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           Real Estate
     Accumulation Program
                               Personal Note
   Thanks for participating in what will soon            That is when I decided to found Portland
    become the United States and the worlds,               Financial Services, LLC. Our goal here is to
    largest pool of buyers and sellers of                  educate buyers and sellers of real-estate
    property and associated services.                      and present them with information and
   Portland Financial Services, LLC was                   services tailored to individual needs. Unlike
    started by me, J. Parkes, after a disastrous           most seminars, workshops and groups, we
    ending to my first company. After loosing a            have a very hands-on approach to mentorship
    partner to a tragic car accident and having to         and hold the hands of our clients and members
    manage far more property than anticipated, I           as we walk them to success.
    found myself stressed and unhappy due to my           You will have the opportunity to network
    lack of personal time. I awoke to work related         with others, just like you.
    calls by 6 a.m. and went to bed commonly after            Others that have faced the same
    2 a.m. falling asleep on the phone or computer               disappointments
    working on property issues. I found myself in a           Others like you who have found
    very peculiar situation. I could not stop buying             successful ways of turning those
    property even if I wanted to. I was                          disappointments around into success
    overwhelmed with management expenses due                     stories
    to inefficient methods of handling situations,
    inexperienced and under qualified local labor,            Others who are still in the transition
    and a lack of knowledge of other property             I am definitely happier now-a-days, due to
    owners with similar dilemmas to network with.          my new extended family of friends and
    Most of the brokers, attorneys, and other              business partners and mostly due to the ease of
    professionals that I did business with, only           doing business that I enjoy after going through
    cared that I kept bringing them business and           my restructuring. I look forward to sharing
    not with my ever increasing balloon that would         stories, suggestions, and the system that has
    soon have to pop. I later began to find that           made us all wealthier and happier!
    there were more people like myself around
    than I was lead to believe.
                                                     Expectations of Members
   Our goal at REAP is to provide, maintain             To be open and sharing of their experiences
    and grow pools of:                                    whether good or bad
      Buyers                                            To help identify market differences within
      Sellers                                            their geographic areas
      Services                                          To use and provide services to and through
                                                          the group
   We do this through:                                  To participate and offer constructive
      Our PAID member referral system                    criticism on topics offered for discussion by
      Specialized computer software, hardware,           the group
         network & website                               To educate others outside the group to the
      Mentorship with our Success Coaches                benefits of group membership
      Member Networking
                                                         To refer your circles of influence to the
      Referral of services and products
                                                         Expectations of the Group and its Success
      Workshops                                          Coaches
      Seminars                                          To educate about and provide potential
      Guest lecturers                                    buyers for your properties
      Newsletters and E-mails                           To educate about and provide you with
                                                          potential properties to purchase
                                                         To refer you to real estate related
                                                          professionals, rental, property management,
                                                          construction and handyman services
                                                         To educate and provide you with financing
                                                          for your real-estate dealings
                                                         To educate and provide you with financial
                                                          investment assistance
                  The PAID
           membership referral system
   You bringing 2 new non-members with
    you to your scheduled initial tele-
    seminar                                                         You
                                                      Member 1 retained split $447.50
   Initial Tele-Seminars are held no less            Member 2 retained split $447.50
    than once per month                                         Total $895
   There is a no-cost at this time for each           Your Yearly Memborship $895
    non-member to attend an initial tele-            Your out-of-pocket expense $0.00
   Initial seminar attendees will be asked
    to provide additional referrals and
    introduce the Success Coach to their
    circles of influence
   A $895 annual membership fee will be
    collected from all new members and            New Member               New Member
    divided 50/50 with the member who               Fee $895                 Fee $895
    referred the individual.                          Split –                  Split –
   New members will be coached on             Co. retains $447.50      Co. retains $447.50
                                               You receive $447.50      You receive $447.50
    recruiting potential members.
        Specialized computer software,
         hardware, network & website:
   We have mastered the use of specialized software        Website
    and computer tools that allow us to efficiently              To view buying pools
    share and utilize information between members                To view rental pools
    and professionals. This helps to increase the
    efficiency of members work environments and the              To view available properties
    professionals that they do business with.                    To place available property
   Software                                                     To apply for financing
          Maintain and track sales opportunities                To find investment opportunities
          Maintain and organize prospects and clients           Online discussions and help
          Share property information                       Back office services for enhanced mobility
          Increase mobility                                Document preparation services
          Enhanced user friendly environments              Online service referral network including links to
          Technical help and training                       appraisers, attorneys, title companies and others
   Hardware
          Laptops
          Hand Held Devices
          Digital Photo equipment
          Wireless & Mobile Networking Solutions
Mentorship with our Success Coaches
   We strive to easily duplicate and disseminate the information and methods of
    our success. We have trained someone in your up-line to help you do the
    same. We have entrusted them with your success. Your up-line will provide
    you with the opportunity to acquire the tools and information you need to
    affectively purchase, sell, maintain and finance your real estate transactions.
   You will be invited to attend workshops designed to step-by-step walk you
    through using all the tools and available services. We’ve titled this “Micro
    Education”. We found after questioning many customers of other groups and
    programs, that after receiving an exhausting amount of information, they still
    experience great difficulty putting all this information to use and successful
    practice. Basically, they have spent a lot of money and have made none or
    little money from it.
   We are here to walk you through all of the minute details of purchasing,
    selling, financing, and management of your property and business.
           Member Networking
   Our on-line community and frequently
    scheduled workshops provide members a 24
    hour forum to discuss and share ideas,
    difficulties, solutions, and other experiences.
    Referral of Services & Products
   Our network is there to help you with re-hab,
    financing, insurance, investments, rental applicants, and
    just about every aspect of a real-estate transaction.
   Our members boast a great amount of talents and
    professions, as well as our parent company, Portland
    Financial Services, LLC, whose wealthy referral
    network is cable of providing you with attorneys,
    agents, appraisers, contractors, handy-men, electricians,
    plumbers, realtors, and much more.
   Many of these service providers also provide our
    members with referral fees.
      Workshops, Seminars & Guest
   REAP hosts and promotes a multitude of workshops,
    introducing and networking you to your peer members
    and other professionals in the industry. Here you can
    gather first hand experiences through people that have
    done what you’re looking to do. Share in their ups as
    well as there downs. Learn all of the pitfalls to avoid.
   Please come and join us listening to topics of interest
    presented by members and outside professionals.
    Many of these seminars provide educational
    material for you also.
        Newsletters and E-mails
   We will provide you with newsletters and emails
    on a consistent and timely basis, outlining the
    scope of the group, new services and products,
    member columns, forums polls and other items
    of member interest.
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