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                 Job Description:

         NCDA Senior Business Manager

       Reporting to: NCDA Chief Executive Officer

 Work pattern: 37 hours per week (negotiable to part time),
permanent, based at NCDA offices either at Denton Island or
   Hillcrest Community Centre, Newhaven, East Sussex
The Organisation
Newhaven Community Development Association (NCDA) was founded in
1997. Its main aim was to develop sustainable community-based
regeneration initiatives addressing the economic, environmental, and cultural
and community needs of Newhaven, particularly addressing the needs of
those most vulnerable in the community. NCDA supports its member
organisations and runs a variety of local initiatives.

NCDA has been able to raise the profile of the voluntary and community
sector within the town and is now recognised as the conduit for the community
and voluntary sector in Newhaven.

NCDA runs a range of projects aimed at supporting the involvement of the
whole of the community in the continuing regeneration of Newhaven. Funding
has been secured from a range of sources including European, Lottery and
charitable trusts as well as contracts to deliver services and run NCDA
projects in Newhaven and elsewhere in East Sussex. These include: Youth
activities; mental well-being resource centres in Newhaven and Lewes
(Summerhayes and Western Road); Early Years work with parents and
children under 5; Denton Island Community Centre; Open spaces work;
community events and Newhaven Community Employment Partnership
(NewCEP), an employment project that aims to assist socially excluded
people back into work. NCDA has also undertaken a range of capital projects
including the building of a skatepark and the Denton Island Community

Additionally, NCDA chairs the Newhaven Strategic Network (NSN), which
aims to provide continuation of the regeneration of Newhaven.

NCDA has a strong track record in partnership working and in the quality of
service delivery to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in the community:
helping the community help itself.

The context of the job
The organisation, though fairly small in terms of staff, continues to grow. As a
result of its size, however, NCDA expects all members of staff to demonstrate
flexibility within their specified job role and offer continued support to all other
team members as and when required.

Some evening and weekend work may be exceptionally necessary, as the
post holder will attend Board and Finance sub committee meetings to provide
management and financial reports. Additional remuneration is not applicable,
as time off in lieu will be granted in accordance with policy.

As a registered charity and a limited company, NCDA must comply to the
Companies Acts and with charity accounting rules (Charities Statement of
Recommended Practice - SORP). In particular the accounting requirements
covering restricted funds impact on many aspects of the finance system.
Some aspects of NCDA’s work are as a not-for-profit business and social

Some aspects of this finance and business role are specialist and where the
post holder’s knowledge or experience does not match that required they will
be expected to find and take appropriate advice.

Job Purpose
The purpose of the role of the Senior Business Manager is to:

      act as deputy to the Chief Executive in shaping NCDA operations and
      operate as an effective member of the senior management team
      contribute to the sustainable management of NCDA as a not for profit
       business and social enterprise with a keen sense of business acumen
       and entrepreneurial spirit
      act in a pro-active manner, looking for ways to continuously improve
       NCDA business practices and efficiencies
      use financial acumen and experience to support the management and
       development of NCDA
      use skills and financial acumen to support fundraising
      work within NCDA’s governance structure (i.e. Board, and Finance sub
       committee) , within the Senior Management team and with project
       managers supporting the accountability of the trustees, the strategic
       management of the senior management team and the capacity of
       managers to manage their budgets ensuring the provision and analysis
       of financial information
      take overall responsibility for the oversight and management of the
       organisation’s financial systems and their smooth operation, ensuring
       relevant reports and business and finance information are available to
       the Board and managers, ensuring the continuing economic viability of
      contribute finance information for fundraising
      manage, lead and support the finance staff team

The post has overall responsibility for ensuring the continuing development
and smooth operation of NCDA’s finance systems and the routine
presentation of accurate and clear financial management information ,
including budgeting and reporting. Budget management lies with project
managers; it is therefore essential that the post holder enables this devolved
financial management interpreting operational and strategic issues and
working effectively with a number of other staff on a very regular basis to
facilitate the operation of NCDA projects and the whole organisation.
This is particularly important now NCDA’s first social enterprise and output
based contracts are in operation, with NCDA’s long-term financial stability
depending not on grants, but on income generated.
Main Duties
Key roles include:

Strategy development:
 As a senior manager, contribute to the development of NCDA’s policy and
   strategy as a charity and development trust through the senior
   management meetings and appropriate sub committees and working
   groups, leading on the development of financial strategy
 Evaluation of the financial implications of policy decisions within NCDA
   prior to those decisions being implemented

Finance support to Management and Funders:
 Provide financial information in such a manner that informed decisions can
   be made by the Senior Management team and trustees within the
   deadlines set
 Ensure the monitoring and strategically manage NCDA’s cashflow for best
   use of NCDA’s funds maximising interest and maintain adequate liquidity,
   liaising with managers to take any corrective action necessary
 Co-ordinate the preparation of an annual budget for NCDA, in
   collaboration with managers
 Lead and where necessary assist the preparation and development of
   accurate, reliable and timely financial and output reports for the NCDA
   Board, funders and the senior management team
 Provide business analysis from financial reports
 Liaise regularly with NCDA project managers on budgeting for funding
 Lead in ensuring finance team delivery of reports and claims for funders
   within agreed time scales in liaison with project managers including ESF
 Develop understanding of and ensure compliance with complex matters
   for example contingent liabilities with regard to the Denton Island
   Community Centre
 Contribute to the business development of existing and emerging social
   enterprise aspect of NCDA operations

Operational responsibility
   Support fundraising within agreed project areas
   Line management of specialist operational managers in designated
     project areas

Financial responsibilities for NCDA staff:
 Ensure the preparation of NCDA staff payroll by the Finance manager and
   Accounts clerk is carried out within the deadlines set
 Ensure the management of the company’s contributory pension scheme,
   in collaboration with the Pensions Trust
 Work as a member of the senior management team in ensuring financial
   implications of job role benchmarking and job evaluations are embedded
Routine finance work
   ensuring the monitoring, reporting and management of the
      organisation’s cash flow and addressing cash flow issues in
      consultation with senior staff and trustees
   ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of any regulatory financial
      reporting including VAT returns
   ensure the preparation and presentation of finance reports to
      managers, trustees and funders within the deadlines set
   lead on reporting and analysis to trustees and managers on finance
   assessment of the financial implications of proposed policy decisions
      for senior management team and trustees
   ensure the accurate input of data within NCDA finance package
      (Quickbooks); appropriate code structure and allocations
   ensure oversight of NCDA’s investments and banking arrangements
   preparing the annual budget in collaboration with project managers
   ensuring allocations are made appropriately

Financial accounts and regulatory financial reporting:
 Manage and direct the development, maintenance and operation of
   NCDA’s finance and financial records procedures (including procurement,
   payments, invoicing and debtors, banking and petty cash) and the
   accounting records system by the finance team
 Manage and direct the reparation of annual accounts ensuring appropriate
   allocations and understanding of restricted and unrestricted funds
 Lead on the development and operation of systems: finance reports to
   senior management and trustees; finance reports to project managers and
   allocations; system for tracking funding and fundraising; annual budgets
   for projects and NCDA as a whole; business performance reporting and
   analysis; business planning for new areas of social enterprise
 Manage, check and ensure the preparation of accounts quarterly and
   annually liaising as necessary with NCDA’s advisers and auditors to
   ensure compliance with the Charities SORP and completing the process in
   time for NCDA’s AGM
 Manage, check and ensure the collation of quarterly VAT returns and
   periodic inspections, seeking advice where necessary ensuring timely and
   compliant returns where potential liabilities resulting from any error are
 Liaise with the appointed auditors and ensure that they have the data
   necessary to conduct a prompt, thorough and cost-effective annual audit
 Lead on any financial aspects of funder audits and on VAT or payroll
   inspections of NCDA

Management responsibilities:
 Line management of the finance team (currently 2 posts) overseeing
  appropriate training and professional development as necessary
 Manage the ongoing motivation and welfare of this team
General responsibilities:
 Implement performance standards for own work and subordinates which
  complies with audit requirements and is agreed by the Board

Any other duties, which may reasonably be required

Newhaven Community Development Association is working towards equality
and has policies relating to the equality of opportunity in employment and
service delivery. All staff are expected to comply with these policies.

All staff have responsibility to maintain the health and safety of themselves
and others within the performance of their duties in accordance with NCDA
health and safety policies and to undertake specific health and safety
responsibilities as necessary.

This job description will be reviewed from time to time or as necessary
and may be amended to meet the changing needs of the organisation. It
will also be used as the basis for the determination of objectives and the
content is subject to annual review.
Person specification
 Minimum of 5 years senior management responsibility at a strategic level
  with evidence of an entrepreneurial approach
 Significant experience in interpreting and analysing complex financial
  information and evidence of business acumen
 Capacity to communicate financial analysis clearly and effectively to others
 Ability to work closely with NCDA’s trustees, advisers and senior
  management team
 Ability to work creatively and innovatively within a policy & compliance
 Able to provide a strategic outlook tied to the achievement of individual
 A strong awareness of business principles
 Strong organisational skills and a track record of meeting deadlines
 Attention to detail and accuracy
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills
 Proven track record of delivery / managing priorities
 Adaptable IT skills
 Understanding and commitment to equal opportunities good practice
 Enthusiasm for applying skills to the third sector
 Ability to lead and motivate teams
 Ability to work as a member of a senior management team
 Strong interpersonal skills

 Knowledge and experience of Charity SORP accounting
 Experience of financial management within a small business context
 Experience of VAT in relation to charity business
 Accounting or business qualification
 Experience of fundraising and dealing with grant aid / funding bodies
 Experience of reporting to funders
 Experience of managing computerised financial accounting packages,
  ideally Quick Books & SAGE
 Experience of project development and business planning
 Experience of the reporting systems of ESF and other Government and
  non-Government funders
 Knowledge of the voluntary sector and of fluctuating funding
 A sensitivity to not-for-profit work and a commitment to NCDA’s aims

Essential personal qualities:
 Honesty
 Accuracy
 Enjoys working with others in a team
 Understands the need for confidentiality under the Data Protection Act and
  mindful of confidentiality with colleagues
   A flexible and positive approach to work and challenge
   Ability to work with minimal supervision but as part of a team
   Ability to deliver reports to specified deadlines.

July 2009.

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