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					                                         Explosives Safety News
                                                                                        Issue 10–December 2008

World Expo 88 — fireworks then and now
                                          In the two years leading up to Expo 88,     by Australian Pyrotechnic Displays.
                                          as each new country was announced,          All the fireworks were driven onto the
                                          there was a display with 100 flag shells.   Stradbroke ferry at Cleveland and the
                                          When each shell burst, the flag of the      ferry then travelled four hours to South
                                          new country floated down on                 Bank and became the platform for
                                          a parachute.                                the show.

                                          During the six months of Expo 88,
                                          fireworks were transported from
                                          Sydney to Brisbane every week and
                                          moved out to the barge daily. The
                                          fireworks display was fired from a
                                          barge with four pontoons each side.
                                          Aerial shells up to 150mm were fired
In 1988 the eyes of the world focused     off the barge, while mines and
on South Bank and the hugely              multi-shots were fired from the
successful Brisbane World Exposition.     pontoons. This display occurred every
For six months, Expo 88 showcased         night for six months during Expo 88.
an almost continuous program of
entertainment and events, culminating
each night with an impressive                                                            this issue >
fireworks display. In April this year,                                                   1 World Expo 88 — fireworks then
the 20th Anniversary World Expo 88                                                         and now
Celebrations were held at South Bank
                                                                                         2 Message from the Chief Inspector
Parklands, once again showcasing an
impressive fireworks display.                                                               Don’t get caught with illegal fireworks
Ian Riedel of Australian Pyrotechnic                                                        Got an explosives emergency?
Displays was involved in the original                                                    3 Explosives Inspectors needed in
setup and organisation of the displays    Over the past 20 years there has been            central region
at Expo 88, which were controlled and     a significant improvement in fireworks
contracted by Syd Howard Fireworks                                                       4 Licensing FAQs
                                          quality and safety standards. The
International. Ian Riedel returned        differences between the fireworks              6 Licensing legislation changes
20 years later to do the fireworks for    during Expo 88 and at the anniversary             Looking back
the anniversary celebrations.             celebrations in 2008 are noticeable.
                                                                                         7 Licensing news
Expo 88’s fireworks display was the       At the anniversary celebrations there
first in Australia that was fired by                                                        An overview of explosives related
                                          was only one fireworks display. This
computer. The display was fired from a                                                      incidents and accidents 2007–08
                                          time, the show was fired from shore
desktop computer on shore with cables     via a laptop computer. Aerial shells           8 New appointments
running under the stage out to a barge.   up to 65mm were fired. The fireworks
                                          used were supplied in Queensland

Queensland the Smart State                                                                        Department of Mines and Energy
                                                    Don’t get caught with
    Message from the

                                                    illegal fireworks
    Chief Inspector

                                                    Mines and Energy Minister Geoff Wilson      Inspectorate works closely with the
                                                    has issued another stiff reminder to the    police to prosecute those involved in
                                                    community on the dangers and costs of       any way with the illegal trade or use of
                                                    the illegal use of fireworks.               fireworks.

                                                    Fireworks sold illegally are generally      The sale, possession or use of fireworks
With the continued growth in                        of poorer quality and have caused           without a licence in Queensland could
explosives use and handling in                      fatalities in other states and serious      result in a fine of up to $30,000 or six
Queensland, and the decline of                      injuries to Queenslanders. These            months imprisonment. A fine of up to
available competent personnel, it                   fireworks have not been tested to the       $225,000 or three years imprisonment
is necessary to reinforce the safety                required safety standards for the legal     could result if the use of fireworks
message to all in the industry.                     sale of fireworks to licensed fireworks     caused multiple deaths and serious
Queensland has enjoyed a relatively                 contractors, and have the potential to      harm to property or the environment.
good safety record from all activities              injure illegal users and bystanders.        The use of fireworks by the general
involving explosives. There has not                                                             public was prohibited in Queensland in
been a fatality in Queensland from a                A Currimundi man was convicted and
                                                    fined $1200 under the Explosives Act        1972 for safety reasons.
blasting explosives accident in the
past 15 years, despite the enormous                 in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court       The Queensland Government is
increase in explosives use and                      for illegal possession of fireworks and     continuing to work with other
handling in that period. All involved               organising an illegal fireworks display     Australian states and territories
in the explosives and user industries               at Lake Currimundi on 1 January 2007.       to introduce a national ban on
have made a positive contribution to                                                            the availability of fireworks in the
achieving that outcome, but such a                  Warren Wade Trotter was also ordered
                                                    to pay professional costs of $250 and       community, but there had been no
strong record can lead to complacency.                                                          agreement to date.
                                                    court costs of $66.50, bringing the total
A review of the explosives incidents                penalty to $1450.
reported to the Inspectorate, as                                                                The community can still buy novelty
required by the explosives legislation,             There were approximately 150                items such as sparklers, but only
indicates that these incidents do not                                                           professional licensed fireworks
                                                    prosecutions in 2007 and recent fines
have new causes — but rather revisit                                                            contractors can buy and use fireworks
                                                    imposed by magistrates have reached
the lessons previously experienced                                                              for public and private displays in
                                                    up to $6000.
with explosives activities.                                                                     Queensland.
                                                    Anyone with information about the
With blasting explosives, the focus
                                                    illegal sale or use of fireworks should
should be on training, competence,
effective supervision, proper                       immediately contact police and action
                                                    will be taken. Queensland’s Explosives
                                                                                                Got an explosives
establishment and maintenance of
exclusion zones, effective control of
flyrock, design and maintenance of
explosives equipment and security.                  These have been developed to                1300 RDX TNT or 1300 739 868
With fireworks and propellant powders,              effectively address the known hazards       can now be dialled from anywhere
training and experience, effective                  and risks involved with explosives and      in Queensland for explosives
housekeeping, control of ignition                   their associated activities.                emergencies.
sources and security are imperative to                                                          The 1300 number was introduced
                                                    For those responsible for any
maintain high safety standards.                                                                 into the southern region in 2003 to
                                                    explosives, are you confident your
Within the community, the issues of                 explosives are effectively controlled       streamline the emergency response
unauthorised activities such as illegal             with a strong emphasis placed               process that involved an explosive
fireworks and home-made explosives,                 on safety and security to achieve           emergency or required contact
regularly surface.                                  acceptable risk and to prevent              24-hours a day. This number has
                                                    accidents and incidents?                    been working very successfully for
Sadly, in the past six months a fatality
                                                                                                the past five years.
involving pyrotechnic compositions                  Don’t be the subject of the next
and a very serious injury with the                  reported incident.                          As a result this 1300 number has now
manufacture and use of home-made                                                                been extended to cover the rest of
explosives have occurred.                                                                       Queensland and interstate.
There is no safe explosive and the                                                              Calls from the northern region will
industry must work in accordance                                                                be received in the Townsville office.
with the relevant legislation,                                                                  Calls from the central region will be
                                                    Geoff Downs                                 received in the Rockhampton office.
codes, standards, instructions and
                                                                                                The Brisbane office will cover southern
procedures.                                         Acting Chief Inspector of Explosives
                                                                                                region and interstate calls.
                                                                                                This number should be used for
                                                                                                emergencies only.
2 | Explosives Safety News Issue 10—December 2008
Explosives Inspectors needed in
central region
The central region stretches from
Proserpine to Bundaberg and as far west
as Winton, and consists of 34 open cut
coal mines, 13 underground coal mines,
two open cut and one underground
metalliferous mines and 25 quarries. In
the central region there are 57 licensed
sellers of explosives including sellers of
ammunition, and there are several sites
that manufacture explosives.
The resources boom in central
Queensland has led to the increased
use of explosives. The demand is so
great that some sites are experiencing
difficulty obtaining enough bulk
products to meet demand. The
manufacture of Mobile Processing
Units is at an all time high and
experienced blasting personnel are
in demand.
The Department of Mines and Energy           • investigating explosive-related         • liaising with the police regarding
has an urgent need for more Inspectors        incidents, and preparing reports          explosives found (often during
of Explosives due to an increase in                                                     search and seizures conducted by
activity in the central region. There is     • investigating complaints, often          the Queensland Police service) and
currently one Explosives Inspector in         from the public, regarding noise and      preparing documents for the police
the central region operating from the         vibration from blasting at quarries
Rockhampton office. The region has                                                     • assessing and processing licence
                                             • attending explosive-related incidents    applications
three vacant positions for Explosives         and liaising with emergency services
Inspectors.                                                                            • issuing compliance action notices.
                                             • inspecting and auditing of Safety
The lifestyle of an Explosives Inspector      Management Systems and                   Inspectors of Explosives come from
can be very attractive. Inspectors are        procedures (predominately on mine        diverse backgrounds including
located at Rockhampton or Mackay and          sites), explosives transport vehicles,   former commercial explosive industry
can enjoy increased time with family,         explosives manufacturing equipment       employees, mining engineers,
have the majority of weekends at home         (at mine sites and factories),           ex-military, police and transport
and get to travel to some very remote         explosives storage compounds and         inspectors.
and interesting parts of Queensland.          ammunition storage (at gun shops)
                                                                                       Overall, being an Explosives Inspector
A day in the life of an Explosives           • inspecting civil blasting operations    can be a very interesting and rewarding
Inspector can be varied and bring many        and fireworks displays                   career.
different challenges. Some of the tasks
include:                                     • inspecting explosive imports            If you’re interested in finding out more
                                                                                       about a position as an Explosives
• receiving and collating Incident           • recovery and disposal of deteriorated
                                                                                       Inspector, visit www.dme.qld.gov.au or
 Reports, identifying trends in the           explosives, out of date explosives,
                                                                                       email explosives@dme.qld.gov.au
 industry and sometimes preparing             ammunition and marine flares
 Information Bulletins to advise
 industry of potential hazards and
 unsafe practices

                                                                                       Explosives Safety News Issue 10—December 2008   3
Licensing FAQs
I wish to apply for a licence. What do I            passport. A corporate applicant can          I am a licensed seller of explosives. If
need to provide with the application to             nominate more than one authorised            I have not made any sales during the
meet the licensing requirements?                    person to act on the corporation’s           month am I still required to provide a
The pre-requisite requirements for                  behalf. The same requirement applies         sales record within seven days after the
a licence depend on the explosives                  to each nominated person.                    end of the month?
activity or operations. Each explosives             A corporate applicant must also be           Yes, the sales record must be marked
licence application type requires you               aware that the nominated contact             ‘nil sales for month of ……’ and
to provide supporting documentation                 person on the application form is the        returned within the specified period.
and evidence as shown under the                     person who will receive all explosives
‘Required Items’ section on Page 3 of               publications, applications for renewal
the application form. It is important               and correspondence issued by the             Why does my application take so long
to carefully read this section prior to             Chief Inspector of Explosives. It is the     to process?
lodging the application. If you are still           responsibility of the contact person to      The explosives client service charter
not sure, it is advisable to contact any            ensure full distribution throughout the      states the application will be
one of the Explosives Licensing Officers            same corporation to ensure compliance        acknowledged within 20 working
for assistance to ensure all licensing              with the conditions of the issued            days of date of lodgement with the
requirements are satisfied prior to                 licence.                                     Explosives Inspectorate. When you
lodging the application with the Chief                                                           lodge the completed application, the
Inspector of Explosives. Contact details                                                         licensing officer will register and verify
are on the back page of this newsletter.            Am I required to have all supporting         your application for completeness, and
                                                    documentation certified to support my        submit it to an Explosives Inspector to
                                                    application for an explosives licence or     make a recommendation. The Inspector
I am an individual and also a director              permit?                                      will then submit to the Chief Inspector
of an incorporated registered company               No. Only the documents to support the        of Explosives for a final decision to
under ASIC. Do I apply as an individual             applicant’s identity (i.e. the individual,   issue the licence or permit. Within the
or a corporation?                                   the registered public or non-public          application’s lifecycle from receipt to
The person applying for the issue of a              company, the association or club             issue, the Chief Inspector of Explosives
licence must be the person responsible              or a government agency) should be            will conduct an appropriate person
for the commercial business activities              certified. All other documentation           check and request criminal history
of the intended explosives operations.              to support the explosives licensing          information from the Queensland
If the business activities are being                activities does not need to be certified.    Police Service (QPS). QPS may take up
conducted by the incorporated                                                                    to 15 working days or longer to satisfy
company, then the application is made                                                            the Chief Inspector’s request. All
in the corporate name. If the business              What is an explosive?                        licensing staff and processing officers
activities are being conducted by the               The definition of an explosive can           handle each application as efficiently
individual, then the application is                 be found in the Explosives Act 1999          as possible to meet the client service
made in the individual’s name.                      (reprint 3) Schedule 2 Dictionary.           charter of 20 working days.
                                                    Examples of explosives include
                                                    ammunition, detonators, gunpowder,           I am a licensed shotfirer in Queensland.
I am applying as a corporation. The                 nitroglycerine and pyrotechnics              I have recently received an application
application form requires that I state              (including fireworks).                       to renew my licence. One of the
the nominated contact person for my
                                                                                                 requirements to renew my licence is to
corporation. Is there anything I need
                                                                                                 provide a record of use. I am not certain
to provide to authorise the contact                 What does security sensitive explosive       what it is I should provide and for what
person?                                             (SSE) mean?                                  period?
Yes. The contact person you nominate                The definition for SSE can be found          In accordance with Section 34 of the
must be authorised by the owner, office             in the Explosives Regulation 2003            Explosives Regulation a shotfirers
bearers or executive officers of the                reprint 2A. A security sensitive             application for renewal must be
corporation in writing, using official              explosive means a blasting explosive,        accompanied by a record of explosives
letterhead signed by the contact person             or a propellant powder, or a firework        used under the licence since last
and the owners, directors or office                 other than an unrestricted firework,         issue (in Queensland). Shotfirers are
bearers of the corporation. In addition,            or a pyrotechnic substance used              required to keep records in accordance
the contact person must provide a                   in a firework, or security sensitive         with Section 127 of the Explosives
certified copy of signed photographic               ammonium nitrates (SSAN).                    Regulation 2003.
identification showing the current
address, i.e. a driver’s licence or a                                                            To satisfy this requirement an
                                                                                                 acceptable record of use is to provide
4 | Explosives Safety News Issue 10—December 2008
with the renewal application any one of      licence must remain current to                (b) transportation of Dangerous
the following:                               continue to hold my position within           Goods generally Class 5 or Class
• a copy of the log book(s)                  the company.                                  9 (other than Class 1 and non
• a summary of the log book(s)             The above information also applies              dangerous goods) requires a written
• blasting notifications.                  to other user type licences with the            statement in full that the insurance
                                           renewal requirement to provide a                policy is in accordance with the
The record of use must cover the period
                                           record of use e.g. Fireworks Operator,          Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG)
from when the licence was last issued
                                           Fireworks Contractor and Licence to Use         Code and covers:
up to the time you are ready to lodge
the application for renewal.               Explosives.                                  • property damage, personal injury
                                                                                          and other damage (excepting
If you have not conducted any blasting
                                                                                          consequential economic loss)
activities since the last issue of the     I am applying for a licence to transport       arising out of any fire, explosion,
licence in Queensland and wish to          explosives. What insurance cover do I          leakage or spillage of dangerous
continue to hold the licence, a written    need to provide to satisfy the licensing       goods in, on or from the vehicle
justification as to why the licence        requirements of the Chief Inspector of         or a container transported on the
should be renewed must be attached         Explosives?                                    vehicle; and
with the application to renew the
licence. This justification must provide   In general, the public liability and         • the insured sum or indemnity is not
sufficient details to satisfy the Chief    comprehensive insurance policy must            less than:
Inspector of Explosives’ requirements.     state details and cover:
                                                                                        (i) in the case of a road vehicle
For your guidance only, listed below is    • the person applying for the licence            transporting packaged dangerous
a cross-section of examples of written     • details of the nominated vehicle(s)            goods—$1,000,000 per event; or
justifications where the Chief Inspector   • the nominated driver(s) and/or             (ii) in the case of a road vehicle
has approved the renewal of the              sub-contractor                                 transporting dangerous goods in
licence without a record of use:                                                            bulk—$2,500,000 per event.
                                           • any limitations applied to the
• I am employed as an Open Cut               explosives transport operation(s)          For a vehicle that will be transporting
  Examiner (OCE) and am required             applicable to the vehicle (if any)         both Class 1 and Dangerous Goods, the
  to hold the licence under Mining                                                      insurance policy will need to satisfy
  Legislation. I therefore require         • any costs incurred by or on behalf
                                                                                        both the AEC and ADG codes.
  the licence to be renewed for              of a government authority or other
  employment reasons.                        agency in a clean-up resulting from        Exceptions to the insurance
                                             any event.                                 requirements above:
• Due to the adverse weather
  (drought) in Queensland, blasting        (a) Transportation of Class 1 explosives     • The owner of the road vehicle
  on my property/mine lease has               requires a written statement in             complies with the exemption under
  not been possible. As soon as the           full that the insurance policy is in        8.3.5(5) of the AEC.
  weather is better, normal blasting          accordance with the Australian            • The vehicle is transporting explosive
  will resume.                                Explosives Code (AEC) and covers:           security sensitive ammonium nitrate
• I am currently working in the            • property damage, personal injury             limited to the non-dangerous goods
  explosives industry but not as a           and other damage (excepting                  ‘calcium ammonium nitrate’. In
  shotfirer, however I would like to         consequential economic loss) arising         this case, the public liability or
  maintain my licence as I am actively       out of any fire, explosion, leakage or       comprehensive insurance cover
  seeking employment as a shotfirer.         spillage of explosives in, on or from        must provide the stated general
                                             the vehicle or a container transported       insurance details and cover the
• I am not currently working in the          on the vehicle; and
  explosives industry, however I would                                                    vehicle, however does not need to
  like to maintain my licence as I         • the insured sum or indemnity is not          comply with the ADG code.
  am actively seeking employment as          less than:
                                                                                        All new licence application forms and
  a shotfirer.                             (i) in the case of a road vehicle            explosives publications can be found
• My present position requires that            transporting explosives in a quantity    on the Department of Mines and Energy
  I hold a current Shotfirer Licence.          not more than that specified for         website. Other application forms and
  However since the last issue of my           Category 2—$1,000,000 per event; or      licensing information is available by
  licence I have not conducted any         (ii) in the case of a road vehicle           contacting an explosives licensing
  blasting activities. I attach with           transporting explosives in a quantity    officer. Contact details are available on
  my written justification, a letter of        sufficient to qualify for inclusion in   the back page of this newsletter.
  support from my current employer             Category 3—$2,500,000 per event; or
  confirming that my shotfirer’s
                                                                                        Explosives Safety News Issue 10—December 2008   5
 Looking back:
 1921 explosion in Oppau, Germany
 In the early morning of 21 September               walls were shaken and windows were         Unfortunately, this was not the first
 1921 two large explosions occurred at              broken. The explosion left a crater 115m   time the danger of using explosives
 the Oppau works of Badische Anilin                 long by 75m wide and 10m deep. The         to break up caked ammonium nitrate
 und Soda Fabrik (BASF) in Germany.                 explosion was heard as far away as         was demonstrated. On 10 July 1921 at
                                                    Bayreuth, 233km away from Oppau,           Kriewald in Germany, this procedure
 The explosion involved approximately               and the air pressure wave caused           led to the explosion of two rail wagons
 4000 tonnes of a 50:50 mixture of                  damage in Frankfurt, 85km from the         containing 13.5 tonnes of ammonium
 ammonium sulphate and ammonium                     scene of the explosion.                    nitrate.
 nitrate. Detonation was set off by a
 blasting powder which was used to
 break up piles of the material that
 had become caked due to exposure
 to moisture and the elements. This
 procedure had been carried out
 without any problem at the BASF works
 approximately 16,000 times previously.
 However, on 21 September 1921, this
 routine procedure had disastrous
 The effects of the explosions were
 devastating. Approximately 550 people
 were killed, 1500 were injured and
 1000 houses were destroyed. Houses
 in adjacent cities were damaged,

Licensing legislation changes
 If you are an explosives licence holder            • S15(3) – inquiries into a corporation     be subject to inquiries about a
 or intend to become involved with                   by the Chief Inspector of Explosives       person’s appropriateness prior to
 explosives in Queensland it is in your              to determine whether or not the            consideration and approval to issue
 best interests to obtain the latest                 corporation is insolvent, under            a licence. Application forms are in
 Explosives Act 1999 (reprint no.3) and              administration and has been                the process of being developed and
 Explosives Regulations 2003.                        convicted in Queensland or                 will be placed on the department’s
                                                     elsewhere, of an offence involving a       website in due course.
 Explosives legislative amendments                   prescribed activity and investigated
 were incorporated into the Explosives               as to whether an executive officer of     • It is your obligation to ensure
 Act 1999 on 14 December 2007 to                     the corporation would be considered        the licence remains current prior
 include amendments to certain                       to be an appropriate person under          to the expiry date. This ensures
 sections of the Act, as stated in the               this section.                              the explosives activities and/or
 ‘Endnotes’ of the Act. The most recent                                                         operations are legally covered in
 reprint of the Explosives Regulation               • S43 – a person in possession of an        Queensland. To ensure the
 2003 was on 1 July 2007—reprint no.                 explosive in a public place must not       obligation, you will be posted a
 2A. The Explosives Act and Regulation               sell the explosive in the public place.    renewal form three months prior to
 are available free of charge from the                                                          your licence expiry date. You will
 Office of the Parliamentary Counsel                • S123A Treatment of partnerships –         be reminded again 21 days prior
 website at                                          an application by a Partnership to         to expiry if you haven’t taken
 www.legislation.qld.gov.au                          the Chief Inspector of Explosives for      appropriate action.
                                                     the issue of an explosives licence/
 Changes that directly affect the                    permit is accepted in accordance
 licensing application system include:               with this section. Each partner will

6 | Explosives Safety News Issue 10—December 2008
An overview of explosives related
incidents and accidents 2007–08
There were 14 flyrock incidents in         There were 519 explosives recoveries      There were 21 security incidents in
2007–08. The photograph below              in 2007–08. This included high            2007–08, this included theft, spills,
shows a vehicle struck by flyrock during   explosives, detonators, fireworks,        poor accounting practices, unattended
a mine blast.                              flares ammunition and propellant          explosives and defective packaging.
                                           powders. The photographs below
                                           show deteriorated explosives found        There were 23 transport related
                                           on a remote property in north-west        incidents in 2007–08.
                                           Queensland and what’s left of the tree    The photograph below shows the
                                           after the disposal.                       remains of a B-double that was carrying
                                                                                     security sensitive ammonium nitrate
                                                                                     (SSAN) west of Rockhampton. The
                                                                                     highway and railway were closed for
                                                                                     an extended period to enable safe
                                                                                     clean-up and recovery of SSAN.
There were 139 misfire incidents
reported in 2007–08.
The photograph below shows the result
of digging into misfires. The operator
received minor injuries.

Licensing news
Important Notice No.7                      for a Fireworks Operator Licence as       corporate identity of the Department
                                           appropriate for outdoor displays.         of Mines and Energy is visible from
All licensed Fireworks Contractors                                                   first sight, with the corporate element
and Fireworks Operators should have        If you haven’t received this notice,
                                                                                     in the top right corner in blue. The
received a copy of the Explosives          please contact Head Office on
                                                                                     government identity is visible also, with
Inspectorate’s Important Notice No.7       3224 7512 to obtain a copy.
                                                                                     the use of the smart state tag (bottom
‘Notice to all Fireworks Contractors and
                                           Renewed licences                          left) and the departmental logo in the
Fireworks Operators’ dated 30 April
                                                                                     bottom right corner.
2008. This notice is about a training      When an existing current licence for
package developed by the Southern          Licences to Transport, Manufacture,       The user type card licences i.e.
Queensland Institute of TAFE which has                                               Shotfirer, Use, Fireworks Operator
                                           Sell, Store, Use SSAN, Import, Export
been approved by the Chief Inspector                                                 remain the same except for the
                                           and Fireworks Contractors is approved
of Explosives as the qualification for a                                             replacement of the departmental
                                           for the issue of a renewed licence, the
Fireworks Contractor Licence and also                                                branding from Natural Resources and
                                           new issued licence is printed on A4,
                                           parchment-like textured paper and the     Water to the Department of Mines
                                                                                     and Energy.

                                                                                     Explosives Safety News Issue 10—December 2008   7
New appointments
 Elizabeth Richards commenced as
 a Senior Licensing Officer in the
 Explosives Inspectorate in March
 2008. Prior to her commencement at
 the Department of Mines and Energy
 she was employed as a Licensing
 Officer with the Queensland Office of
 Gaming Regulation for seven years, a
 portfolio office of Queensland Treasury
 Corporation. Elizabeth has had a lot of               Elizabeth Richards                Daniel Jacobson                     Ray Johns
 experience in licensing and regulatory
 controls and is a valuable addition to
 the team.
 Daniel Jacobson has joined the
 Explosives Inspectorate as a Senior
                                                    Helidon Reserve update
 Explosives Licence Officer. Daniel
                                                    Two new starters have been welcomed            and once it is fully operational it will
 worked as a Licensing Officer at the
                                                    to Helidon Reserve. Wayne Healy and            be implemented in other reserves. The
 Weapons Licensing Branch of the
                                                    Greg Damrow have joined as Magazine            current roadrunner program is still in
 Queensland Police Service from
                                                    Keepers.                                       use until the transfer is complete.
 2002 until 2007 in various sections,
 including the Ranges and Galleries                 Steven Kohler, Reserve Manager,
 section. Daniel joined DME’s Explosives            visited Myambat explosives storage
 Inspectorate as a Licensing Officer in             facility in New South Wales, run by
 September 2007 and was reappointed                 Thales Australia. During his visit, Steve
 as a Senior Licensing Officer in                   looked at the explosives storage and
 March 2008.                                        design of Spantech magazines and
                                                    staff training programs. Thales is a
 Ray Johns commenced as an Inspector
                                                    registered training organisation and
 with the Explosives Inspectorate in
                                                    provides training and development in
 April 2008. Ray was a former Australian
                                                    the areas of storage, distribution and
 Army Engineer and a former Sergeant
                                                    maintenance of explosives.
 in the Australian Federal Police. During
 his police career he was a detective in            The Sapphire program is now in place
 the Organised Crime Squad, Criminal                at Helidon Reserve to manage stock.            Wayne Healy and Greg Damrow joined
 Investigation Branch and Crime                     This new program is in the testing stage       by Joanne Kilah (who has since left the
 Intelligence. He was a Police Bomb                                                                reserve).
 Technician and Sergeant in Charge of
 the Eastern Region Bomb Squad. To
 his credit he was awarded the Bravery
 Medal, Police Medal, Long Service
 and Defence Medals. After resigning
                                                    Information Bulletin 41
 from the police he spent time in the
 transport and mining industries. Ray               Persons’ appropriateness for access to explosives
 brings with him a wealth of knowledge
 and experience to DME.                             Information Bulletin 41 provides guidance on how employers can exercise their duty
                                                    of care in relation to hiring someone who will have access to explosives. The bulletin
                                                    includes advice on how to assess a potential employee’s competence and details
                                                    other considerations that need to be made.
                                                    Although explosives are essential tools for the mining and construction industries,
 Contacts                                           they are also an inherently dangerous class of materials which present risks to the
 The main contacts for the Explosives               community.
 Inspectorate are:                                  Section 33 of the Explosives Act 1999 sets out that employers are obliged to
                                                    ensure that, before they employ someone to work in a position that has access to
 Southern Region:               3238 3728           explosives, the employer first must ensure that the person is appropriate.
 Central Region:                4938 4442
                                                    Read the information bulletins at www.dme.qld.gov.au, under explosives and
 North Region:                  4799 7004
                                                    fireworks safety.
 Brisbane Head Office:          3224 7512
 Emergency:                     1300 739 868
 All email enquiries to
 explosives@dme.qld.gov.au                          Our Mission             Our community safe and secure from explosives

                                                    Our Vision              To protect our community from the adverse impacts of explosives

8 | Explosives Safety News Issue 10—December 2008                                                                                            DME08006