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									             Enjoy Malta Holidays with Deluxe Gozo, Malta Hotels

If you plan to experience what Malta holidays are like, then one of the top spots to
go is Gozo. Gozo is located in the northernmost part of the Maltese Island and
houses a number of prehistoric and historic sites in Malta. Gozo has a peculiar quality
that makes it distinctive among the other islands in Malta. There are spectacular
sites to visit in this area so one must avail of an accommodation in one of the Malta
hotels located in Gozo.

You would not really get to stay that much in a Malta hotel in Gozo for there are so
many attractions and sites to go and visit in Gozo. One of the best things to do is to
take a tour which would definitely include a tour to the Azure Window at Dwejra, a
tour to the bay of Xlendi, a tour to the citadel in Victoria and a tour to the Gozo
Heritage. One should not hurriedly go back to his accommodation in Malta but
instead enjoy an insightful audiovisual presentation of the history of Gozo and Malta.

Even while in your hotels in Malta, you can enjoy the sight of and splendor of this
picturesque island with three hills. Then you can also visit the Ramla il-Hamra which
is considered as the finest beach not only in Gozo but also in Malta. Your Malta
holidays would not be complete if you do not get to visit this beach which is named
after the reddish color of the beach sand. The bay is one of the areas for which the
natural beauty is spared from development and hence you cannot find a Malta hotel
in the vicinity of the beach. It has remained untouched and mystical as according to
legend, the Calypso cave is what is referred to in the Odyssey which was written by

An excellent accommodation in Malta and particularly in Gozo is the Hotel San
Andrea --Xlendi. The hotel is situated in the steep cliffs of the Valley of Xlendi and
provides a gentle breeze of Gozo Island. It is a great and fantastic place to stay to
unwind and enjoy Malta holidays and getaways. This Malta hotel is ideal for people
who love progress and development and at the same time enjoy the undisturbed
beauty of nature. It is a modern hotel which in the Xlendi Valley and is just steps
away from the Mediterranean Sea. Your stay in this Malta Hotel in Gozo Island would
certainly be unforgettable and truly relaxing. It also offers deluxe services such as
rent a car service, packed lunch service, ferry transfers and helicopter transfers as
well as Malta tours, romantic horse drawn carriage rides and even safari

Another excellent accommodation in Malta is the Calypso hotel. It is one of the
modern seafront hotels in Malta and is a six-storey hotel that is adjacent a beach.
It has 112 rooms with balconies and complete with the standard hotel amenities that
you expect a Malta hotel would have. These are two of the best places to stay and
enjoy your Malta holidays.

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