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                   147 SOUTH MAIN, WARRENTON, OREGON 97146
                       REGULAR MEETING OF February 4, 2010

The regular meeting of the Northwest Oregon Housing Authority (NOHA) was held on February
4, 2010 at the NOHA office, 147 S. Main Ave., Warrenton, OR 97146 at 10:00 a.m.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Patricia Roberts. Roll call was taken and the
following were present: Commissioner Kevin Greenwood, Commissioner Janet Miltenberger,
Commissioner Casey Mitchell, Commissioner Rita Bernhard, Commissioner Charlotte Langsev,
Commissioner Charles Hurliman, Commissioner Yvonne Byrd, Commissioner Leila Salmon and
Commissioner Nina Reed.

Also, present were NOHA Executive Director Carol Snell, NOHA Section 8 Supervisor John
Johnson, NOHA Property Manager Julie Maple, NOHA Accountant Walter Beck, NOHA Staff
Secretary Echo Klein, and NOHA Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Coordinator Helen McClaine.

Commissioner Gene Sumrall was absent and excused. Chairman Patricia Roberts declared a
quorum was present.

Guests present were: Ellen Johnson of Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO), Ward White,
Mary Paige Rose and Catherine Willard to present a proposal on the Uniontown Apts., and
Deeda Schroeder of The Daily Astorian.


Chairman Patricia Roberts asked if there were any additions or corrections to the January 7, 2010
board meeting minutes. Commissioner Kevin Greenwood made a motion to accept as presented.
Commissioner Rita Bernhard seconded the motion. Chairman Patricia Roberts declared the
motion was carried.


Chairman of the Financial Committee, Commissioner Kevin Greenwood, presented the Cash
Reserve Report. $20,799.52 was transferred from the unrestricted Tenant Based Assistance
(TBA) account to the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) account to make the first payment to
repay the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for HAP overage. In the
Transition Account there is $489,174.70 remaining of the Extra Ordinary Admin Fees received
from HUD in August 2009 and HAP funds to be used for payment standard increase in the
amount of $636,968.00. The Housing Authority (HA) has used $110,581.00 of unrestricted
reserve funds to cover HAP payments in July 2009 and $305,825.30 of the extra-ordinary admin
fees to cover HAP payments and staff training for August 2009 through January 2010.
Commissioner Charles Hurliman made a motion to accept the financials as presented.
Commissioner Rita Bernhard seconded the motion. Chairman Patricia Roberts declared the
motion was carried.

Commissioner Kevin Greenwood announced the Financial Committee requested the accounting
department to generate a Variance Report which previously had been presented to the board.
Also the Financial Committee would like a Net Income by Project Report be compiled which
explains expenditures and income in more detail. It is felt by the addition of these two reports the
Financial Committee can get a better handle of the overall finances of the housing authority.

NOHA Executive Director Carol Snell reported to the board that during the time NOHA
administered the Tenant Based Assistance (TBA) program the State of Oregon informed NOHA
that it had no match funds for the TBA program. NOHA asked the three county Community
Action Agencies what they wanted to do since they provided the matching funds for the state
money. The Community Action Agencies did not want to make changes to the portion of rents
being paid for the people on the TBA program, so NOHA continued to pay out those funds.
When the time came for NOHA to discontinue the TBA program, the three Community Action
Agencies owed money to the housing authority. It amounted to approximately $1,100.00.
Administrative Assistant Teresa Sims suggested to the Financial Committee that NOHA write
off those funds since they have already been paid out and given the financial situation of all the
agencies at this time. Commissioner Rita Bernhard made a motion that NOHA write off the debts
owed by the three Community Action Agencies in regards to the disbursed TBA money.
Commissioner Charlotte Langsev seconded the motion. Chairman Patricia Roberts declared the
motion was carried.

Executive Director Snell reported to the board on the absence of Commissioner Gene Sumrall.
Commissioner Sumrall had a pacemaker inserted to aid his heart. He is recovering nicely and
Executive Director Snell said she would keep the board advised of his progress.

Guest Ward White was introduced to the board by Executive Director Carol Snell. Mr. White is
interested in doing a Lease Option to Purchase on Uniontown Apartments located in the historic
Uniontown area of Astoria. Mr. White owns properties in the area and is a licensed real estate
agent in Oregon. He understands the complexities of dealing with historic buildings. He believes
Uniontown is a great building and has a lot of potential. Mr. White wants to implement a
program of housing for low income residents, and transitional housing for people who want to
turn their lives around. He stated there are many possibilities for use of the building. He
presented to the board an outline of the Lease Option to Purchase. Mr. White would like to lease
the property for four years and then enter into a lease purchase agreement for another four years.
At the end of that time he would seek outside financing to purchase the building out-right.

The consensus of the board concerning the leasing of Uniontown Apts. was there are many
factors to be looked into before completing any agreement. NOHA Board Chairman Patricia
Roberts assigned the ground work for pursuing this proposal to the Planning Committee. Among
the things they will need to do will be to review the proposal presented; look into any restrictions
there may be on the use of the property; review the last appraisal on the property and have a legal
review conducted.

Executive Director Carol Snell introduced to the board the Section 8 Caseworkers. Tracey
(Teresa) Geisler has been with NOHA for three years. Janna Smith and Melissa Coberly have
been with NOHA since last Fall. Executive Director Snell wanted to acknowledge they have all
been working very hard through these difficult times.


Executive Director Carol Snell presented to the board a Utility Expense Report compiled by
Accounts Payable Clerk Mary Jones for February 2010. There were 82 families that NOHA pays
utilities allowances to and for February 2010 that amounted to $3,437.00.

Executive Director Snell also reported on information supplied by Administrative Assistant
Teresa Sims concerning families that have ported out of NOHA’s jurisdiction. There are
currently 25 families that have ported out to other housing authorities but NOHA continues to
make rental payments for them because they have not been absorbed. There is $16,697 HAP
dollars a month paid to those housing authorities plus $1,062 dollars in Admin fees also paid to
them a month.

The Unit Months Lease Report for Calendar Year (CY) 2009 and 2010 were presented to the
board by Executive Director Carol Snell. The 2009 Unit Months Lease Report is the final report
for that year. Actual Unit Months Available for CY 2009 was 12,924 but Actual Unit Months
Leased for CY 2009 was 13,114; therefore, NOHA over leased 190 unit months for CY 2009.
For CY 2010 January and February have been completed and there were 994 Actual Unit
Months Leased the first of February. That number could go up or down during the month and it
is down from 1,017 for January 2010. The ideal number of vouchers that NOHA can support is
954. The Per Unit Cost for February 2010 is $460.31 which is a significant drop from the
$471.13 average Per Unit Cost for CY 2009. The Housing Authority of Portland has
recommended to NOHA to reduce the Per Unit Cost to $417.00. NOHA is working on whittling
the Per Unit Cost down to around that amount.

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Coordinator Helen McClaine presented her program report to the
board. There have been two people who have graduated from the program. Both are great
success stories. Helen currently has 27 active participants in the program. There are 18 escrow
accounts with over $80,000.00 in the escrow account.

NOHA Property Manager Julie Maple reported to the board on the NOHA owned and managed
properties. Pine Court had a unit that sustained significant water damage due to water pipes
breaking during cold weather. The total cost was $11,384.00 which was sent to the insurance
company. Sandhill Apts. has been turned over to Guardian Management. There are only a couple
of vacancies; one at Jerry Woodward and one at Uniontown Apts.

The Tax Credit Properties of Gable Park and Champion Park I & II all experienced high vacancy
rates throughout 2009. Things have started to look up and all three properties expect to have a
higher occupancy rate this year.


Financial Committee had no further business to discuss.

The Policy Committee had nothing to be brought before the board.

Commissioner Janet Miltenberger reported that the Personnel Committee has been laying the
groundwork for the search for a new Executive Director. Commissioner Miltenberger shared
with the board a Timeline and Process for Executive Director Search. The Personnel Committee
hopes to start advertising the position on February 14th through March 19, 2010. The Personnel
Committee decided they can conduct the Executive Director search within the committee.
Commissioner Leila Salmon has experience in this field and has been of great help.
Commissioner Kevin Greenwood made a motion to authorize the Personnel Committee to move
the search forward to fill the Executive Directors position. Commissioner Yvonne Byrd
seconded the motion. Chairman Patricia Roberts declared the motion was carried.

Commissioner Janet Miltenberger presented a Job Description for the Executive Director
position for board approval. Commissioner Leila Salmon asked for a revision to delete the first
paragraph under Essential Duties. Commissioner Casey Mitchell made a motion to accept the
Executive Director Job Description as presented by Commissioner Janet Miltenberger with the
deletion of the first paragraph under Essential Duties. Commissioner Kevin Greenwood
seconded the motion. Chairman Patricia Roberts declared the motion was carried.

Commissioner Janet Miltenberger presented to the board an Occupational Summary concerning
wages for Community Service Managers in Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook region. The
commissioners conducted a discussion as to the starting salary to offer a potential candidate for
the Executive Director’s position. Factors to take into consideration included the budget allotted
for salaries and what would be reasonable for this area. Some commissioners felt if the starting
salary was too low that the position would not attract the best candidates. Other commissioners
felt NOHA cannot afford a huge starting salary. It was decided to table the question of the
starting salary for now. The Position Description in the Executive Director Employment packet
will list Salary Negotiable Depending on Experience.


A letter dated January 25, 2010 from HUD concerning the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)
Validation Special Funding Review was included in the board packet. NOHA had written a
response to the HUD report. NOHA has made arrangements to repay the additional amount of
$104,257 HAP funds in the amount of $20,800 a month starting in January 2010. Also, NOHA
was required to correct their Voucher Management System (VMS) reporting in the category of
“All Voucher HAP Expense After the First of the Month” for the period of October 2007 to
current. A VMS Update report was handed out to the board stating as of February 3, 2010
NOHA has corrected the VMS submissions back to November 2007. After October 2007 is
corrected and re-submitted this finding will be satisfied.

A letter dated January 14, 2010 was received from the HUD Portland field office and distributed
in the board packet. When the Portland field office sent an inspector to monitor some NOHA
units there were eight units that had HQS violations. They have now been corrected. Because of
the violations, HUD reduced NOHA’s Administrative Fees for the unit months these units were
in violation. The sanction amount of $3,746 will be deducted from NOHA’s Administrative Fee.

Executive Director Carol Snell reported the Housing Authority of Portland has agreed to help
NOHA with the Occupancy Standard issue and the Admin Plan as a whole. It had been
recommended at the meeting NOHA held with the three counties’ community partners to
develop a master plan containing all the cost saving steps that NOHA would need to implement
instead of changing one plan now and others later on. It was suggested by the Portland Housing
Authority that the Policy and Procedures Committee take one chapter of the Admin Plan at a
time read, review and suggest changes to the board. Some chapters will go fast because what is
contained in them is decreed by HUD. But others will take some work. The Portland Housing
Authority would like a contract or a scope of work so NOHA will identify what will be worked
on. NOHA has identified that some work will be Financial, some Admin Plan and the
Occupancy Standard issue. Executive Director Snell told the board after the NOHA staff finishes
dealing with all the payment standard adjustments that must be done by May 1st they are going to
deserve a break. She suggested the board approve postponing the possible change to the
Occupancy Standard and the Admin Plan changes until the new Executive Director is in place.
Commissioner Casey Mitchell made a motion to authorize the Policy and Procedures Committee
to work with the Portland Housing Authority to review the Occupancy Standard, Admin Plan
and development of a master plan for NOHA to present to the board. Commissioner Charlotte
Langsev seconded the motion. Chairman Patricia Roberts declared the motion was carried.

Executive Director Carol Snell reported to the board that NOHA has re-submitted an application
package to the City of Warrenton for a parking variance for The Glade project. NOHA needs to
submit a site design to the City of Warrenton. The City of Warrenton has 60 days to answer the
request. The State of Oregon has been made aware that NOHA is moving forward on the project.

Included in the board packet was a copy of the Promissory Note between Sandhill Affordable
Apartments, LLC and Wauna Federal Credit Union.


A copy of the NOHA Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2008-2009 was included in the board

Executive Director Carol Snell discussed the 5-Year and Annual Plan that NOHA is required to
complete by mid-April. NOHA will need to schedule a public meeting within 30 days. After the
5-Year Plan is approved NOHA will then work on revising the Administrative Plan. As stated
before, the Portland Housing Authority has agreed to sit down with the Policy and Procedure
Committee and go over the Admin Plan chapter by chapter. There are a total of 17 chapters.

Resolution No. 2010-04 was presented for the board approval. The Resolution is to Authorize
Formation of Limited Liability Company and Execution of Related Agreements for the
Rehabilitation and Operation of Sandhill Apartments in Seaside, Oregon. The reason for the
resolution is to keep the insurance under City County Insurance (CCI). Commissioner Kevin
Greenwood made a motion to adopt Resolution No. 2010-04 Authorizing Formation of Limited
Liability Company and Execution of Related Agreements for the Rehabilitation and Operation of
Sandhill Apartments in Seaside, Oregon. Commissioner Leila Salmon seconded the motion.
Chairman Patricia Roberts declared the motion was carried.


Section 8 Supervisor John Johnson reviewed for the board a situation in which he wanted some
guidance. A family was receiving NOHA assistance from January 2009 through December 2009.
The family received approximately $4,500.00 in assistance. It was found the male household
member was a registered sex offender from another state and that person had never reported it to
NOHA. The family was terminated from the Section 8 program for violations and according to
the Admin Plan can be prosecuted for Fraud against the housing authority. Section 8 Supervisor
Johnson contacted the District Attorney’s (DA) office. The DA’s office does not use a dollar
level in determining which cases they will bring to trial. They recommended that NOHA file a
police report in which the police will conduct an investigation and contact the DA’s office to see
if they will prosecute. This suspected Fraud can also be reported to the Inspector General’s
office. The commissioners felt the HUD field office in Portland should be consulted about this
but that NOHA should file a police report.

Handed out to the board of commissioners was a packet of information containing board
definitions and a glossary of terms in subsidized housing. The use of abbreviations in much of
the correspondence had been confusing to some to the commissioners.

Executive Director Snell reported on the 2010 Utility Allowances which have to be approved by
the board of commissioners. These allowances are generated through a formula given NOHA by
HUD with information received from the different utility providers in the three counties.
Commissioner Charles Hurliman made a motion to accept the 2010 Utility Allowances.
Commissioner Nina Reed seconded the motion. Chairman Patricia Roberts declared the motion
was carried.

It was brought to the boards’ attention by Executive Director Carol Snell a request made by
NOHA to the union to sign-off on the temporary pay increase for Accounting Clerk Judy Pagan
for the out-of-class work she performed while Accountant Walter Beck was out on sick leave has
not been responded to. NOHA had sent a second request and has still not heard back from the
union. The requests were made over two months ago. Executive Director Carol Snell would like
to get approval to pay this additional amount to Judy Pagan. Commissioner Kevin Greenwood
believes that Administrative Assistant Teresa Sims should be able to call the union contact and
ask them why they have not responded to NOHA’s request. Commissioner Charles Hurliman
made a motion to authorize Administrative Assistant Teresa Sims to contact the union regarding

this matter. Commissioner Janet Miltenberger seconded the motion. Chairman Patricia Roberts
declared the motion was carried.

Having no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm by Chairman Patricia Roberts.
The next scheduled Board meeting will be March 4, 2010, at the Champion Park Apartments,
4317 Brookfield Road, Tillamook, OR 97141.

Patricia Roberts                              Carol Snell
Chairman                                      Executive Director