Committee. I have served in this
position for the last four years as well as Co-Chair of the Bay State Stonewall Democrats, Vice- Chairman of the
Young Democrats of Massachusetts, and former Communications Director for the Party. On the State
Committee, I actively serve on the Public Policy Committee, Site Selection Committee, and Credentials
Committee. Locally, I am a past member and Chair of the Westfield Democratic City Committee and currently
belong to the Boston Ward 2 Committee. Outside of the political field, I run a Trust and Estates law firm in Boston
and I live in Charlestown with my husband, Scott, and our two chocolate labs. I would greatly appreciate your
support for my re-election and look forward to another enjoyable four years on the State Committee.

David Havelick- Wakefield

My name is David Havelick, and I'm twenty-four years old. I'm a gay vegan idealist. I'm currently working at the
Harvard School of Public Health as the assistant to the chair in the epidemiology department. I'm also a grad
student in the environmental management program at Harvard. I have been a registered Democrat ever since I
could vote, and I am a member of the town democratic committee in Wakefield, MA. I've been a delegate to the
state democratic convention three times (2005, 2006, and 2007), and attended the state committee organization
meeting at Roxbury Community College in 2005. I would love the opportunity to be considered as an add-on to
the state committee because I think I represent a lot of new and important perspectives (including the gay
communtity and the younger generation). It is important for these voices to be heard. If you have any questions,
please don't hesitate to contact me:

                                                                                                      GAY MALE
Joe McCoy- Easthampton, MA

My interest in the world of politics began at an early age: I was eleven years old when I worked on my
first Democratic campaign, helping with Ella Grasso’s 1969 campaign for Congress from the State of
Connecticut. Since that time I have been actively involved in a variety of candidate- and issue-based
campaigns. Most recently, I was the coordinator for the western Massachusetts affiliate of Mass Equality,
the statewide organization that lobbies for the civil rights of the LGBT community. As coordinator I was in
charge of volunteer recruitment, phone banking and efforts to lobby western Massachusetts legislators in
support of same sex marriage rights. I am proud to say I am legally married to my same sex spouse Stan
since May 22, 2004. I have also worked on many campaigns of progressive Democratic candidates in
western Massachusetts. I am presently serving my second term as City Councilor in Easthampton, and I
am the chair of the Easthampton Democratic Committee. My specific interests include continued support
of equality issues for the GLBT community, universal health care and new voter recruitment. A position
on the state Democratic committee seems to be a natural next step in my commitment to the
Massachusetts Democratic Party. I believe the principles represented by the Democratic Party are
essential to developing a healthy and just community, state and country.

Thomas J. McGrath – Pepperell

                       I respectfully ask for your support for re-election to one of the add-on seats for gay men. For
                       the past eight years I have served as Treasurer of Bay State Stonewall Democrats and the
                       same amount of time as Chair of the Pepperell Democratic Town Committee. I am also
                       Chair of the newly-formed First Middlesex Democrats group. I know many of you from the
                       campaign trail over the years. As a member of Stonewall Democrats, I have continually
                       strived to increase involvement in the Party by members of the GLBT community. And
                       coming from an “exurban/rural” area I have been able to reach out to people who are often
reluctant to get involved in the political process. I am proud to have helped form the First Middlesex Democrats
group with the goal of electing a Democratic State Representative. Our motto is, “Turning a red district blue,”
precinct by precinct. I sincerely appreciate your consideration.

Peter Parcellin – Boston
I am writing to express my intent for the gay male position on the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. I
have been a registered Democrat for multiple years, have assisted with local, state, and national campaigns in
many capacities, as well as volunteered with the state committee in Charlestown last summer. I hope to bring a
fresh perspective to the committee, have a deep desire to help achieve our party‟s policies and goals. I am a 27
year old Government and United States History teacher at Taunton High School, a resident of Boston for multiple
years, a frequent voter, and a firm believer in the fiscal and social principles that guide our state party. I would
like to be part of the State Committee for two major reasons. First, I would like to give the committee the
representation of a gay man who holds a “typical” position in society, has a wide base of connections in my
underrepresented 18-30 year old age group, and can bring a fresh perspective to the committee. I also would like
to use my experiences and skills to serve my party through a deep willingness to commit time, effort, and hard
work to enhance the goals of our party.

Paul Sousa – Cambridge

            My name is Paul Sousa and I am seeking a Democratic State Committee position. I could have run as
a male youth/student, Portuguese speaker, or gay male. It's rather fitting that I'm running for this position
because it was being gay that initially sparked my interest in law and politics. Having Massachusetts stand up for
marriage equality meant a great deal and it was then, a high schooler, that I started reading case briefs and
getting involved. Now the rest is history and I'm pursuing law school and have joined Ward-1 and City Committee
of Cambridge. It is an honor to live in Massachusetts where we are leaders pertaining to many issues ranging
from civil liberties to universal healthcare. I would appreciate the opportunity to do my part and help move
Massachusetts forward. As Obama has said, "Loving your country shouldn't just mean watching fireworks on the
4th of July."

                                       GAY MALE

         Floor Nomination - Gay Male



         Floor Nomination - Gay Male



         Floor Nomination - Gay Male



         Floor Nomination - Gay Male



        GAY MALE






Rhonda Bourne – Waltham

When the right to marry was hanging in the balance, I was catapulted out of my armchair. I became active
in MassEquality, I wrote an op ed piece, my wife, daughter and I were the subjects of media, TV and
newsprint. I made friends with my State Legislator, Peter Koutoujian. I joined GALLAN. I became a
board member of the BayState Stonewall Democrats. I became active in elective politics, I launched an
initial campaign for Representative Koutoujian's seat. I moved on to became a City Coordinator for the
Deval Patrick Campaign. For my efforts I was awarded the Democratic activist of the year in Waltham. The
legalization of marriage for same sex couples, in no way ends the struggles of the LGBT community. I
may have started this work in earnest only 5 years ago, but I am standing strong and prepared to
represent this constituency group as a member of the Democratic State Committee.

Suzanne Bremer – Somerville

             Suzanne Bremer is a long time resident of Somerville. A former member of ASCME, she
             coordinated voter registration drives at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul (Boston), and was involved
             in several local political campaigns, including her own run for mayor of Somerville. A member of her
             ward committee, she is currently coordinating a study of small business lending practices for Union
             Square Main Streets and working with community members and elected officials to establish a local
             education fund for the Somerville Public Schools. A librarian, working at the Global Development &
             Environment Institute at Tufts University, her area of expertise is access to information in support of
sustainable development. She has also been a visiting writer at the Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social
Consequences. She and her partner, Jane Peyrouse, have young two children, James (born in Hanoi, Vietnam)
and Alexandra (born in Kathmandu, Nepal).

Elizabeth Corcoran-Hunt – Boston

                I am running for election to one of the Gay and Lesbian Seats on the State Committee. I was
                introduced to the state party at age six. My mom had me help her hand out candidate bumper
                stickers at the Cohasset town dump. It was a Republican stronghold, but kids are cute and I
                loved it. In 2003, I quit my corporate job -- with a plan. I volunteered for MassEquality, MGLPC,
                and served on the board of MDF/Young Democrats of Massachusetts while picking up a
                paycheck as a fundraising consultant for legislative candidates. I eventually landed a job working
to get women elected to office. Currently, I work in the State House for Byron Rushing and was just elected to the
Boston Ward 4 Committee. I look forward to working with both the Youth Services Committee and the Stonewall
Democrats to engage a new generation of Democratic voters.

Rebecca “Dee Dee” Edmondson

                     My name is Rebecca “Dee Dee” Edmondson and I am running for reelection to the Gay,
                     Lesbian Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) add-on seat for the Massachusetts Democratic
                     State Committee. I am running for reelection because I want to continue to be actively
                     involved in important policy issues and play a role in the future of the Massachusetts
                     Democratic Party. As a born and raised “Yellow Dog Democrat”, I want to play an active
                     part in leading this party to victory in November 2008. During my time on the Committee, I
have been an active participant. As a member of the MDP Finance Committee and have endeavored to fundraise
for the MDP in the Boston area. Additionally, in November, my partner Lindsey and I co-hosted a Seventy-First
fund event for Governor Patrick which celebrated his work in the fight for gay marriage. As always, thank you for
your consideration of my candidacy.


Emily Engler – West Roxbury

                  I was born and raised in Boston, and graduated from Bryn Mawr College. In 2004, I
                  returned to Boston with my partner, where we legally married, and currently reside in
                  West Roxbury. Because of my interest in public service, I spent a year as an
                  Americorps*VISTA working for Habitat for Humanity, and I currently work for a non-profit
                  cancer research group. I am a strong supporter of the platform of the Massachusetts
                  Democratic Party. Among the most important issues for me are equal rights for all,
                  regardless of sex, race, national origin, gender, age, or sexual orientation; a responsible
                  energy policy that invests in green energy sources and provides "green collar" jobs to
help the economy; and the preservation of civil liberties. I am proud that the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts is a national leader on these issues, and I am committed to maintaining our progress and
building upon it.

Lydorin Gaffin-Rivera – East Boston

 I have always proactive in making changes. My interest in political matters was evident from the time I was a
child. While I was born an American citizen, I didn‟t become a resident of the continental United States until the
year 2000. This was a great experience on multiple levels as I learned about the U.S democratic process and the
many problems and room for improvement that are obviously in dire need to be addressed. This interest in
change has manifested into action in many aspects of my life. I have learned much about politics and the political
process through higher education and community involvement. My community involvement is very active in many
aspects of my identification as an individual belonging to many level organizations with multiple “interests” from
gender to ethnicity. It is with this knowledge and experience that I think my involvement in the Democratic State

Barbara R. Hoffman – Boston

I have been an activist in the GLBT community for over forty years, and am currently a board member of the Bay
State Stonewall Democrats and the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus. For over twenty years, I
have been a member of the Ward 4 Democratic Committee of Boston, and was reelected on February 5th. I have
worked for passage of the Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights Bill, for the right of gay and lesbian people to be foster
parents and to adopt children, and for the right of all our citizens to be equal under the law, including the right to
marry. I will continue my committment to equality for everyone--and I mean everyone--if I am reelected.

Linda Sophia Pinti – Cambridge

 My name is Linda Sophia Pinti. I am seeking election to a gay/lesbian add-on seat. I have served for the past four
years on the Board of Bay State Stonewall Democrats and am Secretary of Cambridge Ward 6 Democratic
Committee. A lifelong Democrat, I have been a LGBT activist for three decades. My work in Democratic politics
began in my sophomore year of high school, volunteering in George McGovern's presidential campaign
and registering voters in Flint Michigan. My mentors there included activists from the sit-down strike of 1936-37.
 I have since worked in numerous campaigns at every level, including in New Hampshire for Al Gore whom I
met while at Harvard Divinity School and in Iowa for Howard Dean. I coordinated John Kerry's Cambridge phone
bank in 2004 and worked from its inception in now-Governor Patrick's historic campaign. As a member of the
Democratic State Committee I will dedicate my efforts to expand the vision and outreach of our party so we may
restore America's moral leadership for the world.


Bonnie Winokar

 I am honored to be a member of this Committee. Since my election in June of 2003, I have worked with
many of you on several campaigns. During this last term I was committed to the campaigns of Kerry,
Kennedy, Patrick, Coakley, and Tsongas. Included in this list are many statewide campaigns. Most
recently I have been actively involved in electing a Democrat as President. As a member of Stonewall
Democrats, I am committed to working with the Democratic Party to advance the rights of all people. I
have worked tirelessly to draw attention to issues within the LGBT community. Being a delegate to the
2004 Democratic National Convention was the most exciting week of my life. This committee elected me
as an at-large delegate. Today, I ask you to re-elect me to another term. I shall continue to do my best to
unite and organize Democrats to win elections.

                                       Floor Nomination - Lesbian


                                       Floor Nomination – Lesbian


                                       Floor Nomination - Lesbian


             DISABLED - MALE



                                                                                             DISABLED - MALE

Robert Cassidy

I’d like to borrow a few minutes from your valuable time in order to share with you this announcement of
my intent to seek re-election to our great Democratic State Committee in the position of the Male
representative for those with Disabilities. As the holder of one of our at-large seats it has allowed me the
ability and honor to serve our Party through the years in being able visit countless DTC’s and Dem. City
and Ward Committees within this role and being able to stress to our fellow Party membership the
importance of not only requesting their specific support concerning the current issues facing the
Disabled of our Commonwealth, but also the importance of all healthcare issues the general public faces
on a daily basis. I’ve also been able to write & present current Bills before our State Legislature for
approval, plus lobby for various healthcare issues (both State & Nationally) and those affecting all
minority issues as well. This is on top of being the first elected Disabled Delegate to our State’s Electoral
College. I hope with your support I will be able to continue my service to the Disabled of our
Commonwealth as our Party’s Representative.

Alexander Gray – Quincy

My name is Alex Gray and I am writing to apply for one of the add on vacancies to the Massachusetts Democratic
State Committee. I am applying for consideration as a male representative with a disability. I am a 2006
graduate of Boston College who was active in both student government and Democratic politics. I have worked
on behalf of the National Federation of the Blind as an advocate both at the statehouse and on capital hill. I
currently work as the Legislative Liaison for the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance. I have also
interned for Congressman Stephen F. Lynch and State Senator Jack Hart. All of these experiences I believe
make me a strong candidate to represent the needs and desires of the youth and disabled populations of
Massachusetts. Thank you for your consideration.

William Wood Ph.D

I am Dr. William Wood and wish to be put my name into the pool of candidates to run for an add on for male
disability representation. Curriculum vitae: I have been disabled all my life with aphasias, deafness and leg
perthes. I understand the concept of hidden disabilities, becoming disabled and being disabled. I created the
theory of phobia disabilism regarding anti-human development of the disability community. I am a lifelong
member of the Democratic Party. I have worked on many political campaigns including President Johnson's,
President Carter's and most recently Senator Kerry's bid for President. I have seconded Senator Patricia
McGovern's campaign for governor and I have stayed as a member of a grassroots Democrat
organization through my adult life. I was a volunteer for all of these. I have never seeked payment on any
campaign. I will close by saying that I am a published author. I have written plays about the subject of disability. I
have a Ph.D. focusing on disability rights and two master degrees. The President of my college once said in front
of an audience that no person with my disability could get into his school. Not only did I go to his school, I
finished with accolades from the dean as one of the most prolific writers he has ever met. I thank you for your

                                        Floor Nomination - Disabled Male


           DISABLED - FEMALE



                                                                                        DISABLED - FEMALE

Cheryl Cumings – Brighton

My name is Cheryl Cumings and I am declaring my interest in running for the Female Disability seat on the State
Committee. Within the past few years, I have actively participated in the Affirmative Action and Outreach
Committee. I was an Add-on delegate to the State Convention. Currently, I Am the Co-Chair of the Disability
Committee. In these capacities I have the opportunity to contribute to the Democratic Party achievement of its
goals of diversity and inclusion. As an African-American woman who is blind, I am seeking the Disability Seat
because it offers the opportunity to further work with the Democratic Party to make it an organization for which
issues of inclusion of people with disabilities are reflected in its policies, outreach activities, membership and
employees. In addition to my personal commitment, I bring my professional experiences of working with youth on
issues of leadership and social justice, community outreach, training for employees on diversity issues and project
management of health, housing and workforce development as they affect the lives of elders. I am the Founder
and Executive Director of a non-profit organization, which works with blind youth in Massachusetts. Together my
personal and professional experiences make me a candidate fully qualified to run for the Female Disability seat
on the State Committee. Thank you for your time and attention.

Jozy Spinelli – Chelsea

My intention is to ensure that democrats take back the office of presidency. By helping with the campaign, I will be
doing all I could to spread the word that our party is the only party that can help make the needed changes for the
betterment of our country. As it seems our country has been in turmoil since the Republicans had taken office. My
hard work in campaigning in the past includes phone banking, holding signs, canvassing, endorsing the former
State Senator Jarret Barrios and also our now Governor Deval Patrick. At this time I am doing the same for Hillary
Clinton and have been holding signs at the New Hampshire primaries as well as in Massachusetts for the primary
election Feb. 5. Although I would support any Democrat candidate! A little about myself. In 1971 I worked with
Senator Edward Brooks in getting the 18 year olds to educate and register to vote as I was the Chairperson of
Chelsea Mass. In 2004 I was appointed to the Commission of Human Rights in Chelsea.

Ann Steinberg – Boston

                I would like to be considered for the vacant disabled seat on the Democratic State Committee. In
                2004, I had a pulmonary embolism from which I have chronic lung and circulatory disease.
                I retired from the Boston School Department in 2005 but continue to remain active in education by
                working as a substitute teacher and a tutor at the Parker Hill Library helping children with their
                homework. My experience as an active democrat includes:
        Serving as a Delegate to all state conventions since 2002
        Working as a phone bank worker for the Boston Teacher‟s Union and AFT Massachusetts for 11 years
        Volunteering in many Democratic Campaigns including John Kerry, Deval Patrick, Diane Wilkerson,
         Thomas Menino, Shannon O‟Brien, Sam Yoon and many others.
        Member of Boston‟s Ward 10 Democratic Committee since 2003

                                      Floor Nomination - Disabled Female





                                                                          FRENCH SPEAKING - FEMALE

Candace Ouillette Gaumond – Ware

The last several years while holding this seat have been some of the most professionally rewarding in my
political life. I truly enjoyed my time on the committee and the great friends I have met on the committee.
Mostly, I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had to advocate for democratic candidates and values in
this state as well as in other states. Moreover, I have found it gratifying to have been, and continue to be,
an active participant on several of the Massachusetts Democratic State Party’s sub-committees for the
past eight years. If the committee is so willing, I would like to continue to serve my party for another term
as an active member. For those who do not know me, I currently work in human services as a program
director for a non-profit that works to establish residential settings for, and offers support to, the
developmentally disabled in western Massachusetts. Prior to that, I worked as a legislative aide for
Senator David Magnani and as a chief of staff for Representative (now Senator) Gale Candaras. I have
been an advocate for both the Democratic Party as well as human services for the past 15 years and I am
sure that it will be a part of my life for the next 15 years as well.

Meghan Rouillard – Brookline

My name is Meghan Rouillard, I am 24 years old, from Maine, and currently a resident of Brookline for about 3
years. I have been a grassroots political organizer since I was 20 years old, involved in various campaigns
intended to engage the lower 80% of income brackets of the American population in the political process, and
have been involved in similar work in the nation's capital. I spent a year in Belgium, and speak French almost
fluently, and am able to speak and organize around political matters, and have done so during several weeks
spent in Canada. I would be very eager to contribute to the process of deliberation as a member of the
Massachusetts State Committee.

                                 Floor Nomination – Female French Speaking


                                Floor Nomination - Female French Speaking





                                                                        PORTUGUESE SPEAKING - MALE

Bob LeBlanc – Methuen

 Bob LeBlanc is the descendant of two strong lines of immigrants who traveled to Massachusetts seeking
opportunity. In 1998 the members of the Democratic State Committee honored me and my Acadian
heritage with election to this seat which pays tribute to Franco-Americans who were a strong voice in our
labor movement in the mill cities across this Commonwealth and who both built those mills and produced
goods there. As a son of a UNION CARPENTER and a union member myself, I cherish my participation in
our party from this seat. Many of you are well aware of my volunteer efforts in various capacities. I
learned the rules, values and obligations from my grandparents, parents and Aunt and from many
honorable public servants as I grew up in North Cambridge, and for whom I worked at the grass roots.
Please give me your vote so I may continue in your service. Thank YOU!

Mark Lilienthal – Brookline

Je suis un candidat pour une poste avec le Massachusetts State Democratic Party. Grace a mes deux séjours à
Paris, je parle français comme un citoyen de la France (même si je lutte avec le français écrit!). J‟habite
Brookline et j‟ai travaillé pour Gouverneur Patrick depuis mars 2005, avant qu‟il se présente aux élections.J‟ai
envie d‟aider les citoyens de Massachusetts de s‟engager dans le procès politique pour améliorer leur quartier,
leur communauté, et leur vie collective. Mais rester chez soi, c‟est trop simple, et s‟engager si difficile. Je
travaillerai pour unir la Partie et aider ses efforts d‟accueillir des nouveaux. Il y a encore du travail à faire pour
que notre message d‟inclusion, d‟optimisme, et de possibilité arrive dans tous les coins de la Commonwealth. Ca
serait un honneur de partager mes expériences et mes talents avec les membres de la Partie et de continuer
notre effort d‟unir la vie civile et le people du Bay State. Merci de votre considération.

I am running for the add-on seat for a French speaking male. My French is near-native proficiency due to 2 ½
years spent in Paris. I live in Brookline and have worked for Governor Patrick since before he was a declared
candidate for office. I want to help people engage in the political process to enhance the quality of their
neighborhood, their community, and their collective lives. But to stand by is too easy, to engage so difficult. I will
work to strengthen unity while expanding the tent for new members. There is still work to do to ensure that the
Party‟s message of inclusion, optimism, and possibility reaches every corner of the Commonwealth. It would be
an honor to bring my range of experience and expertise to the Party and continue the outreach effort to bring civic
life and Bay Staters together.

                                   Floor Nomination – Male French Speaking


                                   Floor Nomination – Male French Speaking





                                                                        PORTUGUESE SPEAKING - MALE

State Rep. Antonio Cabral – New Bedford

I, Antonio F.D. Cabral, hereby announce my intention to run for the Portuguese-speaking male seat on the
Democratic State Committee, which will be elected at the state committee meeting on March 8 . I am fluent in
Portuguese, Capeverdean Creole, and Spanish.

Carlos Da Silva – Hingham, MA

My name is Carlos A.F. Da Silva, former Chair of Quincy Ward II Democratic Committee and a new member of
Hingham Democratic Committee and a Delegate to the State Convention. I‟m originally from Brazil and have
been an active community and political activist in Massachusetts for many years. I have attended the last four
State Conventions as a Delegate, worked as a volunteer at the 2004 National Convention, worked as a volunteer
on the campaigns of several Democratic candidates for the last 13 years, including Governor Deval Patrick
campaign. I‟m a graduate of the Commonwealth Legislative Seminar and Initiative for Diversity in Civic
Leadership, and hold a BA in Union Leadership and Administration from the National Labor College, Silver
Spring, MD.I am writing to advise you of my intentions to run for the add-on position to The Massachusetts
Democratic State Committee.

Moises M. Rodrigues – Brockton

I am writing to express a desire to serve in the State‟s Democratic Committee as its Portuguese/Capeverdean
member. I was born in Cape Verde, and at a very young age, immigrated to Angola. As a teenager and during a
vicious civil war, my family and I were forced to again follow the immigrant‟s wind; this time to the US, settling in
Brockton. I attended and graduated from the Brockton Public schools and went on to college in pursue higher
education and later served in the US Navy. I continue to live in Brockton, currently serve on various agency
boards. I hold a bachelor degree in Human services and various certificates, including drug and alcohol abuse
counseling. I am currently the Director of Community Services and Communications for the City, under Mayor
Harrington, and previously worked for 12 years as the Coordinator of Interpreter at Brockton Hospital. In 2001, I
was elected as an alternate Member of Parliament in the Capeverdean National Parliament, representing the
Capeverdeans living in the US and the Americas. In 2003 I became the first Capeverdean to seek public office in
Brockton, when I ran for Council-at-Large.

Joseph Vasconcelos – Woburn





                                          PORTUGUESE SPEAKING - FEMALE

         Floor Nomination – Female Portuguese Speaking


         Floor Nomination - Female Portuguese Speaking


         Floor Nomination - Female Portuguese Speaking


         Floor Nomination - Female Portuguese Speaking


             SENIOR - FEMALE



                                                                                         SENIOR - FEMALE

Eugenia Handler

 The State Democratic Committee has launched an exciting transformation of its structure. I believe this
bold step reflects its commitment to a party that wants to reach the thousands of us who registered
voters, staffed the phone banks, opened and closed the polling places and who believed we were making
democracy happen. Fifty-two years ago I cast my first vote for Adlai Stevenson. Wherever I have lived I
have worked to elect Democratic candidates that spoke to the issues of economic and social justice ---in
Los Angeles, Jackson County, Illinois, and in Boston for the past 30 years. We have worked for Michael
Capuano, Michael Ross, Diane Wilkerson, Andrea Cabral, Andrea Silbert, Duval Patrick, John Tobin and
many others. I chaired the Ward 19 Your Vote Your Voice Committee; we registered over 300 voters. I
want to contribute to strengthening the Democratic Party, in our towns, cities and neighborhoods.

Kathleen Walker – Female Senior

                  Please accept this as my request to run for MA State Democratic Committee - I am applying as
                  for the category of "female senior" Although I have recently been elected as a delegate by my
                  town committee, this is my first attempt at getting involved state-wide. I believe it is more
                  important than ever before to have senior representation and, as a relatively new senior (just
                  turned 65), I have more time and considerable energy to use for a good cause. The current
                  efforts of our State Democratic Committee are well deserving of my time and energy I agree
                  completely with the direction of our State Committee and hope to carry out that direction if
elected as a state committee member. I currently serve on the Board of Selectmen in my town and have worked
very hard to protect our environment and make our local government "user friendly" to all residents.

                                      Floor Nomination - Female Senior


                                     Floor Nomination - Female Senior


             SENIOR - MALE



                                                                                                   SENIOR - MALE

Don Falvey – Milton


Michael Meltsner – Boston

I am a constitutional lawyer, teacher and author whose deep present concern is restoring a semblance of sanity
and balance to the US justice system. Former First Assistant Counsel to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and
Dean of the Northeastern University School of Law, among many public service roles I was an advisor on civil
rights to Robert Kennedy's campaign for the New York Senate and have served as a consultant to the US
Department of Justice during the Carter Administration.

John Whittaker – Scituate

I would like to serve in an add-on position on the Democratic State Committee as a senior. I have been a
registered Democrat for decades. I served on the Natick School Committee, the Scituate Advisory Committee and
the Scituate Library Board of Trustees. I have strong experience with the process of getting elected to public
office at the town level. I am a member of the Democratic Town Committee. I hold an MBA from Babson College,
and a Doctorate in Adult and Higher Education from the University of Massachusetts with an emphasis on public
policy. I have served as Director of Budget and Financial planning for the Massachusetts Board of Higher
Education and the Connecticut Board of Higher Education. I have served as Vice Chancellor at The University of
Hawaii, and as a senior administrator at The University of Massachusetts, the University of New Mexico and
Roxbury Community College. I am familiar with issues of diversity, poverty and urban work force development.
The institutions where I have worked serve primarily minority urban populations with many people well below the
federal poverty standard. Providing access to higher education for non-traditional and under-prepared students
are key issues at these institutions. Diversity is welcomed and celebrated at all of these institutions. I believe that I
am a well-qualified candidate and I am certain that I would enjoy working with The Massachusetts Democratic
State Committee

                                          Floor Nomination - Male Senior






                                                                                           GENDER BALANCE

Adeline Bee – North Attleborough
The last few years have been truly educational and extremely satisfying. Massachusetts, after a too long drought,
has a democratic governor once again. On the national scene, democrats are making history. In November, we
                          will change the face of America‟s Presidency. Either a democratic woman or a
                          democratic male of mixed racial background, both products of the American melting pot,
                          will call the White House home. It is with pride I announce “I am a Democrat!” The
                          Massachusetts State Committee has been and continues to be a vital part of these
                          efforts. I have witnessed dedicated volunteerism, backbreaking work by the DSC staff,
                          and a resurgence of youth. New leaders are stepping forward and guiding our country in
                          fresh directions. It is our job to encourage everyone to become informed and actively
                          involved. State Committee members are a vital link to communities and thus, people. As
a lifelong Democrat I respectfully ask you to support my reelection to a gender-balanced seat. Together we will
elect a Democrat to the White House.

Eliza Beringhouse – Norton


Elizabeth Benotti – Pembroke

I am submitting my name in nomination for Add-on-Delegate Gender Balance (Female) for Democratic State
Committee. I am the current Vice Chair of the Pembroke Democratic Town Committee and am running for the
position again. In the recent Primary I was a first time candidate for the Plymouth and Barnstable District State
Committee Women seat. While I came in second in a three way race, I did receive 7,400 votes. I have been a
delegate and attended the last three Massachusetts Democratic State Conventions and I am a delegate for the
State Convention in 2008. I have been a working professional in the financial services industry for the past 25
years. and am currently working for the Division of Banks working on foreclosure issues. I understand the needs
of working and non-working women. I have seen the difficulty women have in becoming financially independent
and what it takes to support themselves and their families when they do not have the education and background.
I think through my professional experience I can work for women and educate them to their own possibilities. I
have a B.A. in Political Science from Moravian College and an MBA from Northeastern University.

Brenda Brathwaite – Newton

                    I am running for a gender-balance seat on the DSC on March 8, and I am writing to ask for
                    your vote. I care deeply about the Democratic Party and about electing progressive
                    candidates to office who are committed to improving the lives of all citizens. I have been a
                    gender-balance member for 4 years. I have also been a member of my local ward committee
                    for over twenty-five years and have worked on numerous political campaigns, dating back to
Father Drinan‟s first Congressional race. Professionally, I am an educator and have served as a teacher and
administrator in Newton, Westborough and Milton. For the past 15 years, I have served on the Summer Institute
faculty of the Harvard Graduate School of Education Principals‟ Center. I am currently the Regional Director of
the BELL Foundation, a non-profit that provides after school and summer learning opportunities to urban students
in Boston, New York and Baltimore. I sit on the JFK Scholarship Committee and am running for the DSC in order
to continue to work for programs, policies, and candidates that positively impact the lives of children and families.

                                                                                              GENDER BALANCE

Donna Corbett

In April 2005, two amazing Democratic women, Nancy Stolberg and Suzanne Bump, who remembered my
Kerry-Edwards campaign work, invited me to become a District Coordinator for an unknown candidate for
Governor. Over the next 19 months, I threw myself into the Deval Patrick campaign, serving on the
Finance Committee, organizing town hall meetings, and recruiting new activists. Helping to elect a
Democratic governor was an unforgettable experience. Now it’s time to elect a Democratic president and
Democratic congressional delegation. I look forward to putting my 20 years of Democratic campaign
experience to work again. As always, I hope to teach new activists that winning requires greater
participation than just holding signs. Last year, I attended my first DSC meeting with the three other Deval
Patrick coordinators. As non-members, we weren’t even sure we were allowed in the room! As a DSC
member, I would encourage all Massachusetts Democrats to feel welcome in this committee.

Lucia Fulco- Cataumet

                In 1916 an Italian Merchant Marine vessel docked in New York City. My father disembarked for
                shore leave and never re-boarded. He loved America. He voted, always supporting Democratic
                candidates. I have followed suit in my love for Democratic ideals since I registered to vote.
                Elected three times to my town committee, I am also Corresponding Secretary of the Cape and
                Islands Democratic Council Board. I was a Convention Delegate in 2006 and 2007, and elected
                again for 2008. In brief, I am Assistant Town Clerk of Barnstable, serve on the Bourne Charter
Compliance Committee, am a former Charter Commissioner, and own, an internet company.
I have spoken to many area democrats who believe, as I do, that greater communication between the state and
town committees would be beneficial. I believe I could greatly assist such an effort, which is why I‟m seeking an
appointment to the State Committee.

Candy Glazer – Longmeadow

I am a candidate for re-election to be a member of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. I am running in the
March 8, 2008 election for the position of female " add on " gender balance. I have been honored to be a
member for the last 12 years and would like to continue to represent Western Massachusetts in the DSC. I
have been the Chair of the Longmeadow Democratic Town Committee for 12 years, am active in all levels of
Democratic activities, and ask for your vote on March 8th.

Toody Healy - Westford

I'm Kathleen "Toody" Healy and I'm running for re-election to the State Committee as a gender balance candidate. For
those who know me, you know that I'm a yellow dog democrat and I give my time and energy to candidates, the party
and all things democratic, whenever I can. I'm chair of the town committee in Westford and have given my time and
expertise to numerous campaigns, recounts, training forums, signature drives. In short, I do what we all do--work to get
Dems elected at every level. I am proud to be part of the state committee and all it does and ask for your vote to
continue in that capacity

                                                                                           GENDER BALANCE

Dianne M. Heeley – North Reading

                I am running to become a Gender Balance add-on member to the DSC. I am a life long member
                of the democratic party and as such I have worked on every presidential campaign in New
                Hampshire and Massachusetts since 1984. I have worked to elect Senator Edward Kennedy,
                Congressman John Tierney and Governor Deval Patrick. I have done stand-outs, phone banking
                and canvassing in several communities around the state. I am a member of the North Reading
                Democratic Town Committee and have been elected to the Democratic State Convention several
times. I have been a union activist since I was fired from my job on the day of the Big Blizzard for organizing a
union in 1978. I have worked for unions for 30 years and am currently a Field Representative for AFT Ma. I
encourage all the members I represent to become politically active. I would appreciate your vote.

Kate Hogan – Stow

                    I am running for a seat at the table because I am dedicated to our mission of providing
                    opportunity for all. I was born and raised as a rank and file Democrat. When my father died
                    my family benefited from our party‟s safety net: monthly AFDC checks & a union pension
                    protected us and financial aide from UMASS allowed a college education. The party‟s belief
                    that we are our brother‟s keeper made me possible. So, I will die a proud Democrat working to
                    ensure that it is always possible for a kid from Lynn to make good. I serve on Stow Town
                    Committees, DTC, M&W. I Co-Chaired Maynard DTC 2000-2005; delegate to State
Convention since 2000; Town Coordinator for Warren Tolman, Pam Resor, Pat Walrath & Jamie Eldridge;
produce democratic events. I am running for State Representative in 3 Middlesex. I have an entrepreneurial
nature with 25 years of leadership and management experience.

Martina Jackson - Newton

                        Although I served on the Public Policy Committee, as Vice Chair and Co-chair, and on the
                        Executive Committee for more than twelve years, I have only been an elected State
                        Committee member for one term. I initiated the convention workshops which have
                        increased in number and scope. In 2005 I chaired the Platform Committee, and after
                        holding twenty-five local community hearings, wrote the platform. Currently, the Public
                        Policy Committee is launching health care forums and a grassroots environmental initiative
I call: The Greenest Democrats in the Bluest State. I have also been a state convention delegate for over twenty
years. Since 2002, I chaired the Newton Democratic City Committee, having served as a ward chair for many
years. In addition, I have run many successful Democratic campaigns for state representative and state senate:
worked on countless statewide campaigns; and was an early Deval Patrick Steering Committee member

Sandra Kautz – Roslindale

                    I have been a resident of MA for 31 years, and generally active in supporting democratic
                    candidates, my involvement intensified after 2000. Time spent during summer/fall of 2004 in
                    NH, engaging people in cities and rural areas, cemented my commitment to work hard for the
                    ideals of the Democratic Party and our candidates. My involvement intensified in Nov. 2005,
                    when I joined the early effort to elect Deval Patrick Governor. Organizing Suffolk & Norfolk
                    State Senate District (35), which includes the 2 largest wards in the City of Boston, was a great
                    challenge. I learned that through constant work, engaging voters, neighbors and our local
                    elected officials in building cooperative efforts, we could accomplish much. It was a pleasure to
work so hard for a candidate whose platform of goodwill brought together so many. I hope for the opportunity to
serve our party in the State Committee, to further these ideals and bring others into our good fold.

                                                                                          GENDER BALANCE

Nicole LaChapelle – Easthampton

                       At the 2007 State Convention as an Easthampton delegate, I heard many voices but
                       recognized my voice was heard as well. More importantly, voices, mine included, were
                       linking with groups springing into action – for campaigns, the environment, legislative
                       reform. Bringing the energy of the convention back to Easthampton, as the Secretary of the
                       local Committee, we increased our local presence with a very successful Democrat of Year
                       breakfast and a newly registered Democrats mailing about the caucus process and local
committee. My candidacy for State Committee comes from my experience as a school administrator, community
volunteer, vice-chair of Easthampton zoning board connecting to key Democratic platforms in education, social
services and zoning reform. I will bring an active Western Massachusetts perspective to these platforms while
espousing them to my communities. Massachusetts Democrats are actualizing their slogan, “ideas in action”, my
campaign is proof. Thank you for your consideration.

Lauren Leeman - Somerville

I am writing to announce my intention to run for a Democratic State Committee gender add-on seat. I have
volunteered for the Massachusetts Democratic State Party during the 2006 state convention and during the
Victory 06 campaign. Currently, I am a member of the Somerville Democratic Committee and will be a delegate at
the state convention for the third time this June. I have helped on the following campaigns:Joe Curtatone - Mayor
Somerville 1999- 2007, Denise Provost- Alderman at Large Somerville - 1999 ,Mark Niedergang - Ward 5 School
                                                        nd                                                      th
Committee Member Somerville 2005, Joe Mackey - 2 Middlesex State Senator 2004, Elizabeth Maroney - 27
Middlesex State Representative 2004-2005, Sean O‟Donovan Ward 5 Alderman Somerville 2005 & 2007, Deval
Patrick - Governor 2006, Jack Connolly - Alderman at Large,Somerville 2007, Hillary Clinton - President 2007

Laurie Leyshon - Cambridge
          While I have never felt the need to be a political candidate, I have always been deeply committed to
          being a public servant. I would like to be a member of the State Committee because I believe that it
          would enable me to be both a more effective public servant, and a better advocate for the Democratic
          Party. As a Committee member, I would continue to work passionately for the important issues that we
          all support. There is nothing that I want more than to see positive change become a reality for our
          Commonwealth and our Nation. I am the daughter of a West Point graduate and pilot. My father was
killed during the Korean War at the age of 26 when I was 11 months old and as a result I am a Gold Star
Daughter for Peace. I have always felt a very intense obligation to do everything I possibly can to make sure that
this country becomes a place that is worthy of the sacrifice he made. I believe that if we all work together, we can
create an America that will shine a Beacon of Hope around the World. I want to work to create an America that is
not only a Nation of Justice, Equality, and Peace for every citizen, but also a Nation that is committed to Healing
the Earth and all her People who have been so terribly harmed by our past and current transgressions. I want to
help create an America that we can all be proud of.

Patricia Marcus – Greenfield

I am announcing my intention to run for a Gender Balance seat on the Democratic State Committee at the
election to be held at the March 8, 2008 DSC meeting.


                                                                                         GENDER BALANCE

Stephanie Mercandetti - Framingham

As a resident in the town of Framingham, I have been active in politics and government both professionally and
personally. I have worked on many campaigns at the local and state level to elect democratic candidates to office.
And through my professional and personal experiences, I have gained extensive knowledge of local, regional and
state governmental processes, functions, authorities, responsibilities and issues. I am very excited about the work
and activities being undertaken by the Massachusetts State Party and am interested in becoming more involved
at the state level. Enclosed is my statement. I believe that my qualifications, along with my enthusiasm and
energy, would make me an excellent candidate for this seat on the State Committee. Thank you for your

Karen O’Donnell – Waltham

I am proud to seek this position as an active member of the DSC, and 25year member of Local 103 IBEW. My
other volunteer activities include; National Executive Board of CLUW, The Coalition of Labor Union Women;
Board of Trustees TNT, Trades Women Now and Tomorrow; District Director, GFWC, General Federation of
Women‟s Clubs of Massachusetts; Vice Chair, Volunteers and Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands and of
course The Waltham Democratic City Committee and Third Middlesex Democrats. I started on the DSC from the
Middlesex and Suffolk Senate District after serving in The Great and General Court, representing Newton and

Mary Oroszko - Worcester

I would like to be on the Democratic State Committee to use my experience on a broader scope to help elect
Democratic candidates and bring forth the message of the Democratic Party both to my city and across the state.
I have been active in Democratic Party Politics since I first walked into the campaign headquarters of Senator
George McGovern in 1972. I was the District Outreach Coordinator for Senator John Houston. I was the Chief of
Staff for Mayor Timothy Murray and currently am Lt. Governor Murray's Executive Assistant and Scheduler. I am
a member of the Worcester Democratic City Committee, former Chair Ward 8 and current Secretary of Ward 6. I
was a delegate to the National Convention in Boston. I was awarded the JFK Female Democratic of the Year
Award. I am a proud Democrat and would like the opportunity to serve on the Democratic State Committee.

Lois Pines – Newton

I humbly seek your vote for re-election to a Gender seat on the Massachusetts State Committee. As one of 8
women of 240 members of the House of Representatives in 1972, a Senator, and an activist since, I fought to
guarantee women the right to choose, equal access, and I played a key role in the passage of the Massachusetts
Equal Rights Amendment. 35 years after Roe v. Wade our reproductive freedom faces serious jeopardy with the
selection of anti-choice judges to the Supreme Court. The strides we have made to open all opportunities to
women have fallen short. The election of Hillary Clinton as President would have the most profound impact in
opening every leadership position to women in every sector in our country. There is nothing more important that
we can do to eliminate continuing barriers for our daughters and granddaughters and bring peace in our world

                                                                                          GENDER BALANCE

Ann Roosevelt- Cambridge

                       I am running for a gender-balance seat on the DSC on March 8, and I ask for your vote. I
                       care passionately about our party and about electing progressive and environmental
                       candidates to office. I have been a gender-balance member for 8 years. I have worked on
                       the DNC Platform Committee, the Kerry for President campaign in Ohio, numerous local
                       and state campaigns, and as staff for Senator Kennedy in DC. I am the former Treasurer
                       of the Cambridge City Committee and a member of our Ward Committee. I am co-chair of
your new Environment/Energy Committee because I care so much about environmental protection and global
warming. Currently I am on the board of the Environmental League of MA, and I am a founding member of the
Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters. I ask for your vote, so I can continue working on the
environment for you.
Helen Sharron- Worthington

I, Helen Sharron, wish to be considered as an Add On delegate to the Democratic State Committee as a Gender
Balance candidate. I reside in Worthington, Massachusetts which is a town in the Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin
District. I have been the Democratic Chair for the Town of Worthington for the past two years. My husband and I
own and run an international award winning recruiting company, TalentFusion, based in Pittsfield. Approximately
two years ago I entered into the political arena full force. I ran for the State Senate seat for the Berkshire,
Hampshire, Franklin district, a seat that was ultimately won by Ben Downing of Pittsfield. While I have held office
and continue to do so in my small town, running for a state office gave me more insights into the driving spirit of
the democratic party than I ever had before. I campaigned hard, went door to door, and learned first hand that
the people in this state are looking for new leadership, hope, economic justice, and a place to raise their families
in peace. I would be honored to be chosen to represent the people in this state in the Democratic party where I
bring my political and business experience to the table on behalf of this party.

Cynthia Sullivan – Boxford

                               I was born in Fall River into a happy but low-income family, and raised in Somerset;
                               my father, who died when I was 13, grew up in Fall River, my mother in Holyoke.
                               With scholarships, I graduated from Wellesley, working internships for the Caucus
                               of Women Legislators, and my Representative, Joan Menard. I was the Wellesley
                               coordinator for Kennedy for President. I served as local coordinator for the
                               McCarthy for Congress campaign, and worked in campaigns for Barney Frank,
                               Tom O‟Neill, Michael Dukakis and John Tierney. Married with one daughter, a 19-
                               year old Mt. Holyoke first-year, I am a self-employed lawyer in Danvers. I live in
Republican-dominated Boxford, where I have just been elected to the town Democratic Committee. I have lived in
Somerset, Wellesley, Natick, Beverly and Boxford, and have represented Somerset and Beverly at state
conventions. I would be privileged to join the State Committee in any capacity

Lynn Valcourt – Hudson

             Lynn has been elected to the Hudson School Committee since 2003. She‟s a member of NAGE and
             was a Presidential Management Intern from 1995-97. She‟s a longtime active member of the
             Democratic Party, participating in the local town committees wherever she‟s lived. She was a
             member of the Arlington Young Dems, while living in the DC area, as well as a n associate member
             of both the Lawrence and Framingham Town Committees. Lynn is currently a member of the
             Hudson Democratic Town Committee and founding member of the Middlesex/Worcester Democrats,
a regional grassroots organization committed to promoting Democratic values and candidates.

                            GENDER BALANCE

         Floor Nomination



         Floor Nomination


         Floor Nomination



         Floor Nomination




Dear Members of the Massachusetts Democatic State Committee:

My name is Eric Turner and I am running for reelection as Treasurer of the Massachusetts Democratic
Party. I would very much appreciate your vote. Currently, I also serve as Chair of the party‟s Finance

The primary role of the Treasurer is to provide oversight of and leadership relating to the financial
operations of the state party. In addition, the Treasurer is tasked with making sure that the party is
financially solvent and on strong financial footing. Identifying and planning to meet future fiscal
challenges are other significant responsibilities of any organization‟s Treasurer.

Both my professional career and experience as a volunteer have prepared me well for this position.
After receiving a degree in Economics from Harvard, I began my career as a salesman for I. B. M. in
the Boston area and later worked as a financial analyst in one of the company‟s many division
headquarters. After leaving I. B. M. to receive an M. B. A., I joined the Wall Street firm of Drexel
Burnham Lambert as an investment banker specializing in public finance, rising to the level of Vice
President. Seven years later, I was appointed Deputy Treasurer for the Commonwealth with
responsibility for debt financings and related activities. In one year, I was named Executive Director of
the State Lottery. I left state service four years later to become a Senior Vice President of State Street
Bank in 1996. In 2003, I left State Street seeking to be owner-operator of my own business. Since this
time, I have worked as an independent management consultant concentrating on assignments in
general management.

In addition to my professional life, I have served a number of not-for-profit organizations in many
positions. I was a Trustee of Catholic Charities of Greater Boston for almost eight years and served as
a member of its Finance Committee and as co-Chair of its Development Committee. I am Chair of the
Board of Lasell College in Newton where I have served as Treasurer and Chair of the Finance
Committee for six years and as a Trustee / Overseer for twelve years. Also, I was Treasurer of the
African-American Alumni Association of the Harvard Business School for six years. Other boards of
which I am or was a member, include the Harvard Business School Alumni Association, the
Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling, Scientific Games Corporation, the
N. A. A. C. P. and the National Association of Securities Professionals.

I am married to Wanda Whitmore a writer-producer who co-owns a video and film production company.
We have four children who are nineteen, seventeen, eleven and nine. We reside in Newton.

I believe I am well qualified to be Treasurer. I am very excited about the prospect of continuing to work
together with you. I ask for your support.

If you have any questions about me, my background and experience or any other related matters,
please contact me at or 617-212-5408. Thank you.


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