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									Planning Your Ideal Kitchen                                                                                        Taylor’d Cabinets, Inc.
To best assist you in creating your ideal space, please consider the following survey questions and be prepared to discuss the answers with your designer.

Client Information
______________________________________________                                                                               ___________________
Name                                                                                                                         Date

__________________________________________________________                        _____________________________              ________________________
Residence Address                                                                 Home Phone                                 Work Phone

__________________________________________________________                        ______________________________             ________________________
City                                   State     Zip                              Cell Phone                                 Cell Phone

___________________________________________________________                       ________________________________________________________________
Jobsite Address                                                                   E-mail #1

___________________________________________________________                       ________________________________________________________________
City                                   State     Zip                              E-mail #2

Budget                                                                                                 Check all boxes that apply.

                        Consider this:
                              A reasonable budget for a kitchen remodel is about 15% - 20% of the market value of
                              your home.
                              The national average for a mid-range major kitchen remodel is $43,862.*
                              The cabinetry alone typically ranges between 40% -50% of the overall budget.
                    * Source: Remodeling Magazine, Cost vs. Value Report, 2005.

Why am I considering a new kitchen?
             New Construction
             Long term investment – plan to stay in home 5 or more years
             Short term investment – plan to sell or rent home in near future

Have I set a budget of how much I am willing and/or able to spend on the entire kitchen project (including cabinetry, countertops,
labor, appliances, fixtures, and flooring? If this is new construction, has a budget or allowance been pre-determined?
                          Yes                                                           No, not yet.
   If yes, please indicate the budget range.
               $5,000 - $9,999                  $10,000 - $14,999             $15,000 - $19,999            $20,000 - $24,999
               $25,000 - $29,999                $30,000 - $39,999             $40,000 - $49,999            $50,000 - $59,999
               $60,000 - $69,999                $70,000 - $79,999             $80,000 - $89,999            $90,000 - $100K +

What is the current market value of my home? _____________________________

Is my budget range within 15% - 20% of the home value?
              Yes                          No

If my ideal kitchen exceeds my budget, what are my priorities? (consider some of the following)
                Cabinet construction                            Cabinet finish
                Door options                                    Drawer options
                In cabinet storage accessories                  Decorative elements
                Appliances                                      Fixtures (plumbing & lighting)

Am I willing to make more cost effective substitutions on some items in order to keep the items that are most important to me?
                Yes                         No

Am I prepared to cover any unexpected costs associated with the remodel?
             Yes                         No

Will anyone else be involved with the final decision-making process? If so, who? ______________________________

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Planning Your Ideal Kitchen                                                                            Taylor’d Cabinets, Inc.
You & Your Family                                                                            Check all boxes that apply.

                     Consider this:
                           Even if only one person will be making the major decisions about your new kitchen,
                           consideration of other family members, or even changes in your lifestyle or health in the
                           future, is very important when planning the space.
                           Input from others who have remodeled their own kitchens can give you valuable insight..

My family consists of the following:
          # of Adults ___      # of Children ___ # of Teens ___         # of Pets ___       Kind of pets? _______________________

I anticipate a change of lifestyle in the next 5 years. (marriage, new baby, empty nest, retirement, etc.)         Yes       No

The primary cook in my family is _____________________. Please answer the following questions as they apply to the primary cook.
                   The primary cook is              Right-handed                 Left-handed
                   The primary cook is how tall? __________
                   The primary cook has the following limitations - ____________________________________________________

Do others in my family cook, or assist in cooking?              Yes              Sometimes               No
         Please answer the following questions as they apply to any secondary cook(s).
                   The primary cook is              Right-handed                 Left-handed
                   The primary cook is how tall? __________
                   The primary cook has the following limitations - ____________________________________________________

The following statement(s) best describe my family’s cooking/eating preferences:
                    We share sit down meals together           Often                    Sometimes                   Rarely
                    We eat at separate times                   Often                    Sometimes                   Rarely
                    We share food prep & clean up              Often                    Sometimes                   Rarely
                    Meals require lots of preparation
                     and cook time                             Often                    Sometimes                   Rarely
                    Meals are quick and simple with
                     minimal prep                              Often                    Sometimes                   Rarely
                    We eat out or order in                     Often                    Sometimes                   Rarely
                    We spend a time in the kitchen             Often                    Sometimes                   Rarely
                    We entertain friends and family            Often                    Sometimes                   Rarely

Please identify your family’s cooking style:
              Heat & serve meals             From scratch meals             Gourmet           Baking         Ethnic/Kosher
              Cook in bulk to freeze for future meals                       Other: __________________________________________

Please identify other activities that take place in your kitchen.
               Socializing                     Homework                     Planning or paying bills             Hobbies
               Laundry                         Dining                       Other activities: __________________________________

We need seating in the kitchen for ______# of people. Please identify preferred seating for your new kitchen:
            Table in kitchen              Counter height bar              Raised bar                    Desk seating
            Seating for food prep

The following statement(s) best describe how we entertain:
                    Entertaining in my home is usually                    Casual                Informal           Formal
                    Food is prepared in advance and guests gather in another area               Yes                No
                    Guests gather in or around the kitchen while food is prepared               Yes                No
                    Guests sometimes help with food preparation                                 Yes                No
                    Guests sometimes help with clean up                                         Yes                No
                    The kitchen is the central point for entertaining                           Yes                No
                    Gatherings are sometimes catered                                            Yes                No

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Planning Your Ideal Kitchen                                                                         Taylor’d Cabinets, Inc.
Form & Function                                                                           Check all boxes that apply.

                    Consider this:
                          Think about the things you have liked, and disliked, about your current and previous
                          Go through your kitchen and take inventory (mental or written) of items that will need
                          special storage. Consider where you would like to store things in relation to appliances
                          and function.

The following statement(s) best describe my shopping style:
               Shop daily – prepare mostly fresh foods
               Shop weekly – keep staples on hand
               Bulk shopping – stock pantry and freezer

My ideal kitchen would include improvement in the following areas:
              Pot & Pan storage            Small appliance storage                         Spice/condiment storage
              Utensil storage              Counter space for prep and serving              Storage for cleaning supplies
              Dry pantry storage           Fresh food storage                              Dish and glass storage
              Linen storage                Increase seating                                Improve lighting
              Pull out waste basket        Recycling center                                Wine/stem glass storage
              Lazy susan                   Appliance garage                                Cookbook storage
              Extra space for seasonal dishes and serving pieces       Storage for baking pans, large platters, cutting boards
               Other storage needs: _____________________________________________________________________________

Construction preference:
              All plywood construction                Plywood sides                 Particle board construction

Cabinet box style:
              Open-frame / full access                Framed                        Inset or beaded inset

Drawer preferences:
             Standard drawer box & guides             Solid wood dovetail drawer box          Full-extension guides
             Soft-close feature                       In-drawer accessories

I would like the following features for the countertop surface:
               Affordable                      Durable                    Stain resistant               Heat resistant
               Non-porous                      Ease of maintenance        Scratch resistant             Seamless appearance
               Integrated sink                 Under-mount sink           Natural looking               Unique color selection

I already have a countertop preference:
               Natural stone (granite, marble, soapstone, limestone)
               Manufactured stone (quartz composite)
               Solid surface (acrylic)

I would like the following features for the kitchen sink:                   Additional sink for prep or bar area
           SIZE:                    Single                Double            Triple               Extra deep
           FUNCTION:                Stain resistant               Available sink accessories (strainers, cutting boards, etc.)
                                    Integrated drain board
           MATERIAL:                Stainless             Copper            Cast iron            Acrylic             Granite composite
           STYLE:                   Under-mount           Drop-in           Apron front / farm sink                  Color ___________

I would like the following features for the faucet:
               High neck            Separate sprayer            Integrated sprayer           Single lever    Soap dispenser
               Water filter         Instant hot water dispenser           Other features: ___________________________________

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Planning Your Ideal Kitchen                                                                            Taylor’d Cabinets, Inc.
Fit & Style                                                                                  Check all boxes that apply.

                     Consider this:
                           Clip or copy photos and ideas that you like from magazines and books, or from the
                           internet. Collect them in a folder.
                           Show them to your kitchen designer so he/she can get an idea of the look and feel you
                           would like to achieve.

The kitchen is adjacent to the following room(s):
               Breakfast nook                Dining room                    Family room                   Lanai
               Other: _________________________________

Desired cabinetry for adjacent areas:
             Desk                 China hutch            Buffet             Bookcases                     Entertainment center

I would like the following decorative features for my kitchen:
               Clean lines          Un-cluttered                   Warm & inviting               Fun & whimsical            Elegant
               Ornate detail        Bold & colorful                Natural & Organic

The following best describes the “feel” I’d like for my kitchen:
              Casual               Semi-formal                     Formal

The following best describes the “look” I’d like for my kitchen:
              Country              Contemporary/Modern             Rustic             Mission / Arts & Craft                Old World
              Tuscan               Transitional                    Traditional        French country                        Retro
              Family retreat       Strictly functional             Personal design statement

I would like to include the following details:
                 Glass doors
                 Open shelves for display
                 Detailed decorative mouldings
                 Columns, spindles, legs
                 Onlays, corbels
                 Fluting or beading
                 V-groove or beaded panels
                 Decorative panels on exposed ends
                 Multiple finishes

Door style preference:
              Slab                  Raised panel                   Recessed panel               Applied moulding

Drawer front preference:
              Slab                  Match doors

Material preference:
               Laminate             Thermofoil
                    o      Maple
                    o      Birch
                    o      Cherry
                    o      Oak
                    o      Pine
                    o      Alder
                    o      Walnut
                    o      Exotic
                    o      Other: ___________________

My color preferences are (list the colors that you and your family like): __________________________________________________

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Planning Your Ideal Kitchen                                                                            Taylor’d Cabinets, Inc.
Appliances                                                                                   Check all boxes that apply.

                      Consider this:
                            With all the different brands, styles, and features available, choosing new appliances can
                            be a daunting task.
                            Consider the features that are most important to you in relation to your budget.
                            Use the internet to research various brands and features before you go out shopping.
                            You’ll save time and money!
                            If you are limited on space, you may want to select a more compact unit, such as a
                            counter depth refrigerator, or a multi-function unit, such as a convection/microwave.
                            Many appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, are designed to allow for
                            integrated panels to match your cabinetry, creating a streamline look.

Cooking appliances:
             Range (oven/cooktop combined)               Single wall oven             Double wall oven               Steam oven
             Convection                                  Speed cook                   Microwave                      Warming drawer
             Separate cooktop                            Grill                        Deep fryer                     Rotisserie
             Gas                                         Electric                     Induction                      Duel fuel

Vent hoods:
                 Stainless hood                          Commercial style             Decorative                     Mantle style

                 Free standing                           Built-in                      Fridge/freezer separate units
                 Top mount freezer                       Bottom mount freezer          Side-by-side                  Chest freezer
                 Ice/Water in door                       Integrated panels (to match cabinetry)
                 Beverage fridge                         Wine fridge                   Refrigerator drawer           Ice Maker

Clean up:
                 Standard style dishwasher               Integrated panel             Dishwasher drawer(s)           Compactor
                 Food waste disposal                     Second dishwasher

Small appliances:
              Blender             Juicer                 Mixer            Toaster         Coffee pot                 Griddle
              Grill               Crock pot              Roaster          Rice cooker     Can opener                 Food processor
              Built-in coffee maker                      Other: ____________________________________

                      Consider this:
                            Today, kitchens often serve multiple functions. It is not unusual to find lap tops and
                            televisions in these modern spaces.
                            Consider adding data ports and cable outlets.
                            Smaller flat screen televisions that take up less space allow for creative, less
                            conspicuous placement.

I would like to incorporate a television in my kitchen.                      Yes                 No
                      I will be using a T.V. I already own                   Yes                 No
                      I will be purchasing a new T.V.                        Yes                 No

I will be using a computer or lap top in my kitchen.                         Yes                 No
                On a desk                     On a table                     On an island

I will also have a printer.                                                  Yes                 No

I would like to conceal the CPU and/or printer inside a cabinet.             Yes                 No

I would like them on pull out shelves.                                       Yes                 No

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