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                                      22 MAY 2008


           Report of Director of Interventions & Business Development

1. Procurement / Best Value / Value for Money

   The Area Procument Group reconvened on 14 May 2008 to look at fresh terms and
   references for the group amidst new developments since it last met. It was agreed
   that the group probably now needed to primarily focus on the ‘Value for Money’
   agenda, accepting that the areas of Best Value and Procurement would naturally be
   addressed through that.

   Background documents prepared by Pete Scott were considered, and It was agreed
   that structures, plans and workstreams should be as streamlined as possible to
   enable flexibility and to avoid bureaucracy in terms of reporting mechanisms and
   paperwork. The following key points were accepted as the framework to enable this
   work to be effective:

      The group will focus on Value for Money, which while involving the achievement
       of effectiveness, efficiency, economy, will also incorporate Best Value,
       Benchmarking Unit costing, Efficiency savings, Process mapping and Balanced
       score cards.

      Governance of the newly formed VfM Programme Board will be via a schedule of
       bi-monthly Directors’ meetings, with the purpose of delivering large scale VfM
       projects and to oversee the management of specific supporting programmes of

      Workstreams - whilst VfM principles should underpin activity in each objective, it
       was agreed that Directors would identify 2 key objectives from their Divisional
       Plans that would be the focus for VfM project activity.

2. Local Area Agreements

   In Stoke on Trent, where Reducing Reoffending has been included amongst the top
   35 improvement objectives of the LAA, the Safer City Partnership has now given
   formal approval for the establishment of a city-wide RR Partnership Board to

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  oversee the coordination of actions under the RRAP Pathways to support delivery of
  the LAA Reducing Reoffending target (NI18).

  Peter Scott has drafted a partnership framework agreement which will be taken to
  the next meeting of the Safer City Partnership for endorsement, and which will
  provide the basis of future joint working between partners on the Reducing
  Reoffending agenda and for taking forward actions under the Pathways to impact on
  current rates of reoffending in the city. We will be looking towards a formal launch
  of the Partnership in September/October.

  In Staffordshire, delivery planning around the LAA is lagging behind work in Stoke,
  however, we are continuing to attend Safer and Stronger Block meetings and are in
  the loop to participate in joint initiatives to improve services/reduce reoffending
  where relevant - particularly through involvement in thematic groups such as the
  Aquisitive Crime Delivery Group, Alcohol Delivery Group and participation in
  district/locality delivery groups where targeted approaches to service improvement
  are to be taken forward.

  Following last the last Board meeting, Peter Scott provided a workshop for all Board
  members looking at how the LAA re-offending agenda can be embedded at a local
  level given all the competing expectations of operational staff, the differing
  approaches of the Stoke n Trent and Staffordshire partnerships, and the availability
  of representation from the Board and Senior Managers to cover a high volume of
  meetings. I would propose that discussion relating to a proposed LAA engagement
  strategy be tabled for the June Board meeting.

3. Directorate Performance

  The May 2008 Directorate Business Improvement Monitoring (BIM) document
  highlighted the following performance:

     Overall programme commencements are 151%, with completions at 96% (made
      up of Sex Offender Treatment programme completions – 282%, Domestic
      Violence programme completions – 133%, and Offending Behaviour programme
      completions – 69%).

     DRR commencements - 139%, with completions at 94%.

     Timeliness of PPO assessments - 100%.

     Referrals to Learning Skills Council - 101%.

     Unpaid Work Completions - 106%.

     Ofenders achieving employment – retained for 4 weeks - 103%.

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4. Diversity

   Progress continues to be made in relation to the production of a new Diversity
   Strategy, a draft of which is envisaged will be presented to the Board at the July
   meeting. Since the last Board meeting I have formally met with the Disability and
   Diversity reference groups, to consult with them regarding proposed changes in
   governance structures, and to acquire their support in actively raising the awareness
   of all staff in relation to diversity and equality matters.

   In consultation with the Diversity Manager a single/joint action plan has been
   produced which now contains both strategic and operational objectives (and owners)
   – see Appendix A for extract from plan. In the next period in addition to producing
   the draft Diversity Strategy (which will include new governance recommendations),
   focus will turn to identifying and commissioning Diversity training in the Learning and
   Development Plan, and identifying priority policies and procedures which need to be
   reviewed and subjected to Equality Impact Assessment.

Report Author
Author’s Name:      Clive Palmer, Director of Interventions and
                    Business Development
Telephone No:       01785 231748
                    Staffordshire Probation Head Office

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Appendix A. – Extract from Joint Equality Schemes Action Plan


 Key Task                  Responsible Officer     How will this be achieved?                           Outcome                                                Target date

 1. Effective                 Director IBD,        Review Equality Impact Assessment template           More accurate and effective Equality Impact              Jul 2008
 implementation of                SMT,             and improve guidance:                                Assessment action plans regularly reviewed.
 Impact Assessments          Learning, Dev &
                            Diversity Manager         Policy implementation structure revised to
                                                       include Equality Impact Assessment
                                                      Produce clearer Impact Assessment format
                                                       in place for greater ease of use.

                                                   Conduct Equality Impact Assessments on               Improved action plan for completion of Impact      Ongoing – incremental
                                                   existing and new policies to ensure compliance       Assessments on high impact policies and                  increase
                                                   with public sector equality duties                   processes - approved by Board and SMT.

                              Director IBD,        Increase the resource capacity across the Area       Area has more capacity to produce Equality               Jul 2008
                             Learning, Dev &       for completing Impact Assessments.                   Impact Assessments relating to operational
                            Diversity Manager                                                           activity

 2. Hate crime guidance      Learning, Dev &       Review as part of current Learning &                 Training undertaken. Analysis of outcomes to          Dates following
 incorporated into          Diversity Manager      Development planning                                 be reviewed, to inform identification of further        publication
 Learning &                                                                                             requirements.
 Development Plan

 3. Policy and Process         Director IBD        Obtain Board and CO steering on high/medium          A number of high/medium impact policies and            End Jun 2008
 Review                                            impact policies and processes to be prioritised in   processes are identified for review, approved
                                                   Area Policy Review Process                           by Board.

                              Director IBD,        Establish a policy and process review timetable      A number of high/medium impact policies and        Ongoing during 2008/9
                             Learning, Dev &       with reference to Equality Scheme relevance          processes are reviewed, based on business
                            Diversity Manager                                                           operational developments

                              Area Managers,       Cross grade group are involved in policy and         As above                                                 As above
                             Diversity Strategy    process review
                          Staff Reference Groups

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