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					               Troubleshooting Slow Performance in
            QuickBooks 2006 in a Multi-User Environment

QuickBooks 2006 is a very different product than previous versions. If it has
been installed using the same multi-user setup that was used with earlier
versions, it is likely that a “floating host” has been created. If QuickBooks is not
installed on the server, or if the “hosting options” are improperly set on any of the
computers, all users (other than the host) must essentially make two network
hops for every interaction with the database.

To correct the “floating host” condition on your network, you will need to:
   1. Identify which computer will be “host” for your data file and move the file to
      that computer. Put the data file in a folder and share that folder with other
      users on the network. If the host computer is a server, QuickBooks 2006
      must be installed on it and set to “Host Multi-User Access”. If the server
      does not allow for other software to be installed on it, “Alternative Mode”
      (see below) should be used.
   2. On each workstation (computers that will not be “host” to the data file),
      open the data file and deactivate multi-user hosting by selecting File, then
      Utilities and then Stop Hosting Multi-User Access. If you do not see “Stop
      Hosting Multi-User Access”, then hosting is already disabled, so you can
      skip this step and move on to the next workstation.

Possible situations for “Alternative Mode”:
   1. QuickBooks data files reside on a server that does not allow any other
       software installed.
   2. QuickBooks data files are stored on a Netware Server.
   3. QuickBooks data files are managed on a Storage Area Network.

In these cases, consider the following options:
     • Consider relocating the QuickBooks data file to one of the workstations
       (the fastest computer with the most memory), and deactivate hosting
       mode on all other workstations as previously instructed.
     • If the data file must be stored on the server, then consider designating
       one of the workstations (the fastest computer with the most memory) as
       the “host”. If you choose this option, you must ensure that the host
       computer is always turned on before any of the other workstations open
       the QuickBooks data file.