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                       Ottawa, Ontario
                August 31 - September 7, 2008
                       A Message from the Dean of
                  the Faculty of Engineering and Design

Rafik Goubran, P.Eng., Ph.D.
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design

                                  On behalf of the Faculty of Engineering and Design, I would like
                                  to encourage you to take part in our annual EngFrosh orientation
                                  week. EngFrosh is a series of activities and events that introduce
                                  our first year students to the faculty and life as an engineering
                                  student here at Carleton. The week long event consists of activities
                                  ranging from leadership games, social events, and engineering
                                  competitions organized by a large committee of upper year students.

                                  Carleton Engineering provides dynamic, innovative, and hands-on
                                  educational programs that give our students the very best training
                                  possible for their chosen profession. We are always striving to integrate
                                  traditional elements of our programs with new and stimulating methods
                                  of learning. Through EngFrosh we are able to combine these elements to
                                  prepare students for their years ahead while encouraging teamwork,
                                  collaboration, and fun!

                                  While any student's primary focus is on academics, Engfrosh provides the
                                  opportunity for industry to connect with our students and encourage
                                  them to see beyond their education to the application of their learned
                                  skills in their selected fields.

                                  With your support we can build upon what has already been
                                  accomplished to enable our students to reach new heights in the future.

You + 500 Engineering Students = Amazing Opportunities


  From August 31st to September 7th, Carleton University is home to one of the
  longest and most exciting Engineering Orientation programs in Canada, known simply
  as EngFrosh.

  EngFrosh will host 400 first year students and 200 returning upper year engineering
  students for a week of events to help integrate the new students into the world of
  higher education and prepare them for their careers.

  We want you to have the opportunity to help make this first impression, to meet the
  engineers of tomorrow today and show them what you can offer them. Tell them how
  to get the inside track to jobs and opportunities that they don’t even know exist.

  Your financial support helps these future professionals make the most of their week,
  meet and network with more people, get the best possible welcome to Carleton
  University and most importantly, have a lot of fun.

  Join us in welcoming these students to Engineering - be an EngFrosh Partner.

  EngFrosh at a Glance

  EngFrosh is a fun-filled week tailored to welcoming first-year students to the Faculty
  of Engineering and Design, which includes all disciplines of engineering, industrial
  design, architecture and information technology, at Carleton University. Organized by
  upper year students and Faculty members, EngFrosh gives the first-year students the
  unique opportunity to network with other students and faculty, develop their
  teambuilding, communication and problem solving skills; skill that are necessary in
  today’s industry. A wide range of challenging and engaging events make up the Eng-
  Frosh schedule, including the Engineering Games, the Byward Market Scavenger Hunt
  and the Rideau Canal Boat Race and Design Competition!

  You can help through monetary support or product and service donations. As
  Marketing Director for EngFrosh 2008, it is my responsibility to provide your company
  with a situation that will be productive for both our organizations. So take a look at
  the following package and let us talk about making things happen.

  You Can Benefit by Being a EngFrosh 2008 Sponsor

Sponsorship Options

The following is a guideline - we are more than happy to work out something that will
benefit both of us to the greatest extent possible.
     Level &            Patron         Platinum          Gold            Silver         Bronze
   Contribution      Level Sponsor   Level Sponsor   Level Sponsor   Level Sponsor   Level Sponsor
     Amount             (5000)          (2500)          (1000)           (500)           (250)
 Company Name in
  Event Schedule         Yes               -               -               -               -

     Judge for
                         Yes              -                -               -               -
     Boat Race
  During Opening         Yes               -               -               -               -
   Included in all
                         Yes              Yes              -               -               -
  Media Coverage
  During Closing         Yes              Yes             Yes              -               -
  Welcome Letter
   for EngFrosh          Yes              Yes             Yes              -               -

    Career Fair      Double Booth    Double Booth    Single Booth     Display Area         -

  Name/Logo on
                       Large Logo     Large Logo     Medium Logo     Medium Logo      Small Logo
 Promotional Item
    included in          Yes              Yes             Yes             Yes             Yes
  Registration Kit
  Space (Banner,        Feature       Promotion          Large         Medium            Small
   Website, etc)

                EngFrosh 2008 Sponsor Benefits

Patron Level Sponsor

The official Patron of EngFrosh is the premier sponsor of EngFrosh by the
participants, the public and the media throughout the Orientation Event. At this level
you have an opportunity to promote yourself through the career fair,
presentations at both opening and closing cermonies and have your name attached
to one of our highlight events such as Rideau Canal Boat Race or Byward Market
Scavenger Hunt.

Platinum Level Sponsor

The Platinum Partnership has a very high level of visibility with participants and the
public. Opportunities exist to promote your company through the Career Fair, the
closing ceremonies and multiple advertising initiatives such as the official shirt,
banner and website.

Gold Level Sponsor

The Gold Partnership provides the full opportunity to partner with EngFrosh for a
particular event, such as the Engineering Games or one of the provided meals. The
Career Fair allows you to meet the students again and provide you with more visibil-
ity in our advertising and promotional materials.

Silver Level Sponsor

The Silver Partnership is for those looking to have a significant level of visibility
without the opportunity for contact with participants. This is an ideal level for smaller
firms to strengthen their image among the engineering community.

Bronze Level Sponsor

The Bronze Partnership allows for visibility among the participants for a modest
contribution. This is another convenient level for any partner to contribute to.

    Invest in Your Future. Sponsor EngFrosh 2008.

The Carleton Student Engineering Society

The Carleton Student Engineering Society, or CSES, has been serving students of
Carleton Engineering for more than 35 years. Its goal is to provide its members with
academic, professional and social resources to help them make it through their four
(or more) years here at Carleton. CSES also represents Carleton Engineering in a
variety of capacities, including the provincial and national levels of engineering stu-
dent societies (ESSCO and CFES respectively) and in the engineering competitions.

CSES provides social events throughout the year, allowing engineering students to
take a break from their studies and let loose. CSES also provides a wealth of
services - Leonardo’s Lounge (the engineering store), McCoy’s study lounge, an
equipment loan program, a monthly publication, the Student Group Resource Centre
and even an exam library. All aspects of CSES are volunteer run, everything from
CSES Council to EngFrosh. The Society survives and thrives thanks to those students
who enjoy what we have here at Carleton Engineering and wish to make those things
even better.


Thank you for taking the time to consider our proposal, and we hope you will choose
to join one of the most memorable experiences for first year engineering students. If
your company has any questions on the sponsorship package, please contact us via
the details below.

For addition information visit out website

To reach us you may contact:
Brian Fife and Marc Richard
Carleton University, EngFrosh 2008
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6

Tel: (613) 520 3616
Fax: (613) 520 3730
Email:                   EngFrosh is a service provided by                     the Carleton Student Engineering Society


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