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					Pixel Advertising Comes of Age

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When pixel advertising started, the intent was profit. Cashing in on the
hottest Internet trend, webmasters maximized profits by driving traffic
to their sites, generating traffic for advertisers who posted their

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A pixel ad page is comprised of a grid of one million pixels.
Advertisers purchase pixels in minimum 10x10 blocks for $1.00 per pixel,
creating banners that link to their websites. Visitors spend hours
checking out the links and generating advertiser traffic. In the
process, they raise the ranking of the pixel advertising web page,
generating a continuing stream of visitors who click through to

There are dozens of pixel advertising websites. To try to set themselves
apart from others with mercenary motives, some pixel advertising sites
offered to devote part of their revenues to charity. But most made only
small pledges – typically around 10% of their revenue – to charitable
causes. They also didn’t specify the charities they would support.

In a breakthrough that suggests pixel advertising is coming of age,
PromoteCharity.com/indexadv.php has committed to donating 40% of its
advertising revenues to Foster Parents Plan, an international
humanitarian, child-centered, development organization that has been
making a difference in the lives of children, their families and
communities since 1937.

PromoteCharity.com/indexadv.php is sponsored by Hopscotch Technologies
Ltd., a decision support software provider for the financial industry.
Sponsors receive their advertising space for a full five years, promoting
their idea or business while improving the lives of children worldwide.

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