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					                                   Fredericksburg VEC
Success Story
Angela Walker

Angel Walker worked for a moving and storage company for over thirteen years as a packer. The
company that she worked for made a decision to let all of the packers go and they could come
back to work for the company as independent contractors. Angela did not want to go back to the
company and work as an independent contractor. Angela has a GED and would like to work in
an office environment. Angela had no computer skills at all and thought if she had computer
skills that would enhance her chances for an office position. Angela shared with me at our first
meeting she would love to work at Mary Washington Hospital and had submitted many on line

The WIA program paid for Angela to attend Germanna Community College where she started
with a Computer Basics class, then took Introduction to MS office, Basic Excel, Accounting for
non-Accountants and Quick Books Pro. I also provided tutorial web sites that Angela could use
so she would not lose her skills, since finding the job was taking longer that she hoped.

Angela finally received the call she was waiting for. Angela received the call from Mary
Washington hospital offering her a position as a line server. Angela would also be using her
computer skills to put information in the computer for the food service department. Angela is
hoping that the position is a stepping-stone for the clerical position she is hoping for.

Angela was very appreciative for the WIA program to pay for her to attend Germanna.
      VEC Workforce Center/Northern Neck One-Stop Narrative

I’m taking this opportunity to follow the customers I spoke to you about in the 9/30/08 narrative,
and introduce you to a few new participants we brought into the WIA Adult and Dislocated
Worker during this past quarter.

You remember:

    Moved here from NY City to take care of a family member, and is a stranger to the area.
    Worked in Manhattan as a Direct Care Counselor, working with the mentally disabled
       and abused children.
    Has no HS diploma or GED, and is not computer literate.
    Attended employment workshops and computer training.
    Completed CNA training in December 2008, and is currently enrolled in GED classes
       while looking for work and waiting for her February date to take the State Boards.

    Moved his family here from Florida because of a new job, but when he got here he found
      that the company he was to work for had locked its doors and disappeared. He had quit
      his job in Florida for this opportunity, and desperately needed very quick assistance.
    Completed CDLA training and was hired by US Xpress as a tractor-trailer driver.

A few of our new participants are:

Teria, Lakia, Stephanie, Tina, Nicole
    All work in fast food, but are employed at less than self-sufficiency wages. Each is very
        bright, and came in wanting Nurse Assistant training in order to start the switch to a
        career in healthcare. They began school in January 2009.

    Had almost completed (1 semester left) her Mortuary Science Degree when she was laid
      off her job.
    She is now in school at John Tyler Community College, and will complete in May 2009.
    She already has a full-time position with the establishment where she has been interning.
                                    Job Assistance Center
Success Stories.
Dislocated Worker

Bernetta Bray- is a 52 year old female that lost her job as a home health companion when West
Point Adult Home closed. She had been working there for over 7 years. She had very little skill
knowledge. She has worked steady for the past 24 years, 17 years at Hardees’ as a biscuit maker
and 7 years at West Point Adult Home as a companion. She was receiving Unemployment
insurance and Food Stamps from Social Services. Her U.I. was getting ready to run out and she
had no idea of what to do. Both jobs that she had had she had gotten through a friend. She had
been going out and filling out application after application with no results. Bernetta’s basic skills
are very low. She tried very hard but was not getting anywhere. Once enrolled we completed
assessment and decided that Bernetta would come into the Job Assistance Center daily to work
on upgrading her basic skills and start preparing to re-enter the work force. Bernetta also did not
drive and had limited transportation. She only lived a couple of miles from the office so we
made arrangements to pick her up daily. Bernetta improved her basic skills, completed job
readiness and we then enrolled her into a Home Health Aide class at Americare Plus. Bernetta
has completed the class and now obtained employment as a Home Health Aide. She is making
$7.20 an hour and is thrilled to death.
She loves her job and fills that she will now be okay.

Success Story Youth

Brandon Warner- was referred to the job Assistance Center through King William High School
and the Department of Rehabilitation Services. He was a Special Education Senior in High
School and was in need of assistance in order to graduate and to obtain a drivers license. Once
enrolled, we worked weekly with Brandon. We helped him to obtain eye glasses so that he could
take drivers education. JAC worked also with DRS and his special education teacher at King
William High School to assist Brandon in completing the 12th grade. After completion of school
we assisted him in obtaining his learners permit. Brandon has now left the area and gone to
Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center in Fishersville. He completed behind the wheel training at
WWRC, and received his driver’s license in December. He is now taking Automobile detailing
at WWRC. He stays in Fishersville during the week and drives himself home every weekend.
Notes- JAC has gotten very busy in our One-Stop. We currently are averaging 26 people per
day. This is up from 7 per day average for last year.
       Eastern Shore Community College Combined Youth and One Stop
                           Quarterly Success
Participant accomplishment:

In November, seven of our WIA participants earned Career Readiness Certificates, one at the
gold level, two at the silver level, and four at the bronze level. Since this is a new performance
measure, we consider this a huge success.

Organizational accomplishment:

All One Stop partners in our region met in November to learn about a software program for
teaching soft skills. The partners invited area chambers of commerce, the local hospital, and
several other large businesses to attend a presentation and demonstration on the software. The
meeting led to excellent discussion on the needs of businesses and the role of the One Stop
center in helping them fulfill some of those needs. Rich Sterrett, director of Northampton Social
Services, took the lead in this effort.
                           EMPLOYMENT RESOURCES INC.
                          QUARTERLY REPORT NARRATIVE
                              October - December, 2008

One young man has impressed us at Employment Resources Incorporated this past quarter
with his successful completion of goals and activities. This young man, Phillip Pascua, is in
his last quarter of follow-up. Phillip entered the program in May, 2007 as an older youth
not attending school and not employed. Phillip was referred to ERI by a close friend who
had been assisted by us in the past and who was prepared to earn his GED. Phillip entered
the program as a single parent of a baby girl and had a past history of drug-related
charges. He was 20 years of age and legally responsible for having to acknowledge his
criminal history when applying for work. He was getting nowhere fast and beginning to
spiral out of control back into the drug world.

Once an initial assessment was made, Phillip’s main goals were determined. The first goal
was to complete work readiness training, the second was to obtain job placement assistance
and the third was to explore post-secondary options. Phillip completed the work readiness
training curriculum to include: Career Exploration, Job Search Techniques, Interviewing
Skills, Job Retention and Budgeting. Next, he wished to concentrate on obtaining full-time
employment in order to support his baby. Phillip accomplished this but not without a
struggle due to his age and criminal background. However, with assistance from ERI,
Phillip secured a full-time position as a Production Worker making $9.50 and did well.
This employment motivated Phillip to drive to Germanna Community College and take
their Placement Test. He completed this and was now considering enrolling for a college

Unfortunately, Phillip’s past caught up with him. He was now scheduled to appear in court
on a past charge. This court appearance resulted in the loss of his job.
Phillip fell quickly into a deep depression even refusing to leave his home. Finally, after
weeks of repeated contacts to him and his mother, Phillip responded and agreed to be
picked up and transported to ERI for a consultation. Through the efforts of Mrs. Simms,
Phillip was notified of a new program offered through ERI in Customer Service. He was
advised that this credential would give him that “something extra” he would need to hit the
ground running again and begin applying for work. He would also be one of the first
individuals in the region to obtain this credential. Phillip was excited about this new
program and was up for the challenge. He began attending the workshops on time and was
an active participant. The Phillip we first met was beginning to emerge. Soon after, Phillip
was successful and passed the exam earning his National Professional Certificate in
Customer Service through the National Retail Federation. Phillip took this certificate on
an interview at Carlos O’Kelly’s and was hired as a host. He was told he would be able to
move on to the kitchen if he proved himself. However, the management was so impressed
with his customer service skills, he was moved to the floor as a waiter where he is doing
extremely well.

Phillip has regained his self confidence and has matured into a young man able to provide
for his family. Phillip is gainfully employed, engaged to be married and just welcomed a
new baby boy into his life. He continues to remain in contact with staff an is grateful for
the assistance afforded him. He is planning on pursuing classes again at Germanna
Community College.

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