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   Trod  By Phillip North
                                                                                 iey in Nashville, TN, has been a pilot since 19!

                                              llip North, a civ il trial attoi          If you are a pilot and not a member of the Angel Flight
                                            member of the Angel Flight              organization, you are missing the chance for your most mem-
                                                                                    orable flight. The Angel Flight nr&mization not only helps peo-
A priest stood on a busy street comer near an elementary                            ple obtain needed medical treatment, but also has IISEATS
suhool as a young boy approached on the s idewalk at a dead                         (Homeland Security Emergency Air Transport System) in
run. The boy was late and it was apparent to the priest that                        plaee. Angel Flight assists FEMA and the Homeland Security
he was going to dart across the busy intersection toward his                        Department with disaster relief by flying personnel and sup-
school. At the last moment, the priest grabbed the young boy                        plies into disaster areas. Join the Angel Flight organization and
by the baokpack and prevented him from being run over by an                         get ready to go where angels trod.PIPEE=
oncoming bus.
   The boy looked up at the priest and asked, ''Are you my
guardian angel?" The priest thought for a moment and
                                                                                    For more information:
                                                                                    Angel Flight, Inc.
replied, ''At this moment in time, yes, I am."
                                                                                    1515 East 71st Street, Ste. 312
   In February of 2006,1 was preparing for one of my first mis-
                                                                                    Tulsa, QK74136
sions for the Angel Flight organization. The first leg of the
medical mission originated in Chicago, and the pilot of the                         Phone: 918.749.8992
                                                                                    Fax: 918.745.0879
Skymaster brought the Watkins family (mother, father and
                                                                                    Em ail:
two small children) to our rendezvous point at Cornelia Fort
Airport (M88). in Nashville, Tennessee. It was my job to fly the
young family to Columbus, Georgia, where another Angei
Flight pilot would fly them home to Florida.
   The little four-year old had a brain disorder and the Angel
Flight organization took the family to Chicago to consult with                         Do you have a most me morable flight or first solo flight
a specialist. The lather told me he had always wanted to learn                                      you want to telt us about? Call us and
to fly, so he rode in the right seat as we took off for Columbus.
During the flight, the father and I talked over the headsets.
                                                                                         we'll write your story for you!
   After a long s ilence, he said, "We are so grateful to you                          Or... if you w ant to w rite the story, you can (about 500 w ords sent
pilots for Angel Flight. Our doctors in Florida told us a few                          via e-mail, matted as typed pages, or even written longhand). An
weeks ago that my wife and I should prepare to say goodbye                             accompanying photo w ould also be great. When the story of your
to our little girl, because she was going to die soon; but the spe-                    first solo flight or vour most memorable (light is published, w e w ill
cialist in Chicago diagnosed her condition, prescribed the                             extend your membership by one year and send you five free
treatment to be given and has told us she is going to survive.                         copies of the issue in w hich your story appears. Send your stories
You guys have saved my little girl's life."                                            to the editor of PIPERS magazine, P.O. Box 5000, lola, Wl 54945 or
   I remembered the story of the priest and the little boy, then                       by e- mail to editor@piperow
thought to myself. "Yes, at this moment in time, I am the
guardian angel for this little girl."