Report on hotels in Porto Alegre by theworstone


									Report on hotels in Porto Alegre

Aiming to avoid problems that have ocurred at World Social Forum previous
editions in Porto Alegre regarding accommodation at the city's hotel network, we
have had a meeting with the Hotel Trade Union and the Convention Bureau of
Porto Alegre, on July 20, 2004.

At this meeting the two representative entities of the hotel and tourism sector
have committed to collaborate with the Forum organisation for the definition of
acceptable procedures that the hotels should adopt regarding next Forum's
edition. These entities have also shown concerns and insatisfaction towards the
work that some tourism agencies have been doing, that is, even if the
International Secretariar have not allowed them to do so, they present themselves
as the Forum's official agencies therefore monopolising the intermediation of
rooms at Porto Alegre's hotels and imposing abusive conditions regarding price,
full payment or in advance for accommodation and minimum quantity of days of
permanence. Moreover, there is the case of certain tourism agency that have the
control of more than 60% of the hotel capacity in Porto Alegre.

These entities are to forward the Forum's organisation a table of prices that the
hotels charge still on this week, and on the next days we will hold meetings with
the sector as a whole (hotels, companies and tourism agencies) aiming to
discipline their attitude. We intend to accomplish this work followed by
consumer protection bodies and economy regulation related respectively to the
State Office of Justice, Justice Ministry, Service and Trade Municipal Office as
well as the Public Ministry.

Regarding these issues, we strongly recommend the Forum participants:
To suspend negotiations with agencies and hotels (reservations, payments, etc),
until we finish negotiating with this sector, what should happen on the next few

For those people and organisations that have already arranged reservations at
hotels (both directly with hotels and through agencies), we would ask you to
forward to the bases of the settled deals,
such as: daily rates, demanded reservation deposit, demanded minimum period of
permanence and demanded deadline for paying the reservation, besides other
pertinent information;

To broadly spread these orientations to all people and organisations that are
involved in the Forum's dynamics.

WSF 2005 Organising Committee

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