Anticipation Guide Fiction by pengxuebo


									Anticipation Guide: Fiction
Title: The Last Doll
Author: Diane Gonzales Bertrand

Fill in the before blanks with Y for yes, N for no, or M for maybe. Read the story
and fill in the after blanks with the correct answers.

1. The story takes place in the present.     Before _____ After_____

2. The main character is a doll.             Before _____ After_____
   (main character)

3. Will there be dialogue?                   Before _____ After_____

5. There will be a birthday celebration.     Before _____ After_____

6. The doll will be happy.                   Before _____ After_____
   (character trait)

7. The word quinceanera” will be in the      Before _____ After_____
   story. (language)

8. The doll is important.                    Before _____ After_____
   (thematic motif)

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