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Logistics job descriptions

I/ Job description types of Logistics department

It include job description of positions as follows:

• Logistics coordinator
• Logistics specialist
• Logistics analyst
• Logistics director
• Logistics associate
• Logistics supervisor
• Logistics engineer

II/ Basic functions of Logistics manager

• Creates and maintains vendor records, purchase request records, purchase order records,
receiving records, shipping records, and all associated logs as required.
• Confers with other Department Managers regarding the availability of materials and
provides status and location updates on overdue materials.
• Supervises and directs work schedules for warehouse, supply personnel, logistics, fleet
support, and other departmental personnel.
• Oversees inventory management activities.
• Plans and implements all activities for acquiring supplies, services, tools, equipment,
and materials as required to support contract operations.
• Ensures all purchase activities are performed in strict accordance with applicable
Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR) and company policies.
• Ensures all purchasing regulations, procedures, and policies are up to date.
• Provides training for all departmental staff members and peer Managers ensuring
compliance with regulations; including improper business practices and personal
conflicts of interest.

Source: http://www.humanresources.hrvinet.com
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