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Workplace Safety _ Records Manag


									      Workplace Safety
      Records Management
      ARMA Terra Nova Chapter Biennial Conference and Trade Show

Brenda Neary
Records Controller
Hibernia Management and Development Company
October 31, 2007
           Why is Safety Important?

   Family
   Friends
   Home Life
   Extra Curricular
          Reasons Injuries Happen

   Improper Equipment
   Rushing
   Complacency
   Lack of Training
   Improper Techniques

   Over Enthusiasm
         Office Environment Injuries

   Repetitive Strain
   Eye Strain
   Muscle Strain
               What we will cover

   Filing Supplies
   Equipment
   Techniques
                 Filing Supplies

   File Folders
   Binders
   Hole Punches
   Acco Fasteners
           Filing Units (File Cabinet)

   Use Proper Ladder
   Pull drawer out then
    position ladder
   Avoid heavy file folders
           Filing Units (Mobile Unit)

   Use proper ladder
   Never remove files
    above the shoulder
   Shelf dividers are safely
    locked in place or
    stored flat on bottom
   Use safety locks
   Is there anyone in the

   Match ladder to its intended purpose
   Is the ladder Mobile?
               Ladder Safety Tips

   Fully open and
    spreaders locked
   Firm level surface
   Three points of contact
   Never stretch to reach
   Ascend and descend
    free of obstacles
               Fashion vs. Safety

   Clothing does not
    impede your safety
   Proper footwear
   Necktie

   Right carton for the record
   Quality of carton
   Handles
   Do not over or under pack
   Do not archive hanging
    file folders
   Distribute weight evenly
               Binders Binders Binders

   DO NOT
       lay them flat with other binders on top
       place cartons with spines facing up
   DO
       place standing straight up with spines alternating
                Tracking Carton Safety
   Carton Label
       Rating
           1-Excellent
           2-Good
           3-Satisfactory
           4-Fair
           5-Poor
     Date
     Comments
Carton Safety
                         Lifting Safely
   Preparing for the lift
     Size up the cart

     Get help if it’s heavy

     Survey your route

     Move it once
   Making the Lift
     Keep your mind on the job and
      your spine is in a neutral posture
     Move as Close to the carton as
      you can
     With feet shoulder width apart put
      one foot in front of the other
     Bending at the hip lean over
      your forward leg
     Keep you spine curved and
      let your legs do the lifting
               Strapping on Cartons

   Use heavy duty
   Lift carton slightly
    to free strapping
   Secure waste
Storing Cartons Safely in IM Center

   Ensure shelving units
    are adequate

   Use trolley to transport
    cartons to working area
         Customers Using Your Center

   Customer must adhere
    to protocols on:
       Collating information
       Archiving methods
       Safety
           Housekeeping Items

   Clean your center and
    storage areas
   Novelty items may be more
    dangerous than useful
   Always close utility knife
   No loose items on
    open shelving

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