Early Flight the Wright Brothers by Masterpee

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									Early Flight: the
Wright Brothers
 Erin, Sierra, and Renee
       Meet the Wright Brothers
► Orville          ► Wilbur
            The First Glider
Not used for manned flight but more as a kite
 that helped the Wright Brothers invent the
         Specifications for flyer
  Gasoline powered engine weighing 179 lbs., delivering
  12 horsepower
   2 propellers each 3.5 ft. in diameter
made of 3 layers of 1 1/8 in. spruce,
Glued together and shaped with a
Hatchet and Drawshave
  Wingspan – 40 ft. 4 in.
  Chord – 6 ft. 6 in.
  Wing camber – 1:20
  Total wing area – 510 sq. ft.
Specifications of flyer continued
 Horizontal Rudder (forward) – 48 sq. ft.
 Distance from nose to tail – 21 ft. 1 in.
 Un manned weight – 605 lbs. ( engine, propellers, and
 chain drive)
 Wing skeleton covered with French sateen fabric
 Propeller shafts made of steel
                   Lift Off
December 17, 1903 the world changed forever. The
  first manned flight took off at Kitty Hawk this
  day. The Wright brothers accomplished their
  dream of flight. This flight covered 12 ft.
Other Flights of the Brothers
Flyer 2 went as far as ½ a mile
They could now fly in circles with their new flyer
In October of 1905 Wilbur flew his 3rd flyer, he flew
   for 39 min. covering 24 miles. He could have gone
   longer but he ran out of gas.
              Proving to the World
Many people didn’t believe that the Wright brothers
 actually achieved flight. There for they wouldn’t
  patent their plane. Many people wanted proof!!
Many People went to watch the brothers fly their aircraft.
  This allowed them to get a patent because people took
  pictures. There for the president believed them. They
  patented their aircraft on May 22, 1906.
             Becoming Heroes
Wilbur and Orville Wright changed the world forever.
  Without them their would probably not be any air travel
  at all. The Wright brothers found a way to achieve what
  most people thought to be impossible.
   The Wright brothers aeroplane company website.
   This website had simulation flights
   We learned of the different planes on this website
   We learned about their first flights
   We received many images from this site

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