The NCMRR as refined by the “Guide to Physical by zqu87940


									                 NCMRR:              Boxed text refers to practice patterns in     “The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice”
                                                                                                                            Hint: Orient in Landscape / Horizontal
       Pathophysiology                         Impairment                  Functional Limitation                  Disability           Societal Limitation
    Medical Diagnosis:                 PT Diagnosis                        Tests and Measures                Role changes, e.g.,       ● Societal, policy-related,
    classification, etiology,          Tests and Measures                  ● How do Impairments affect pt.   employee, spouse,         financial or physical barriers
    incidence, pathology,              ● S/S assessed or observed by a     functionally?                     homemaker, student,       - that limit access to: health
    diagnostic tests, lab values,      PT for a pt. with this diagnosis.   ● Instruments, Scales, or         churchgoer, hunter,       care, housing, job, leisure.
    clinical feature, possible co-     ● Instruments, Scales, or           Questionnaires that assess        caregiver, grandpa,       ● How might PTs advocate
    morbidities                        Questionnaires that assess          Functional Limitations            volunteer, parent…        for changes in these societal
    ICD-9 Code                         Impairments.                        ● Functional limits are used to                             limitations?
    Risk Factors/Consequences          ● The PT Problem List               create PT Goals (Behavioral
    Relevant pt. history               Procedural Interventions            objectives).
                                       to address Impairments              Procedural Interventions to
                                                                           address Funct. Limitations


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