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Some people relax by lounging in a hot


									   January/February 2000
                                                                                                                6                                                                                 Circuit

            ome people relax by lounging in a hot           everyone equal,” Mahar says. That’s what she
             tub or listening to soft music while           enjoys most. “It’s hard to be unhappy when
             sitting in front of a fire. Dulcy Mahar,       talking about gardening,” she says.                                                                 Mike Deason is
            manager of BPA communications, relaxes             Another BPA employee who makes time to teach
by teaching a gardening class at Portland Commu-            is Tony White of the Power Business Line. White                                                     a hot stick trainer

nity College. Mahar says, “Having something                 says he teaches because he loves “to see a light go
completely divorced from work is mentally relax-            on” when students understand a difficult concept.
ing. It’s a mental vacation.”                               And White’s subject itself is one that many may
   Mahar loves her BPA job and works long hours.            find difficult. He teaches basic statistics and                                                                    ike Deason has an uncommon job.
She makes time                                                              “technological innovation” to                                                   He’s one of only a handful of BPA people certified
to teach because,                                                           graduate students in public adminis-                                            as live line hot stick trainers. And he’s so good at
she says, “It’s fun                 After hours                             tration at Portland State University.                                           what he does that other utilities ask BPA to let
to turn people on                                                              When White arrived at BPA in                                                 Deason train their workers on high voltage lines.
to something you                 classes suit these                         1989, he already had a lot of teach-                                               Hot sticks are so named because workers use
love.” She says                                                             ing experience. He had taught at the                                            them to perform critical service on energized, or
she enjoys being                     folks fine                             University of Delaware, Mt. Hood                                                “hot,” power lines. Although they look like long
a mentor and                                                                Community College, Marylhurst                                                   sticks, they’re really tools. The tools are made with
loves to see the                                                             University, Lewis & Clark College                                              long rods of insulated fiberglass. Linemen use
spark in people when they realize                                             and Portland State University.                                                them like extended robot arms to work around the
they can do something they                                                       Since 1995, White has been                                                 hot lines. So a utility
didn’t know they could do.                                                  secretary to the U. S. Entity that                                              doesn’t have to shut off
   Mahar sees a correlation                                              implements the Columbia River Treaty                                               electricity to an area to
between teaching and managing.                                                 with Canada. He works with BPA                                               replace insulators or
Both jobs are about “growing                                                   Administrator Judi Johansen and                                              make other repairs.
people,” she says. She believes both                                          General Carl Stock, division                                                     Before he came to BPA
roles involve helping others develop                                      engineer of the U.S. Army Corps of                                                in 1998 as a lineman,
ideas. She sees herself as a sounding                                    Engineers.                                                                         Deason worked for hot
board and a catalyst. She says,                                              White says one of the things he                                                stick companies, includ- Mike Deason
“Sometimes a staff person will have                                      enjoys most about teaching is “taking a                                            ing A.B. Chance of
a great idea and just needs someone to          Dulcy Mahar likes to      concept you know students are                                                     Missouri. For 11 years, he traveled throughout the
say ‘Try it!’”                                  teach gardening.          nervous about and making them want                                                western states. He demonstrated equipment and
   In her gardening class, Mahar finds                                    to go out and learn about it.” He says                                            taught hot stick training. He is well known by
that most people have the right instincts but lack          he assumes every student starts out with an “A” on                                              Northwest power companies.
confidence. They just need someone to say “do it.”          the first night. After that, he says, “It’s in the                                                 So when he came to BPA two years ago, Deason
So she tries to create an atmosphere, in both man-          students’ control if they keep that A.”                                                         brought his hot stick expertise and reputation with
aging and teaching, in which people feel comfort-              Both Mahar and White say a teacher needs to be                                               him. Since then, he has been BPA’s high voltage
able to grow and learn and challenge themselves.            flexible and willing to make changes to meet a                                                  hot stick trainer in the Snohomish region. He
   Mahar has developed a reputation as a garden-            student’s need. They agree that to be a good                                                    trains BPA linemen and people from other utilities
ing expert in the Northwest. She gives gardening            teacher, you must know your subject. And Mahar                                                  through the joint BPA/Snohomish County PUD
talks, writes a weekly garden column for The                says a sense of humor also helps.                                                               worker exchange program.
Oregonian and travels abroad to get inspiration and            When he’s not traveling to Canada for BPA this                                                  Snohomish recently recognized Deason for his
knowledge from gardens all over the world.                  winter, Tony White will be teaching evening                                                     “outstanding instruction.” Deason led a two-week
   Mahar says she enjoys the democracy of garden-           graduate classes at Portland State. And come this                                               hot stick program at the PUD’s center in Everett,
ing. People from all walks of life find pleasure in         spring, you can take an evening gardening class                                                 Wash. (See the front page article on BPA’s exchange
gardening, she says. When she rides the elevator at         that Mahar will teach at Portland Community                                                     training).
Portland headquarters and someone asks her a                College. Her program will include a tour of several                                                Working around hot power lines can be risky
gardening question, Mahar says all the people in            Portland gardens.                                                                               business. But a lineman trained by Mike Deason
the elevator get involved in the conversation.                                                                                                              will have the know-how to do the job well and
   It doesn’t matter what their position or grade is,       Nicia Balla is editor of BPA This Week and the                                                  safely.
she says. “Gardening crosses all lines and makes            BPA Journal

January                                                  Valerie A. Lefler, Financial Analyst, Financial
                                                         Analysis & Requirements, Portland
                                                                                                                    30 years                                                William C. Latimer, Electrician Foreman II,
                                                                                                                                                                            Transmission Field Services, Celilo
                                                                                                                    Robert W Beraud, Environmental Analysis Manager     ,
anniversaries                                            Connie M. Howard, Public Utilities Specialist,
                                                         Generation Supply Portland
                                                                                                                    Environment Fish & Wildlife, Portland
                                                                                                                                                                            Francis T Vukelich, Electrician, Substation
                                                                                                                                                                            Maintenance, Celilo
                                                                                                                    Veronica L. Williams, Senior Policy Advisor, Human
                                                         Russell C. May Electrician Foreman I, Central                                                                      Henry Fuller Jr., Materials Handler, Material
                                                                                                                    Resources, Diversity & EEO, Portland
35 years                                                 Electrical Services, Vancouver
                                                                                                                    Charles W Marsh, Chief Substation Operator III,
                                                                                                                                                                            Handling & T ransportation, Vancouver
Philip A. Livesley, Public Utilities Specialist, Power   Joseph T. Renner, Electronics Engineer, Transmis-                                                                  Victoria M. Pederson, Public Utilities Specialist,
                                                                                                                    Transmission Field Services, Burley
Billing                                                  sion Field Services, The Dalles                                                                                    Transmission Supply, Vancouver
                                                                                                                    Lindsay D. Bruce, Electrician, Substation
                                                         Correne A. Surface, Public Utilities Specialist,                                                                   Mark T. McLean, Computer Specialist, Control
                                                                                                                    Maintenance, Covington
                                                         Transmission Supply, Vancouver                                                                                     Center Software Design, Vancouver
30 years                                                 Timothy D. Laughlin, Electrical Engineer, Control
                                                                                                                    Lawrence V. Slate, Senior Substation Operator,
Larry D. Mann, IS Projects Coordinator, Seattle                                                                     Transmission Field Services, Colfax
Sylvia M. Wynandts, Program Analyst, Accounting
                                                         and Protection, Portland
                                                         Donald L. Ruff, Structural Engineer, Transmission
                                                                                                                    Jennifer W Gronvold, Realty Specialist, Real Estate     10 years
Operations, Portland                                                                                                Field Services, Portland                                Elaine S. Stratton, Environmental Specialist,
                                                         Lines, Portland
Thomas D. Huffman, Electrician Foreman III,                                                                                                                                 Pollution Prevention & Abatement, Vancouver
Central Electrical Services, Vancouver
                                                         10 years                                                   25 years                                                Betty J. Olsgaard, Public Utilities Specialist, Energy
                                                                                                                                                                            Efficiency Customer Services, Seattle
Archie Washington,Electrician, Substation                                                                           Cheryl A. Larson, Power Business Line Executive
Maintenance, Vancouver                                   Rebecca A. Dinsmore, Public Utilities Specialist,                                                                  Deborah A. Becker, Public Utilities Specialist, Bulk
                                                                                                                    Assistant, Portland
William P Winkoski, Electrician, Substation              Generation Scheduling, Portland                                                                                    Power Marketing, Portland
                                                                                                                    John M. White, Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic,
Maintenance, Bellingham                                  Michael G. Hoffman,Market Lead – International,
                                                                                                                    Transmission Field Services, Chemawa
Robert C. Dewald, Substation Operator, Transmis-         Transmission Business Line, Portland
sion Field Services– Kalispell                           Diane Cherry, Public Utilities Specialist, Power
                                                                                                                    Kurt V. Dobin, System Protection Control Crafts-
                                                                                                                    man II, Transmission Field Services, Franklin
                                                         Products, Pricing and Rates, Portland
Larry R. Jones, Outage System Dispatcher, Munro
Dispatch, Mead                                           Norman C. Berry, Power System Control
                                                                                                                    Gerald F Stangel, Power System Control Crafts-
                                                                                                                    man II, T
                                                                                                                             ransmission Field Services, Redmond
                                                                                                                                                                            & Retirement
Marsha L. Dejesus, Realty Specialist, Real Property      Craftsman, Snohomish                                                                                               Charles K. (Rick) Gadd,Manager of Media Services,
                                                                                                                    Guy A. Gansereit, Electrician, Substation
Services, Portland                                       William D. Spalding, Electrician, Substation                                                                       had 35 years of service in November and retired
                                                                                                                    Maintenance, Schultz
                                                         Maintenance, The Dalles                                                                                            Nov. 26.
                                                                                                                    Douglas J. Lamb, Electrical Engineer, Transmission
                                                         Eric Crider, Electronics Engineer, Bell Substation,
25 years                                                 Bellingham
                                                                                                                    Lines, Portland
John P. Piccininni, Fish and Wildlife Team
Coordinator, Environment Fish & Wildlife, Portland
                                                         William J. Ramonas, Commodity Manager,
                                                                                                                    Sheryl L. Emerson, Computer Specialist, Control
                                                                                                                    Center Software Design, Vancouver
                                                         Materials Management, Vancouver                                                                                    Roy B. Moad, Senior System Dispatcher, Munro
Andrew J. Rapacz, Supervisory Public Utilities           Michael J. Baca, Electrical Engineer, Test &                                                                       Dispatch, retired Dec. 1 with 32 years service.
Specialist, Contract Generating Resources, Richland      Energization, Vancouver                                    20 years                                                Raymond L. Classen, EER, PBL, Energy Efficiency     ,
Michael J. Gruber, Computer Specialist, Power            Kevin M. Smith,System Dispatcher, Munro Dispatch,          Kurt E. Olds, Computer Specialist, Information          retired Dec. 20 with 14 years service
Billing, Portland                                        Mead                                                       Technology Integration, Portland                        W ayne A. Larson, Technical Service Supervisor,
Joanne P. Sutton,Office Manager, Construction &                                                                             .
                                                                                                                    David P Barringer, Budget Analyst, Financial            Operations Services, retired Dec. 27 with 31 years
Maintenance, Vancouver                                                                                              Forecasting & Budget, Portland                          service.
Ronald J. Rhode, Electrician Foreman III, Central
Electrical Services, Vancouver
                                                         February                                                                                    ,
                                                                                                                    Sylvia L. Jensen-Fewel, Attorney Portland                                                     ,
                                                                                                                                                                            Foster E. Johns, Substation Operator Transmission
                                                                                                                    Roy B. Fox, Manager, Federal Hydro Projects,
Suzanne H. Sivyer, Architect, Facility Development,      anniversaries                                              Generation Supply Portland
                                                                                                                                                                            Field Services, retired Dec. 31 with 29 years service.
                                                                                                                                                                            S.J. Pongracz-Bartha, Electrical Engineer,
Portland                                                                                                                      .
                                                                                                                    Philip W Thor, Public Utilities Specialist, Federal     Generation Supply, retired Dec. 31 with 39 years
Gary L. Mentze, Data Systems Craftsman II, Control
Center Hardware Maintenance, Vancouver                   35 years                                                   Hydro Projects, Portland
                                                                                                                    Rodney A. Aho, Customer Account Executive,
                                                         Dwight M. Raikoglo, Supervisory General Engineer,                                                                  Shirley J. Staggs, Executive Correspondence
                                                                                                                    Eastern Power Business Area, Idaho Falls                Coordinator, Executive Office, retired Dec. 31 with
                                                         Construction & Maintenance Services, Vancouver
20 years                                                 Freddie M. Viray, Carpenter, General Craft Services,
                                                                                                                    Ronald T White, Facilities Maintenance Worker,          20 years service.
Lester L. Davidson, Computer Specialist, Application                                                                Transmission Field Services, Franklin                   Melvin L. Barness, Chief, Substation Operator III,
Services, Portland                                                                                                  Nancy L. Jacobsen,Substation Operator, Transmis-        Transmission Field Services, retired Dec. 31 with 33
                                                         Carson W Taylor, Electrical Engineer, Network
Nancy H. Weintraub, Environmental Specialist,                                                                       sion Field Services, Celilo                             years service.
                                                         Planning, Vancouver
Environmental Analysis, Portland

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