Caring for God s Creation

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					 With regard to Catholic Social Teaching in the public square, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops offers
                                           “Seven Key Themes”
The Right to Life and the Dignity of the Human Person         Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
Call to Family, Community, and Participation                  Solidarity
Rights and Responsibilities                                   Caring for God’s Creation
Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

Caring for God’s Creation
“Care for the earth is a duty of our Catholic faith. We all are called to be careful
stewards of God’s creation and to ensure a safe and hospitable environment for
vulnerable human beings now and in the future.”

As per Chapter 10 of the                 “Christian culture has always                 the human person…. Although
Compendium of the Social                 recognized the creatures that                 it is true that an uneven distri-
Doctrine of the Church, “Only            surround man as also gifts of                 bution of the population and of
man and woman, among all                 God to be nurtured and                        available resources creates
creatures, were made by God 'in          safeguarded with a sense of                   obstacles to development and a
his own image' (Gen 1,27)....            gratitude to the Creator....                  sustainable      use    of   the
The biblical vision inspires the                                                       environment, it must nonethe-
behaviour of Christians in               “nature is not a sacred or divine             less be recognized that demo-
relation to their use of the             reality that man must leave                   graphic growth is fully compat-
earth, and also with regard to           alone. Rather, it is a gift offered           ible with an integral and shared
the advances of science and              by the Creator to the human                   development….
technology....                           community….
                                                                                       “Inadequate access to safe
“A correct understanding of the          “the goods of the earth were                  drinking water affects the well-
environment      prevents   the          created by God to be used                     being of a huge number of
utilitarian reduction of nature          wisely by all. They must be                   people and is often the cause of
to a mere object to be                   shared equitably, in accordance               disease, suffering, conflicts,
manipulated and exploited. At            with justice and charity....                  poverty and even death....
the same time, it must not                                                             the right to safe drinking water
absolutize nature and place it           “The close link that exists                   is a universal and inalienable
above the dignity of the human           between the development of the                right.
person himself….                         poorest countries, demographic
                                         changes and a sustainable use                 "lifestyles should be inspired by
                                         of the environment must not                   sobriety, temperance, and self-
                                         become a pretext for political                discipline at both the individual
                                         and economic choices that are                 and social levels”
                                         at variance with the dignity of
"a correct understanding of the
relationship between man & the
environment will not end by
absolutizing nature or by
considering it more important
than the human person. If the
Church's magisterium expresses
grave misgivings about notions of
the environment inspired by
ecocentrism and biocentrism, it is
because such notions eliminate
the difference of identity & worth
between the human person &
other living things. In the name of
a supposedly egalitarian vision of
the 'dignity' of all living
creatures, such notions end up
abolishing the distinctiveness and
superior role of human beings.
They also open the way to a new
pantheism tinged with neo-
paganism, which would see the
source of man's salvation in
nature alone, understood in
purely naturalistic terms" (Pope
Benedict XVI’s Message for the
2010 World Day of Peace)