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					                                     2008 Field Verification Worksheet
                                         Sub-Process Advisor: Justin Matthews
                                               Advisor: Keith A. Triche

                               Simultaneous Operations (SimOps)
1) Simultaneous Operations (SimOps) is defined as performing two or more
   operations concurrently. Give examples of the operations that would require a
   SimOps Plan. (4 of 7 is sufficient)
SimOps is defined as performing two or more of the following operations concurrently:
       Production Operations
       Rig Operations
       Construction Operations (Includes Instrumentation & Electrical I&E)
       Anchoring of Vessels
       Derrick Barge Operations
       Heavy Lifts by Stationary Cranes
       Diving Operations

2) What is the key element for successful Simultaneous Operations?
The key element during Simultaneous Operations is communication. It is imperative that clear and continuous
communication be maintained between company personnel as well as other service personnel on board.

3) When is it required to use the Daily Simultaneous Operations Log?
The Daily Simultaneous Operations Log is to be used during all Simultaneous Operations and is to be completed daily by
the Person in Charge (PIC) prior to the commencement of Simultaneous Operations.

4) How is this key element, communication, ensured?
SimOps discussions at Daily/Tourly meetings; The use of the Daily Simultaneous Operations Log;

5) What are the three forms of documentation for Simultaneous Operations?
       Simultaneous Operations Plan Form
       Daily Simultaneous Operations Log
       Simultaneous Operations Checklist

6) Who controls the alarm status during Simultaneous Operations?
The PIC, with advice from the other Company Representatives.

Rev. Date: 2/14/2008                                                                                                     1
7) Who may be designated as the Person in Charge (PIC) during SimOps?
               The Drill Site Manager (DSM) or the Well Site Manager (WSM) on all rig operations.
               Production Representative (OS, FC, etc.) on all non-rig operations
               Other by Management designation

8) During Simultaneous Operations when should Stop Work Authority be used?
The use of Stop Work Authority is expected. Everyone should exercise good judgment and promptly respond to any
unusual situation and discontinue simultaneous operations to assure safety of personnel, prevention of harm to the
environment, and protection of property. Stop Work Authority should be used whenever a violation of one or more of the OE
Tenets of Operation is observed.

        1. Operate within design or environmental limits.
        2. Operate in a safe and controlled condition.
        3. Ensure safety devices are in place and functioning.
        4. Follow safe work practices and procedures.
        5. Meet or exceed customer’s requirements.
        6. Main integrity of dedicated systems.
        7. Comply with all applicable rules and regulations.
        8. Address abnormal conditions.
        9. Follow written procedures for high risk or unusual situations.
        10. Involve the right people in decisions that affect procedures and equipment.

9) What is the purpose of the Simultaneous Operations Check List?
It is provided as a tool for use to ensure ongoing compliance with the Simultaneous Operations Plan.

10) What are the components of a Simultaneous Operations Plan? (5 of 6 sufficient)
       Designated PIC for SimOps
       Scope of Work
       Hazard (Risk) Identification & Evaluation
       List of Contractors and Services Provided
       Emergency Response Tools
       NPDES Monitoring & Reporting & Responsible Persons
       Precautions and Actions Guidelines & Responsible Persons
       Specific Well Status

11) How would you define the Precaution & Action Guidelines? (3 of 5 sufficient)
               The heart of the Simultaneous Operations Plan,
               Specific Precautions & Action Guidelines for all 7 Operations addressed by SimOps
               All require a risk exposure evaluation to assess hazards
               Use of SimOps Checklist to ensure ongoing compliance with the SimOps Plan
               Do not preclude the use of Stop Work Authority & OE Tenets

Rev. Date: 2/14/2008                                                                                                        2
12) Have employees demonstrated locating the SimOps process in the
Operations Manual. (Verify Records)
      Locate the GOM SimOps Plan, SimOps Checklist and verify completed documentation.
      Locate the GOM SimOps Flowchart.

Interviewee Asset Team or Prod Group:
Interviewee Company:          Chevron               or Contractor:
                                                                                       (Contractor’s Company Name)
Interviewer Name:                                                            POCIT          DCT              Other
Date of Interview:
            Link to OE Operations Manual – Self Review Process – Level 3 Field Verification Procedures

                       Effectiveness of Process (for use by Interviewer)
                                     Personnel Knowledge of Process
Green – Good                                                  Very Consistent
Yellow – Satisfactory                                         Some Consistency
Red – Less Than Satisfactory                                  Very Little Consistency
                                         Skills - (Equipment)
                                          (i.e. Alarms, ESD Stations, etc)
Green – Good                                                                 Correct Equipment Being Utilized
Yellow – Satisfactory                                                        Some Correct Equipment Being Utilized
Red – Less Than Satisfactory                                                 Incorrect Equipment Being Utilized
                                           Skills – (Records)
Green – Good                                                                 Plans/Daily Logs Accessible & Current
Yellow – Satisfactory                                                        Files In Place, Old Forms
Red –    Less Than Satisfactory                                              Old Forms, Spotty / Lack of Records
                                               Overall Score
Green – Good
Yellow – Satisfactory
Red –    Less Than Satisfactory

Please E-mail the completed Field Verification Worksheet to:

                                               Procedures below:

Rev. Date: 2/14/2008                                                                                                 3
                                Field Verification Procedures

                              1. Reference OE Operations Manual for each OE Process to be reviewed
                                 prior to conducting interviews. Print out the latest version of the Field
                                 Verification Worksheet (FVW) from the Tools section of each process in
                                 the Ops Manual.

                              2. Verifier (POCIT/Other) conducts one-on-one interviews.

                              3. Verifier uses FVW with answers to conduct interviews.

                              4. Verifier records responses, notes and comments in each section of FVW.

                              5. Verifier provides verbal feedback to each employee after interview
                                 including correct answers for each question.

                              6. Verifier documents individual assessment results (red, green, yellow) and
                                 comments on electronic version of FVW. Each employee should be
                                 identified as company or contract employee. Names are not to be
                                 included on forms. Asset Team = Area / Block / Platform

                                     o   Note: Effectiveness section is used to document results of only
                                         the individual employee interviewed. Overall field score will be
                                         determined by sponsors/advisors.

                              7. Verifier to provide verbal feed back to OS or his designee prior to leaving
                                 the field on the overall (based on interviews) level of knowledge of the
                                 process and share areas of concerns.

                              8. Verifier e-mails completed electronic FVW to the assigned Sub-Process
                                 Advisor as indicated on the bottom of the FVW.

                       Comments: (use additional page if necessary)

Rev. Date: 2/14/2008                                                                                         4