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Devonwood Home Owners Association


									       Devonwood Home Owners Association Meeting
Date: July 14, 2008
Time: 7:00 PM

Kip Kozlowski                     Mary Santana
Dan Marinaro                      Ken Ramsey
Mary Santana                      Leioa Spilker
Jodi Barker
Beth Palmer

Call to Order
           Meeting called to order.
Financial Report
            Financial report for June/2008 accepted; Ken motioned, Dan 2nd, motion
Unfinished Business
            Hurricane Protection Storm Shutters
                   o Poma – Colonial Shutters, Bahama Shutters, & Storm Shutters
                   o Semco Southeastern Metals
More detailed information concerning storm shutters can be found on our web site.


       Fence Replacement (approx. 304’)
                       Three estimates provided:
                               Wood fence approximately $5,300.00
                               Vinyl fence approximately $7,600.00
                               Premium vinyl fence approximately $8,800.00
Motion to use wood fence; Ken motions, Dan 2nd , motion carried.
Motion to use Paramount Fencing; Dan motions, Ken 2nd , motion carried.
$6,000.00 to be allocated for the cost of fence also to include permits, sealants, etc.

              Summer Activities
                  o Entertainment Solutions
                        Poolside picnic approximately $350.00
                        The Drive In Movie Show approximately $650.00

Mary will call Glen Poczik for information on booking a Movie Night in September/2008.

              Bulletin Board
              Bulletin board slated to be cut in at front entrance as soon as scheduling
New Business
          Mrs. L. Spilker of 673 Ascot Circle returned her pool/tennis court keys to
             Property First Management Company

             Security Camera at Pool
                     $3,500 to be allocated for the cost of six security cameras at pool
                     area; if cost exceeds said amount approval for additional funds
                     must be agreed upon by board members. Funds can be allotted
                     from pool reserve fund. Ken motions, Dan 2nd , motion carried.

                 Motion made to revert to mailing out statement to homeowners for
                  quarterly dues as opposed to payment booklets; all in favor.

                 Electrician scheduled on Tuesday, 7/15/08 for lighting repair at pool.

                 Motion to adjourn, all in favor, meeting adjourned.

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