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					                   Aspire® Notebooks & Netbooks - Optional Upgrades
                                                                                                            Notebooks                            Netbooks

                                                                                                                  5536      4810           D250
                                  Upgrade / Accessory                          SKU        8920 7738 6930 6920          5335      4535 A150      P531h 751h
                                                                                                                  5535      3810           D150

                   1GB DDR2 667                                             LC.DDR00.004 X                   X                        X                X
                   2GB DDR2 667                                             LC.DDR00.008 X                   X     X      X           X
                   2GB DDR2 667                                             LC.DDR00.009                X                 X           X
                   1GB DDR2 667                                             LC.DDR00.010                           X      X           X                X
                   2GB DDR3 1066                                            LC.DDR00.012           X                           X
                   1GB DDR3 1066                                            LC.DDR00.036                                       X
                   AC Adapters (One AC adapter comes with each system)
                   30W                                                      LC.ADT00.005                                                     X   X     X
                   65W                                                      LC.ADT00.052                                       X
                   65W                                                      LC.ADT01.005                X          X      X           X
                   90W                                                      LC.ADT01.007    X      X         X
                   Li-Ion Primary Batteries (One primary lithium ion battery comes with each system)
                   8-Cell, 4800mAh                                          LC.BTP00.007    X           X    X
                   6-Cell, 4000mAh                                          LC.BTP00.008    X      X         X
                   6-Cell, 4400mAh                                          LC.BTP00.012                                              X
                   6-Cell, 5200mAh (black)                                  LC.BTP00.017                                                     X   X
                   6-Cell, 5200mAh (white)                                  LC.BTP00.018                                                     X   X
                   6-Cell, 5200mAh (black)                                  LC.BTP00.049                                                               X
                   6-Cell, 5600mAh                                          LC.BTP00.052                                       X
                   6-Cell, 5200mAh (black)                                  LC.BTP00.059                                                                      X
                   External Expansion
                   Aspire® One Accessory Kit (10.1" or 11.6")               LZ.23800.024                                                         X     X      X
                   Contains microfiber protective sleeve for 10.1" or 11.6” Aspire One, USB wireless mini-mouse, external Super-Multi drive.
                   USB Floppy Drive (connects via system's USB port)     91.45S05.001       X     X     X     X     X     X     X     X     X    X     X      X
                   Upgrades and accessories for Acer notebooks come with a one-year limited warranty. For a free copy of the standard limited warranty end-users
                   should see a reseller where Acer products are sold or write to Acer America Corporation, Warranty Department, P.O. Box 6137, Temple, TX 76503.

Notebook / Netbook Upgrades                                          Information is subject to change without notice.                                               2/4/10

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