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Training job descriptions

I/ Job description types of Training department

It include job description of positions as follows:

• Training assistant
• Training Consultant
• Training Instructor
• Territory Sales Manager in Training
• Technical Training Specialist
• Regional Training Manager
• Training director
• Training manager
• Training officer
• Training coordinator
• Training specialist

II/ Basic functions of Training manager

• Creates a highly effective training team that conducts group and one-on-one training in
the office and at customer sites.
• Build, develop and administer life cycle training program that certifies ongoing position
growth within the company, and tracks progress toward learning objectives.
• Demonstrates proficiency in systems, gaming systems specifications, demonstrations,
presentations, and verbal and written communications.
• Determines future course offerings to improve the technical knowledge of employees
and to satisfy the customer demand for advanced training.
• Build, develop and administer leadership training program for potential new leaders
within the sales organization.
• Teach the sales team sales processes and procedures, information about the products,
and how to handle common questions and objections for sales organization.
• Ensures company trainers are able to expertly and effectively communicate key
information to customers as well as other company personnel.
• Determines the training needs of slot and systems customers and employees and
oversees the development of courses to meet those needs.
• Deliver compelling sales presentations and programs to enhance the skills of newly
hired and current sales people and/or sales management.
• Build, develop and administer new hire training for all new sales associates coming to
HR management and career development

• Responsible for developing and maintaining standards, meeting prescribed timelines,
developing and meeting budgetary objectives, continuous improvement of department
operations, developing strategic plans to meet company goals, and managing assigned

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Training positions

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