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									                     IREO Victory Valley Gurgaon {CALL FOR
                   BOOKING @ 9810003577 | 9810005369
       IREO, holds more than 800 acres of land on prime locations in Gurgaon. There are opportunities to invest in
ious real estate verticals like Residential

        Apartments, Commercial Retail & Commercial Office Spaces at these locations.
        This magnificent city is No Ordinary City, it is something that has never been heard,
        percieved or experienced in Gurgaon or for that matter even in India. A

        city that is full of life and freedom.
        One of the biggest highlights within the city is the connectivity within various elements of
        the City through the Skywalks, and these are no ordinary

        SkyWalks, these are SkyWalks that are well manned and Guarded, letting your children to
        run, play, explore the complete city without having to worry or be

        restricted, imagine what it would be like for the children and even for that matter for
        parents, who will be able to enjoy more time to themselves and would

        have to worry less about the safety of the kids. Imagine, a City, which has every thing that
        one needs for a comfortable life along with comfortable work

  places as well as world class shopping destinations, all within one well integrated city.

      CALL FOR BOOKING : 9810003577 , 9810005369
                                                                                    GURGAON OFFICE
                                                                              SCO-76, Shopping Center,
                                                                           (HUDA Market) Sector - 40,
                                                                                Gurgaon (HR.) - 122002
                                                                                      T. +91 124 2384770
                                                                                      F. +91 124 4370870
                                                                                      M. +91 9810839770

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