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                    Britain in Maps

The theme for this small catalogue - maps of the British Isles, England
and Wales, and this country‟s roads - indicates the rich variety of maps
and atlases produced prior to the great expansion of communications in
the mid-nineteenth century.

Although early maps exist displaying some roads of parts of Europe,
the Peutinger Table of the Roman world being the most renowned, it
was not until 1675 when John Ogilby‟s Britannia appeared that the
concept of the road map as we know it today became established.
Indeed, Ogilby‟s innovative strip maps remained the principle style of
route map almost until the advent of the twenty-first century sat-nav.

Our selection herein includes some of the earliest depictions of the
British Isles, a group of miniature maps from popular early
seventeenth-century pocket atlases, a fine example of Ogilby‟s great
road atlas and a number of the subsequent derivatives, a particularly
handsome issue of John Adam‟s distance map and other rare,
decorative and interesting maps from four centuries.

Not all our maps of the British Isles are listed here, so please ask us if
you seek something not immediately apparent. We also have a large
number of Ogilby sheet maps - if you want a particular area please let
us know.

Jonathan Potter, September 2007.

Ancient Britain ........................................................................1-14
Modern Britain 1522-1574 ......................................................15-23
       Miniature Maps ............................................................24-36
Modern Britain 1578-1888 ......................................................37-66
Road and Distance Maps .........................................................67-89

                                                                                 P age |1
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

Ancient Britain

1) Prima Europe Tabula
                                                  2) Tabula Itineraris Ex Illustri
C.Ptolemy / N.Germanus
                                                  Peuteringorum Bibliotheca ...
Rome, 1478 -1508
                                                  J.Jansson / G.Hornius
Copperplate. Uncoloured
                                                  Amsterdam, 1652 -1700
53.5 x 34cms
                                                  Copperplate. Coloured
£ 7500
                                                  Each 50.5 x 39.5cms
The second printed map of the British
                                                  £ 2600
Isles, based on the manuscripts of
                                                  Jansson's edition of the "Peutinger Table"
Nicholas Germanus, from the "Rome
                                                  shows the Roman roads of the Empire laid
Ptolemy". One year after the first atlas
                                                  out in strip form. Konrad Peutinger, a
was published, a new set of maps was
                                                  sixteenth-century German humanist after
prepared in Rome to accompany the
                                                  whom the table is named, once owned the
Geographia.       Published by Domitius
                                                  only surviving Peutinger manuscript.
Caldernius    and    printed   by   Conrad
                                                  Jansson's map, like Ortelius' before him,
Schweynheym, the work was continued,
                                                  shows eight printed sections on four
after their deaths by Arnold Buckinck with
                                                  sheets and extends from north-west
subsequent editions of 1490, 1507 and
                                                  Europe, with part of Britain visible, to the
1508. The British Isles appear on the
                                                  Far East. The detail gives roads and posts
typical Ptolemaic trapezoid projection with
                                                  of c.250AD with some later additions from
elongated east-slanting Scotland and
                                                  c.500AD. As well as marking the roads
extended Cornwall.          Despite minor
                                                  between towns, the distances are also
defects, a good example of a rare,
                                                  given - a practical and useful tool for the
important and desirable map. The earlier
                                                  Roman traveller. The "Peutinger Table"
publication of Berlinghieri being almost
                                                  on four sheets is rarely found and
unobtainable, this is, as such, the first
                                                  represents the earliest, diagrammatic
available map of these islands, which in
                                                  road mapping delineated for the known
Ptolemy's time were at the edge of the
                                                  world. (31964).
known world. (29040).
                                                  Shirley, Mapping Of The World, 393.
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Isles, 2.

                                                                                  P age |2
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

                                                  The first edition, with Latin text, of a
                                                  dramatic, albeit imaginary and stylised,
                                                  view of an English town and environs from
                                                  the earliest days of printing.          The
                                                  woodblock      was    published   in   'The
                                                  Nuremberg Chronicle', an encyclopaedic
                                                  history and description of the ancient and
                                                  biblical world. The 'Chronicle' was allied
                                                  with woodcuts of major European cities,
                                                  and is regarded as one of the greatest
                                                  early printed books - being the largest
                                                  and most lavishly illustrated pre-1500.
3) Untitled [Europe North Of The                  The book appeared in just two editions
Alps]                                             and both date from 1493; the first edition
H.Munzer / H.Schedel                              had Latin text, as here, and the second
Nuremberg, 1493                                   employed German text. This first edition
Woodblock. Coloured                               formed the first representation of an
57.5 x 39cms                                      English city in print. In this image a
£ 2000                                            strong woodcut view shows a riverside
This important map from the great Liber           walled town with fortifications overlooking
Chronicarum      of   Hartmann      Schedel       another walled city on the opposite bank.
extends from Provence, across northern            The block is set in a page of text (our
Italy and the Balkans to Constantinople,          measurements are for the view only and
and north to include the Baltic. Norway,          not the page of text) with bold, early
Sweden and Finland are linked to Russia           colour and the verso includes woodcuts of
by a narrow isthmus named "Wildlappen"            David with his harp and Solomon.
and "Grunland".     The British Isles are         (32177).
shown in a form typical of early portolan         Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
charts but rarely seen in printed maps,           Isles, 6a.
with Scotland separated from England by
a clearly defined channel.         Iceland,       5) Anglie Provincia
identified as "Uslant", appears at top left.      H.Schedel
The map is attributed to one Hieronymous          Nuremberg, 1493
Munzer, a well travelled physician,               Woodblock. Uncoloured
resident in Nuremberg, and is regarded as         22.5 x 23.5cms
the first modern map devoted to northern          £ 600
Europe. This is one of the few obtainable         A second example of the previous item,
"incunable" modern maps and is an                 here with German text. (32176).
unusually    large   woodblock     printing.      Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Usually found as the last leaves in this          Isles, 6a.
five hundred year old book and, as a
consequence, often badly damaged, this            6) Engelland
example has wormholes in-filled, old tears        H.Schedel
repaired and has been backed on archival          Nuremberg, 1493
tissue. (28609).                                  Woodblock. Uncoloured
Campbell, The Earliest Printed Maps, 220.         22.5 x 14.5cms
                                                  £ 600
4) Anglie Provincia                               Differently presented to the previous two
H.Schedel                                         items, but from the same publication, this
Nuremberg, 1493                                   view titled “Engelland” is backed by the
Copperplate. Coloured                             same block titled “Hispania” – an aspect
22.5 x 23.5cms                                    of artisitc licence permissable over 500
£ 750                                             years ago. The map is set in a page of

                                                                                 P age |3
                                    Jonathan Potter Limited

German text describing England and                 9) Europae I. Tab:
Scotland (our measurements are for the             C.Ptolemy / G.Mercator
view only and not the page of text).               Amsterdam, 1578 -
(32178).                                           Copperplate. Original outline colour
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British         40.5 x 34cms
Isles, 6a.                                         £ 1000
                                                   Mercator's map of the British Isles on a
7) Tabula I Euro                                   Ptolemaic projection formed part of his
C.Ptolemy / L.Fries                                grand scheme to illustrate the heavens
Strasbourg, 1522                                   and the earth, both ancient (Ptolemaic)
Woodblock. Uncoloured                              and modern. Although his grand scheme
43 x 33cms                                         remained unfinished during his lifetime,
£ 2000                                             this attractive map appeared in the first
A strong impression of Lorenz Fries'               atlas by the great cartographer. Shirley
Ptolemaic map of the islands.         Fries'       suggests that the map may have been
edition of Geographia was a slightly               drawn and engraved by Mercator himself.
reduced size version of that published by          The map was published in Tabulae
Martin Waldseemuller some nine years               Geographicae Cl.Ptolemaei ... from 1578.
earlier, maps from which are very rarely           This example has attractive original colour
seen on the market. This first edition of          and a little expert restoration to the lower
the new woodblock is identified by the             centrefold. (29699).
elegant scroll in which the title appears.         Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
(29265).                                           Isles, 123.
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Isles, 15.                                         10) Ingratium Itinerantium
                                                   Curiosorum, ... Britanniam
8) Untitled [Ptolemaic British Isles]              W.Stukeley
C.Ptolemy / L.Fries                                London, 1724
Lyons, 1522 -1535                                  Copperplate. Uncoloured
Woodblock. Original colour                         24.5 x 27cms
41 x 29.5cms                                       £ 280
£ 2800                                             The Antiquary William Stukeley's map of
A later issue of the previous item from the        England and Wales clearly delineates the
rare edition of 1535, edited by the so-            Roman road network and attributes
called heretic Michael Servetus before he          Roman names to the towns, cities and
was burnt at the stake and copies of the           rivers. The Roman mileage scale is given
book were destroyed. This 1535 edition             in the upper left corner and the Latin title
of the map was published in Lyons and              cartouche appears at upper right. The
lacks the title scroll above the map that          map was published in the Itinerantium
appeared in the first 1522 edition. This           Curiosum, an account of his journeys in
example, with some wear at the                     historical Britain, and although the map is
centrefold, has attractive, and rarely             dated 1723, the book was not actually
seen, old wash colour - adding to the              published until 1724. The map was also
appeal     of    this   renaissance    relic.      used by Moll in A New Description Of
(32184).                                           England And Wales and Shirley suggests,
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British         on stylistic grounds, that Moll may well
Isles, 15 (24).                                    have been the engraver for this map. A
                                                   history within a history. (32181).
                                                   Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
                                                   Stukeley 1.

                                                                                   P age |4
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

11) An Essay On The Rise And                      12) Untitled [Maps Of The British
Progress Of Geography In Great-                   Isles]
Britain                                           R.Gough
R.Gough                                           London, 1780
London, 1780                                      Copperplate. Coloured
Copperplate. Uncoloured                           36.5 x 24cms
Quarto 21 x 27cms                                 £ 380
£ 1950                                            A separate map from the previous item
The first separate edition of antiquarian         showing an extract from the Hereford
and cartographic historian Gough's Rise           "Mappamundi" by Richard of Haldingham.
And Progress Of Geography (originally             It   shows    Scotland separated from
published as part of Gough's British              England, an island in its own right. Ireland
Topography in 1768).       Gough's essay          is also divided into two by a stretch of
discusses the very first known maps of            water. The inset map at lower left shows
England and the British Isles and is              two elongated shapes forming the British
accompanied by maps by such figures as            Isles and is probably by Geraldus
Matthew Paris, the thirteenth-century St.         Cambrensis. The plate was engraved by
Albans monk. Also included are Gough's            Basire, whose signature appears at lower
renderings of road maps showing the               right. (23686).
popular pilgrimage routes and an excerpt
from the Hereford Mappa Mundi, which              13) Untitled [Map Of England &
shows the British Isles. The preface to           Scotland]
the work by J.Innys claims that England           R.Gough After M.Paris
was one of the earliest nations to teach          London, 1780
the art of map-making and engraving.              Copperplate. Coloured
The appendix lists fifty maps designed to         24 x 36.5cms
accompany Sir Robert Sibbaud's Atlas              £ 350
Scotiae, which he did not finish. Gough           A rendering of a medieval manuscript map
was also responsible for a 1789 edition of        of Britain, with Wales lacking its
Camden's Britannia with maps by John              distinctive  southern    peninsula,     and
Cary. However, this lesser known volume           Scotland containing very little detail. This
has significance as one of the first              is Matthew Paris' first map of Britain.
comprehensive studies of early British            (23690).
cartographic history.     Quarto.    pp.viii
including title-page, pp.78, pp.81-92 (as         14) Untitled [Route Maps Through
issued),   pp.xii   appendix    with   ten        Kent From London To Dover]
uncoloured, copperplate engraved maps.            R.Gough After M.Paris
Recent blind tooled calf with black               London, 1780
morocco label to spine. A little wear to          Copperplate. Coloured
spine and edges, joints repaired.      The        24.5 x 37.5cms
book is housed in a modern solander box           £ 300
with decorated spine. (32157).                    A copy of the renowned medieval map of
                                                  Matthew Paris originally recorded in the
                                                  mid-thirteenth century to accompany his
                                                  chronicles. The map shows route maps
                                                  extending from London, via Rochester and
                                                  Canterbury, to Dover. (23687).

                                                                                  P age |5
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

Modern Britain 1522-1574                          16) Tauola Secondo Tolomeo /
                                                  Tauola Secondo Moderni
15) Tabu Moder Anglie & Hiber                     B.Bordone
M.Waldseemuller / L.Fries                         Venice, 1528 -
Lyons, 1522 -1535                                 Woodblock. Uncoloured
Woodblock. Uncoloured                             15.5 x 23 / 15 x 14cms
40 x 32cms                                        £ 850
£ 3200                                            Two simple outline maps, printed back to
Martin     Waldseemuller's      issue     of      back, depicting the classical and the
Geographia, published in 1513 and 1520,           modern forms of Britain.          Bordone's
was one of the most important atlases of          Ptolemaic outline of the British Isles is
the first half of the sixteenth century as        printed on the reverse side of his 'modern'
the Ptolemaic body of maps were                   map of the British Isles. The maps were
complimented by new „modern‟ outlines.            published in his isolario, Libro Di
This 'modern' outline is a distinct               Benedetto Bordone ... Di Tutte L'Isole Del
improvement on the Ptolemaic outline -            Mondo ... and provide an interesting
Waldseemuller (copied here by Fries) has          comparison.       The isolario was first
corrected the slanting Scotland and               published in 1528, with later editions
Cornwall, and has added many new                  appearing in 1534, 1547 and c.1565. The
towns, most notably along the southern            Ptolemaic map, as one might expect,
and eastern coasts of England and Ireland         shows a distorted outline with an
- areas well known to European sailors            elongated Scotland. London and Caledonia
and merchants. London and the Thames              are named and directional lines are shown
are named in the interior, along with the         radiating from a central point in the North
hills dividing Scotland and England,              Sea. By comparison, the 'modern' outline
however, contrary to the modern concept           does not include Scotland, but again
of the cartography, the mythical island of        London is named and directional lines are
"Brazil" appears off the west coast of            also given. A delightful and comparable
Ireland. This example appeared in Lorenz          pair of maps. (32159).
Fries' slightly reduced size editions of          Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Waldseemuller's maps published first in           Isles, 20.
1522 and here in a strong printing of the
1535 issue. (32193).                              17) Anglia II Nova Tabula
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British        S.Munster
Isles, 25.                                        Basle, 1540 -
                                                  Copperplate. Uncoloured
                                                  34 x 25cms
                                                  £ 1050
                                                  Sebastian Munster's 'modern' map of the
                                                  British Isles was produced for his
                                                  Geographia in 1540 with later issues
                                                  thereafter (the map was also published in
                                                  Munster's Cosmographia).        The map
                                                  shows an up-to-date outline of the British
                                                  Isles with geographical information in
                                                  advance of here-to published items.
                                                  Shirley suggests in Early Printed Maps Of
                                                  The British Isles that Munster was able to
                                                  work from a copy of the Gough map to
                                                  produce this example. North is oriented
                                                  to the left of the page and major towns
                                                  and rivers are named. The map extends
                                                  northwards as far as Edinburgh and the

                                                                                 P age |6
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

east coast of Ireland is also shown with          interior detail - much more than Munster,
Dublin named. The Royal flag is planted           whose outline of England and Wales is
firmly at Walflet (Saltfleetby) on the            similar, had used.        Lily's outline for
English east coast. A small table at upper        Scotland is rather accurate although,
left gives both Latinized and Anglicized          surprisingly, he shows Bristol as a minor
versions of major town names. The verso           settlement      and    does      not     mark
of the map displays a Latin title in a            Peterborough, Gloucester and Oxford as
decorative surround. A little light staining      Episcopal sees.      Shirley suggests this
to the centrefold, otherwise in good              exclusion was due to recent conflict
condition. (32179).                               between Crown and Church.            Lily was
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British        resident in Rome, where the map was
Isles, 28.                                        published, as an exile at the Papal court.
                                                  Perhaps this cartographic exclusion was
18) De Insulis Britannicis, Albionae,             evidence of his political and religious
Quae Est                                          sympathies.      As well as a source of
S.Munster                                         historical and geographical interest, Lily's
Basle, 1550 -                                     map is also a fine example of the artistry
Woodblock. Uncoloured                             of Italian engraving at this time.          A
13.5 x 8cms                                       wonderful, important and very rare map
£ 360                                             from the 'Lafreri' school of cartography,
This miniature, outline map of the British        typically trimmed and mounted as issued.
Isles is set within a page of text from a         (32216).
Latin edition of Munster's "Cosmography".         Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
The map was first published in a 1550             Isles, 63.
edition of the "Cosmography” and shows            Illustrated inside front cover.
Wales almost separate from the mainland
and a mis-orientated Scotland, skewed to          20) Angliae, Scotiae, Et Hiberniae,
the east. The provinces are named, but            Sive Britannicar: Insularum ...
further detail is restricted to Edinburgh,        A.Ortelius
London, Dover and Cornwall. (32180).              Antwerp, 1570 -1612
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British        Copperplate. Uncoloured
Isles, 51.                                        49.5 x 34.5cms
                                                  £ 1250
19) Britanniae Insulae Quae Nunc                  A finely engraved, detailed and important
Angliae Et Scotiae Regna ...                      map of the British Isles, shown with north
G.Lily / S.Di Re                                  to the right, and exhibiting numerous
Rome, 1558                                        decorative    flourishes.   Derived    from
Copperplate. Uncoloured                           Mercator's wall map of Europe, the
55 x 41cms                                        depiction of Scotland and north-west
£ 24,000                                          England is of remarkable accuracy, whilst
This separately published map is a                that of Wales, south-western England and
reduced-size version of George Lily's             Ireland less so. A good example of a
significant and renowned 1546 map of the          famous map from a Latin text edition of
British Isles.     This version bears the         the “first modern atlas”. Lower centrefold
imprint of Sebastiano di Re da Chioggia           spilt   repaired    not   affecting   print.
and differs from the 1546 original in that        (29327).
the coat of arms have been removed.               Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Lily's   map    is    one  of   the  most         Isles, 86.
distinguished, early copperplate maps of
the British Isles and formed the basis for
many derivatives. Lily chose to orient
north to the right of the page and also
included a wealth of place names and

                                                                                   P age |7
                                  Jonathan Potter Limited

                                                 From the 1620 Italian edition of L'Isole Piu
                                                 Famose Del Mondo ..., Porcacchi's map of
                                                 the British Isles is set within a page of
                                                 text. The map is shown with north to the
                                                 right of the page and is carefully and
                                                 delicately engraved by Girolamo Porro.
                                                 Porcacchi has used George Lily's outline of
                                                 the British Isles as his model. The title is
                                                 supported     by    mermaids while sea
                                                 monsters swim in the surrounding seas.
                                                 Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
                                                 Isles, 97 (373).
21) Angliae, Scotiae Et Hibernie Nova
Descripio ...                                    23) Anglia Et Hibernia Nova
G.De Jode                                        G.Ruscelli
London, 1570 -1578-                              Venice, 1574 -1599
Copperplate. Coloured                            Copperplate. Uncoloured
59 x 35cms                                       25 x 18.5cms
£ 2400                                           £ 420
With Latin text to the verso and the             This particular map is from the 1599
privilege added in 1578, this is an              volume of Geografia Di Tolomeo ... and
attractive example of a rare map from the        shows Ruscelli's map of the 'modern'
Speculum Orbis Terrarum, the far less            British Isles slightly revised since its first
successful competitor to Ortelius' atlas.        appearance. Ruscelli's map used George
Like many maps of the period, it is based        Lily's outline for the British Isles. Major
on that of Mercator and is oriented with         cities are named, rivers and areas of high
north to the right of the page. Decoration       ground are marked, and a sailing ship and
is provided by means of sailing ships in         sea    monsters      are   added    in    the
the surrounding waters. (29026).                 surrounding waters. Latin text to verso.
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British       Laid on archival tissue. Minor stitching
Isles, 119.                                      holes at centrefold. (31137).
                                                 Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
                                                 Isles, 111 (222).

                                                 Miniature Maps

                                                 24) Inghilterra
                                                 A.Ortelius / P.Galle
                                                 Antwerp, 1577 -1593
                                                 Copperplate. Uncoloured
                                                 11 x 8cms
                                                 £ 260
                                                 With a complicated printing history, this is
                                                 the first Italian edition (published in 1593)
                                                 of the Ortelius/Galle miniature map of
22) Inghilterra
                                                 England and Wales. This is a strongly
                                                 printed impression with clear detail. The
Venice, 1572 -1620
                                                 map is oriented with north to the right of
Copperplate. Uncoloured
                                                 the page and includes a number of place
14 x 10cms
                                                 names and other physical details, despite
£ 400
                                                 its small size. The Italian title appears

                                                                                  P age |8
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

above the map itself and the mileage
scale is given in the lower right corner.
Sailing ships are shown in the North Sea
and in the Channel.         An attractive,
miniature map. (32168).
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Isles, 118 (174).

25) ... Vera Postura Del' Isola Di
F.Ferretti / M.A.Marelli
Ancona, 1579 -
Copperplate. Uncoloured
9 x 12.5cms
                                                  27) Ingiltera
£ 720
                                                  A.Ortelius / P.Marchetti
This charming and rare miniature map of
                                                  Brescia, 1598 -c.1667
England, Wales and Scotland, but ignoring
                                                  Copperplate. Uncoloured
the adjacent coastline of Ireland, was
                                                  10 x 7.5cms
published in Francesco Ferretti's Diporti
                                                  £ 260
Notturni .... The map is derived from
                                                  This attractive miniature map of England
Lily's important prototype, orientated with
                                                  and Wales shows north oriented to the
west at the top of the page and is
                                                  right of the page. Ortelius' original plates
enclosed within a circle decorated by
                                                  were re-engraved in 1598 in Brescia for
rococo scrolls. (28732).
                                                  the Italian market and Italian titles were
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
                                                  also added before the maps were
Isles, 124.
                                                  published in Il Theatro Del Mondo by
                                                  Pietro Marchetti. The Italian publication
26) Anglia
                                                  was then re-issued several times until
A.Ortelius / P.Galle
                                                  1724.      The title appears beneath the
Antwerp, 1595 -1602
                                                  lower neatline of the map and a mileage
Copperplate. Uncoloured
                                                  scale is given in the lower right corner.
10.5 x 7.5cms
                                                  Major towns are named and an indication
£ 240
                                                  of rivers and hilly areas are given. A good
This is the second Ortelius/Galle map of
                                                  illustration of the demand for maps at this
England and Wales, first published in 1595
                                                  time resulting in international re-issues of
by Galle, with text by Pieter Heyns and
                                                  important works. (32164).
printed by Arnold Coninx. The map is a
                                                  Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
little  less   detailed  than    the first
                                                  Isles, 212.
Ortelius/Galle map - here only the major
towns are named and fewer rivers are
                                                  28) Anglia
shown.      The title and mileage scale
                                                  B.Langenes / C.Claesz
appear combined in the lower right
                                                  Amsterdam, 1598 -1600-
corner. This finely engraved example has
                                                  Copperplate. Uncoloured
Italian text to the verso and dates from
                                                  12 x 8.5cms
1602. (32169).
                                                  £ 260
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
                                                  This attractive, miniature map of England
Isles, 187 (252).
                                                  and Wales was first published in 1598 in
                                                  Langenes and Claesz' Caert Thresoor.
                                                  This first edition of 1598 had Dutch text to
                                                  the verso and it wasn't until 1600 that a
                                                  Latin text edition occurred and the place
                                                  of publication moved to Amsterdam. The
                                                  map was engraved by Pieter Van Den
                                                                                  P age |9
                                    Jonathan Potter Limited

Keere (whose Latinized name, Petrus                depiction    of    England   and    Wales.
Kaerius, appears on the map). The title            (32167).
Anglia appears in the title cartouche at           Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
lower right and an additional "Descriptio          Isles, 305.
Angliae" is given above the map itself.
The cartographic detail uses Mercator              31) Anglia
(who had in turned used Saxton) as its             P.Bertius
model. (32165).                                    Amsterdam, 1616 -
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British         Copperplate. Coloured
Isles, 203.                                        13.5 x 9.5cms
                                                   £ 300
29) Anglia Scotia Et Hibernia                      This miniature map of England and Wales
G.Mercator / J.Hondius                             was published in 1616 in Petri Bertij
Amsterdam, 1607 -                                  Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum
Copperplate. Uncoloured                            Libri Septem ... and is geographically
18 x 13.5cms                                       based on Speed's map, although the side
£ 400                                              borders     of  costumed      figures   have
A     reduced-size      version    of     the      obviously been removed for this reduced-
Mercator/Hondius map of the British Isles,         size version. This particular example of
from the pocket-sized atlas, Atlas Minor           the map, with Latin text to the verso, has
Gerardi Mercatoris A I Hondio .... Such            been augmented with attractive colour.
was the success of the Mercator/Hondius            The name of the engraver, "S.Rogiers",
atlas, that the publishers decided a               appears above the mileage scale at lower
pocket-sized version of the work would             right and an additional title, also in Latin,
also be appropriate. The Atlas Minor first         appears above the map itself. This map
appeared in 1607 with later editions being         was later re-issued in other publications -
published until 1621.        This particular       an indication of its popularity. (32172).
example of the map comes from a Latin              Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
text edition with the overprinted title            Isles, 349.
"Britannia" just touching the plate border.
The     map     displays    the   distinctive      32) Anglia
Mercator/Hondius style in miniature with           P.Bertius
boldly engraved title surrounds and                Amsterdam, 1616 -1639
cursive lettering in the surrounding seas.         Copperplate. Uncoloured
(32166).                                           13.5 x 9.5cms
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British         £ 280
Isles, 283.                                        A finely engraved example of the previous
                                                   item. (32171).
30) Angliae Regnum                                 Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
A.Ortelius / J.B.Vrients                           Isles, 349.
Antwerp, 1609 -
Copperplate. Uncoloured                            33) The Kingdome Of England
12.5 x 8.5cms                                      Anonymous / W.Humble
£ 260                                              London, 1627 -1646
A finely engraved, miniature map of the            Copperplate. Uncoloured
British Isles published by Vrients in his          12 x 8cms
Epitome Theatro Orbis Terrarum.          The       £ 300
map shows England and Wales with the               From the so-called 'Miniature Speed Atlas'
title cartouche in the upper right corner          this attractive map appeared in the pocket
and a further title, 'Anglia', above the map       edition of Speed's Prospect ..., printed by
itself. This is a strong impression of the         Miles Fletcher for William Humble in 1646.
map with Latin text to verso. A good               English text appears on the verso. Major
example of miniature mapping and a fine

                                                                                  P a g e | 10
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

towns are named and the rivers are                36) Anglia Scotia Et Hibernia
clearly depicted. (30576).                        J.Cloppenberg / J.Waesberge
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British        Amsterdam, 1630 -1674
Isles, 395 (564).                                 Copperplate. Uncoloured
                                                  25.5 x 18.5cms
34) Anglia Scotia Et Hibernia                     £ 420
J.Jansson                                         This attractive map is a late printing of
Amsterdam, 1628 -1631-                            the reduced-size revision of Mercator's
Copperplate. Coloured                             atlas map.         Jan Cloppenburg first
20 x 14cms                                        published this version, engraved by Pieter
£ 360                                             Van Den Keere, in 1630. This example
An attractive map of the British Isles            dates from later in the century when the
published     in    Atlas   Minor   Gerardi       plates had been acquired by Jan
Mercatoris A I. Hondio ... Ex Officina            Waesberge, one of Jansson's heirs.
Ioannis Ianssoni .... Jansson's maps from         (28740).
this work are slightly larger than previous       Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Mercator/Hondius versions. The detail is          Isles, 412.
clearly presented and town names are
clear. The map also includes parts of the
European coasts including Germany,                Modern Britain 1578-1888
Denmark and Norway. The title cartouche
appears in a decorative surround in the           37) Von Den Britannischen Insuln
upper left corner and the mileage scale is        S.Munster / H.Petri
given in the lower left corner. Here, colour      Basle, 1578 -
is used to denote the different divisions of      Woodblock. Coloured
the British Isles.     German text to the         16.5 x 28cms
verso identifies this edition as 1631 or          £ 550
later. (32170).                                   This map of the British Isles was
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British        published     in   editions   of  Munster's
Isles, 401.                                       Cosmographia from 1578 onwards. The
                                                  British Isles shown differs from the earlier
35) Angliae Regnum                                Munster map in that north is given to the
G.Mercator/J.Cloppenburg                          top of the page. However, although this
Amsterdam, 1630                                   is a modern map, Scotland slants
Copperplate. Original colour                      eastwards in Ptolemaic style.      German
25.5 x 18.5cms                                    text to verso. Expert restoration to one or
£ 380                                             two wormholes and marginal nicks, not
An attractive map of England and Wales            affecting the printed area. (31219).
from Jan Cloppenburg's reduced version of         Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Mercator's atlas.       The maps were             Isles, 122.
engraved by Pieter Van Den Keere with
French text to the verso in 1630. Later           38) Anglia Regnum ... Christophurus
editions appeared in 1632 (Latin), 1636           Saxton Describebat. 1579
(French) and 1673 (without text and               C.Saxton / A.Ortelius
published by Jansson's heirs). The strong         Antwerp, 1603
impression of this map and French verso           Copperplate. Coloured
text indicate a 1630 publication date. The        48 x 38.5cms
cartography        adheres      to       the      £ 2000
Saxton/Mercator outline.     A particularly       A scarce map from the 1603 Vrients
good example. (30575).                            published edition of Ortelius' Theatrum
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British        Orbis Terrarum.    The map has been
Isles, 413.                                       attributed  to Saxton and replaced
                                                  Humphrey Lhuyd's map. Here, the outline

                                                                                P a g e | 11
                                    Jonathan Potter Limited

shape of Wales is more recognisable                40) Britannia
although the south-west, and Cornwall in           W.Hole
particular,    still    appears   somewhat         London, 1607 -
elongated.      Counties are named and             Copperplate. Uncoloured
towns      and     villages   are   carefully      16 x 26cms
differentiated.       Van Den Broecke in           £ 420
Ortelius Atlas Maps estimates that only            An attractive and unusual map of the
some 400 examples of this map were                 British Isles surrounded by decorative
printed, of which only a fraction might            figures used as the title-page to George
now still exist. A large and decorative            Bishop and John Norton's editions of
title cartouche appears in the upper right         William Camden's Britannia with maps by
corner supported by putti and two fauns.           William Kip and William Hole. Hole was
Attractive colour does not overwhelm the           also the engraver of this title-page and his
particularly    fine    engraving  of    this      name appears at the lower edge. The
important and decorative map, here in its          British Isles map is contained in a central
first state. (30591).                              roundel with major towns such as London
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British         and York named in Latin, and areas of
Isles, 258.                                        relief clearly shown.     The surrounding
                                                   figures represent Britain's seafaring and
39) Angliae Et Hiberniae Accurata                  agricultural heritage, whilst views of
Descriptio. Veteribus Et ...                       St.Paul's    Cathedral   and     Stonehenge
A.Ortelius / J.B.Vrients                           provide further historical content. Hole
Antwerp, 1606 -1612                                based the title-page on that of William
Copperplate. Coloured                              Rogers, who had provided his own version
57 x 43.5cms                                       for the 1600 edition of the "Britannia". A
£ 5200                                             good impression with minor repairs to just
An attractive example of one of the most           two marginal nicks. (32160).
elegantly engraved and distinctively               Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
designed maps from Ortelius' atlas. In             Isles, 279.
1601 Antwerp publisher Jan Baptist
Vrients took over publication of the               41) The Kingdome Of Great Britaine
Theatrum ..., after Ortelius' death,               And Ireland
gradually adding new maps, though not              J.Speed
necessarily replacing existing plates.             London, 1610 -1616
Among the new maps was this of England,            Copperplate. Uncoloured
Wales and Ireland, with its Royal                  51 x 38.5cms
genealogical table, at top right, and              £ 3000
engraving, "... of the highest standard            A good example of one of the best known
with artistically placed sea monsters,             and most distinguished maps of the
galleons, a mermaid, Neptune, and other            British Isles. Jodocus Hondius engraved
decorative features" (R.W.Shirley). Here           this map for John Speed's atlas just three
in its second state, with re-engraved              years after the union of Scotland with
panel removing the dedication to James I,          England and Wales. He, accordingly,
this example is in most attractive colour          celebrates this union with panoramas of
and in unusually good condition, most              London and Edinburgh in each upper
copies having suffered wear at their               corner.       Cartographic detail is a
extremities or folds as a consequence of           combination of Saxton's (for England and
the large size of the engraved plate.              Wales) and Mercator's (for Scotland),
Italian text to verso. (30414).                    providing a most up-to-date outline.
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British         Thoroughly detailed, the map is enhanced
Isles, 275.                                        with numerous vignette illustrations
Illustrated on front cover.                        showing ships, sea monsters, coats of
                                                   arms and so on. Prominent depictions of

                                                                                 P a g e | 12
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

ancient coins showing Britannia and               monster and an elegant compass rose.
"Cunobilin", Shakespeare's Cymbeline -            An inset map of the Orkneys appears in
King Coel, are also given. Silk-effect            the upper right corner. This is an early
shading gives the sea an effective "wavy"         edition of the map and is a good, strong
appearance, while cherubs support each            impression - here with colour added.
frame of the mileage scale, coats of arms         (25961).
and inset of the Orkneys. Overall a fine
copy, in the only Latin text edition, of one
of the landmark maps of the British Isles.
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Isles, 316.

                                                  44) Novissima Descriptio Angliae
                                                  Scotiae Et Hiberniae
                                                  H.Hondius / H.Le Roy
                                                  Paris, 1639
                                                  Copperplate. Coloured
                                                  49.5 x 57cms
                                                  £ 1050
42) The Kingdome Of Great Britain                 An unusual and rare map of the British
And Ireland                                       Isles, a French copy of Hondius' 1631
J.Speed                                           map. Henry le Roy's signature appears at
London, 1612 -1653                                lower left close to the mileage scale and
Copperplate. Coloured                             the seller's name, Michel van Lochom, is
51.5 x 38cms                                      given in a small surround at lower right.
£ 2800                                            As with the Hondius map, the Orkneys are
An attractive example of the previous             shown in a decorative inset while sailing
item – one of the iconic images of British        ships and mermen carrying the flags of
cartography. (32163).                             the realm adorn the surrounding waters.
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British        This particular example of the map
Isles, 316.                                       exhibits a centrefold, evidence of having
                                                  been bound into an atlas. However,
43) Magnae Britanniae Et Hiberniae                Shirley suggests that the map may have
Tabula                                            been separately published. A wonderfully
G.Blaeu                                           decorative and scarce item. (29567).
Amsterdam, 1631 -                                 Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Copperplate. Coloured                             Isles, 493.
49.5 x 38.5cms
£ 850
Blaeu's attractive map of the British Isles
with Latin text to verso from the Appendix
Theatri A.Ortelii Et Atlantis G.Mercatoris
....  The carefully engraved outline is
surrounded by a decorative title cartouche
and mileage scale, sailing ships, a sea

                                                                               P a g e | 13
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

45) Britannia Prout Divisa Fuit Anglo-            implements of the sea; he a trident and
Saxonum ...                                       she a conch shell. The chart is similar in
J.Jansson                                         appearance to the Jacobsz chart of some
Amsterdam, 1646 -1647-49                          six years earlier, but does not include the
Copperplate. Uncoloured                           shields situated within each country.
53 x 42cms                                        (30589).
£ 3000                                            Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
The British Isles divided into its seven          Isles, 659.
Anglo-Saxon kingdoms with magnificent
vignette illustrations on either side             47) A Generall Mapp Of The Isles Of
showing the early Saxon Kings on the left         Great Britaine, ... Mr Sanson
and the conversion of Saxon Kings to              R.Blome
Christianity on the right. Jansson's map          London, 1669
used Blaeu's as a model, who in turn had          Copperplate. Coloured
referred to Speed's Heptarchy of 1611.            52 x 39.5cms
Blaeu and Jansson both draw on the work           £ 720
of contemporary miniature masters to              Published in A Geographical Description Of
recreate the background scenes in each of         The Four Parts Of The World, Blome's map
their vignette views.     Thus the Saxon          of the British Isles is based on the
Kings stand before very grand and                 geography of Nicolas Sanson and has
carefully executed backgrounds showing            been engraved by Francis Lamb, who also
towns, villages and scenes of battle. The         engraved the additional maps for the
conversion scenes all take place in equally       1676 edition of Speed's atlas. Sanson's
grand       architectural    surroundings.        geography includes a somewhat distorted
Jansson's map may be distinguished from           Scotland and Ireland. Decoratively, the
Blaeu's by the addition of rhumb lines in         map includes much of interest with a
the seas. This particular example is a            dedication to Charles II and a title
good impression with German text to the           cartouche flanked by armoured figures
verso. Jansson's Heptarchy map was first          and surmounted by flags. This is state
published in 1646 with the German text            two of the map dated 1669 (a proof state
edition appearing in 1647. As such, this          of 1668 is known and noted in Shirley). A
is an early print from the plate (it              most attractive map. (32130).
continued to be used into the 1680s) and          Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
is a good, strong impression. (32183).            Blome 3, St 2.
Shirley, Early Printed Maps Of The British
Isles, 577.                                       48) Pascaert Vande Noort-Zee Om
                                                  Achter Yrland En Schotland ...
46) Pascaart Vant Canaal Tusschen                 F.De Wit / L.Renard
Engelant En Vrancryck ...                         Amsterdam, c. 1675 -1715
J.Jansson                                         Copperplate. Original colour
Amsterdam, 1650 -1657                             56.5 x 49cms
Copperplate. Original outline colour              £ 1750
55 x 43cms                                        A most decorative map of the British Isles
£ 900                                             in their entirety with the Shetland and
Jansson's rare and detailed chart of the          Faroe Isles as well as the coasts of
British Isles appeared in 1650, with              Norway, Denmark and south to Brittany.
subsequent editions thereafter, in the            As well as the Dutch title, this map also
Atlantis Majoris Quinta Pars Orbem                gives    a   title  in   Latin  of  "Mare
Maritimum .... The addition of named              Germanicaum Ac Tractus Maritimus Retro
seas dates this example from 1657. No             Hiberniam Et Scotiam". This Latin title is
verso text.     The title cartouche is            given in an elaborate cartouche at lower
supported by a male and female figure             right with figures of trade and commerce,
standing upon two fish. They both hold            along with a lion holding a set of arrows

                                                                                P a g e | 14
                                    Jonathan Potter Limited

and a sword. The Dutch title cartouche in
the upper right corner shows a rather
Scandinavian scene with trees being
felled. The map was first published by De
Wit in his Orbis Maritimus. However, this
particular issue of the map, with Renard's
imprint replacing that of De Wit, was
published in Renard's Atlas De Navigation.
An attractive and important sea chart in
particularly fine original colour. (32192).
Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
De Wit 4.

49) Le Royaume D'Angleterre ...
P.Coronelli / J.B.Nolin
Paris, 1689                                        50) La Carte Des Royaumes
Copperplate. Coloured                              D'Angleterre D'Escosse Et D'Irlande ...
60 x 45cms                                         Des Granges
£ 1200                                             Paris, 1689
This magnificent map of the British Isles is       Copperplate. Original outline colour
an apparently unrecorded state and                 56 x 44.5cms
predates the example listed by Shirley -           £ 1600
this    having    been    printed    without       The first state of this magnificent and rare
Tillemon's corrections and addenda,                map of the British Isles. The map is
although still showing the date 1689. The          crammed with detail and decoration, as
map was published at the time when                 well as symbolic political support.       In
Vincenzo Coronelli was working in Paris            1689 France declared war on England to
and predates his Atlante Veneto. Tillemon          support the deposed English monarch
was Coronelli's associate in Paris and             James II. James is shown on the map to
Nolin their publisher. The map display's           the right of the title cartouche along with
Coronelli's ornate style and includes an           his wife and child - they gaze upon the
inset map of the Channel Islands.                  seemingly distant British Isles and also
Coronelli also divides the country into the        seem to look to the heavens for support.
provinces of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy.            The winged angels to the right of the
His nomenclatures are often shown in               Royal Arms also bear a cross, while other
both French and English. The page also             religious imagery is used within the
includes a table of data regarding                 cartouche.      Geographically the British
parishes, towns, cities etc., for each of the      Isles are unremarkable with counties and
counties, which appears to the left of the         major towns named, while physical
map itself.     The ornate title cartouche         geographical     detail   is also shown.
with its dedication to James II signifies          However, the impression of the whole is
French sympathies with the Royal                   magnificent. An inset map at upper left
Pretender at this time. Nicolas Guerard's          shows the Faeroe and Shetland Islands,
signature appears in the cartouche and             while at top right an inset map shows the
his imagery includes angels, crowned               French coast as far as Paris. The mileage
figures, soldiers and the Irish Harp. A            scale in the bottom left corner is flanked
truly complex map.         Tears to lower          by a male, surrounded by surveying
margin, affecting the printed area,                instruments and with a scroll at his feet
repaired with no loss of detail. (30579).          displaying 'Cath', and a female figure.
Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,        The name of the engraver, Roussel, is
Coronelli 1.                                       also given just outside the neatline in the
                                                   lower left corner.       A little centrefold
                                                   reinforcement and restoration to areas of

                                                                                 P a g e | 15
                                    Jonathan Potter Limited

weakness, but a wonderful and scarce               Bodenehr is given in a modest cartouche
map. (32191).                                      at the bottom. Published in the Atlas
Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,        Curieux Oder Neuer Und Compendieuser
Desgranges 1.                                      Atlas .... Protective margins added.
51) Angliae Regnum Tam In Septem
Antiqua Anglo-Saxonum Regna ...                    53) Magna Britannia Complectens
N.Visscher / P.Schenk                              Angliae, Scotiae Et Hiberniae Regna
Amsterdam, c. 1694 -c.1720                         J.B.Homann
Copperplate. Original colour                       Nuremberg, c. 1707
49 x 56cms                                         Copperplate. Original colour
£ 540                                              57 x 48cms
Visscher's map of England and Wales,               £ 580
offered here with the imprint of Petrus            A magnificent map of the British Isles with
Schenk, delineates the Anglo-Saxon                 an equally magnificent title cartouche. A
kingdoms by means of colour as well as             portrait of Queen Anne is held aloft by
'modern' county boundaries. Post roads             cherubs whilst the Royal arms and an
throughout the country are carefully               allegorical female figure leaning on a
delineated and the whole is accompanied            globe sit beneath the title itself.     The
by a flamboyant title cartouche.        This       map was published in the Atlas Novus
cartouche is surmounted by a wise and              Terrarum ... and this particular example is
learned group of figures holding scrolls,          the first state. Later versions were to
books and other instruments. Beneath               include lines from Ovid and portraits of
the title the Royal Arms with lion and             George I and George II. Original colour is
unicorn is also shown. The names of the            used to emphasise each of the kingdoms,
designer and engraver, Philipp Tiedeman            and some detail of the European coasts is
and Gelliam van den Gouwen, are                    included from Montreuil to Leeuwarden. A
carefully worked into the cartouche. This          banner of text above Anne's portrait refers
magnificent whole is dedicated to William          to the recent unification of England and
III. Expert restoration to the centrefold,         Scotland - a historical memento as well as
not affecting the printed area, otherwise          a recording of geographic fact. (32185).
in good condition. (32187).                        Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,        Homann 2.
Visscher 3.
                                                   54) The South Part Of Great Britain,
52) Gross=Britannien Bestehende In                 Called England And Wales
Drey Konigreiche ...                               H.Moll
G.Bodenehr                                         London, 1710
Augsburg, c. 1704 -                                Copperplate. Coloured
Copperplate. Original outline colour               97 x 61.5cms
38 x 17.5cms                                       £ 600
£ 360                                              A large-scale and detailed map by the
Bodenehr's map of the British Isles is             prolific, and nowadays very popular,
infrequently seen, yet is a most attractive        mapmaker Hermann Moll, with original
and detailed map.        The central panel         outline colour clearly emphasising county
shows the British Isles with many of the           boundaries.     Indeed, Moll's seemingly
neighbouring European coastlines also              single-minded quest to educate is borne
depicted. To the left of the map is a bold         out in the wealth of information shown,
title cartouche flanked by two men and             from     roads    (including  many    not
their horses, with a list of the divisions of      mentioned by Ogilby, Moll is keen to
the British Isles. To the right of the map,        assert) to the number of members of
the Royal Arms surmount a further                  parliament per town. Tables of towns on
division of the Isles and the imprint of           either side of the map provide further

                                                                                 P a g e | 16
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

information such as specific market-days,         56) An Alphabetical Table Of All The
whilst a thorough description of the              Cities And Market Towns ...
waters surrounding England reflects               S.Nicholls
London's growing importance as a chart            London, 1724
producing centre. With a large allegorical        Copperplate. Coloured
cartouche at upper right, and overall             53.5 x 49cms
compositional balance, this map may be            £ 780
seen as a highpoint of early eighteenth-          Although itself not a map, this interesting
century English mapmaking. (25373).               plate was intended to adorn and inform a
Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,       separately printed map of England and
Moll 6, St 5.                                     Wales. It would have been cut centrally
                                                  and attached at each side of the map
                                                  sheet. The plate comprises an extensive
                                                  table of English and Welsh market towns
                                                  confirming the county in which they are
                                                  situated, the day of their market and the
                                                  number      of   members     returned     to
                                                  parliament.      Around the tables are
                                                  fourteen views of the country's major
                                                  harbour     towns    comprising    London,
                                                  Chester, Bristol, Yarmouth, Southampton,
                                                  Newcastle, Hull, Portsmouth, Harwich,
                                                  Plymouth, Dartmouth, Falmouth, Dover
                                                  and Liverpool.     Each river and port is
                                                  shown full of ships looking prosperous and
                                                  active. The name of the engraver, Sutton
                                                  Nicholls, appears at lower right.        An
                                                  infrequently seen item. Reinforcement to
55) Carte Pour L'Introduction A La                centrefold and one or two marginal nicks,
Histoire D'Angleterre ...                         otherwise in good condition. (32186).
H.A.Chatelain                                     Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
Amsterdam, 1708 -                                 Smith 1.
Copperplate. Coloured                             Illustrated on back cover.
59 x 50.5cms
£ 400                                             57) Accuratissima Angliae Scotiae Et
This sheet from the Atlas Historique is a         Hiberniae ...
veritable compendium of information               M.Seutter
showing a central map of the British Isles        Augsburg, c. 1744
under Roman occupation and is decorated           Copperplate. Original colour
with painted figures of Ancient Britons. A        25.5 x 19.5cms
second smaller map defines the Anglo-             £ 420
Saxon kingdoms. Both are surrounded by            With its distinctive, Germanic style this is
panels of descriptive text and the whole          a most pleasing map of the British Isles.
design is bordered by 54 circular portraits       A trumpeting angel in the upper left
of Kings and Queens from Egbert, in 801,          corner holds the arms of the four
to Queen Anne. A fascinating and                  kingdoms comprising the British Isles and
decorative item. (27743).                         in the opposite corner the lion and unicorn
Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,       flank the Royal Arms, which sit above the
Chatelain 1.                                      title. Further decoration in the form of
                                                  galleons and a small compass rose adorn
                                                  the surrounding seas.       The map was
                                                  published in Seutter's Atlas Minor, a
                                                  reduced-size version of his map of the

                                                                                P a g e | 17
                                     Jonathan Potter Limited

British Isles published in the Atlas Novus,         59) A Chart Of The Sea Coast
and also displays original colour, typical of       G.Bickham
the period. (32174).                                London, 1748 -1755
Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,         Copperplate. Uncoloured
Seutter 3.                                          15 x 25.5cms
                                                    £ 280
                                                    One of a unique and extraordinary series
                                                    of maps designed by George Bickham for
                                                    the elegant Georgian atlas The British
                                                    Monarchy ....         Renowned for this
                                                    publication and The Universal Penman ...
                                                    the work demonstrates the calligraphic
                                                    skills for which father and son Bickham,
                                                    both named George, were acclaimed.
                                                    This attractive map shows the country in
                                                    pictorial style. (30452).
                                                    Hodson, County Atlases Of The British
                                                    Isles, Vol. II, p.81.

                                                    60) An Accurate Map Of 460 Miles
                                                    Round London ...
                                                    E.Bowen For B.Martin
                                                    London, c. 1760
                                                    Copperplate. Original outline colour
                                                    30 x 30cms
                                                    £ 800
                                                    Concentric circles, each representing
58) Itinera Varia Auctoris                          twenty miles, show distances of towns
G.Edwards                                           and cities up to 460 miles from London.
London, 1746                                        Thus the map extends to Bern in the
Copperplate. Original colour                        southeast and Inverness in the north. An
21 x 26cms                                          apparently unrecorded version of a map
£ 520                                               previously only seen once on a card dial
An uncommon and curious map by the                  (see Potter, Collecting Antique Maps,
scientist    and     ornithologist    George        p.182). This example set within a square
Edwards, who is perhaps best known for              latitudinal/longitudinal   grid    border.
the series of bird engravings which this            (27698).
map accompanied in his Natural History Of
Uncommon Birds. The map shows Britain
and north-western Europe and is marked
with the routes of the author's journeys
between 1716 and 1730. However, the
map is remarkable for the life-size
illustrations of the bill of an Egyptian Ibis,
a male and female stag beetle from
Borneo, and the Lesser Humming Bird,
with its egg, from Jamaica. The map
demonstrates, albeit out of geographical
context, the contrasts and variety of the
natural world. (31141).
Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
Edwards 1.

                                                                                 P a g e | 18
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

                                                  A scarce map of England and Wales -
                                                  COPAC lists only one example, held by the
                                                  British Library. The map's title continues,
                                                  "...With All The Great & Cross Roads
                                                  Distances From Town To Town, & Their
                                                  Distance From London, Market Days &c."
                                                  The large scale of the map allows roads to
                                                  be clearly delineated and original outline
                                                  colour defines each of the counties. Either
                                                  side of the map are eight vignette views,
                                                  engraved in a bold style, depicting
                                                  important historical events from the
                                                  Landing of Julius Caesar via the Battle of
                                                  Hastings and the death of Wat Tyler to
                                                  "Queen Elizabeth, Haranging Her Troops,
                                                  Anno 1587". Hains and Son were active
                                                  publishers and print sellers working from
                                                  19 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane and often
                                                  re-published the work of others such as
                                                  Carrington Bowles. However, this map,
                                                  although similar in style to others of the
                                                  period, would appear to be a "Haines
                                                  original". Printed on two sheets joined. A
                                                  little wear and staining, as one might
                                                  expect, to the centrefold.      Laid down.
61) A New Map Of England And                      (31800).
J.Gillray / H.Bohn                                63) A Geographical Companion
London, 1793 -c.1851                              Throughout England & Wales ...
Copperplate. Coloured                             G.F.Cruchley
24.5 x 33.5cms                                    London, 1822
£ 550                                             Copperplate. Original outline colour
Not    for  the    easily   offended   this       63 x 95.5cms
cartographic curiosity is a political             £ 380
caricature reflecting the period's bawdy          England, Wales and part of Scotland are
humour. This is a re-issue by Henry Bohn          shown in detail on this finely engraved
of a James Gillray cartoon, using the             map. The "Mail, Turnpike & Travelling
original   etched    plate.    England   is       Roads" are carefully depicted and the map
personified (with Durham providing the            was prepared as "The Result Of Much
face) to illustrate George III and his            Labour     And      Extensive    Research".
contempt at the threat of French invasion.        Gazetteers list cities, towns, boroughs and
The King's wind, quite literally, scatters        market days. Total population figures are
the French fleet in disarray. The title           also given. A useful map for the regular
beneath reads, "John Bull, bombarding             traveller in the last years of the pre-
the Bum-Boats". (31458).                          railway era. Dissected and laid on linen.
                                                  Slipcase in mottled board with Cruchley of
62) A New & Correct Map Of England                Oxford Street's pasted label printed in
& Wales ...                                       cursive text.    Altogether an impressive
Haines & Son                                      combination. (30714).
London, 1796
Copperplate. Original outline colour
97 x 63cms
£ 2450

                                                                                P a g e | 19
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

64) The British Traveller Containing              66) Our National Defences, Birds-Eye
Distance Tables ...                               View Showing The Chief Points..
J. & C.Walker                                     The Graphic
London, 1839                                      London, 1888
Steel Plate. Original colour                      Lithograph. Original colour
102 x 147cms                                      57.5 x 39.5cms
£ 360                                             £ 160
An attractive and immensely detailed              A bird's-eye view of England And Wales,
folding map, dissected and laid on canvas,        showing the various depots, camps and
into original slipcase with publisher‟s           barracks, batteries, men of war and
label.     The map is surrounded by               torpedo boats. An interesting article to
letterpress tables and gazetteers giving          verso discusses the defence of the nation
the population of each town and county,           and proposes a Minister of National
travelling details etc.      The whole is         Defence in order to control both the army
surrounded by a printed decorative                and the navy. (31779).
border. (17652).

65) Geological Map Of The British                 Road and Distance Maps
Isles ...
London, 1843 -1879
Copperplate. Original colour
135 x 159cms
£ 1200
A magnificent, geological map of the
British Isles, also showing part of France,
with     an     extensive   coloured   key.
Presented here dissected and laid on to
four folding canvas sheets, the map itself
is in fine condition. The original leather
case is a little worn and the lid, with the
label of Henry Littler Esqr. in Manchester,
has been repaired. The upper left sheet
of the map includes the title cartouche
complete with the Royal Arms and
mention of the Royal Patronage of the
Prince Consort. However, as this is a later
(1879) edition of a map that was first
published in 1843, an additional engraver
                                                  67) Britannia ...
has added the words "The Late" before
the Prince Consort.       Knipe's map was
                                                  London, 1675 -1676
published in the relatively early days of
                                                  Copperplate. Uncoloured
scientific geology and a wealth of
                                                  Folio 27.5 x 41cms
information regarding the mineral make-
                                                  £ 18,000
up of the British Isles is given.      Also
                                                  A fine example of a milestone in English
shown are the extensive canal, railway
                                                  cartography and the prototype for a
and road networks - an indication of such
                                                  mapping style still in use around the
a map's importance in the industrial times
                                                  world. The Britannia was the first British
of publication. A decorative presentation
                                                  road atlas and marked a significant
of scientific fact. (32158).
                                                  advance in British cartography - the use
                                                  of the strip format, which has been much
                                                  copied by other mapmakers, and the
                                                  standardisation of the British Mile, on
                                                                               P a g e | 20
                                       Jonathan Potter Limited

which the preface includes an explanation.            elaborate cartouche incorporating a listing
The Britannia was immediately successful              entitled "A Catalog Of The Roads." The
and was re-printed several times, as well             map is recorded in four states; this is the
as spawning smaller format atlases along              second, with the addition of decorated
the same lines. The maps show the major               ships in the Irish Sea and mouth of the
roads from London as well as many                     Thames. (27429).
crossroads - detail includes individual               Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
buildings, bridges, wooded areas and even             Ogilby 1, St 2.
gallows in some instances!              A most        Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
important work. This is the second issue              Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.12.
of the first edition of Ogilby's monumental
road atlas as plate numbers are given in              69) A New Map Of England With A
the lower right corner of each map (only              Table Readily To Find The Townes
the first issue of the first edition lacked           J.Ogilby
these plate numbers). The key-map of                  London, 1675 -c.1689
the British Isles is presented here in an             Copperplate. Uncoloured
early state with circles used to denote               49 x 37cms
towns and villages (before the addition of            £ 680
spires) and sailing ships are present in the          This is the fourth state of Ogilby's famous
sea, which were lacking in the uncommon               map and was published in Mr Ogilby & Mr
first state. The renowned title-page was              Morgan's Pocket Book Of The Road and
engraved by Wenceslaus Hollar and shows               appeared c.1689.       Here, the roads of
a bustling scene of surveying in progress,            England and Wales are clearly delineated
while cherubs support scrolls displaying              and the major towns are depicted
Ogilby‟s finished product.         Folio. ff.[i]      pictorially with spires and towers. Where
portrait    of    Ogilby,    ff.[i]    engraved       the early issues of the map had a
frontispiece,     Tp,   pp.[iv]      dedication,      decorative title cartouche on the left side,
pp.[viii] preface, pp.[xii], one double-page          this example has a newly engraved,
copperplate engraved key-map with                     extensive, alphabetical table of the towns,
folded edges, pp.1-200 with 100 double-               including a number in Ireland. Protective
page copperplate engraved map plates                  margins added and restoration to old
with blank verso, pp.[iv] index. Full calf            folds, nevertheless an interesting and
re-backed with blind-tooled decoration at             scarce variant of this important map.
edges and marbled end-papers. Spine                   (30656).
with six raised bands and original label              Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
pasted on.      Gilt tooled stamp of "The             Ogilby 1, St 4.
Society Of Writers To The Signet" to front            Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
and back. (32129).                                    Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.12.
Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.12.                   70) Set Of Five Road Diagrams From
                                                      Speed's "Theatre ..."
68) A New Map Of The Kingdom Of                       J.Speed / T.Basset & R.Chiswell
England & Dominion Of Wales ...                       London, 1676
J.Ogilby                                              Woodblock. Uncoloured
London, 1675 -1676                                    Sheet 32.5x37.5cms
Copperplate. Uncoloured                               £ 1200
49.5 x 37.5cms                                        An interesting group of five schematic
£ 950                                                 diagrams, printed from woodcuts with
A fine example of a map rarely found in               letterpress inserts, showing the principal
good condition, this is the key map plate             highways emanating from London with
for John Ogilby's famous road book, the               their branches and with computed
Britannia. Engraved by James Moxon, the               distances marked. This group was added
map is dominated, at top right, by an                 to the posthumous edition of John Speed's

                                                                                    P a g e | 21
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

Theatre Of The Empire Of Great Britain            outline colour and has additional place
published by Thomas Bassett and Richard           names. Both are trimmed to the plate
Chiswell in 1676. The diagrams were               edge and mounted, as issued. A most
pirated from John Ogilby's Britannia that         sought-after pair appealing to both map
had been published the previous year and,         and playing card collectors. (28410).
as such, are probably the earliest                Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
derivatives from Ogilby's landmark survey         Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.14.
of the English and Welsh roads. The
publication of these tables in the Speed          72) Angliae Totius Tabula Cum
atlas earned a stinging rebuke from               Distantii Notioribus In Itinerantium
Ogilby. "Mr Ogilby to prevent the Injury          J.Adams
design'd Him and the Kingdom, by the              London, 1679 -1680
Publishers of certain Tables stolen out of        Copperplate. Original colour
his book (so ignorantly and carelessly            98.5 x 68.5cms
collected & printed, that they are fill'd         £ 7800
with false Computations and Directions            A spectacular two-sheet version of John
...) did print his own ...". Although found       Adams' great 1677 wall-map of England
bound into examples of Speed's atlas,             and Wales. Little is known of Adams,
these road plans have been generally              whose cartographic production seems
overlooked and ignored in cartographic            limited to this work, but it is known that
literature. (32188).                              this map's creation was prompted by an
Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &                  examination of the proximity of market
Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.14.               towns to London and market sources
                                                  around the country. As such, it must be
                                                  regarded as one of the first commercial
                                                  thematic maps to be produced. Adams'
                                                  map was a "straight-line" distance map
                                                  with parallel lines linking neighbouring
                                                  towns and villages with their computed
                                                  distances from each other. Despite the
                                                  apparent uselessness of such data, at a
                                                  time when travel was on foot or
                                                  horseback, the information was relevant
                                                  and the concept, proving most popular,
                                                  spawned a large number of subsequent
                                                  similar publications. The wall-map was
                                                  engraved on twelve sheets, intended to be
71) Surrey / Surrey                               canvas mounted and hung from wooden
R.Morden                                          rollers, however, two years later, Adams
London, 1676 -c.1773                              was to produce a more practically sized
Copperplate. Original outline colour              map, separately issued at first and then to
Each 5.5 x 9cms                                   be bound into an index volume - Index
£ 1650                                            Villaris, supplied here. The large-scale
A    pair   of  cartographic    curiosities.      map is set within a decorative floral
Originally designed as an 'educational'           bedecked and figured border with a table
card that could also be used for games,           listing and locating cities and market
the series was in fact one of the first to        towns at each side. The dedication is
include major roads on individual county          topped by the Royal coat-of-arms, and all
maps. This pair of scarce playing card            is finely engraved. The present map is in
maps of Surrey by Robert Morden                   the first state, dedicated to Charles II,
comprises a first edition 'Ten of Hearts'         and in fine original colour. Minor defects,
and an unsuited 'Ten' from Turpin's               typical of a large folding map, have been
edition of c.1773. The latter is in original      expertly repaired, nevertheless, this is a

                                                                                P a g e | 22
                                    Jonathan Potter Limited

lovely copy one of the most stunning and           engraved outside the upper border. This
attractive maps of England and Wales to            is the first state of a rare and fascinating
be produced in London. (26386).                    travellers' aid. Trimmed to neatline with
Shirley, Printed Maps Of the British Isles,        minor marginal nicks and protective
Adams 2.                                           margins added. (19963).
Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &                   Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.16.                Berry 2.
                                                   Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
73) ... Considerable Places in                     Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.21.
England And Wales ... Ye Roads ...
R.Walton / R.Morden                                75) A New Map Of The Kingdome Of
London, 1679                                       England And Wales ...
Copperplate. Uncoloured                            N.Visscher / J.Overton
51 x 58.5cms                                       Amsterdam, c. 1685 -c.1688
£ 1850                                             Copperplate. Uncoloured
A well engraved and detailed map - one of          76 x 57cms
the earliest reduced size derivatives of           £ 1500
John Adams' distance map of 1677                   A magnificent and most informative map
(although the distances are reckoned               of the road network within England and
differently). There is a fine title cartouche      Wales, combining both English and Dutch
with the crest of Charles II, and a                techniques in production.       The map is
dedication to Joseph Williamson, President         flanked by tables of the market towns
of the Royal Society from 1677 to 1680.            listing their market days and other details.
This map was separately issued, and is             The map's title, enclosed in a bold and
consequently rare, and has the signatures          decorative cartouche, has text in English,
of the authors, the Roberts Morden and             whilst the explanations and table titles are
Walton. Sometimes found in composite               given in Dutch. The map has a somewhat
atlases, as in this example, which is in           complicated printing history with much of
unusually good condition. (29038).                 the road and distance detail taken from
Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,        John Adams' famous map. The imprint of
Walton 3.                                          Visscher and Overton tells the reader that
Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &                   the map may be bought in both
Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.17.                Amsterdam and London - indicative of the
                                                   links and trade between nations at this
74) A New Mapp Of The Kingdome Of                  time.      The Dutch market obviously
England And Wales ...                              supported the production of such a map of
W.Berry                                            England and Wales. This is the second
London, 1685                                       state of the map lacking the dedication to
Copperplate. Original outline colour               James II, that appeared on the first circa
87.5 x 59cms                                       1685 edition. This second state includes
£ 1200                                             an 'explanation' in Dutch that been pasted
A rare, separately issued, distance map of         over the printed original.           Expert
England and Wales, copied from John                restoration to centrefold and old folds as
Adams' map of six years earlier, and               one might expect, otherwise in good
published by William Berry.      The map           condition. (32189).
shows the distances between towns and              Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
cities by means of straight lines, with            Visscher 2.
mileages given enclosed within circles.            Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
Tables in the two side panels list cities          Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.21.
and market towns, with their market
days, keyed to the map. The large title
cartouche also contains a dedication to
King James II, while a second title is

                                                                                 P a g e | 23
                                    Jonathan Potter Limited

76) The Roads Of England According                 of the counties and a key is given to
To Mr Ogilby's Survey                              identify    the   cities,  archbishoprics,
G.Willdey / C.Dicey?                               bishoprics and post towns.            Minor
London, c. 1713 -c.1770                            restoration and reinforcement to lower
Copperplate. Uncoloured                            centrefold. (31142).
Diameter 52.5cms                                   Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British Isles,
£ 2800                                             Moll 8, St. 3.
An extraordinary and rare circular map of
the roads of England and Wales, first
published by George Willdey in 1713.
This strange diagrammatic map shows
main roads by way of double lines, and
cross roads by single lines, with mileages
given between each marked town and
village. The contorted outline suggests
that Cornwall has been ignored but Lands
End is shown and it is the distances that
are significant rather than any attempt at
scale. Such publications are rare as they
were separately issued for practical use
and few have survived. Rodney Shirley
describes the first state of this map which
has an elaborate border, subsequently cut
from the plate and then re-issued with             78) An Actual Survey Of All The
Willdey's imprint at first partially and then      Principal Roads Of England And Wales
completely      erased,    presumably      by      J.Senex
Thomas Jefferys and then Cluer Dicey.              London, 1719
(32122).                                           Copperplate. Uncoloured
cf. Shirley, Printed Maps Of The British           Octavo 12.5 x 19cms
Isles, Willdey 1.                                  £ 1750
Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &                   The first edition of a popular, reduced-
Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.32.                format version of Ogilby‟s great atlas.
                                                   The full title reads, An Actual Survey Of
77) The Roads Of Ye South Part Of                  All The Principal Roads Of England And
Great Britain Called England ...                   Wales; Described By One Hundred Maps
H.Moll                                             From Copper Plates. On Which Are
London, 1717 -c.1732                               Delineated All The Cities, Towns, Villages,
Copperplate. Original outline colour               Churches, Houses, And Places Of Note
30 x 27cms                                         Throughout Each Road. Also Directions To
£ 380                                              The Curious Traveller What Is Worth
"Note. This Map has been Copied four               Observing Throughout His Journey. The
times very confused and Scandalously".             Whole Described In The Most Easy And
This attractive map had first been issued          Intelligible Manner. First Perform'd And
as "A Pocket Companion Of Ye Roads Of              Publish'd By John Ogilby, Esq; And Now
Ye South Part Of Great Britain ..." in             Improved, Very Much Corrected, And
1717. Now with a revised title and the             Made Portable By John Senex.           8vo.
imprint of Thomas and John Bowles, it can          Double-page title-page printed in red and
be dated to after 1732. The dedication to          black with blank verso, double-page
"His Royal Higness [sic] Frederick Prince          dedication with blank verso, double-page
of Wales" appears off the north Cornish            explanation with blank verso, pp.[iv] table
coast while a table at top left gives the          of    towns,    54   double-page    (plates
size in square miles of each county.               numbered 1 to 54 with 37 erroneously
Attractive outline colour delineates each          called      39)    copperplate   engraved

                                                                                 P a g e | 24
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

uncoloured ribbon maps with blank                 Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
versos, double-page title-page printed in         Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.36.
red and black with blank verso, double-
page table of towns with blank verso, 46          80) Britannia Depicta Or Ogilby
double-page       copperplate       engraved      Improv'd ...
uncoloured maps with blank versos                 J.Owen / E. Bowen
(plates numbered 55 to 100). Negligible           London, 1720 -1751
spotting to later leaves.      Panelled calf      Copperplate. Uncoloured
rebacked, gilt tooling to spine and red           Quarto 13.5 x 19.5cms
morocco label.      Wardington bookplate          £ 1650
appears on rear paste-down endpaper.              A good example of the most popular and
Hinges cracked, corners a little worn.            successful     Ogilby    derivative  atlas,
(31439).                                          reproducing the road strip maps and
Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &                  adding individual county maps with
Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.37.               immense detail of each county. Emanuel
                                                  Bowen proved to be one of London's most
79) A Pocket-Guide To The English                 active and influential mapmakers in the
Traveller: ...                                    eighteenth century. The fine engraving
T.Gardner                                         and minute detail displayed in these maps
London, 1719                                      is a reflection of his skill. This is the
Copperplate. Uncoloured                           fourth edition of this travellers‟ pocket
Oblong Quarto 30 x 19cms                          book - also intended for "the general use
£ 4400                                            of the Gentleman and Tradesman".
A closely copied, reduced-format version          Quarto.    6pp. of tables and 273pp. of
of Ogilby‟s road atlas, Britannia, first          finely engraved maps. An usually fresh
published in 1675. In 1718 and 1719 four          example of the book with large paper,
different publishers competed to publish          bound in contemporary calf, front joint
pocket-sized editions of the successful           cracked but firm. It is from the library of
Britannia - these were intended to be of          John Hamilton of Sundrum, lifelong friend
more practical use for travellers. Of the         of James Boswell, amanuensis to Dr
four planned works, one of these was              Samuel Johnston. (30546).
never completed and, of the three that did        Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
appear, the Gardner edition is the rarest         Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.40.
and most attractive, only published in this
one edition of 1719. A most interesting           81) Kitchin's Most Accurate Map Of
and sought-after atlas. Oblong Quarto.            The Roads Of England And Wales
ff.[i] Tp, pp.[ii] preface, pp.8 table, 100       T.Kitchin / London Magazine
uncoloured copperplate engraved strip             London, 1763
road maps. Paper boards re-backed, gilt           Copperplate. Original outline colour
title to spine.       Hinges cracked and          33.5 x 34.5cms
repaired. Edges worn and some abrasion            £ 300
to boards. The title-page is printed in           Engraved for the London Magazine in
both black and red and this page is               1763, and thus with slight evidence of old
smaller format than the edge-bound map            folds where the map would have folded in
plates. A very thoughtful presentation of         to the magazine publication, this is an
Gardner's road maps - the edge binding            attractive map of England and Wales. The
insuring none of the maps' detail is lost         counties are delineated with original
inside the centre-fold. The maps are good         outline colour as well as with a numbered
impressions and are in generally good             key. The roads are clearly depicted and
condition, one or two are trimmed close           distances between towns are also given.
along the lower edge with plate numbers           Kitchin is at pains to point out in a note
are lacking, but the map detail is not            that, "we have wholly omitted the
affected. (32156).                                Computed Distances on the Roads, they

                                                                                P a g e | 25
                                    Jonathan Potter Limited

being nothing better than the Effect of            Reinforcements to old folds and marginal
wild and random Imagination". (30874).             tears, nevertheless a fascinating item
Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &                   documenting the growing importance of
Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.60.                road travel at this time. (32182).

82) Kitchin's Most Accurate Map Of                 84) A New & Most Accurate Map Of
The Roads Of England And Wales                     The Roads Of England And Wales ...
T.Kitchin                                          Anonymous
London, c. 1764                                    London, 1779
Copperplate. Original outline colour               Copperplate. Uncoloured
33.5 x 34cms                                       35 x 35cms
£ 260                                              £ 260
Apparently a re-engraving of Kitchin's             This road map of England and Wales was
1763 road map that was produced for the            engraved for The Modern Universal British
London Magazine. This map is a good                Traveller, which was published by J.Cooke
impression,     indicative    of   a    new        in 1779. According to its title, the work
copperplate having been engraved, and is           comprised a "... new, complete, and
slightly larger than the 1763 London               accurate tour through England, Wales,
Magazine     map     of   almost    identical      Scotland, and the neighbouring islands.
appearance. This map bears the imprint             Comprising     all  that     is worthy of
of Carrington Bowles in St Pauls Church            observation     in   Great     Britain.     And
Yard and Robert Sayer in Fleet Street.             containing      a    full,     ample,       and
Like the London Magazine counterpart,              circumstantial account of every thing
this example also shows the major roads            remarkable      in   the     several     cities,
and the distances between towns.                   boroughs,      market      towns,     villages,
Counties are delineated by means of                hamlets, &c. throughout the kingdom ...
attractive, original outline colour and the        being the result of an actual and late
decorative title cartouche at top right            general survey of the whole kingdom. And
includes a perambulating man observing a           including various maps, corrected from
distant ship. Expert restoration to tears          the latest observations, a collection of
at old folds, nevertheless an attractive           landscapes views, &c. that make an
item. (30875).                                     admirable group of elegant copper-plate
                                                   prints". This map of England and Wales is
83) A Chart Of The Distances ... In                unsigned, but is similar in style to works
England And Wales ...                              by Emanuel Bowen and Thomas Kitchin.
R.Sayer / J.Bennett                                The map includes the distance by
London, 1775                                       milestones between towns and also the
Copperplate. Uncoloured                            distances from London.             The title
42 x 31.5cms                                       cartouche at upper left includes a mileage
£ 160                                              stone and a rider on horseback, along
This table of distances could almost have          with a description of how distances are
come from a modern “AA Road Atlas” of              measured. With slight evidence of old
Great Britain, were it not for the attractive      folds and one or two expert repairs to
copperplate     engraving    and    printers'      areas of weakness along these folds,
imprint in the lower left corner. Listing 71       nevertheless a good depiction of the road
towns in a column on the left side and 72          system in the latter part of the eighteenth
different towns in a horizontal list at the        century. (32161).
top (which is then replicated in a column          Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
on the right side of the page), distances          Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.77.
between towns may easily be calculated.
The title continues, "Shewing The Number
Of Measured Miles Between Each Place
Comprehending Above 5000 Distances".

                                                                                    P a g e | 26
                                   Jonathan Potter Limited

                                                  86) Cary's Traveller's Companion, Or
                                                  A Delineation Of The Turnpike
                                                  London, 1790 -1810
                                                  Copperplate. Original outline colour
                                                  Quarto 11 x 18cms
                                                  £ 360
                                                  This pocket sized road atlas would have
                                                  been of great benefit to the traveller in
                                                  the last years before the railway era. The
                                                  rather utilitarian modern binding hides an
                                                  attractive atlas of finely engraved and
                                                  neatly outlined maps in good condition.
                                                  Quarto. Tp, ff.[i] advertisement, pp.[i]
                                                  contents, index map of England & Wales,
85) Cary's Actual Survey Of The                   41 single-page copperplate engraved
Great Post Roads ...                              maps of English counties and North and
J.Cary                                            South Wales, plus large folding plate of
London, 1784                                      Yorkshire, all in original outline colour,
Copperplate. Uncoloured                           pp.[v] list of market towns, pp.[xi] list of
12mo 9 x 14.5cms                                  routes.    Modern brown cloth with new
£ 3000                                            endpapers. Spine gilt stamped with the
An exquisite and rare book of the roads           legend "Roads Cary". (30623).
from London to Falmouth. This is Cary's           Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
first known atlas publication and was a           Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.87.
collaboration of significance as Aaron
Arrowsmith is credited as Surveyor.               87) Map Of Great Britain ...
Arrowsmith was the first in a family line of      T.Telford
distinguished mapmakers, working initially        London, c. 1830 -
as a surveyor and starting his own map            Copperplate. Original outline colour
publishing business in 1790. His sons,            79 x 43cms
also Aaron and Samuel, were succeeded             £ 340
by John, active until the 1870s producing         The     title   continues   "...  Shewing
large-scale maps of all areas of the world        Particularly The Places Referred To In Mr.
and atlases ranging from the renowned,            Telford's Narrative."     The map shows
large London Atlas to miniature and handy         canals, roads and tides - including a
school and pocket volumes. John Cary              detailed explanation of these tides in the
became      a   significant   and   popular       title cartouche. Original outline colour is
mapmaker active over the next fifty               used to highlight each of the canals and
years. Map sheets with a little marginal          they are also named.          One or two
discolouration and a couple of negligible         emerging railways are also shown.         A
repairs, but a charming survival with inns,       clear and concise record of transport links
and other useful features marked. The             at this time. Telford was a noted civil
route from London to Falmouth achieved            engineer      and   a   native   Scotsman
some importance at this time as Falmouth          responsible for a large number of roads,
was the first mainland port of call along         canals and bridges - in addition to those
the Channel and of strategic importance in        detailed on this map he also worked on St
light of the present French threat. Ex            Katharine Dock in London. (31801).
Wardington Library. 12mo. Engraved Tp,
engraved general map, 50 single-sheet
copperplate engraved maps.           Recent
crushed red morocco. (30545).
Bennett, Road-Books, Road-Maps &
Itineraries Of Great Britain, p.82.
                                                                                P a g e | 27
                                  Jonathan Potter Limited

88) Map Of Scotland Shewing The                  Notes
Highland Roads And Bridges Made ...
London, c. 1830
Copperplate. Original outline colour
33 x 40.5cms
£ 160
The title continues "... The Harbours
Improved, And Churches Built In The
Highlands;    Also   The    Glasgow   And
Lanarkshire Roads; All According To The
Plans Of Thomas Telford. Shewing Also
The Old Military Roads Still Maintained In
Use." Beneath this self-explanatory title
at top left is a list of counties with the
sites of various churches and manses.
Original hand colour is used to identify
these sites on the map itself along with
the new roads in red and the old, military
roads in green. (31795).

89) Map Of The Watling Street ...
London, 1852
Lithograph. Original outline colour
Folio 40 x 55.5cms
£ 680
Map Of The Watling Street, The Chief Line
Of Roman Communication Leading Across
The     Counties     Of    Durham     And
Northumberland, From The River Swale To
The Scotch Border, With Enlarged Plans Of
The Stations And Camps Adjacent To the
Line, From A Survey Made in The Years
1850 And 1851, By Direction Of His Grace
The    Duke    Of   Northumberland,    On
Occasion Of The Meeting Of The
Archaeological Institute At Newcastle On
Tyne. Six double-page lithograph maps,
at a scale of two inches to the mile, with
original colour show the many remains,
both Roman and other, within these
historic counties.    Paper wrappers as
issued, a little worn.         The maps
themselves are in generally good, clean
condition with only one or two marginal
nicks. A remarkably detailed survey and a
fine publication by Standidge & Co, in
London. This is a scarce item, COPAC lists
only two examples held in London and
Oxford. (32190).

                                                            P a g e | 28

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