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ICAL 2009 Registration Form


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									                 IEEE ICAL 2009 Conference Registration Form
I. Personal Information
     Paper Number:                            Family Name:                                   Given Name:
               Title:                             Affiliation:
 Mailing Address:
           Country:                           E-mail:                                          Telephone:
 IEEE Membership Number:                                               Student Number (student only):
II. Registration Fees: Covering one copy of CD-ROM proceedings, banquet, access to all sessions and conference activities.
              Items                                 Regular Registration after June 30, 2009                          Payment Choices
A           IEEE Member:                       RMB¥4000 (~HK$4535 or US$585 or 440 Euros)
B             Non-Member:                      RMB¥4500 (~HK$5100 or US$660 or 495 Euros)
C      Student Registration:                   RMB¥3500 (~HK$3970 or US$510 or 385 Euros)
D Extra CD Proceedings:            No. of extra CD proceedings ____ × RMB¥350 (~HK$400 or US$50) =
E          Extra Page Fee: No. of extra pages beyond 6 pages per paper___× RMB¥685 (~HK$775/US$100) =
F         Extra Paper Fee: One more paper (#_____) of the author at RMB¥2000 (~HK$2268/US$300) =
                Total registration and extra purchase payment amount (A or B or C) + D + E + F =

III. Payment Options: The total payment calculated in item II above can be made in one of the following three methods:
1. Credit Card Payment (to be charged in Chinese RMB or HK$):           Choose credit card type:      Master Card          VISA
      Credit Card Number:                                                      Expiration Date:                   /

     Name on Credit Card:                                                             Signature:

 For credit card payment, please fill in your credit card payment information and fax the signed registration form to +852 2603-6983.
2. Money Wire Transfer, Money Order and Bank Draft Payment in US$ or HK$: Please add the total registration
payments calculated in item II in equivalent US or Hong Kong dollars and make wire transfer payment to HSBC Hong
Kong Bank (Swift code: HSBCHKHHHKH), Des Voeux Road Central Branch with Account Number = 400-407433-838
and account holder = Super Elite Events Limited and then fax your payment proof and your completed registration form to
+852 2603-6983. For money order and bank draft payment, please prepare your total payment in US or HK dollar money
order or bank draft payable to Super Elite Events Limited and then send your payment together with your completed
registration form via express courier service to the address at the bottom of this form. Please indicate ICAL 2009, the name of
the 1st author of the paper, and the paper number(s) on the payment documents.
3. 中国国内人民币转帐付款方式: 请将上面注册费的人民币总额通过银行汇款或转帐至:银行帐号=441412301770458095001;收
款单位=山东大学;开户行=中国银行济南历城支行山大南校区分理处。汇款时请务必注明                                                       ICAL 2009, 论文号和第一作者姓名。

IV. Important Information:
    Each accepted paper must be accompanied with a paid registration for inclusion in the ICAL 2009 conference proceedings.
    Each regular or student registration (A, B or C above) covers one paper of the same author who has paid for the registration.
    Each author who paid for the regular registration (A or B) can cover one more paper of the same author via extra paper fee.
    Each student registration must be accompanied by proof of current full-time student status via student ID or a formal letter.
    Completed registration form and payment information or payment proof, and student status proof if applicable can be sent via
     email, fax or courier to the conference secretariat at

                                                       Professor Max Q.-H. Meng
                                                  Department of Electronic Engineering
                                                  The Chinese University of Hong Kong
                                                  Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong SAR, China
                                                      T: +86 531-8839-3731
                                                      F: +852 2603-6983

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