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					                          CARRYING THE MESSAGE                             The Louisville Area Narcotics Anonymous Newsletter

                                                                                                Volume 5 || Issue 10 || October 2008

                                                This Month’s Topic is:            “Our Recovery Speaks For Itself”

                                                        TRADITION TEN                       offer that same help to any addict seeking recovery.
   LOUISVILLE HELPLINE                                                                      Aside from that, NA has no opinions whatsoever. By
                                      "Narcotics Anonymous has no opinion on outside
      502-499-4423                   issues; hence the N.A. name ought never be drawn       refusing to take sides on other issues, we avoid
                                                   into public controversy."                becoming embroiled in public controversies that could
                                    In order to achieve our spiritual aim, Narcotics        distract us from our primary purpose. This is the
                                                                                            message of our Tenth Tradition.
    AREA NEWS!!                     Anonymous must be known and respected.
                                                                                            To most of us, it probably seems obvious that Narcotics
                                    Nowhere is this more obvious than in our history.
Area Service Positions              N.A. was founded in 1953. For twenty years, our         Anonymous, as a fellowship, has no opinion on the
OPEN for Nomination!!!!!!           fellowship remained small and obscure. In the           pressing world issues of our day. Most of these issues
RCMA & Activities                   1970's, society realized that addiction had become      have little to do with either addiction or recovery. But
                                    a worldwide epidemic and began to look for              there are a great number of addiction related issues
                                    answers. Along with this came change in the way         that others might expect a worldwide society of
New Meeting:
                                    people conceived the addict. This change allowed        recovering drug addicts to take positions on. "What is
Miracle On 32 Street, 1137
                                    addicts to seek help more openly. N.A. groups           NA's opinion." we are sometimes asked, "on the
32 St. Mon. 3p.m./Wed.
                                    sprang up in many places where we were never            addiction treatment industry, other twelve step
3p.m./Fri. 10p.m. In the
Courage to Change Building          tolerated before. Recovering addicts paved the way      fellowships, the legalization of drugs, addiction-related
                                    for more groups and more recovery. Today N.A. is a      illnesses, and all the rest?" Our answer, according to
Old School Recovery has             worldwide fellowship; we are known and respected        Tradition Ten, is that our groups and our fellowship take
another night! Thursdays from       everywhere. If an addict has never heard of us, he      no position, pro or con, on any issues except the NA
7:30 till 8:30. Literature Study,   cannot seek us out. If those who work with addicts      program itself. We maintain neutrality on such issues so
Open Discussion                     are unaware of our existence, they cannot refer         that we can maintain our focus on what we do best:
                                    them to us. One of the most important things we         sharing recovery from one addict to another.
Home Group Celebrations:            can do to further our primary purpose is to let         However, even in explaining our own program in public,
Lose the Desire will be             people know who, what and where we are. If we do        we may find ourselves treading on controversial ground.
celebrating 15 years of             this and keep our reputation good, we will surely       NA's views on total abstinence, on the possibility of
carrying the message. Join in       grow. Our recovery speaks for itself. Our Tenth         recovering in society without long-term
the fun on Sat. Sept. 27 at         Tradition specifically helps protect our reputation.    institutionalization, on the disease concept of addiction,
noon until 3:00p.m.                 This Tradition says that N.A. has no opinion on         even our broad views on spirituality are not met with
                                    outside issues. We don't take sides. We don't have      universal acceptance. Others who deal with addiction
Sweet Surrender’s annual                                                                    and recovery may view these matters very differently
                                    any recommendations. N.A., as a fellowship, does
‘Sweet September’ picnic is in                                                              than we do. We cannot deny those aspects of our
                      th            not participate in politics; to do so would invite
the park on Sept. 27 at                                                                     program that others take exception to. We can,
                                    controversy. It would jeopardize our fellowship.
Vissing Park in Jeffersonville,                                                             however, take care to explain our program in such a
                                    Those who agree with our opinions might commend
IN.                                                                                         way as not to invite controversy deliberately. "We do
                                    us for taking a stand, but some would always
                                    disagree. With a price this high, is it any wonder we   not suggest that everyone adopt our views, nor do we
Change:                                                                                     oppose those with different views." we can explain. "We
Wednesday Nite Hope that            choose not to take sides in society's problems? For
                                    our own survival, we have no opinion on outside         simply want you to know what the Narcotics
meets Wednesdays at
                                    issues.                                                 Anonymous program is like." So long as we focus, as
Northside Christian on
                                                                                            groups and as a fellowship, on our recovery experience
Charlestown Road in New
                                                       TRADITION TEN                        rather than our opinions of why or how NA works, we
Albany Indiana 7:30. Has been
                                      "Narcotics Anonymous has no opinion on outside        will stay as far as possible from public controversy.
permanently moved to The
                                     issues: hence, the NA name ought never be drawn        Tradition Ten restricts NA, as a fellowship, from stating
Brick House in front of the
                                                  into public controversy."                 opinions on outside issues. However, it places no such
church. We have a lot of new
comers come help us carry the       Narcotics Anonymous is a society of recovering          restriction on the individual member. In Narcotics
message. We need clean              addicts who help one another stay clean by              Anonymous, we believe strongly in personal freedom.
members.                            applying certain simple spiritual principles. Our       Addicts who have a desire to stop using can become
                                    primary purpose, as groups and as a fellowship, is to   members of NA simply by saying so. We have no dues or
                                                                                            fees, no pledges to sign, no promises to make to
                        CARRYING THE MESSAGE                                  The Louisville Area Narcotics Anonymous Newsletter

2   /4
                                                                                               anyone, ever. Though a spiritual program, we encourage
                                          th                                                   our members to develop their own understanding of a
                                      10 Tradition Interview                                   Higher Power. Even our leaders are only trusted
                                                                                               servants, with no power to tell individual members what
         Chris: What does it mean to have no opinion on outside issues?                        to do, think, or say. NA members are encouraged to
                                                                                               think for themselves, to develop their own opinions,
         Anonymous: It means exactly what it says. Whether it’s treatment, drug court,         and to express those opinions as they see fit. The only
         other programs, professional opinions, or anything else under the sun, that we        caution Tradition Ten offers individual NA members is
         have no opinion at all about anything other than sharing and seeking recovery         that, when speaking publicly, we think through what
         through the 12 steps. To be pro or con on anything other than this in any             we're going to say before we say it. In certain situations,
         manner, implied or other wise, puts us and our integrity and fidelity in jeopardy. anything an NA member says will be taken as NA's
         It pushes us into endorsement that is also in conflict with the 6 tradition.          opinion, even when the situation itself has nothing to do
                                                                                               with Narcotics Anonymous and the member clearly
         Chris: Have you ever experienced N.A. having opinions on outside issues and if        states that the views expressed are strictly personal. It's
         so what was that experience?                                                          not our fault if others misinterpret what we say as
                                                                                               individuals; this does not. however, make the
         Anonymous: Yes, I’ve seen groups try to enforce morality or specific religions        complications arising from such misinterpretations any
         and religious beliefs on addicts. This was so damaging to the alienated addict and less serious for NA. We may be able to avoid such
         the NA community. This was the only exposure to N.A. these addicts ever had           complications before they arise simply by thinking
         and they were told that they couldn’t curse and they had to believe in a specific     carefully before we speak in public.
         God. If they didn’t adhere to these things, they were outcast and demeaned.           But what about speaking in a recovery gathering? Does
         Also, I’ve seen groups become so enmeshed with the court system that they             the Tenth Tradition tell us that, as individual recovering
         weren’t recognizable as N.A. Some groups existed solely to sign attendance slips. addicts, we must not talk in NA meetings about the
         Drug Court judges would show up to the meetings and share. The message of             challenges we face? No, it does not. While a particular
         recovery was almost non-existent in these meetings and those seeking it rarely        problem may be an outside issue, its effect on our
         had the opportunity to see what N.A. had to offer.                                    recovery is not; everything affecting a recovering
                                                                                               addict's life is material for sharing. If a problem we are
         Chris: How do you see the 10 Tradition as connected to the other Traditions?          having impacts our ability to stay clean and grow
                                                                                               spiritually, it's not an outside issue. Many things can put
         Anonymous: Like I said before, when we form opinions on outside issues we             us off balance and challenge our recovery. We often
         force an endorsement of related facilities or outside enterprises. This directly      discuss such challenges with one another at our
         conflicts with our 6 Tradition. These things divert our focus from the primary        meetings, seeking to ease our personal burdens by
         purpose of Narcotics Anonymous. They keep us form offering the very thing that sharing them with our fellow NA members. We ask
         we exist to offer; the opportunity to stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and others to share how they have applied the principles of
         find a new way to live. This is what our 5 Tradition asks us to protect. These        the program in similar circumstances. recovering their
                                                                        rd        th
         actions also remove the anonymity that is called for in our 3 and 12 Traditions. balance and strengthening their recovery. We need no
         They create membership requirements and second class addicts and NA                   one's permission to talk about such things in our
         members. All of this totally removes the unity called for in our 1 Tradition and      meetings.
         throws our common welfare out the window.                                             But, for all that, we all know that controversial personal
                                                                                               opinions can distract our meetings from their primary
         Chris: Is there anything else that you would like to add?                             purpose. If everything is recovery material, yet we want
                                                                                               to help our meetings retain their focus on recovery, how
         Anonymous: Yes, it is my hope, my prayer, that our fellowship wakes up,               do we decide what to share? We can ask ourselves
         develops a spiritual relationship with these Traditions, and takes responsibility     some questions: Am I sharing from my experience, or
         for the survival of Narcotics Anonymous. The Traditions tell us that we keep our      am I expounding an opinion? As an individual, am I
         freedom only with vigilance. The Traditions tell us that all will be well if the ties dwelling in the problem or seeking the solution? Do I
         that bind us together are stronger than those that would tear us apart. It is our     share to draw the group together or to force the group
         responsibility to keep these Traditions in place; not God’s. In the Basic Text it     into separate camps? Do I make it clear that what I say, I
         says, “Our Traditions protect us from the internal and external forces that could     say for myself, not for Narcotics Anonymous? So long as
         destroy us.” I pray that these words shake an awakening into your spirit.             we keep our common welfare and our primary purpose
                                                                                               in focus, we will avoid the kind of controversy that
         Chris: Thank you for being of service.                                                distracts us from recovery.
PI/Helpline subcommittee:
 is in need of your support. We
                                                     N.A. Conventions and Functions
currently only have 2 women
on the committee and are in
                                                              Far and Near                                                            Page
need of more female
volunteers to support the
                                                                                                                                      3   /4
area. Give back what has so
freely been given to you and
                                         th                                                                       th
serve your area helpline so        Oct 11 , 2008                 Miracles Under Construction: Lose the Desire 15 Year Home
that we can continue to carry      Lose the Desire Home group    Group Anniversary Celebration
the message that any addict              st        nd,
                                   Oct 31 – Nov 2 2008           BARCNA III:
can quit using, lose the desire
                                   Ramada Conference Center of   NA Dance, auction, workshops, main speaker meetings. NO Addict
to use, and find a new way to      Lexington
                                                                 Turned Away! Pre-Register: before July 1 - $15; $ 20 after.
live.                              2143 N Broadway, Lexington,   Chairperson . . Chery M.................859-223-4820
                                   KY 40505                      Registration . . Bridgette T.............859-230-1733
Activities Sub-Committee:          (Exit 113 I-64 & I-75)        Reservations: 859-299-1261
Needs your support: Every Sat.                                   Speaker Requirements: Main Speaker = 5 Years Clean; Workshop = 3
10a.m. Highland Methodist                                        Years; Workshop Chair = 1 Year. Send tapes to BARCNA III, P.O. Box
church, 1140 E. Cherokee                                         1795, Lexington, KY 40588 ATTN of Programming Committee
Road. Contact Kathryn M. 889-                                    Rooms: $69.99 /night (Refer to BARCNA III)
0235                                          th    th
                                   January 16 – 18 , 2009        LACNA XIX:
                                                                 Talent Show – Friday, Jan. 16 – 9:15 p.m. till 10:30 p.m. (Contact
Schedule Correction:                                             Cissina to sign up – 502.618.7478 or
Home Sweet Home meets on
Sun. at 7:30pm and not at 6pm

New Location:
Cool Changes has moved to
Interlink Counseling – 8311
Preston Hwy Lou, KY 40219

New Meeting:
The Next Right Thing group is
meeting on Sat. from 6:30 – 8
pm at 501 Pearl St. New
Albany Token Club

New Day:
Another Chance Group has a
new meeting day on Sat. at 12
noon at the same location.

Sub Committee Moved:
H &I has Moved to 318 W.
Kentucky St. in the Central
Presbyterian Church. Still 3
Wed. every month, still 6:30p
– 7:30p
Needs Support:
                                                                      2008 Calendar
Acceptance – Mon. 8p-9p CST                    318 West Kentucky St. – ‘Central Pres. Church’ @ 6:30 p.m.
1370 Hwy 79 North Irvington,                 Jan. 16th                  Feb. 20th                 March 19th
                                                     th                         st
KY 40146 ‘Acceptance Place’                 April 16                    May 21                      June 18th
Alone No More – Wed. 11a-12                  July 16th                  Aug. 20th                  Sept. 17th
                                                     th                         th
CST ‘McDaniels Community                     Oct. 15                    Nov. 19                     Dec. 17th
Center’ 10762 S. Hwy259                                 Get Involved! Good way to start service.
McDaniels, KY 40152
                                      Will bring a meeting to YOU! If you’re in a hospital or shut in and can’t get
Return To Reality – Fri. 7p-8p
CST. ‘County Annex’ 111 W 2
                              nd                          to one. Contact Cordelia or Heather
St. Hardinsburg, KY 40143                                     Chair – Cordelia B - 889-8119
                                                           Secretary - Heather W. – 365-0246
Change:                                                  Panel Coordinator – Lee Z. – 558-2266
Recovery today has moved to
                                                       ___ THIS IS YOUR NEWSLETTER!! ___
  ‘CARRYING                                                   YOUR SUBMISSIONS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
                                       When submitting, please remember space can be limited and submissions should be sent in by
THE MESSAGE’                                                                   ____ October 24th ____
                                    You can email submissions to or call and we will make arrangements
Contact the Newsletter                       to pick it up. Any addict with a day clean and some willingness can contribute!

   Subcommittee:                                          NOVEMBERS TOPIC OF THE MONTH
 IN PERSON/BY PHONE                                      “Attraction Rather Than Promotion“
 Nathaniel R.
 Mike C.
                                    If you would like your Cleaniversary listed here: Contact us by phone - Contact us by email - Submit by GSR at ASC Meeting -
                                     Submit by home group report at ASC: We list this month’s Cleaniversaries as well as the last 15 days of the previous month
 Our Subcommittee meets every                                                   and the first 15 days of the next month.
Call Nathaniel for meeting time                                    We apologize for any Cleaniversary that we forget, or misprint!

          and place.

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