Roundtable Discussion Facilitated Sessions

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					        facilitated sessions/ roundtable discussion

Roundtable Discussion

                      facilitated sessions/ roundtable discussion

         Defining Roles and Guiding Principles
         Preparing for the Facilitated Session
         Conducting the Session
         Tips and Techniques
         Breakout Exercise

                                facilitated sessions/ roundtable discussion

Roles:        The facilitator’s primary purpose is to assist the
              group in its process to accomplish a desired
Facilitator   outcome.
              Clearly define the role at beginning of the
              Third party - typically not part of the group
                (e.g., a ChangeWorks facilitator) and focuses
                   only on the group’s process
              Team member - can be active in the
                discussion, but mainly attends to process

                                 facilitated sessions/ roundtable discussion

Other Roles:
               Assists the facilitator by making it easy for the
Scribe,          group to view ideas and follow group decisions
Sponsor,       Documents brainstorming ideas, decisions,
and Leader       open issues, etc.
                Distributes Group Memory in timely fashion
               Actively lends support to team by emphasizing
                 objectives, charter, management commitment,
                 and removal of barriers
               Helps facilitator with session planning (e.g.,
                 participants, agenda, and desired outcomes)
               Delivers project status comments and
                 provides continuity
                                 facilitated sessions/ roundtable discussion

Other Roles:   Participants:
               Actively contribute to group discussion and
Participants     content of session
and            Responsible also for session process:
Observers        helping with logistical items, following
                 ground rules, helping reach consensus
               Silent participants, usually seated at the
                 perimeter of room
               May include subject experts but participate
                 only when asked by facilitator
               May be assigned the documentor role to
                 highlight key observations for the facilitator

                                     facilitated sessions/ roundtable discussion
              Remain neutral at all times
Three           Never take sides or defend one’s own position
Guiding         Deal with issues not personalities
Principles      An effective facilitator uses the power of the group to deal with
                the issue.
              Focus on the process
                Task oriented: progress towards desired objectives in terms
                  of both timing and quality
                Maintenance oriented: behavior of individuals in the session
                To help remain neutral, a facilitator focuses on the group’s
                process in achieving the desired outcome.
              Remember the group is the expert
                Regardless of the facilitator’s level of technical knowledge, it
                   is important to address issues by involving the group such as
                   asking questions or redirecting questions back to the group
                Never do anything the group can or must do for itself such as
                   problem ownership and commitment to solution
                If you are stumped and don’t know how to handle the situation,
                confess to the group and ask for their help or defer the issue.
                                     facilitated sessions/ roundtable discussion
              Scenario 1
Three         Joe, an organizational design consultant, is facilitating an
Guiding       executive-level session which is attended by a division
Principles:   manager and his staff. The session involves an overview of
              several process models. The division manager is surprised at
              several findings and asks Joe if the division’s management
Practice      structure should be changed in light of the findings. How
Scenarios     should Joe respond?

              Scenario 2
              During a facilitated session, the Director of Operations and
              the Sales Director of Speedy Corp. have a heated difference of
              opinion about the approach the reengineering team should
              take on a specific task. Should the facilitator intervene and if
              so, how?

                                     facilitated sessions/ roundtable discussion
              Scenario 3
Three         Jane believes, and can prove, that the Director’s vision for
Guiding       streamlining the procurement process in Widget Company
Principles:   will not result in the cost savings that the CEO demands.
              During an executive steering committee meeting, where Jane
              is facilitating, the CEO asks the Director about the potential
Practice      savings from streamlining the procurement process. How
Scenarios     should Jane react?

              Scenario 4
              Mark, the team leader, is conducting a facilitated session with
              his team on business case development. Because of
              conflicting schedules, the session has been postponed several
              times. During the session, one of the participants mentions
              the closure of his field site. The group begins to lose focus.
              What are some ways for Mark to deal with this?

                      facilitated sessions/ roundtable discussion

         Defining Roles and Guiding Principles
         Preparing for the Facilitated Session
         Conducting the Session
         Tips and Techniques
         Breakout Exercise