2008 Annual Report by tyndale


									               General Policy Council Members
                   (Executive Committee Members shown in bold)                         Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District
Athens County                    Hocking County                    Meigs County
Nancy Aiken                      Greg Green                        Mick Davenport
Lenny Eliason                    Fred Hawk                         Mike Gerlach
Larry Payne                      John Walker                       Donald Vaughan
Dick Shaw                        Michael Walsh
John Simpson
                                 Morgan County                     Noble County
Mark Sullivan
                                 Dean Cain                         Richard Flood
Paul Wiehl
                                 Ron Moore                         Virgil Thompson
Monroe County
John Curtis                     Washington County
Tim Price                       Dennis Blauser
John Pyles                      Sam Cook
                                Sharon Hoffee                                                                     Multi-County Planning Unit
Perry County                    Mike Lorentz
Janine Conrad                   Cora Marshall                                                                     • Supporting Economic &
Tim Danielson                   Michael Mullen                                            Serving                   Community Development
Fred Shriner                    Steve Weber
                                                                                            Eight                 • Creating Partnerships
The Executive Committee has 15 members comprised of four non-elected                    Southeastern              • Leveraging Resources
representatives, one minority representative, Mayor’s of the two largest
cities in the District, and 8 county representatives appointed by the                       Ohio                  • Providing Technical Support
county commissioners. Like the General Policy Council, two-thirds of the
Executive Committee are elected officials; one-third are nonelected
                                                                                          Counties                • Advocating & Educating
officials and minority
representatives.                                                                                                  • Planning Regionally
                                                                                                                  • Area Agency on Aging 8
First Annual Simcox Leadership Award Announced
                           John Curtis of Monroe County was
                           honored with The Simcox Leadership                          www.buckeyehills.org
                           Award for his more than 20 years of
                           service. This honor recognizes a current or
                           past Buckeye Hills Board member,
                           business, community or county leader
                           who exemplifies principles of vision and
                                                                                                                     Serving Athens, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe,
leadership and commitment to the success of the 8-county region.                                                    Morgan, Noble, Perry & Washington Counties
The award honors the leadership of C. Boyer Simcox who served as
Executive Director and as an advocate for our region. Curtis has                                                     BH-HVRDD: P.O. Box 520 • Reno, OH 45773
served on the Executive Committee, the Personnel Committee                                                                740-374-9436 • 1-800-835-8088

and with the Revolving Loan Fund. Pictured above is John Curtis                                                        AAA8: P.O. Box 370 • Reno, OH 45773
                                                                                                                          740-373-6400 •1-800-331-2644
with his wife, Kay Curtis.

  Serving Athens, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, Perry & Washington Counties               2008 Annual Report
               From The Executive Director...

                     Dear Friends,
                     In 2008, we celebrated 40 years of work in the
                     region by Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional
                      Development District. Serving more than 255,000
                      consitutents in Athens, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe,
                      Morgan, Noble, Perry, and Washington
                      Counties, our organization is a strong and vital
                      community partner.
                         Whether reaching out to the region’s aging in
                         need of in-home assistance, providing
communities with economic and community development support,
or serving as advocates on the state and national level, the Buckeye
Hills staff serves with dedication.                                               Development and AAA8 staff at work and having fun.
The Development Department:
• assists communities in securing funding to improve or extend            Judy Kuhn           Quality Improvement Assistant
  water and sewer service;                                                Kara Wright         PAR Screener
• works to increase access to health care and education;                  Kay Brammer         RN, Assessor
• provides gap financing for small businesses (through the                Kelli Lewis         Clinical Assistant
  Revolving Loan Fund) to create and retain private sector jobs;          Kerry Nicholson     RN, Assessor
• administers state and federal grants and loan funding; and              Kim Steed           Clinical Supervisor
• advocates and serves as the liaison between state and federal           Linda Myers         Nutrition Coordinator
  partners and communities.                                               Lindsay Place       Information & Referral Specialist
                                                                          Lisa Keaveney       RN, Assessor
The Area Agency on Aging provides essential services to the nearly
                                                                          Lynn Gedeon         Case Manager, (RN) & (LSW)
48,000 residents aged 60+ and plans for the growth of this                Michelle Hyer       Development Specialist 2
demographic as the Baby Boomers age.                                      Mindy Cayton        Planner
This year, with support from county and community leaders, Buckeye        Misty Anderson      Quality Improvement Assistant
Hills continued its proactive advocacy efforts defending funding for      Nancy Morris        Quality Improvement Manager
rural development and aging programs and promoting regional               Pat Biehl           Case Manager, RN
interests at state and federal levels.                                    Pat Palmer          Clinical Supervisor
                                                                          Sandy Cicler        Case Manager, RN
Now, with more than 40 years behind us, Buckeye Hills continues to        Sara Swisher        Assessor
build on its foundation of fostering cooperation in regional planning,    Sherry Crawford     Secretary/Receptionist/Clinical Assistant
and in building a better quality of life for the residents we serve. We   Sue Lassiter        Ombudsman Specialist
look forward to continued partnerships in 2009 and beyond.                Tina Meunier        Business Development Coordinator
                                                                          Tina Parker         Secretary/Receptionist/ Q.I. Assistant
                                                                          Veronica Norman     Case Manager, LSW
                                                                          Vicki Bennet        Case Manager, RN
Misty Casto
Executive Director
                        Buckeye Hills Staff                                                Development Department

Executive Staff                                                        2008 Project Outcomes
                                                                        51 projects
Misty Casto: Executive Director
                                                                        Total project cost: $32,246,978
Gwynn Clifford: Communications Director                                 Administrative cost: $463,122
Doug Dye: Director of Fiscal Operations                                 839 jobs created or retained                  After more than six years of planning,
                                                                        Revolving Loan Fund: 3 Loans for              the new Amesville “Clustered”
Kim Flanigan: Long-Term Care Ombudsman Director                                                                       Wastewater Project was marked by an
                                                                        $338,402 with 19 jobs created & 39 jobs       official ribbon cutting ceremony in
Rick Hindman: Assistant Executive Director/AAA Director                  retained - Additional private/public         October. The project is the first of its
                                                                        investment of $1,504,978                      kind in the state to receive a permit
Jamie Lewis, CNA & MCSA: Security MIS Director                                                                        from the Environmental Protection
Jane Skeen, LSW: Home Care Director                                    Leveraged Administrative Dollars:              Agency (EPA); it will serve 84 structures
                                                                                                                      in Amesville. Several gathered as
                                                                       $1 administration = $69.63 in project
Melissa Zoller: Development Director                                                                                  Amesville Village Council President
                                                                       dollars                                        John O’Donnell cut the “ribbon.”

                                                                       Buckeye Hills Hosts Town Hall Meetings
Development & Area Agency on Aging 8 Staff                                               Town Hall meeting
                                                                                         participants voiced
Alta Coffman           Case Manager, RN                                                  their thoughts on a
Amanda Casto           Secretary/Receptionist                                            variety of topics and
Angie Robinson         Secretary/Receptionist                                            shared ideas for part-
Angie Scott            Case Manager, LSW                                                 nerships and working
Anita Offenberger      Case Manager, RN                                                  toward solutions. As Shown above is Buckeye Hills Exec. Dir.,
Brandi Hesson          Secretary/Receptionist                          Noble County      a result, the true      Misty Casto addressing the Monroe
Brenda Wolfe           Fiscal Assistant 1                              Town Hall Meeting voice of those living County Town Hall Forum.
Bret Allphin           GIS Manager                                     in the county and region was gathered, offering needed insight for future
Cathy Ash              Trainer                                         planning. The perspectives shared will help Buckeye Hills learn how to
Charmel Wesel          Development Specialist 1                        best serve people living in the 8-county region. County-by-county reports
Christy Horn           Case Manager, RN                                are available on the Buckeye-Hills website.
Christy Platt          Case Manager, RN
Darlene Vandine        Caregiver Advocate, LPN
Deanna Starkey         Secretary/Receptionist
Debbie Parsons         Fiscal Assistant 1                              Marietta Receives $250,000 ARC Grant for Armory Project
Denise Keyes           Fiscal Manager                                                               The City of Marietta was awarded a
Diane Keith            Information & Referral Specialist                                            $250,000 grant from the Governor’s Office of
Gerri VanNoy           Information & Referral Specialist                                            Appalachia to renovate the City’s vacant
Glenda Collins         Clinical Operations Manager                                                  historic National Guard Armory for future use
Jamie Sweeney          Case Manager, LSW                                                            as a visitor information and multi-use com-
Janie Collins          Program Assistant                                                            munity center in downtown Marietta.
Jayne Yates            Case Manager, RN                                                             Governor’s Office of Appalachia Director
Jennifer Andros        Clinical Assistant                                                           Fred Deel was joined by (from left) Christi
Jennifer Fuller        LSW, Assessor                                                                Mash, Governor’s Regional Director, State
Jenny Myers            Communications Specialist & Program Assistant   Representative Jennifer Garrison and Marietta Mayor Michael Mullen.
Joe Gage               Housing Coordinator
                       Area Agency on Aging 8                                                              July 2007 through June 30, 2008
Services & Programs:                                                                       REVENUES
  Hosted The Choices Expo on Nov. 12-13 in Marietta with over 300                          Economic Development Administration (EDA)                          $      54,628.00
  participants and nearly 50 exhibitors attending.                                         Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)                                    200,259.91
                                                                                           Ohio Department of Aging (ODA)                                           830,580.75
  Conducted Home Energy Assistance Outreach
                                                                                           State of Ohio – Local Development District Support                       130,494.00
  Program across the region.
                                                                                           ODOD Job Ready Site                                                        1,040.65
  Launched The Working Caregiver Program to regional employers.                            Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC)                                       55,322.45
                                                                                           Trickle Up Program                                                         3,326.28
AAA8 Supports AARP’s Livable Communities Effort                                            Community Development Block Grant Administration                          20,930.76
                                     Representatives from Marietta attended                City of Marietta                                                           5,000.00
                                     the AARP Livable Communities                          U.S. EPA Grant                                                               593.36
                                     Committee meetings at the AAA8 office                 Local Per Capita Contribution                                             30,500.00
                                     in Marietta to discuss the assets and                 Revolving Loan Fund                                                       94,207.04
                                     challenges facing the city as it prepares             PASSPORT Program                                                       2,216,525.75
                                     to accomodate the growth of the city’s                Misc. Income                                                              13,900.54
                                     aging population.
                                                                                           TOTAL REVENUES                                                     $3,657,309.49
                                  Pictured at the program launch from left to right
                                  are: Terry Zdrale Exec. Director of the O’Neill Senior   EXPENDITURES
                                  Center; Misty Casto Exec. Director of Buckeye Hills’     Personnel                                                          $1,571,546.77
AAA8; AARP’s Rebecca Wheeler-Grieve and Marietta Mayor Michael “Moon” Mullen.
                                                                                           Fringe Benefits                                                       920,066.03
                                                                                           Travel                                                                215,241.90
AAA8 Receives NADO Innovation Award                                                        Equipment                                                              38,843.02
                      The Buckeye Hills AAA8 received an Innovation                        Contractual Services                                                   30,496.10
                      Award from The National Assoc. of Development                        Rent                                                                  176,504.46
                      Organizations (NADO) for implementing Healthy                        Other Direct Costs                                                    278,442.45
                      IDEAS and Healthy U evidence-based health                            Indirect Cost                                                         410,307.20
                      promotion programs. Shown to the left is AAA8
                                                                                           TOTAL EXPENDITURES                                                 $3,641,447.93
                      Director Rick Hindman receiving the award from
                      NADO’s First Vice President Leanne Mazer.                            BALANCE                                                                   $15,861.56
                                                                                           Audited Statement

                                                                                           Development Department Funding
Area Agency on Aging (AAA8) Services and Units Provided:
Alzheimers Education                        3,654 hours                                    Total costs for the 2008                                      Federal, 
Home Medical Equipment                      1,277 units                                    Development projects                                         $2,449,497

Senior Volunteers                           4,164 hours                                    were approximatley                  Local, 

Sr. Volunteers RSVP                         75,455 hours                                   $32 million, with local           $9,472,398

Personal Care                               411,373 hours                                  communities and
Homemaker                                   11,798 hours                                   private business
Home Delivered Meals                        207,392 meals                                  leveraging $9 million                             State, 

Adult Day Care                              1,740 hours                                    against the nearly $23                         $20,325,083

Congregate Meals                            40,876 meals                                   million provided
Medical Escort                              2,592 trips                                    through state and
Transportation                              19,983 trips                                   federal funding sources.
Legal Assistance                            352 cases
                 2008 Revenues and Expenditures
                          This was the 31st year that Buckeye Hills has
                          operated with a federally approved Cost
                          Allocation Plan. This allows all the programs
                          administered by the agency to be included in
                          a single set of books and accounting records.
                          The Cost Allocation Plan and its indirect cost
                          rate permit a more equitable distribution of                    PASSPORT:
                          common agency costs among all the funding                       In the past year, more than 750 individuals participated in the PASSPORT
Doug Dye: Director of     entities.                                                       program affording them the opportunity to receive quality care and
Fiscal Operations                                                                         support services in the comfort of their own homes. Nearly five people will
                      A single audit will include all of the                              be cared for through state funds available through PASSPORT for the
administrative operations of BH-HVRDD. All of the agency’s                                same cost of providing state-funded care for one person in a nursing
programs are audited annually by a certified public accounting                            facility.
firm. Audit reports for 2008 reflect that the agency’s operating                            Served 771 PASSPORT Clients through nearly 80 regional providers with
policies and procedures are adequate and efficient, and in                                  service dollars of: $7,730,390.
compliance with the rules and regulations prescribed by the
funding agencies. All grant funds received above actual costs are                           PASSPORT Enrollment as of Dec. 2008:
                                                                                            Athens: 172   Hocking: 119    Meigs: 87              Monroe: 36        Morgan: 57
either returned to the funding agency after completion of the
                                                                                            Noble: 32   Perry: 118  Washington:150
annual audit, or utilized in the following year for allowable
program activities.
                                                                                          Housing Program:
                                                                                          The Housing Coordinator completed 26 jobs for a total of $96,968. The
Local in-kind contributions are not reflected in the overall
                                                                                          projects were predominately handicap access issues for clients that had
summary. Purchase of service contracts administered by the Area                           mobility needs and minor home modification for safer home environments
Agency on Aging 8 and the loan activities of the Revolving Loan                           and were funded by a variety of grant resources.
fund are not included in this report.
                                                                                          Senior Farmers Market Program:
Area Agency on Aging Funding                                                              With grant support from USDA, the Senior Farmers
                                                                                          Market served 1,144 seniors with $51,825 in coupons
The Area Agency on Aging receives funding through many sources to
                                                                                          redeemed. The program was supported by nearly
administer and support in-home services for clients over 60. The Federal
                                                                                          80 farmers or markets.
government provides funding for Title III services through the Older Ameri-
cans Act. Nutrition service incentives (NSIP)and Senior Farmer’s Market
  $450,000                                                        (FM) are funded         Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program:
  $400,000                                                        through the US              179 cases
  $350,000                                                        Dept. of Agriculture.       1,351 total hours
                                                                  The State of Ohio           86.6% resolution
                                                                  funds Block Grant
                                                                                          The Ombudsman Program
                                                                  (BG), National Senior
  $200,000                                                                                addresses concerns about the
  $150,000                                                                                quality of long-term care services Above: Kim Flanigan, Long-Term Care Ombudsman
                                                                  Alzheimer’s, RSVP and
  $100,000                                                                                and negotiates for the solution of Director shares program details at The Choices Expo.
                                                                  Housing repair assis-   problems that arise between         Exhibitors join in a game of chair volleyball.
                                                                  tance through the       providers and consumers of long-term care services. The Ombudsman
                                                                  Department of           investigates complaints confidentially, advocates for client’s rights, and
                                                                  Development.            negotiates with service providers to resolve problems.
               Advocacy & Legislative Awards
As a Council of Government (COG), Buckeye Hills has the unique ability        Garrison Receives Ohio Distinguished Legislator Award
to perform cross jurisdictional work and often manage and represent
stakeholder values in the state and federal public policy and funding         Mike Jacoby, Director of the
environments. Engaging legislators at the state and federal level, COGs       Southeastern Ohio Port Authority, and
help to generate visibility to regional needs. They also often serve as       Misty Casto, Buckeye Hills, present
regional leaders in forming, shaping and changing public policy and           Representative Jennifer Garrison (D-
strategies for service delivery.                                              93rd District) with the Ohio Economic
                                                                              Development Association’s (OEDA)
The Bottom Line: Improving the quality of life for the nearly 255,000 resi-   Distinguished Legislator Award.
dents (including nearly 42,000 senior citizens) across eight Ohio Appala-     OEDA recognizes Ohio Legislators
chian counties.                                                               who demonstrate leadership in
                                                                              promoting regional community and
                                                                              economic development.
U.S. Senator Voinovich Receives Congressional Partnership Award

Executive Director Misty Casto was pleased to                                 Ohio Senator Tim Schaffer Visits Perry County PASSPORT Client
honor U.S. Senator George Voinovich with the                                                                    The popular PASSPORT program that
National Association of Development Organi-                                                                     allows elderly Ohioans to receive less-
zations’ Congressional Partnership Award. This                                                                  expensive care in the comfort of their
honor recognizes Members of Congress who                                                                        own homes is making a difference to
have demonstrated leadership in promoting                                                                       one Perry County family.
Regional Community and Economic Develop-                                                                        Buckeye Hills Area Agency on Aging 8
ment. Accepting the award was Brandon                                                                            and its provider Cambridge Home
Kern of the SE Ohio Regional Office for the                                                                      Health hosted a home visit with
Senator. Voinovich was nominated for his                                                                         PASSPORT Client and Ohio Senator Tim
work to reauthorize the Appalachian Regional                                  Schaffer. Dannie Dyeris is 66 and enjoys being able to stay in the comfort
Commission. He helped secure $75 million for the ARC in the 2008 Energy       of his New Lexington home because of equipment and services provided
and Water Development Appropriations bill. The funding was a $10              by PASSPORT.
million increase over 2007 levels.
                                                                              Area Agency on Aging 8 Legislative Partnership Award
                                                                                             The AAA8 Partnership Award recognizes a current or past
Zack Space Receives Appalachian & NADO Congressional Awards                                  AAA8 Region local, state or federal legislator who sup-
                                                                                             ports the principles and an ongoing commitment to the
U.S. Congressman Zack Space of Ohio received a 2008 Congressional                            mission of AAA8 in serving the region’s caregivers and
                               Award from the Development District                           aging population. For 2008: Ohio Representative, (now
                               Association of Appalachia for his                             Senator) Jimmy Stewart was nominated for his efforts on
                               advocacy on behalf of the 23 million                          the Unified Long-Term Care Budget as a member of The
                               people of Appalachia.                                         Joint Committee on Medicaid Technology and Reform.

                                    Shown at left are Morgan County
                                                                                                  At left: Executive Director Misty Casto
                                    Commissioner Dean Cain and Execu-                             with Jerri Dahler, U.S. Congressman
                                    tive Director Misty Casto presenting                          Charlie Wilson’s regional office Repre-
                                    Zack Space with The National Devel-                           sentative. At right: Executive Director
                                    opment Organization Assoc. Congres-                           Misty Casto with OH Senator Joy Padgett
                                    sional Partnership Award.                                     and Senator-elect Jimmy Stewart.

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