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					                                                                                April 2004

Bob Rathbone - C.V.
Qualifications   Educated at Thornbury Grammar School and Filton Technical
                 College Bristol

                 O’ Level Mathematics, Physics, General Science, A Level Dutch
                 (University of London ) 1 Year Mechanical engineering, City & Guilds
                 Electrical and Electronic Certificate, Indentures in Industrial
                 Instrumentation and process control. Dutch Civil Aviation Commercial
                 Pilot Examinations (See additional information).

Experience       April 2002 – A leading Pharmaceutical company, Belgium
                 Network and security operational support
                    Support improvements to the network infrastructure throughout
                     Europe, Africa and the Middle East, PIX firewalls, Some Cisco secure
                     policy manager maintenance. Cisco routers and switches. Nortel
                     Contivity VPN concentrators. Arrowpoint 11500 Load balancers. Some
                     IDS experience. Some QIP and Nethealth. IpSec, WCCP some BGP.
                    Setting up Envirex X-Terminals, CDE, menus etc.
                    HPUX 11.0 system administration (SAM ,NFS etc.)
                    Wrote interface between Tivoli and HP Openview NNM( Korn shell).
                    Wrote Internet Lines monitoring program using Cisco remote ping and
                     Perl. Alarms sent by e-mail and posted to Openview NNM and Tivoli.
                    Wrote customer monitoring facility using Perl. Graphical history
                     provided by Cricket graphing tool.
                    Wrote Arrowpoint (Cisco) Load-balancer enquiry program, in Perl and
                    Wrote customer enquiry program in Perl and HTML.
                    Wrote test procedures for some 30 new network centres to comply
                     with the Federal Drug Administration (USA) part 11 regulations for the
                     qualification of networks used in the drugs industry.
                    Windows 2000 terminal services. Linksys Wireless ADSL.

                 July 2001 – Feb 2002 Nuon ICT - Amsterdam
                 Network and security specialist
                    Troubleshooting and maintenance of Cisco PIX Firewall, Cisco content
                     switch, Cisco 7100,7206,3600,2610,2500 routers, Exposure to Cisco
                     8500 and Madge ATM switches. Cisco 800 ISDN routers. 2980 series
                     switch. Lucent M770, P882 and P330. Involved in security policy
                     discussions with Price Waterhouse. Consultancy on network
                     improvements in particular security.
                    Redesign of head office network (Router consolidation). 802.1Q VLAN
                     Trunking protocol. ISDN PRI/BRI dialer setups. E3 and E35 serial
                     WAN interfaces. Cisco works. PC-Duo. Familiar with Cisco 8540 ATM
                     switches. HP Openview en Cisco Works. Cisco PIX firewall.
                    Implementation of various web site infrastructures for Nuon

                                                                          Bob Rathbone CV
                                                                                April 2004

Experience       Implementation of infrastructure for home teleworking for Nuon
(Continued)       employees. Windows NT/2000 server (DHCP, WINS and DNS).
                 Project management of Head office network redesign and re-cabling.

              July 2000 – June 2001                  Colt Telecom (ISP) - Amsterdam
              Operations support (Network monitoring and security)
                 Set up of a Remote Access Server into the Amsterdam Point of
                  Presence for remote monitoring of systems using CISCO 3640 ISDN
                  and POTS (MICA card). Cisco 2600. Some 6500 Catalyst and MFSC
                  experience. VPN set up (PPTP).
                 Project management and design for the set up of a network monitoring
                  system based upon HP Openview, NNM, Customer views, SNMP, on
                  two Sun Solaris 7.0 platforms (Sun E220R and E240R). integration
                  with CiscoView, Concorde E-Health and BMC patrol. HP Open view
                  maps built from customer database (SQL 7.0) on Compaq DL30 NT
                  using Easysoft ODBC bridge and Web based interface using PHP4.
                  Linux O/S.
                 Solaris administration and security hardening, SSH and
                  TCP/Wrappers, Tokens based Ace security servers
                 Set up of Cisco routers and switches, IP over Sonet (SDH).. General
                  ISP management using QIP (IP Management tool), DNS
                  management, RIPE, maintenance of SLA’s. Experience with Veritas
                  Netbackup. Win NT,Compaq RIMLOE.

              Nov 98 – June 2000           AIRSYS ( now Thales) ATM Chessington
              Commissioning Manager
                 The production of commissioning and installation specifications for a
                  safety critical Air Traffic Control System for the Swedish Civil Aviation
                  Authority (LFV) for Stockholm & Malmö. Digital UNIX (5.04D) on DEC
                  Alpha Servers and Workstations. Supervising of commissioning
                 Networking some 52 individual networks over 9 separate sites using
                  Digital Hubs, Concentrators, CISCO Routers, Bridges and FDDI
                  networking (single and multi-mode fibre) equipment. ClearVISN
                  (HubWatch) and Tivoli Netview. Trained on UBS (Unix based
                 Documentation to DOD 2167A and ISO 9000 standards.
                 Project management of all commissioning aspects and customer
                  acceptance testing of installed Air Traffic control system. Chaired all
                  acceptance test meetings with senior Swedish Civil Aviation Authority
                  project managers (LFV).
                 Training of two small teams in commissioning and test procedures,
                  one in Sweden and the other in the UK . Supervising their activities.

              June 98 – October 98 Swift Computing Limited,                        Bristol
              Senior network and communications consultant
                 In house and client consultancy for all aspects of networking and
                  associated infrastructures. Java serialised object communications
                  (KAWA), HTML, Apache Server under SCO Unix. Writing
                  communications daemon using C and Sockets, pseudo tty's, setting
                  up proxy web servers and firewall.

                                                                          Bob Rathbone CV
                                                                             April 2004

Experience    Feb 96 - May 98             Thorn Transit Systems Int. Ltd.        Wells
(Continued)   Network and communications consultant & programmer
                 Design and programming of a object orientated communications
                  interface over TCP/IP for a combined project for a automated fare
                  system for The Lantau Airport Light railway system in Hong Kong,
                  Kuala Lumpur       light railway system, Malaysia and Metrolink
                 Responsible for design and techniques to link some 35 station
                  systems with 300 pieces of computer equipment using TCP/IP LANs
                  and WANs using TCP/IP. Setting up Network Time protocol (NTP),.
                 Implementation of Client/Server programs on Sun sparc ( Solaris 2.x) ,
                  Dec Alpha 2100A and QNX embedded systems using Watcom C++
                  and Unix C++ tools. Tools used are Sun RPC/XDR and Berkley
                  Sockets. Perl and Korn shell scripting.
                 Implementation and system administration of Thorn Transit’s own Unix
                  Network, Domain name service (DNS) and NIS 2, Automounter,
                  Exceed X-Windows on PCs including Windows NT 4.0 and Windows
                  95. Unix and Exchange mail integration using POP3 and SMTP.
                  Setting up Netscape and Apache httpd web server, CGI scripts and
                  HTML documentation. Setting up Develcon ISDN routers.
                 Dynamic Link Library for CSocket based comms interface using MFC
                  classes and Visual C++ Version 5.0.

              Jan 96 -Feb 96              Southampton University Hospital trust.
              Contract programmer
                 Programming of pathology reports over Net-Tel X.400 E-Mail system
                  using Korn Shell, SCO Unix. System documentation .

              Oct 95 - Jan 96             Nedlloyd Lijnen BV.     Rotterdam Holland.
              Senior Unix consultant - contract
                 Disaster recovery planning for world wide X.25 and Lan network.
                 Setting up Domain Name server under TCP/IP for Europe and Asia.
                 Unix ‘C’ and Korn shell script programming, DEC Alpha, Sequent.

              June 95 - Oct 95            Reuters Limited                      London
              Systems programmer - contract
                 Conversion of X.25 and Lan products from DOS to Windows NT using
                  Visual C++ version 2.0.
                 System and test documentation.

              Feb 94 - June 95            Siemens Nixdorf           Utrecht - Holland
              Senior consultant programmer - contract
                 Wrote an X.25 dialer over UUCP for Ministry of employment in
                  Madrid, Spain.
                 Wrote telephone call routing using TCP/IP and Winsock libraries under
                  Windows 3.11 and Unix. Using Visual C++ v1.5. and MFCs
                 Unix kernel support for TCP/IP NFS, X.21, HDLC products. Crash
                  dump analysis. System V Transport Level Interface (TLI).
                 Streams modules programming. Sybase ESQL-C. Unix administration.

                                                                       Bob Rathbone CV
                                                                             April 2004

Experience    May 93 - Jan 94             GPT Limited                  Poole - Dorset
              Communications programmer - contract
                 Wrote Emergency and Operator Services subscriber lookup system
                  using Borland C++ Novell Lan Workplace toolkit, TCP/IP and Unix C.
                 Wrote real time call monitoring system using Windows SDK toolkit.
                 TCP/IP server using Berkley sockets on a HP9000 under HP/UX

              Sept 92 - March 93          Swift Computing Ltd.                  Bristol
                 Pre-sales and technical support on network products.
                 Informix and Tetra accounting systems. Systems analysis and

              Oct 91 - Sept 92            Forte Computer Systems Ltd.           Bristol
              Managing Director
                 Formed company after break up of Sure partnership. Sold business in
                  September 92 to Swift Computing Limited.

              Aug 82 - Sept 91            Sure Computing Partnership.       Chepstow
              Partner and Technical Director (Some 30 employees)
                 Design, implementation and project management of a 6809 micro-
                  processor based communications interface for PC to ICL System 25
                 Terminal Emulator and File Transfer facility using ‘C’ 8086 assembler.
                 Designed and implemented ½ size 6809 based internal PC for a
                  communications interface. Wrote 6809 based firmware.
                 PC Device drivers in 8086 assembler for a communications interface
                  (Sirup PC Card).
                 Designed and implemented interface between CDC concentrator and
                  ICL minis for ICL North America Retail Division in Dallas in the USA.

              Jan 75 – July 82            International Computers LTD           Bristol
              Regional Systems Support Engineer
                 Regional systems support on ICL System 25 mini computer.
                 Implemented Factory Data Collection Systems for Rolls Royce, British
                  Aerospace, and Westland helicopters.
                 Lecturer at the ICL training college in Letchworth.

              May 69 - Nov 74             Singer Business Machines Ltd.         Bristol
              Hardware Engineer
                 Repair and servicing Electronic data processing equipment..
                 Transferred to Singer BV Apeldoorn in the Netherlands from
                  December 1973 until November 1975.

              May 65 - May 69             Rio Tinto Zinc Co.                    Bristol
              Indentured apprentice in Industrial Instrumentation.
                 Four year apprenticeship in Industrial Instrumentation and Process
                  control, Repairing electronic and pneumatic equipment.

                                                                       Bob Rathbone CV
                                                                             April 2004

 Interests    Flying (Qualified pilot with IMC (Instruments ) Twin Engine and Night
              rating. Dutch Civil Aviation Authority (RLD) commercial pilot theory exams
              in Avionics, Flight instrumentation, Combustion and Jet engines,
              Meteorology, Navigation and Air law. (All examinations taken in the
              Dutch language).

              Guitar playing.

 Languages    Dutch ( Fluent with A’ Level), Tourist French and German.

              Skills Summary

 Operating    PC Based Operating Systems
 Systems       DOS Version 1.0 to 7.0, C/CPM, DR DOS

               Microsoft Windows 3.11, Windows for Work groups.

               Windows NT 3.0 and 4.0, Windows 95/98/ME/2000, O/S2.

               Windows XP.

              Unix Based Operating Systems
               SCO Xenix, SCO Unix, SCO open desktop. X-Windows, Common
                desktop environment (DCE). XDM
               Unix, Dynix/ptx, Solaris 2.5, OSF/1, Sinix, HP-UX 11.0, Ultrix, Sun O/S,
                BSDand System V. Digital UNIX.
               Sun Solaris 7.0 and 8.0

               Linux O/S (Redhat and Suse 8.0)

              Embedded Operating Systems
               QNX version 4.23 (Posix compliant embedded operating systems)

Programming   PC Based Programming Languages
Languages      Mark Williams ‘C’, Microsoft ‘C’ Version 5.0 and 6.0

               Microsoft C/C++ Version 7.0. Borland C++, Foundation Classes

               Microsoft Visual C++ Version 1.0 1.5 and 2.0 (32 Bit), SDK

               Watcom C/C++ compiler.

               Borland Delphi.

              Unix Based Programming Languages
               Unix C/C++on both System V and BSD Unix systems.

               Korn Shell, Bourne shell and C Shell scripts. Some Perl.

              Low level and Assembler
               ICL System 25 assembler (Similar to IBM assembler).

               8086 Intel Assembler

               6809 Micro processor firmware and assembler.

                                                                       Bob Rathbone CV
                                                                                 April 2004

Relational             PC Based Relational Databases)
Databases               Rbase, Informix 4GL SQL Version 1.0
( NB.Contracts not      Some DbaseIV and Clipper .
sought for RDB work)
                       Unix Based Relational Databases
                        Informix 4GL and SQL version 2.0.

                        Some Oracle experience (mainly ESQL-C and related CGI scripts)

                       PC Based Networking
                        TCP/IP toolkits including PC/TCP, Novell Workplace and Winsock.

                        Novell 2.11, 3.1, Netbios, Lan Manager, MS Net, and RS232 serial.

                        PCNFS, Reflection. RS232/442 Serial communications and Modems.
                         Exceed X-Windows emulator. Samba.
                        Windows NT/2000 server (WINS, DHCP, DNS). Windows XP

                       Unix Based Networking
                        TCP/IP, NFS, DNS and BIND Network Time Protocol, SNMP.

                        ISO TP0 - TP4. UUCP, FTP, TFTP. Slip and PPP, PPTP and VPN’s

                        Berkley Sockets, IPC, Sun RPC and XDR, System V TLI.

                        Internet, E-Mail, Compuserve, World Wide Web, MS Exchange

                        E- Mail including X.400, smtp, POP3 and Elm. E-Fax

                       Lan and Wan
                        All lan technologies including FDDI, Ethernet, and UTP.

                        X.21 , HDLC, X.25 Packet Switching. Familiar with ATM.

                        Logic analysers, Sniffers, Datascopes and other test equipment.

                        Cisco, 3Com, Develcon ISDN and V.35 routers, Spider ISDN routers

                        Digital FDDI and UTP hubs, concentrators, bridges and routers,
                         ClearVISN (Formerly Hubwatch).
                        ADSL ( Lynsys and Alcatel)

                        Tivoli Netview

                        HP Openview. Tivoli Enterprise Console.

                        CISCO 3640, 2611, 7200, 7500, 2700, 2500 series routers. Some
                          6509 Catalyst and MFSC experience, Cisco 800 series ISDN router.
                        Load balancers and Content engines.

                        Cisco 520 PIX Firewall

                        Cisco Content switch.

                        Arrowpoint load balancers.

                        Cisco Secure policy manager. CiscoWorks.

                        Routing protocols RIP,EIGRP, HSRP,OSPFand WCCP. Some BGP

                        E35, E3 high speed serial interfaces. Channelized E3.

                                                                           Bob Rathbone CV
                                                                              April 2004

               Virtual private networks
                Nortel Contivity VPN concentrators, Contivity Client.

                IPSEC VPN’s (Cisco technology). GRE

                PPTP tunnels.

               Web based technologies
                Apache, Sunserver, and SCOHTTP web servers.

                Wingate proxy servers. CGI, PHP4 (Limited experience)

                HTML authoring, some java applet and Java based comms.

                QIP (DNS Management tool) and RIPE requests

                Web enabled mail, WCCP, Content engines, Load balancers, Proxy
                 servers, Reverse proxy.

Applications   PC Based Applications
                All versions of Microsoft Office. Word,Excel,Powerpoint etc.

                AutoCad,SuperCalc, Aldus Pagemaker, Corel Draw, Visio,MS Draw

                Windows 95 applets, Windows 3.1 applications, Exchange

                Sage & Quickbooks, Quicken accounting. CA Project, PC-DUO.

               Unix and Mini Computer
                Max production control, Safes production control

                Uniplex, SCO open desktop, System Administration shells.

                Tetra Payroll, ICL Paypac, JIS Factory Data Collection. SOP

                                                                         Bob Rathbone CV
                                                                             April 2004

Professional   I am a computer professional with some twenty years experience in
Profile        Open Systems. I have had considerable experience in all types of
               revenue earning computer projects for a number of Blue Chip
               companies both home and abroad. My clients have included Airsys
               ATM (Siemens/Thomson CF now Thales ATM) Reuters, The NHS,
               The Royal Mint, ICL, Siemens Nixdorf, Thorn, Cubic, Nedlloyd
               (Rotterdam), Johnson & Johnson (Belgium) and Nuon ICT

               The projects in which I have played an important and sometimes
               critical role have included:

                  Lantau Airport Light Railway Transit System - Hong Kong.
                  Kuala Lumpur Light Railway System – Malaysia
                  Manchester Light Railway system.
                  Commissioning of two Air Traffic Control systems – LFV Sweden.
                  Shipping System – Nedlloyd BV. The Netherlands.
                  Ministry of employment – Madrid, Spain.
                  Operator emergency services – British Telecom.
                  Colt Telecom – HP Openview network Monitoring system.
                  Nuon ICT Amsterdam – Network head office redesign.
                  Customer and Internet line monitoring system.

               With some twelve years experience as the technical director of my
               own company and ten years of contracting I am able to undertake all
               aspects of a major project including feasibility studies, system design
               and    implementation    including System          specifications and
               programming. I have a very broad understanding of all types open
               systems and the platforms on which they run. I have also followed
               formal project management courses (International Computers

               I possess considerable skills in network design and programming and
               have a successful track record producing mission and safety critical
               systems in this area and for that reason I have chosen to specialise in
               this particular field.

               More recently I have become more involved with the testing and
               qualification of networked systems in the light of increasing
               regulations in this area. I have good documentation skills in particular
               test protocols and procedures.

               I operate through reputable agencies specialising in the supply of
               professionals in Information Technology to business and industry.

                                                                       Bob Rathbone CV