Lancaster House Newcomer wins Na by fjwuxn


									                  spring ’06

                         I am so pleased to introduce my first       News, with    I am delighted that so many of you have come
                         so many excellent success stories. I would like to        forward with your ideas, nominations and initiatives.
                         thank everyone for making me feel welcome in my           Congratulations to all the       winners.
                         new role as      Manager. Many of you are so              English Lakes Hotels has won some fabulous
                         inspirational and are excellent at motivating your        awards in the last 12 months and we, as a company,
                         peers. I have met a vast number of you and am             recognise that our staff are instrumental in this
                         impressed with your innovative ideas which ensure         success.
                         our customers’ expectations are exceeded within all       Remember that adequate service is merely,
                         areas of the hotels and leisure clubs. I will endeavour   ‘invisible’ only ‘excellent’ service gets noticed.
                         to support you within my position as        Manager.

                                                   Lancaster House Newcomer
                                                         wins National
                                                    Customer Service Awards
                                               Rebecca Beech from Lancaster House Hotel won ‘Customer Service
                                               Newcomer of the Year’ at the national awards held in London’s five star
Sue Dunn Wins Most                             Grosvenor House Hotel back in September.
Impressive Tourism
                                               Rebecca who came to the
Trainee Award                                  hotel from Preston University
Sue Dunn, Management Trainee,                  has excelled in her role as
Low Wood Hotel, Windermere
                                               receptionist and encompassed
Employees in Cumbria’s tourism industry        the company customer care
were honoured at a major awards                +1 philosophy, winning five +1
ceremony in February.
                                               awards to date.
The ‘Oscars’ style ceremony was held at
Rheged and organised by Cumbria                The national awards recognise
Tourist Board. Sue Dunn from the Low           commitment to high standards
Wood Hotel won most impressive                 of customer service and
Tourism Trainee Award.                         involvement in communication,
Sue joined English Lakes Hotels in             problem solving and
January 2001 and was based at The              innovation. Rebecca beat off
Royal Hotel in Bowness. When the hotel
                                               competition from candidates
was sold in September 2004, she joined
the Low Wood Hotel on the trainee              representing Britannic
management scheme. Sue is also                 Insurance, HSBC and Royal
committed to a part time degree course         Mail. A beautiful silver plated
at Kendal College studying Hospitality         trophy and certificate were
Management. Sue’s enthusiasm to                presented by celebrity
develop her role as a trainee manager is       journalist Paul Ross.
evident and she gives 100% on every
                                                              English Lakes Hotels
                                                              wins national award
                                                              for Best Hotel
                                                              English Lakes Hotels celebrated success
                                                              at the Hotel Marketing Association
                                                              Awards held at the Savoy Hotel in
                                                              London, scooping the prestigious award
                                                              for ‘Best Hotel Brochure’ for our group
                                                              leisure brochure.
        Winners                                               The judges, amongst many other criteria,
                                                              were looking for proof that the brochure was appropriately designed for our target
June - January                                                market, accurately exemplified the hotels and represented a wise investment for us.
                                                              The brochure reflects the high standard of product and service offered by our hotels
JUNE 05                                                       through brand image, exceptional visual impact and clearly written content.
Wayne Bartholomew- The Famous Wild Boar A                     Entrants in the awards included some of the biggest and best hotel groups
gentleman was talking with Wayne about his family             internationally including Best Western, Devere, Hilton, Intercontinental, Marriott,
and how much he would like to find out more about             Malmaisson and Ramada Jarvis.
them. Wayne suggested he looked on the Internet. The
gentleman did not know how to use a computer, so              Colin Fox, Group Marketing Manager who attended the lunchtime awards ceremony
together they surfed the net to find out the information.     explained, “with three of our properties winning hotel of the year in their respective
Geoff Cater- The Famous Wild Boar A couple                    categories this year this award completes a great year for the company and is
wanted to dine in the restaurant but they had their dog       recognition that not only is the marketing right but the product is too”.
with them and did not want to leave it in the car. Geoff
suggested that they sit at the Monday morning table
for dinner, in which case, their dog could stay with
them. Unbelievably, another couple arrived with their
dog too and wanted to dine. Geoff asked the first
couple if they minded the new couple joining their
                                                                                                   Storrs Hall Taste to
special table. They were delighted and the four
enjoyed a very happy evening.                                                                      Plate Success
Wayne Bartholomew-The Famous Wild Boar A                                                           The ‘Taste to Plate’ culinary competition at The
guest arrived and was running very late for a meeting
so Wayne took her to her meeting at Staveley in order                                              Taste District Food and Drink Festival held at
that she wouldn’t be late.                                                                         Rheged in October, was won by English Lakes
                                                                                                   Hotels’ Storrs Hall head chef Craig Sherrington
Etienne Terblanche and Pedro Hernandez -The
Waterhead A guest was enquiring about where to get                                                 and head waiter Jamie Cassidy. The pair beat
her car washed. Etienne and Pedro offered to wash                                                  off stiff competition from Damson Dene,
the car themselves after they had finished their shift.                                            Crossby Lodge and Linthwaite House.
The guests’ car was all clean for her before she
checked out at 8.00am next morning.
                                                                                                   A panel of judges ranging from Ross Burden, a
                                                                                                   regular on ‘Ready Steady Cook’, to local
Michael Sidi- The Waterhead A guest staying at the                                                 executive chefs, a hotel proprietor and a
Waterhead could not speak any English. Michael Sidi                                                restaurant manager, judged the preparation
translated everything for the guest and made sure that
she was happily settled into the hotel.                                                            and serving of a three-course meal by each
                                                                                                   team. Craig and Jamie impressed the judges,
Adam Stephenson- Low Wood A guest at a wedding                                                     with the wide range of produce they used and
needed some special camera batteries. Adam drove to
three shops on Sunday afternoon before he found                                                    the style of presentation, to win a certificate, 2
them. The guests were extremely happy.                                                             Wedgwood presentation plates plus £500.
                                                            Photo by Gemma Mason
Vickie Snowball- Lancaster House A guest needed
to be at the train station by 5.00pm and unfortunately
there were no taxis available, so Vickie kindly took
him to the station in Lancaster on her way home.

Shelly Goodall- Storrs Hall A party arrived at Storrs
Hall for a wedding. The cake did not resemble what
had been ordered from an outside caterer. They were
devastated, so Shelly redecorated the cake.                   The Waterhead
                                                              in Bloom!
JULY 05                                                       Winners of the annual
                                                              Cumbria in Bloom
Victoria Armstrong, Sulette Lombaard and
Chezlyne Peterson- Low Wood Guests left the
                                                              competition were announced
restaurant before the staff had the chance to present         at a ceremony held in the
them with a birthday cake and sing happy birthday.            spectacular location of
The couple went for a walk down by the lake, so the           Muncaster Castle early in
staff quickly set up a table by the lake with the cake, a
single white lily, rose petals and two Tia Marias to          September. The Waterhead
have with the cake. As the couple approached the              was awarded with the South
table they all sang happy birthday and offered to take        Lakeland Trophy for the
a photograph as a momento. The lady was moved to
tears.                                                        Best Commercial
                                                              Premises in the Borough.
                                                                                                Adam Stephenson- Low Wood Guests arrived with a
Customer Experience Management                                                                  baby who needed special milk. The milk they needed
                                                                                                could only be purchased from Kendal ASDA so Adam
                                                                                                went to get some for the guests.
A Master Class with Chris Daffy                                                                 Debbie Oliver- Low Wood A guest arrived at the Low
                                                                                                Wood reception and asked where the car park was. As
As part of my exciting new role as +1 Manager I attended a course on customer                   she did not understand English, Debbie offered to drive
experience management. I had heard how inspirational and motivational Chris                     her car and guide the guests to the car park herself.
Daffy was, so it was definitely the place to be! During the course we considered                Which she did despite the guests driving head long
                                                                                                into the flow of traffic!!!
how to create and deliver an exceptional customer experience and how to
improve our business performance.                                                               Becky Redgate- Lancaster House Becky found out
I know that as a customer focussed team, we genuinely care about our customers                  that it was a ladies birthday in the hair salon but
                                                                                                unfortunately her partner could not be with her to
and value their needs. I also know that it is important for us to value our teams               celebrate. Becky went out and bought some flowers for
and to ensure you are inspired to follow the +1 ethos to create that ‘Wow’ factor               the lady and took them to the guest’s room.
for all our guests.
We recognise our teams’ achievements through the +1 reward system and I, as a                   Gail Atkinson-Barlow- Lancaster House Inspired by
                                                                                                an idea she saw on honeymoon. Gail decided to create
manager, aim to create a supportive atmosphere where no one has a fear of                       a towel sculpture on the bed of a bride and groom. The
failure and put into practice creativity and originality.                                       carefully folded towels made out the word LOVE and
Remember to put forward entries for your +1s to your +1 representative. You                     she further enhanced this by scattering flower petals
                                                                                                and feather on the bed.
deserve recognition and we want to ensure good customer service is highlighted
and rewarded.                                                                                   Rebecca Beech and Julie Carrick- Lancaster House
                                                                                                On Fathers Day, the restaurant received many walk in
                                                                                                and late bookings the hotel had organised gifts and
                                                                                                bags for the dads but there was not enough to go round.
                                                                                                Rebecca and Julie made up and decorated some
                                                                                                additional gifts so that none of the Dads missed out.

The Famous Wild Boar Welcomes Andy Lemm                                                         John Sweeney- Lancaster House A Sandpiper
                                                                                                member drove his car into the car park. The old Mini
                                                                                                was badly damaged at the front and broke down. He
                                                  The Wild Boar’s new General Manager,          was trying to open the crumpled bonnet to reset the
                                                  Andy Lemm, began his career with the          inertia switch. John was on his way home and stopped
                                                  company 10 years ago at The                   to help. After half an hour prising with a long
                                                  Waterhead. He has since progressed up         screwdriver the bonnet popped open and John reset
                                                                                                the inertia switch and the engine started first time.
                                                  the management ladder working at 4 of
                                                  the 5 English Lakes Hotels before             Ged Quinn- Waterhead A guest had an extensive
                                                  securing this position. Andy said “I intend   allergy list. Ged ensured that the meal she had was
                                                                                                safe for her to eat but exciting too. Ged also baked her
                                                  to use my knowledge of the company            some special bread at home on the Wednesday night
                                                  and the experience I have gained in my        prior to her arrival.
                                                  different roles to help enhance the team
                                                  at the hotel and see the Wild Boar go         Keith Everson- The Famous Wild Boar Keith took a
                                                                                                lady conference guest to Oxenholme station as no taxis
                                                  from strength to strength.”                   could be found and she was in fear of missing her train
                                                  Andy worked as Food & Beverage
                                                  Manager at the 110 bedroom Low Wood           AUGUST 2005
                                                  and Operations Manager at 99 bedroom
                                                  Lancaster House and Deputy Manager            Daniel Zwaagmann- Low Wood On his first day on
                                                                                                reception a guest had to check out early to get a flight
                                                  at the Waterhead.                             the next morning from Manchester and still had to go
                                                                                                and look for a hotel to stay in. Daniel offered to find a
                                                                                                hotel for him and booked him into a hotel near to the

                                                                                                Charlotte Richardson- Low Wood Charlotte looked
                                                                                                after a baby whilst the parents were eating as the baby
Michael Cole proves that                                                                        was crying and disturbing some conference guests
                                                                                                who were in a meeting. The parents appreciated this,
you don’t have to be on                                                                         as they could enjoy their meal.

the front line to WOW                                                                           George Harker- Low Wood A guest wanted
                                                                                                information about Keswick Theatre. George got it off
your customers!                                                                                 the internet for her and took it up to her room after his
                                                                                                shift had ended.
After a long period as acting Head Chef,
congratulations to Michael Cole, or “Tuggers”                                                   Ryan Topper- Low Wood A family missed their
                                                                                                connecting trains due to the bombings in London. They
as he is affectionately known, for his official                                                 arrived at Oxenholme at 11pm and had no cash for a
promotion to the role. As well as running a 4                                                   taxi. Ryan had finished his shift so drove to pick them
star, AA red rosette kitchen, Michael has still                                                 up and bring them back to the hotel much to their
found the time to be an ambassador for the
+1 customer services ethos. He has himself                                                      Rebecca Beech- Lancaster House A guest
been awarded for his excellence on no less                                                      mentioned that a colleague on her course was feeling
                                                                                                unwell. She had called the doctor and he had
than eleven occasions, becoming the first                                                       suggested a medicine that could be bought over the
employee ever to have received 11 ‘plus 1’                                                      counter in a chemist. Rebecca took the lady to ASDA
                                                                                                in Morecambe to get the medicine as other chemists
awards, an exceptional achievement for                                                          were closed.
someone whose role is not largely customer
facing. Of his new role Michael said “It is                                                     Mick Heaton- Lancaster House Mick took time to
                                                                                                make a whole new menu for a gluten free guest. He
important that we provide a quality of service                                                  presented his menu of a choice of starters, main
and overall experience that sticks in peoples                                                   courses and desserts to the lady at her table and
minds, we want them to talk about how good                                                      explained all the dishes for her.
Lancaster House is”.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SEPTEMBER 05
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  June Atkinson - Lancaster House A wedding guest

                                                                                 The Michael Berry Memorial Award                                                                                                                 spilt coffee on his shirt. June went home to get him a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  clean one and took the other to wash and ironed it
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  before he sat down to the wedding breakfast.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Catherine Hunt- Lancaster House Catherine over
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  heard a lady say she was vegetarian with dairy and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  gluten allergies. Catherine made a trip to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  supermarket to get soya milk and gluten free milk for
                                                           This exciting event, in memory of the late Michael Berry   During a short speech by Managing Director, Simon                                                           the guest’s breakfast.
                                                           OBE, was held at The Famous Wild Boar on 26th              Berry, he praised the candidates’ contributions,                                                            Gary Metcalfe- Lancaster House Room 209 checked
                                                           January and celebrated the success of five shortlisted     outlining briefly the reasons they had been nominated                                                       in and Gary noticed they had been married that day, so
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  he organised champagne, balloons and a card to go in
                                                           candidates in the inaugural presentation of the annual     by their colleagues and managers. Following which,                                                          their room.
                                                           award in recognition of ‘The employee who has made         Anne Cook, Michael’s sister announced the winner.
Joy Payne- Lancaster House Two children came to                                                                                                                                                                                   Louise Cooper- Lancaster House A regular guest
                                                           the most significant contribution to the company over      And the winner was . . . Fred Milando! Fred was                                                             was celebrating her wedding anniversary. The hotel
the reception desk with their Sam’s Club membership
cards. They handed their cards to Joy and then ran         the past year’. Shortlisted candidates were Maria          delighted to accept the award, which included a                                                             bought her some flowers and took some photographs
away! Joy did some detective work and found out            Walker, Central Reservations Manager, Fred Milando,        certificate and prize of £1000. Following the                                                               to send on to her.
which room they were staying in and what their names
were and wrote out a couple of cards for the boys and
                                                           Low Wood Restaurant Manager, Rachel Mather, Group          presentation, the company directors and now less                                                            Rebecca Beech (Silver)- Lancaster House A family
took the hats to their room and left them on their beds    Sales & Marketing Assistant, Sarah Harker, Low Wood        tense candidates, all enjoyed a seasonal lunch                                                              had commented they were bored of Lancaster.
with the little name cards beside them.                                                                                                                                                                                           Rebecca went on line and put a pack together of
                                                           Housekeeping Manager and Dave Dobson,                      produced and served by the team at the                                                                      attractions such as Blackpool Zoo, Superbowl, Cinema
Lina Markstedt- Waterhead A guest mentioned that           Maintenance Engineer, Lancaster House.                     Wild Boar.                                                                                                  times and showings. The guests were amazed that she
they were missing a programme that is on Sky TV. As                                                                                                                                                                               had gone out of her way to do this and thanked her.
we do not have that channel Lina offered to record the
programme at home for the guests.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hannah McQuire- Lancaster House Guests wanted
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  a day out in Blackpool but were unaware of transport
Marc Sanders- The Famous Wild Boar A lady with                                                                                                                                                                                    facilities. Hannah called the bus and train companies
special dietary requirements was staying in the hotel                                                                                                                                                                             to get the train companies to get times and how they
and Marc offered to make her some “No points, Veg                                                                                                                                                                                 could get from place to place.
Stew”, as her special requirement was that she was                                                                                            The Low Wood Marina is an exciting         The berths on the water will include
on Weight Watchers. She was thrilled.                                                                                                         new development for 2006, providing        compulsory dry land storage over the     Mick Parker-Low Wood Hotel A guest had forgotten

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  her evening dress for a function. Mick drove the guest
Sarah Lee- Low Wood Club A client was stuck in                                                                                                Lake Windermere with an exceptional        winter period.                           to Asda, where she purchased a dress and then Mick
traffic and so missed her beauty appointment. Sarah                                                                                           new boating facility. As well as its                                                drove her back to the Wild Boar.
re-arranged her Sunday appointments and worked
                                                                                                                                                                                         Our members are entitled to hugely
                                                                                                                                              enviable location with spectacular
                                                                                                                                                                                         discounted leisure club membership

through her break to fit the re-scheduled appointments                                                                                                                                                                            Maria Walker- CRS Maria discovered that a little boy
                                                                                                                                              views of the Langdale Pikes, the                                                    who had stayed at the hotel had not got his Sam’s
in. The client was initially disappointed as the                                                                                                                                         plus discounts on accommodation
treatments were part of her 30th birthday but she left                                                                                        marina also benefits from the diversity                                             Club bag. Maria sent the boy a bag with an apology
                                                                                                                                                                                         and meals taken in any of the five       letter from Sam.
very happy, thanks to Sarah.                                                                                                                  of English Lakes Hotels’ restaurants,
                                                                                                                                                                                         English Lakes Hotels’ properties. The
                                                                                                                                              bars and leisure complex.                                                           NOVEMBER 05
Paul Brown and Steven Gilbert Watersports-                                                                                                                                               three lakeshore properties all have
Onesimus A couple getting married at a nearby hotel                                                                                           The Marina incorporates 4 water            jetties and mooring facilities that      Geoff Cater- The Famous Wild Boar A lady guest
booked two ski boats to go out on the lake and have
                                                                                                                                              berths with electric and water supply,     members may use free of charge. Low      wanted to go for a walk and she stated an interest in
some photographs taken. In order to make the
                                                                                                                                              plus 70 hardstanding storage spaces        Wood Hotel offers a take away food       animals. Geoff told her about the farm down the road.
occasion more special Paul and Steven decorated the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  He then called the farmer (Jane) and arranged for the
bride and groom’s boat with ribbon and balloons.                                                                                              for ‘trailer sailers’, speedboats etc as   service, with hampers available or       guest to see her puppies and her foals and to have a
Geoff Cater- The Famous Wild Boar Geoff made a                                                                                                well as 29 garage facilities. The          even a chef to cook and serve food on    quad bike ride.
special visit to ASDA to purchase decorations to fun                                                                                          various storage types run from the 1st     their boat with no washing up to do at
up a table in the restaurant for a 21st birthday party                                                                                                                                                                            Charl Van Rensburg- Low Wood A DJ at a wedding
                                                                                                                                              April to the 31st of March.                the end!                                 did not have the bride and grooms first dance song.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Luckily Charl knew that he had a CD with the song on
Natalie Walker- The Famous Wild Boar A guest                                                                                                                                                                                      and shot off to his room to find it for the newly weds.
wanted to buy some chocolate for his pregnant wife
and we do not sell it. On hearing of his wife’s needs                                                                                                                                                                             Keith Everson- The Famous Wild Boar A lady came
Natalie went to her room and brought a large bar of                                                                                                                                                                               to the desk and asked if she could call the AA as she
Galaxy and gave it to the guest for his wife.                                                                                                                                                                                     had driven into a rock and burst her front tyre. Keith
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  said there was no need and that he would change the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  tyre for her.

                                                            Michael’s Wood
Dave Hanson- Watersports Centre Dave took extra
time and care when giving a skiing lesson to a family,
particularly as the father who had recently recovered                                                                                                                                                                             Kylie Hill- Waterhead A guest rang the Waterhead
from Cancer and was very nervous about the                                                                                                                                                                                        after she had returned home to say that she had lost
experience. Dave made the whole experience a                                                                                                                                                                                      the diamond from her ring. She had last seen it in the
pleasure as he was so calm, tolerant, patient and kind.                                                                                                                                                                           restaurant at breakfast. Kylie got on her hands and
                                                            To celebrate and commemorate the life of                                                                                                                              knees in room 5 and finally found it on the floor.
Dan Wallace- Sandpiper Club A gentleman, who is a           Michael Berry, our late Chairman, a
blind member of the Sandpiper Club, walks to the club                                                                                                                                                                             Adam Stephenson- Low Wood When a couple broke
with his guide dog. On 18th Aug when it was time for        woodland is to be created in the fields owned                                                                                                                         down with a boat in tow Adam was very helpful finding
client to the walk home the weather changed so Dan          by the company to the south of the Low                                                                                                                                somewhere to accommodate the boat and offering
took them both home in his car.                                                                                                                                                                                                   assistance to the stranded couple. They were so
                                                            Wood. The extensive landscaping and                                                                                                                                   impressed they booked into Low Wood for the night.
Scott Rimell- Low Wood Scott took a young boy and           planting programme will create walks
his mother to hospital as the boy was having an                                                                                                                                                                                   Michael Cole and Joy Payne- Lancaster House On
asthma attack. He also went back to the hospital later
                                                            extending from the grounds of the hotel,                                                                                                                              Halloween a family was dining in the restaurant and
to bring the mother and son back to the hotel.              joining the footpath in the corner of the                                                                                                                             the little girl came to dinner dressed as a pumpkin.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Michael and Joy carved her pumpkin and a toffee
                                                            fields. There will eventually be a level                                                                                                                              apple as a fancy dress prize.
Nicolene Ventor- Low Wood were Nicolene brought
a cake out to a couple who were celebrating a               access path to the waterfall and open
birthday. She then gathered all the team together           areas with fantastic views across the lake.                                                                                                                           Hannah McQuire- Lancaster House The couple in
around the table to sing happy birthday.                                                                                                                                                                                          room 15 had a dog with them and as they were having
                                                            Some 2000 native national trees including                                                                                                                             a meal they left the dog in the car. They needed to
Michael Cole- Lancaster House Before a wedding                                                                                                                                                                                    take the dog for a walk so Hannah offered to walk the
party arrived, the wedding cake which was put               Oak, Ash, Scots Pine, Rowan, Hazel and                                                                                                                                dog for them so they could enjoy their meal.
together by a member of the wedding party fell over         Douglas Fir will be planted during March,
due to lack of support. “Tuggers,” managed to find the                                                                                                                                                                            DECEMBER 05
time to re-ice the top two tiers of the cake. The guests    thus establishing ‘Michael’s Wood for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Melissa Dagostino- Low Wood Hotel For taking a
said that if they hadn’t been told what had happened        enjoyment of generations to come.                                                                                                                                     lady and her 2 children out on a two mile hike on her
they would never have known.                                                                                                                                                                                                      day off.
                                                                                                         Leisure Club
                                                                                                         Staff receive
                                                                                                        Life Saving Kits
                                                                                                       It is common to presume that only
                                                                                                       doctors and paramedics can save the
                                                                                                       life of a cardiac arrest victim with a
                                                                                                       heart defibrillator. However Sandra
                                                                                                       Gibson, manager of the Low Wood
                                                                                                       Club, explained that she was prompted
                                                                                                       to invest in the Heart Start kit following
Craig Sherrington- Storrs Hall Craig noticed that                                                      the collapse in the club of a long
                                                                                                       standing member who suffered from a
sections of the drive were covered in black ice. Craig
gritted the drive from top to bottom.
                                                            Weddings                                   heart condition.

                                                                at                                     Now the Leisure Club staff have
Kevin Tickle- The Famous Wild Boar Kevin created
a meal for a lady that had food allergies. She left the                                                received the necessary training to use
hotel saying, “She had never before received such
excellent service” and would definitely be back.                                                       the equipment to deal with cardiac

Leon Serfontien (Silver) - The Famous Wild Boar
Created a special, early, Xmas experience to a father
and daughter who were going to be separated for Xmas.
                                                            Storrs Hall                                arrests, should the situation ever arise

                                                            Weddings are on the increase within        The life saving Heart Start kits are on
Lina Markstedt- Waterhead For making an extra               English Lakes Hotels and Storrs Hall       site in both Low Wood and Sandpiper
special table plan, for a bride. Lina went out in her       has just played host to a spectacular      Leisure Clubs.
own time to buy all the necessary materials. The bride      marquee wedding.
was overjoyed!
                                                            The Marquee was magnificently
Sam Haslem- CRS Personal thanks from a customer,
to say what an amazing experience she had making a          dressed in lavish creams and reds
booking for Christmas at the Wild Boar. If the rest of      with beautiful attention to detail.
the service were as good as the booking process they
would have a great Christmas. Nothing was too much          The snow had fallen through the
bother.                                                     night making it even more romantic
Trish Walmsley- Sandpiper Leisure Club It was a
                                                            for the wedding guests as they
client’s 21st birthday & she was celebrating by having      awoke to the memorable, picturesque,
a treatment on the Saturday. The day before, Trish          snow scene.
made her a 21st birthday card & presented it to her
after her treatment.                                        A Fairy Tale Wedding!

Maria Walker- CRS Maria had a male caller who was
desperate to book a weekend break for his wife, as a
Xmas present, he had only bought her a staying over
bag but nothing to put in it. He didn’t know a date, a
time etc. Maria sent an email to his wife, told the
husband print it off and put it in the overnight bag.

Ryno Strapp- Low Wood Hotel Having realised that
it was a lady’s birthday on table 14 (Non Residents
Diamond Card Holders) Ryno, during service of
coffee, after desserts presented chocolates and a
happy birthday balloon. The lady and all other clients
were extremely happy.                                       Robot Dogs at Lancaster House
Tim Farmer- Support Office Tim went out of his way          One of the first big events to be held in the hotel’s new conference and
to deliver £200 worth of ELH vouchers to a customer         banqueting suite was for robots, robotic dogs to be precise! Top Japanese Sony
in Yorkshire on Xmas Eve.                                   engineers created the AIBO (AI artificial intelligence, BO from Robot) in 1999.
Nevil Jeffrey, Mick Parker, Sue Dunn- Low Wood              These fantastic feats of technology are more than just toys though; their
Hotel Nevil and Mick heard that a guest wanted to
propose to his girlfriend on Christmas Night. Nevil,        personalities develop from interaction with people as each one grows in a different
Mick and Sue set the scene for the proposal. A table        way based on its individual experiences and the software being used.
was set at the edge of the lake. Nevil came the next
day on his day off (Boxing Day) to take some
photographs. Nevil is developing the photographs
himself and will be sending them to the engaged
couple soon.

Alex Dunnigan- Low Wood Hotel Several comments
on guest questionnaires stating that nothing was too
much trouble for Alex, he was always helpful and
professional. One guest mentioned that Alex should
be nominated for a +1 as he had forgotten his tie and
Alex brought one in for him.

Ryan Topper- Low Wood Hotel Comments on a
guest questionnaire, thanking Ryan for making their
stay memorable. It was their anniversary, Ryan gave
a lovely card and balloon. Ryan was particularly
friendly and helpful, an excellent representative for the
                                                                                           George Hutton- The Famous Wild Boar A guest
                                                                                           was overheard saying that they had forgot their black
                                                 New York                                  tie for New Year’s eve, so George went home and got
                                                                                           his own for the guest.

                                                 New York                                  Stephanie Boardman- Waterhead A guest
                                                                                           commented on a guest questionnaire that her family
                                                                                           had some bad news before they came away.
                                              Low Wood Leisure Club                        Stephanie made a difference to their stay with her
                                            Wins Repechage Award for                       friendliness and down to earth personality. The family
                                                                                           said that she was a pleasant distraction.
                                           Charity and Community Efforts
                                                                                           Ged Quinn- Waterhead Ged telephoned three
                                                                                           different guests rooms that had special dietary
                                           The founders of Repechage, invited              requirements for dinner. One customer commented on
                                           124 salon and spa professionals to set          the guest questionnaire, that she was overwhelmed
                                                                                           by the way Ged went out of his way to compile
                                           sail aboard ‘The Royal Princess’ for a          individual meals personally. He discussed
                                           private yacht tour of New York City and         requirements for every meal, every day.
   Spa de Beaute Award Ceremony in order to celebrate the company’s 25 years
                                                                                           Craig Sherrington (Silver) - Storrs On the evening
   in business.                                                                            of 23rd December a guest said she only ate All Bran
   Sandra Gibson, manager of Low Wood Leisure Club, jet setted off to New York             for breakfast, a cereal we do not stock. After his shift
   to represent English Lakes Hotels.                                                      Craig went to Tesco to buy some. Craig came in the
   Low Wood Club has been instrumental in raising funds and providing services             next morning 2hrs before his shift to ensure she got
                                                                                           her All Bran for breakfast.
   to those in need, beauty therapists supported a charity fashion show hosted by
   St Anne’s School, Windermere, in aid of a project to help build more African            Frazer Henderson- Storrs A wedding party arrived to
   Schools.                                                                                find that their wedding cake was bronze, not gold, as
                                                                                           they had ordered from the, ‘cake lady’. Frazer re-iced
   At the awards, the Repechage Award of Excellence for Charity and Community              the cake over night to get the cake ready for the
   Efforts was presented to Low Wood Leisure Club.                                         wedding.
   Well done to the Beauty Therapists at the Low Wood Club. This is a fantastic
                                                                                           Jamie Cassidy- Storrs Jamie was mentioned on
   achievement!                                                                            several customer questionnaires. A comment on one
                                                                                           questionnaire in particular was, “Jamie was always
                                                                                           prepared to go that extra mile to make sure everyone
                                                                                           was happy, he was excellent.”

                                                                                           Jake Carlin- Lancaster House A guest arrived to a

Valentines Day Special                                                                     party night alone, due to the illness of his partner. so
                                                                                           Jake made him a party pack, which included a
                                                                                           cracker, a party box, a Turkey and Cranberry sandwich,
Renew your Vows                                                                            and a get well soon card from all the hotel staff.

Valentine’s Day was certainly a day to                                                     Joy Payne (Silver) - Lancaster House A guest
                                                                                           mentioned to Joy that she was going to the Tourist
remember for several couples who visited                                                   Information. She was interested in going for a walk.
Storrs Hall. General Manager, Jan van                                                      Joy then planned her walk and marked all the nice
Stipriaan, welcomed couples who wished to renew their                                      places to go.
wedding vows or simply make a vow of commitment to
each other. A selection of vows and readings for                                           Gary Metcalfe- Lancaster House Comments on a
                                                                                           guest questionnaire. Thanked Gary for the lovely
their private ceremony in the rotunda, which was                                           surprise of flowers and card for their anniversary.
conducted by Rosemary Thomas from Kendal.                                                  Comments were “What a lovely thought.”
Michaela Gardner from Onesimus (our events company)                                        Tim Bell- Lancaster House Tim, was mentioned and
came up with the idea and Jan explained “We wanted to do                                   thanked on a number of guest questionnaires, for an
                                                                                           outstanding Xmas and New Year. Comments were:
something extraordinary on Valentine’s Day as we have                                      “He definitely went that extra mile,” “He made our
such a beautiful, romantic setting. It was absolutely free                                 break special”. “How can we improve your stay?
to the couples who attended and they were all                                              “More of Tim,” “Excellent Experience.” “Always there,
                                                                                           cheerful and helpful.”
delighted with the occasion and will certainly never
forget their visit to Storrs Hall”.
                                                                                           Programmed plus 1’s
                                                                                           Gary Percy (Silver) - Lancaster House Gary found
                                                                                           out the names of all the guests with us on the
                                                                                           Christmas and New Year packages and personalised
                                                                                           all of their menus over the festive period.

The Cora Mummy Orphan Home South India                                                     Andy Lemm (Silver) - The Famous Wild Boar Xmas
                                                                                           Stockings were put outside each of the bedroom
                                                                                           doors. Inside they had an apple, orange, coins,
Each year the shareholders of the company look at supporting charitable projects. In       chocolate coins, nuts and Xmas cake.
2005 the dreadful Asian Tsunami happened. This changed so many children’s lives
                                                                                           Lisa Gray- Support Office ‘Baby Cinos’. Frothy milk
leaving them with no homes and in many cases no surviving parents, so this was an          with a shake of chocolate, to all children. This is to be
obvious choice to send some money on behalf of all the staff.                              given complimentary in an espresso mug to all
                                                                                           children when parents buy hot drinks at any drinks
This year Simon and Tim Berry have been involved in supporting a small orphan              area within the company.
home in South India through their local church. The orphanage have an urgent need
                                                                                           Sandra Gibson- Low Wood Leisure Club Sam’s
to secure and repay a bank loan on the orphan building. With this in mind the              club swimming bags to be given to all new members
shareholders agreed to send the Cora Mummy Orphan Home £5000 on behalf of all of           with children.
us, which will go a long way to helping them.The children (68 of them) eat, sleep and      Jon Bennett- Waterhead Xmas stockings for dogs.
live on the floor of this home but are all very happy and well looked after and they are   As we are one of the top 10 Hotel groups that cater for
all grateful for the English Lakes Hotels involvement with the home.If you would like to   dogs, Jon thought it would be a nice idea to leave
                                                                                           Xmas stockings for dogs in the guests’ rooms.
know more about the orphanage, please speak to Simon or Tim.
What is
the difference
between a
‘Quality Award’,        The Quality Award
‘Programmed +1’         A Quality Award is given for any activity or performance that
                        exceeds your colleagues’ expectations or that exceeds your
and a                   own expectations.
‘Spontaneous +1’        Were the actions or deeds those that could have been

                        reasonably expected from a colleague?

                        The Programmed +1
                        Simple ideas that create a WOW!
                        Getting to the bottom of what guests really need.
                        Making it easier for guests even if it’s harder for us
                        Paying attention, Making it better, quicker, smarter, easier
                        and much more fun.

                        The Spontaneous +1                                                      It’s that time again! And once again we
                        A spontaneous +1 is an activity or performance that a                   enlisted the help of Jane Knowles, who,
                        member of staff has done to exceed the expectations of the
                        customer.                                                               when she had stopped laughing, finally
                                                                                                settled on a winner.
                                                                                                Congratulations to Matt Wilkinson from
  Fiona Smail           Receptionist to Reception Manager WH                                    the Support Office for his caption:
  Alina Spartican       Room Attendant to Assistant Housekeeper WH
  Frazer Henderson      Demi Chef de Partie to Chef de Partie SHH                                   “The new Low Wood extension
  Nicola Bell           Commis Chef to Demi Chef de Partie SHH
                                                                                                    gets off to a shaky start”
  Shane White           Housekeeper to Assistant Head Housekeeper SHH
  Mark Kelly            Commis Chef to Demmi Chef de Partie WBH
                                                                                                Go on . . . send an entry in for
  Jacob Matejousky      Commis Chef to Chef de Partie WBH
  Hannah McQuire        Receptionist to Shift Leader LHH
                                                                                                the new competition below
  Racheal Hemingway     Bar Person to Receptionist LHH                                                . . . you know you want to.
  Philip Madden         Commis Chef to Demi Chef de Partie LHH
  Paul Wilikinson       Commis Chef to Breakfast/Bar Meals Chef LHH
  Michael Cole          Sous Chef to Head Chef LHH
  Trevor Humpage        Senior Front of House Porter to Night Porter LHH
  James Bunter          Deputy Restaurant & Banqueting Manager to
                        Restaurant & Banqueting Manager LHH
  Gary Metcalfe         Waiter to Restaurant & Banqueting Supervisor LHH
  Al Crookall           Casual Waiter to Full Time Waiter LHH
  Nardus Koekemoer      Kitchen Porter to Waiter CDL
  Johan Cross           Room Attendant to Kitchen Porter LWH
  Edyta Neiwola         Room Attendant to Waitress CDL
  Tim Graham
  Eusebio Ballesteros
                        Bar Superviser to Supervisor CDL
                        Waiter to Supervisor CDL
                                                                                                ELH 15th Annual
  Ciska De Bruin        Receptionist to Shift Leader LWH                                        Golf Tournament
  Johan Els             C&B Porter to C&B Supervisor LWH                                        Open to all employees at English Lakes Hotels, this
                                                                                                year’s event was held at Windermere Golf Club, and
  Anne-Geline Burden    Trainee Housekeeper to Waitress LWH                                     again, the event was organised by Marc Sanders Head
  Tom Hammond           Room Attendant to Receptionist LWH                                      Chef from the Famous Wild Boar.
                                                                                                The challenge took place on the 8th September 2005; it
  Joan Carvelho         Waitress to Receptionist LWH                                            was the biggest turnout in the history of the
  Antonie Swart         Room Attendant to C&B Porter LWH                                        championships, with International players making up
                                                                                                the eager participants. Etienne Terblanche was the first
  Lucie Zoltanova       Room Attendant to Waitress LWH                                          player to take on the challenge from CRS. The day was
  Gerhard Combrink      Commis Chef to Demi Chef de Partie LWH                                  a memorable event for all those that can play.
  Adel Kotze            Waitress to Restaurant Supervisor LWH                                   The main event, in the afternoon, follows a late morning
                                                                                                fun golf competition for those that need to practice.
  George Genis          Waiter to Restaurant Supervisor LWH                                     Dawid Croukamp won first prize from the Low Wood
  Marvin Green          CDL to Bar Attendant LWH                                                Hotel.
                                                                                                Damien Ng from Lancaster House won second Prize.
  Johannes De Beers     Room Attendant to Trainee Housekeeper LWH
  Christine Viljoen     Room Attendant to Trainee Housekeeper LWH
  Yvonne Dawson         Receptionist to Wedding Co-ordinator LWH                                ELH Rugby 2005
  Billy Mc Cabe         Wine Supervisor to Receptionist LWH
                                                                                                It’s fast! It’s furious
  Tatiana Felcova       Room Attendant to Waitress LWH
                                                                                                and it’s down right dirty!
  Carl Semple           Junior Sous - Sous Chef LWH                                             Once again it was the clashing of the titans as
  Rob Mc Gill           CDP - Junior Sous LWH                                                   England and South Africa met at Ambleside Rugby
                                                                                                Club to bash and crash it out for the coveted ELH
                                                                                                Rugby Trophy.
                                                                                                It was difficult to tell which side was which with all the
                                                                                                mud flying as players and supporters were scattered
                                                                                                like skittles in the fray.
                                                                                                South Africa clearly won 71 – 0!
                                                                                                So congratulations to South Africa and
                                                                                                commiserations to England, and here’s to next year
                                                                                                . . . Come on England!
                                                                                                Dawid Croukamp was unanimously voted Man of the
                                            Contact Karen McGurk for anything relating to +1.     015394 33773 Ext. 412

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