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      Britain, Europe & North America's Favourite Exhibitor Journal
                   now also serving China, Russia and India

                  MediaPack: 2007-08

                screentrade‟s Readership Profile
Generic, factual, entertaining and informative, screentrade -- designed with a more
accessible consumer, “coffee-table” magazine feel in mind (than the usual bland trade
journal format) -- offers news, features and opinion on the more important issues
affecting the global Movie Theatre business. screentrade is therefore aimed as much at
cinema management across the board as it is at film distributors, projection/ technical
management, plus cinema architects and supply companies servicing the industry.

screentrade features regular comment on industry trends – such as Industry
consolidation, Digital Cinema (and Alternative Content), Film Piracy, Cinema
Management plus career-related (including recruitment and training) matters for
technicians and management alike.

In addition to regular news, prize competition, nostalgia, letters, box office and review
pages, screentrade also offers timely and honest, if not also frequently controversial,
debate on Exhibitor issues. What sets screentrade apart is its emphasis on the
“community” aspects of the business: Appointment with the Manager, Up Close &
Personal and Open Forum remain very much people-focused articles enjoyed by
personnel across all levels internationally.

     How relevant is screentrade to the Industry?
Extremely. And, while never forgetting Exhibition to be very much a “people-business,”
our experience has determined what exhibitor-distributors actually want from a magazine
serving their industry. The results are incorporated into screentrade and fill an important
void. In addition to engaging a bank of experienced trade writers, a revolving roster of
key exhibition-distribution sector professionals also regularly contributes items of interest
and concern ensuring that screentrade’s finger remains firmly on the pulse. The hands-
on, practical advice offered in our Dear Screentrade and Beyond the Porthole sections
remains a unique feature in the trade press, while our lively letters pages offer further
proof of spirited readership interaction.

         How dedicated is screentrade to serving
              the Movie Theatre Industry?
Rather than occasional, one-off coverage often seen in the trade press, each issue of
screentrade contains dedicated, regular sections for the following supply sectors:

                               -Digital Cinema
                               -Film Marketing
                               -Point of Sale (ticketing, software)
                               -Concessions & concessions equipment
                               -Concession reviews
                               -Preshow (including Cinema Advertising)
                               -Legal/Insurance/Health & Safety
                               -Box Office: including film reviews and stats
                               -Company Profiles & Anniversaries
                               -Cinema mystery shopping
                               -Book reviews & website evaluation
                               -Agony Aunt/Uncle

This means that if -- as an advertising-supplier -- your sector is listed here, and your aim
is to reach exhibitors in person, then you can be assured of regular inclusion. Together
with paid advertising, we also offer editorial at no charge to our frequent advertisers to
help you get your message across.

                       Who reads screentrade?
screentrade is distributed wholesale and both directly and without charge to the Cinema
Industry’s decision-makers: including CEOs, COOs, technical, concession and other
equipment purchasers (also to those influencing the decision-making) across the UK,
West Europe, North America, also Russia, China and India. In North America alone,
we distribute to over 600 theatre chains, including all of the majors and mid-sized chains,
plus the growing plethora of “mom & pop” cinemas. screentrade’s reach remains global,
however, and, as a matter of course, we distribute to companies supplying the Cinema
Industry, in addition to maintaining a large and growing international subscriber
                   Where is screentrade based?
We are based in offices in Orpington, Kent – just 10 miles from Central London –
established in August 2001. Our launch issue was published in February 2002 and,
steadily, our international audience has grown such that, in June 2006, we opened a US
office near Grand Rapids, Michigan, specifically to service our growing North American
audience (see contact details, below).

       How frequently is screentrade published?
screentrade is published quarterly in:

                               -Winter (Feb/Mar),
                               -Spring (May/June),
                               -Summer (Aug/Sept) and
                               -Autumn (Nov/Dec),

and is timed to coincide with the run-up to five major industry trade shows – ShoWest
(March), Cinexpo (June), Kino Expo (September) & ShowEast (October), plus
CineAsia (December) – which permits decision-makers sufficient prior time to read and
digest. screentrade publishes in the middle of the publishing month e.g., 15th Feb.,
May., Aug. & Nov.

          Why should I advertise in screentrade?
Since screentrade is distributed directly and without charge to named industry
management and key employees -- and no bulk mailings that rely upon the inefficient
hope of head office internal redistribution -- you can, as an advertiser, be sure of
circulation and of more effective circulation, with increased opportunities to sell. Keeping
all abreast of new trends and developments within the sector, your advertisements and
announcements will be:

- read both by existing and potential purchasers of your products,
- placed directly facing (or near to) relevant editorial, thereby stimulating extra interest,
- noticed.

Therefore, as a new advertiser with screentrade, or perhaps one currently wishing to
enter the industry, your exposure will be greatest.

                            Jobs & Recruitment
Today, the global Cinema industry is both a transient and mobile one and, through
combination of our magazine and website pages, we offer a generous recruitment
advertising package offering good shelf-life for your ads which we display for 3 months
or until the positions become filled – whichever happens soonest. Please advise us the
moment vacancies do become filled. www.screentrademagazine.co.uk/jobs.
                                      screentrade Events
screentrade also will be servicing the Movie Theatre Industry on both sides of the
Atlantic with tailored events to provide a unique and excellent vehicle for advertisers
wishing to target potential clients – senior decision-making management – throughout
the global exhibition-distribution community, in fact. Watch this space for 2007 and

            How does screentrade‟s reach compare
              with other entertainment journals?
screentrade:           Exclusively and all theatre operators, film distributors,
                             projectionists, and Cinema supply companies
Film Journal:                Production, Pre-production, Exhibition sectors (mainly USA)
Screen International:        Various Entertainment sectors (incl. Music, Legit Theatre etc)
Variety:                     Various Entertainment sectors (incl. Music, Legit Theatre etc)
Cinema Technology:           Projectionists/Broadcast/TV and other fringe technical sectors

        What do the Industry‟s “movers & shakers”
                 say about screentrade?
 “The arrival of Screentrade has given our industry a much-required, also enjoyable and
informative trade journal.”          Jim Whittell: Former MD, Odeon, Apollo Cinemas

“Screentrade dives deep, examines trends and critical issues, bringing together business
leaders and technology pioneers, and thus creates a forum for initiatives that impact on
the Cinema market.”                Ann Brighouse, Dir., Marketing THX Ltd

“How sophisticated are Screentrade‟s articles compared with the US Cinema trade
journals here!”                     Gaylord Stanton: GreyStone International Seating

“Focuses not only on the Industry‟s current and future issues, but also on the people in
the business, generating more talking points within the trade worldwide.”
                                                 Mark Batey, CEO, Film Distributors’ Association (Londoon)

“A beautiful Magazine…”                          Sharon Zerr: Business Development Manager, Splyce, Inc.
“Informative, interesting, newsy and readable by all… Screentrade is a magazine that
you keep rather than throw away after reading”
                                       Peter Dobson, CEO: Mann Theatres (Calif.)
                                       & Former SVP, International Film Warner Bros. (London)

       Screentrade… fills a void between The Veteran and what Screen International
“I enjoy
used to be.”                        Ian Riches, MD, Cinemworks

“Screentrade gives all areas of the Industry good opportunity to catch up… and I
especially like the reader response which tells us that people actually read it.”
                                       Alison Quinn, National Account Manager, Osram.

“Informative with good insights into Exhibition‟s trends… [Screentrade] examines
interesting areas that other [journal]s overlook”
                                       Mike Thomson: Ex-Commercial
                                        Director, UGC Cinemas (UK)

“Contains good, helpful information”
                                       Phil Zacheretti: President., Phoenix Theatres,
                                        Knoxville TN

“[Screentrade]‟s exhibitor histories and the whole „behind-scenes‟ feel is enlightening…
the people profiles are also very good”
                                       Debbie Chalet: CEO, Carlton Screen Advertising

“A great magazine for our industry”
                                       Paul Schofield: Technical Manager, Odeon Cinemas

“I find Screentrade magazine better put together, and better-related to Exhibition than
any of the other magazines out there.”
                                       Andrew Lee: President, Franklin Designs
                                       International, Inc.

“I really feel Screentrade has a knack for devising clever ways to reach its target
audience.”                            Suzanne Griffiths: formerly of Hobbs Associates

How do I subscribe to screentrade magazine?
You can subscribe by sending a cheque, PO or International Money Order for £29 (or
US$50) to „Screentrade Media Ltd‟ and sending to:
For UK & Europe                             For USA, Canada & Rest of World
Leslie Waller                               Pamala Stanton
Screentrade Magazine (Subscriptions)        Screentrade Magazine (Subscriptions)
PO Box 144                                  PO Box 24
Orpington                                   Spring Lake
Kent                                        Michigan
BR6 6LZ                                     49456
England                                     United States
subscriptions@screentrademagazine.co.uk     pamscreentrade@aol.com

  NB. We regularly run special subscription and advertising offers through our website.
                   Please visit: www.screentrademagazine.co.uk

               Ad dimensions & mechanical data
            See attachment at end of this advertising packet

                   How do I contact screentrade?
                      For advertising & sponsorship Enquiries

UK Office:                                         US Office:
Leslie Waller                                      Pamala Stanton
Screentrade Media Ltd                              Screentrade Media Ltd
PO Box 144                                         PO Box 24
Orpington                                          Spring Lake
Kent                                               Michigan
BR6 6LZ                                            49456
Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1689 833117                       Tel: 1-616-847-0144
e: advertising@screentrademagazine.co.uk           e: pamscreentrade@aol.com OR

For design, ad. Spec etc enquiries:
Chris Pearce
97 Spur Road
Tel: +44 (0) 1689 821830
Fax: +44 (0) 1689 619138
e: screentrade@propel.co.uk

Editorial enquiries:                               Subscriptions & Backcopies:
Philip Turner                                      Leslie Waller: +44 (0) 1689 833117
Tel: +44 (0) 1689 833117                           e: leslie@screentrademagazine.co.uk

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