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A beginners guide to multiplayer Dawn of War by owp20669


									A beginners guide to multiplayer Dawn of War

Contrary to what you might think, playing Dawn of War multiplayer is a very different affair to almost every single
strategy game created. You have *four* different races to choose from, each one of which is wildly different. You
have to deal with two types of resources, which - while not uncommon - is a game in and of itself; it's easy to run
out of either kind within a matter of seconds. You can't play a defensive game; the *ONLY* way to really win at
Dawn of War is to be on the offensive. You have squads of troops - becoming more popular these days -, and you
can add up to four heavy weapons, and have several to choose from. These can save you or kill you. It's up for
your enemy to decide.

Dawn of War is not a game you can learn in a day. It's an extremely complicated game, really. While you can beat
the single-player campaign with impunity, multiplayer will eat you up and spit you out. And then ask what's what the
main course is. You can't come off the campaign and expect to win. You might have a few games now and then
that you'll win, but trust me, you will almost ALWAYS lose the first few.

With this guide, I hope to help make multiplayer easier to understand. I will offer tactics, build orders, and weapon
descriptions. I will explain why some units are better off left alone, and why you should mass produce others.


The first resource you need to learn about is Requistion, commonly reffered to as Req. Don't worry, this is a brief
summary. You start off with 1000 Requisition. Requisition is automatically generated by your HQ building -
Settlement, Stronghold, and Webway Assembly -, and this brings in a decent amount. Everything costs some
amount of Requisiton. This is probably a little more important than power. You can increase the rate at which you
bring in Requsition by building listening posts on captured strategic points and relics, and then by researching
upgrades at these posts.

The second resource is Power. This isn't generated automatically; you must build generators to bring this one in.
You only start with 100 Power, and pretty much everything critical you need to start with will cost at least 50-75.
Generators aren't exactly cheap at the start either. Generators - until upgraded - only provide a paltry amount (6) of
power, so you will need several. You can increase the power generated by researching at constructed generators.

POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Capture at least 5! In fact, you should all be holding an equal share the SP's. If you're on a team
game, be nice and share. If it's a free for all, take every damn one you come by. Also, PUT YOUR STUPID

Unlike other games, it isn't absolutely critical that you supply defensive units to protect your resourcing operation;
for the most part, the bulk of what you generate is right around your base. Yes, you will tend to capture points
distant, but supplying any troops to them is a waste of their use and can often make the difference in a battle. If
you're smart, you'll upgraded all of your listening posts to at least the first defensive upgrade, providing some light
defense for your base. They're only ever effective against infantry, but the second level upgrade offers some pretty
heavy punch, as well as increasing their ability to survive enemy fire. Just remember when you are being invaded
that no matter what level upgrades you have, generators and listening posts are extremely popular targets.

Build Orders

Dawn of War is one those games where pretty much any little thing you can think of has some affect on the game,
whether it be troops in battle, or the troops blowing the s**t out of your base. They way you set up your base can
have a very decisive effect on just how quickly the enemy can smash through you - as well as how quickly your
troops and tanks can manage their way out of the base. I will try to cover as well as I can a good way to setup your
base without trying to favor any one race over the other - although it's incredibly easy to make Space Marine
references and very hard to explain Orks at all without being direct.

Tier 1

You start off with your HQ and one build unit - Servitor, Heretic, Bonesinger, Gretchin/Grot -. Woopty friggin doo;
that's how most strategy games start you off. The *FIRST* thing you should be building is your troop building -
Barracks, Temple, Aspect Portal, Da Boyz Hut -. While you are doing this, have your HQ building queue up two (or
three if your prefer) more builder units, two light infantry - Scout, Cultist, Guardian, Slugga -, and if you feel like it a
squad cap upgrade. Have the first builder unit join the one building the troop structure and put them in a group.
These'll be the one you want to build your bigger buildings. The second one out - and third, if you ordered it -
should be his/their own group; have it start building a generator. Knock that out early and you'll have at least
enough to get you some of the way through Tier one.

The troop structure can be anywhere the front lines face - the way out of your base is the general area you should
put the troop structure, so that way your troops automatically delpoy right where the enemy has to walk. The
generator can be anywhere you like; typically the safest palce to get your generators up and running tends to be
somewhere you can't access with capturing a strategic point and placing a listening post. So the first doesn't matter
all that much.

Have your light infantry begin immediately capturing the nearest strategic points. By the time the first one is around
half-way captured, the generator should be complete. Have the builder who was working on it come next to the SP
and wait for it to be captured. As soon as it is, select the builder and place a listening post over it. Then have the
squad move on to the next SP.

The builders who were on the troop structure should begin working on an armory building - Armory, Soul Shrine,
Pile'O'Guns - right away. Have the troop building queue up the commander unit and - if possible - a squad or two of
troops. At this stage in the game, the commander - Force Commander, Chaos Lord, Farseer, Big Mek - and one
squad of troops should be enough to get you through for a few minutes while you work on the economy. Make sure
to occasionally put an extra trooper in the squad. Don't bother upgrading the light infantry; once you get a few
strategic points and any relics/critical locations in the area, delete them. They serve little further purpose - which will
be explained later.

As soon as the armory building is complete, select your first upgrade; the heavy weapons upgrade. This lets you
carry four instead of two heavy weapons. This is a very handy little upgrade to have around. The armory should be
in the back, where it is protected. Once this is gone, you cannot upgrade your troops, or build most buildings and
troops. If it is destroyed, and you build another one, at least you won't have to do all that research again. As you get
the resources, select the other two upgrades you have available.

Once you get to this point, the rest of Tier 1 consists of building troops and improving your economy. You'll want to
have a commander unit and at least three or four squads of reinforced and upgraded troops. You should get out of
Tier 1 as soon as your economy is stabilized and you have the resources. Tier 1 is a dangerous place. You have
far too limited options to be worth sticking around here.

Tier 2 (achieved after researching Monastery/Desecrated Fortress; must build and research certain buildings with
Eldar and Orks; will get back on those)

This is where everything starts to get, well... bad-a$$. The first thing you'll notice is that you get much better heavy
weapons options for your troops; unless you have this obsession with flamers, i'd stay away from the tier 1 options
(unless you're fighting Orks; i'll explain later). Space Marines and Chaos get Plasma guns and Missiles. Both of
which are lots and lots of fun. Orks are Orks; they fight melee. Eldar - IIRC - get a bunch of research options, but
they're stuck with what they spawn with. Which are actually fairly decent...

The second thing you'll notice is the butt-load of new toys to play with. You get access to vehicles in tier 2. Space
Marines get Dreadnoughts, Hellfire Dreadnoughts, Landspeeders, Rhino's, and Whirlwinds. Chaos gets Predators,
Rhino's, and Defilers. Orks get everything, I believe. I'll double-check for ya. Eldar get all but the Fire Prism (but
thanks to their goofy build orders, they take a bit longer to get), meaning you get the Vyper, Wraithlord, and Falcon.

Lastly, you'll notice the new research options; you get to start upgrading things like troop accuracy and health,
armor, speed of troops, and all sorts of other junk. This is the stage where you get to build up the core of your army,
get your economy into overdrive, and prepare to slaughter/be slaughtered.

The first thing that you should build is your vehicle structure - Machine Cult, Machine Pit, Support Portal, Da Mek
Shop -. This will give you everything (almost) that you need to kill an opposing army. While this is being built, select
your HQ and research an upgrade to your vehicle cap, so that you can actually build more than one vehicle. If
funds allow it, select the final squad cap upgrade if you haven't already.

If you are still capping strategic points, then have the lone builder keep working on securing those with listening
posts. If not, have him build another generator (or three), and then research the first upgrade to your power.
Vehicles demand a *LOT* of power, so make sure you have it in plenty. You'll want at least four regular generators,
and if possible, a Thermo-Plasma generator (Bigga Generator if Orks) to keep a good company of armor rolling in.

Once you have the power, build a vehicle. You have a number to choose from, and you don't want to choose the
wrong one. In practice, you will almost *NEVER* find anyone building troop transports, since they have little armor
and no firepower. Infantry aren't as slow as they'd like you to believe, or as vulnerable. If you don't have the power
for a Dreadnought/Wraithlord/Defiler/Killa Kan, then get a Landspeeder/Hellfire Dreadnought/Vyper/Falcon/Wartrak.
Either way, you should have a vehicle capable of some decent combat.

Once you've started building up your vehicles, then if you haven't already, finish building some generators, than
start building up what you need for the secondary commander unit. Orks go about this in a different way. They start
with their secondary, the Big Mek, and then get the Warboss in Tier 3. The Eldar Seer council requieres I believe
some moderate research, but i'll have to check. The forces of Chaos who wish to have a Chaos Sorcerer require
only a Sacrificial Circle (well, two of them if they want anything to get done with some speed), and the Space
Marines need to build the Sacred Artifact to get the Librarian.

Make sure you get some the abilities for your commanders. The Space Marines have the most useful one of all;
Word of the Emperor for the Librarian. Infantry units within a certain range will not die in battle until the effect wears
off or the Librarian is killed. This can make or break a battle. The Eldar Farseer has a number of good abilities, but
no one - not even the Eldar primary! - can come close to the Librarian. The Chaos Sorcerer has Chains of Torment,
which keeps an afflicted squad from doing anything and deals damage. The Seer Council has Embolden and
entanglement, but I need to double check those as well. The Big Mek has, well, a lot, but he does get the Kustom
Tellyporta, which lets him teleport a short distance.

The buildings which give you the gifts of the secondary commander also have upgrades for the primary commander
- normally these are health upgrades, or an ability that slightly improves morale around him/her. These make very
little difference, but under certain conditions they can help so they're good to have around. Also, for the Space
Marines the Sacred Artifact provides the healer unit, the Apothecary. They take no squad cap, fight melee, and
enhance the healing rate of the squad they are assigned to. The Ork Mad Doc does the same thing. The others
don't have healers.

In Tier 2, you should be worried more about attacking than much else. It can take an awfully long time to get to Tier
3, so you might as well go ahead and make here your home. Try to attack as quickly as you can; the key in Dawn
of War is to be both quick and to be on the offensive. You must take the fight to the enemy; don't let them come to
you, because when they do that, it tends to hurt you more than it does them. Make sure that *YOU* are the one
afflicting the damage, not them. That is the key.

Tier 3 (Achieved after researching Fortress Monastery/Unholy Monastery; must research and build certain
buildings with Eldar and Orks; will get back on those)

The end-all stage of war. Once you get here, bloodshed reaches whole new levels of wow. Yes, that's wow. Wow
as in "holy shit!" Once you reach here, death gets fun. Once you're here, you no longer need coroners; you need a
hazmat squad.

You only get one or two new buildings, but the new toys they give are loads of fun. Space Marines get Predators,
Land Raiders (argued by many to be the SM super-unit; they have no official one), Terminators, and Assault
Terminators (the other possible super-unit). Chaos gets Obliterators and the Bloodthirster - the super-unit.
Bloodthirsters are not somethign you want to cross. Wait till you see what they do to commander units; they pick
them up, squeeze them like a sponge, and watch the blood go flying in numerous directions. Eldar get the Fire
Prism, and the Avatar - the super-unit. It ain't as cool, but at least it doesn't lose health. Orks get the Warboss and
the Squigoth - the super-unit. This is the ultimate super-unit. It steps on you, gores you, and it zaps you with the
Zzzap gun. And it carries troops. It's awesome.

Some of the new abilities are just awesome as well. For example, take the SM Force Commander. Once you hit tier
3, you can give the ability to *pretend there's a drumroll**pretend it's really cool* bring down an orbital strike! 1337!
It basically pounds the crap out of anything in range - friendly or otherwise. Very good if you utilize the Force
Commander with a drop pod (explained later).

What you want to do from here on out is up to you. But remember to put the new in the back - they're quite
vulnerable. Put a few turrets next to them as well. At this point you get the last upgrades to your listening posts and
your generators. Make sure you get them, because now everything costs so friggin much that otherwise you can't
afford anything. And also, remember that super-units are not under any cisrcumstances invulnerable. Massed
missiles can in fact drop them fairly quickly. What they are good for is heavy support and drawing fire while you
sneak some damage in. I'm not saying don't get them at all; i'm not saying go out of your way for them either.
They're very expensive.


These are the generic heroes. Except they're cooler. Who else has Librarians that kick more ass than does Duke
Nukem? OK, so they don't chew bubble gum, but they do rock.

These are very average troops; good morale levels, moderate unit numbers (they aren't as expensive Chaos), and
pretty good firepower. With a little practice, some skill, and some tactics, you can turn these guys into the best race
out there. But not always. You won't win every game with them, but you can win an awful lot. In my opinion, the
have just a few weaknesses that make them tie Chaos for first place.

(vs Orks)
This is a cake-walk. This is easyness incarnate. You can beat these guys blindfolded. It takes an awfully sucky SM
player (and a damn fine Ork player) to lose to an Ork army.

The first thing you should do is focus on your troops. This case is one where you can focus less on the money pit
and more attention should be on the army. As weak as they are, Orks can get troops pretty quickly, and you don't
want to be on the wrong side of the army in melee.

But just because they are good in melee... does that mean you should go for Assault Marines instead of Tactical
Marines? No. In fact, I prefer Tac. squads, just so i'm not playing the game the Ork way; make them play by your
rules. You don't have to reinforce the squads the whole way (maybe one or two couldn't hurt), but in Tier 1 you
should focus on getting your armory up and going for maximum heavy bolters. Those baby's eat Orks alive. When
Tier 2 rolls around, you should start churning out Dreadnoughts and then start going for a mix of heavy bolters and
plasma. You shouldn't have to worry about missiles; that's what the Dreadnoughts should be doing. Make sure you
keep the Marines and Dreadnoughts in seperate groups so that you can target troops and tanks seperately.

Tier 3 is when the Orks should already be dead. If not - and on the chance they break your troops - go for nothing
but Terminators and load them with Assault Cannons. Only do this if you have no more than three Tac. squads,
other wise just keep them around. If you go Termies, then slowly delete the Tac. squads to make space. For
dealing with Ork buildings and tanks, go for Predators with full Lascannon armament. Orbital Strikes do a TON of
damage to Orks - but they have no morale, so they won't break until their backs/necks/skull do. Do your best to
avoid close combat unless it's your Librarian and Force Commander. If they fall below 500 health, then pull them
out and let them heal. If the Orks get close or if they pull out some armor, then make sure you use Word of the
Emperor. Especially if you have a Terminator army; then you'll never die.

(Vs. Eldar)
This is a much more difficult battle than against Orks. You must first off be prepared to defend against Commander-
based attacks that can wreak havoc amongst your troops, at which point theirs can start killing them. Their vehicles
tend to be on par with SM ones, but the Fire Prism is a nightmare to try to kill, being fast, well armored, and
*extremely* powerful. Their troops are usually weaker than the others, but normally have some excuse to make up
for it - the Dark Reapers, for example, are slow, and require a second or so to set up their weapons, and can only
have five total in their squads (not including squad commander), but their weapons do MASSIVE damage to other

For tier 1 you should be afraid. Very afraid. Not because of rushes necissarily(sp), but because of the Farseer. She
has more total abilities than the Librarian - in fact, she has the most. And they are very deadly. She isn't as tough
physically as the Force Commander, as she barely has 1,000 health, but Farseers are still insanely hard to deal
with early on. Aside from her, though, Tier 1 should be a breeze. Gaurdian squads are easily killed by a single Tac.
squad, especially if you still have your scout squads and you have an armed listening post within firing range.
Other, heavier infantry squads are quite expensive at this point in the game, making them far less likely to appear
until you're starting to pump out our Tac. marines and a Force Commander. Deal with Tier 1 casually; meaning you
sohuld be calm and try to get your base up sensibly and your economy should be your focus for the most part.
Being calm will get you through this stage quickly.
Tier 2 is where it all starts getting ugly for you. The Eldar player will probably be getting Dark Reapers and Warp
Spiders out at a good enough rate to threaten you with death already (Dark Reapers are very powerful, and Warp
Spiders are bloody fast and can teleport), but then again, you have vehicles that are *vastly* more effective than
anything they can get throughout here. Rather than pouring out marines by the bucket, start getting your
Dreadnoughts and Whirlwinds/Land Speeders out and active. Make sure you get a good helping of plasma and
missile launchers for your marine squads, and get a Librarian with Word of the Emperor quickly. You should also try
to attack as soon as you can afford to, as delaying until tier 3 is a very bad idea. Why?

Tier 3 is where the Eldar get the Fire Prism tank, the best tank currently in the game. Sure, the Imperial Guard in
Winter Assault will most likely have better, but until that comes out this is what you get. You can't best it without a
Land Raider. And they can have more Prisms than you can Land Raiders. You need to attack before Tier 3. The
Eldar also get the Avatar, which in reality only takes about 2 squad cap (it's a complicated piece of crap, don't ask
me to explain), and is powerful enough to best a Bloodthirster. It's very hard to kill. If you do end up having to attack
at this stage, try to get Assault Terminators; they're more viable than standard with AC's because the Eldar are
poorly equipped for melee and they can stun the Avatar. Go for full lascannon Predators, and hold on to your feet.
It's a bumpy ride.

(vs. Chaos)
These are extremely interesting battles, really. The Chaos Space Marines have enough commonalities to make
them similiar to play for Space Marines, but enough differences to make them unique. These fights make for an
interesting game. I'll see if I can help you get the edge here.

In tier 1, he has Cultists to take place of Scout Marines. These guys have much larger squads and can have the
Chaos Sergeant equivalent - the Aspiring Champion - and can also carry Grenade launchers and Plasma guns, but
they have a starting weapon second to last - the flashlight. Er, I mean, Laspistol. These things do virtually no
damage. That, and these guys take two squad cap, compared to the Scouts one. If you see a mass Cultist rush, he
probably has nothing that he can back it with. They may take out a Marine squad (two, if they're bloody lucky), but if
you have a Force Commander, they're gonna die. Even if backed by a Chaos Lord, they'll still lose. Build up a few
Marine squads, your Force Commander, and get to Tier 2 as quick as you can.
Chaos has these things called 'Possessed Space Marines', which are expensive, but are available at tier 1, along a
unit called 'Horrors'. These are extremely expensive for tier 1, but it is possible to build up an army of them. PSM
are melee specialsts; even without the upgrades they can get at tier 2 they are still deadly. Horrors are ranged
specialsts. They cannot be reinforced at all, but they do some serious damage. Beware a rush of either of these
troops at tier 1; i've seen it happen. Get your Dready's as soon as possible.

Throughout tier 2, you should be army building. Get some economy going, but focus on those Dready's and get
some Plasma/Missile marines going too. It should be 60/40, the favor going to the weapon of your choice. I
personally prefer Missiles, because I don't like the vehicles he can pull out. The Defiler is one of the best vehicles in
the entire game; it is an indirect-firing unit (artillery), with very strong melee abilities. It isn't very accurate in ranged,
but in melee it's deadly. Set up your Dreadnoughts with AC's and have them focus on any infantry you encounter
(they'll survive longer), and try to keep your infantry going against the Defilers. Use Word of the Emperor to keep
them alive. As long as the Chaos infantry stay closer to your boys and out of protective cover of the Defilers, your
Dreads should be able to wreak absolute havoc on them. With a bunch of missiles, you'll also put some casualties
on the Defilers.

In tier 3, assuming neither side is about to win, things change for both sides. The Force Commander gets his
Orbital Strike ability - which is typically the clincher in most battles -, you get Land Raiders and Predators, Chaos
Predators (available in Tier 2) get their upgrades made available, you get Terminators, he get Obliterator's to
counter them (thes guys aren't as tough, but still nasty), and he gets the Bloodthirster. It's the weakest super-unit in
the game, but it's not like that means he's a push-over; he'll still kill a good portion of your army. You should try to
get those Land Raiders going, as they'll be a great help, and get the Terminators of your choice; if you choose
Assault Terminators (which i'd reccomend), make sure you have the Teleporters. They can be crucial to surviving
any battle you fight. Don't use them against Defilers; use them against either the Bloodthirster or just skip past the
armies and crush his base.

If you think that these guys are rehashed Space Marines with different textures, you are DEAD wrong. Chaos is
wildly different from the forces of the Imperium. You don't have heavy infantry; you have daemons. Sure, you don't
have as many vehicles, but Defiler spam is definitely a joy. The commander troops aren't as tough, but those
demons wreak havoc.

(Vs. Orks)
Just like with Space Marines, this is a cake-walk incarnate. Easy as pie. Just don't get complacent.

In tier 1, you should focus most of your effort on tier 2, with a handful of troops to keep yourself safe. The idea is to
get your resources so that you can dominate in the stage. There is very little special to recommend here, just try to
keep yourself building rapidly, and keep maybe two troop squads around with a Chaos Lord if you think you need

But, deep in tier 2, it starts getting much more fun. Space Marines should stay at range for combating Orks, but
Chaos has no such limitations, and would in fact be ignoring a few advantages by keeping themselves at a
distance. The Orks game is close-combat - Chaosplays it much better. You see, they have these Space Marines
that have been possessed by daemons; they are the Possessed Space Marines, and they are available right from
the start. They *must* have all the upgrades on them in order to be at their best, but they are still good without
them. These guys bring pure, unadulterated carnage to the battlefield. Better yet is that they beat the CC race at
their own (very) bloody game. These should be the focus of your army.

If you still prefer range, then these guys are the choice for you - Horrors! Yes, they are Horrors; they are a squad of
five daemons that cannot be upgraded or reinforced (even if they take losses), but they throw very pretty fireballs
that do a lot of damage. They take two squad cap compared to the PSM's three, meaning that you can field far
more of them. I prefer these guys in ranged combat than I do for Tac. Marines, but everyone has their own
preferences. The nice thing about Chaos Tac. Marines is that despite reduced morale, they have much larger
squads. Boltguns in mass numbers are very powerful, and they keep more of them than do SM Tac. squads. They
are still stuck with the four heavy weapon limitations though. To each his own, but I recommend going with the
Horrors - especially if you are fighting Orks. Besides, having to bring in that many mroe guys for the Tac. squads
costs that much more money.

Whatever you did in tier 2 should bring about victory. But if it did not, you will in tier 3. You get your Preds in tier 2,
but you have to wait until now in order to upgrade them with lascannons; you get Obliterators (the Chaos equivalent
of a Terminator); and you get the BloodThirster! It'll never stand up to the Ork's Squiggoth, but it'll *DOMINATE*
their infantry.

The problem you'll face in Tier 3 is the Ork's Warboss - an extremely powerful and dangerous commander unit -
and the fact that your infantry take up so much squad cap. PSM take three, and the Obliterators take 4. You must
try to field one or the other and focus on getting vehicles to deal with the Ork's vehicles. You can't go wrong with
any choice, except the one that leads to defeat, which is complacency. Orks can do a lot of damage if you aren't
paying attention because you believe that you are naturally, physically, mentally, and genetically superior to a guy
who plays Orks. Just pay attention and you can win. But just make sure you don't tax your economy too much;
everything in this is just so bloody expensive.
In life, only three things are certain: Life, death, and taxes. Of these, only two are happy; life and death, so best go
for them first.
How to better serve the Emperor(Space Marines basics for beginners)

Congratulations recruit! You have been selected for Space Marine training!

First you will want to know about how the resource system works, there are 2 resources for the Space Marines;
Requisition and Power.

Requisition (known as req from now on) is used to acquire everything from new Squads, buildings, vehicles, unit
and weapon upgrades and heroes.

Req is gathered by holding strategic points, critical points and relics. You can further build listening posts on
strategic points and relics to both protect them from enemy capture as well as produce more req. Simply have a
scout, Space marine, assault marine or terminator squad capture the point by right clicking on it, then waiting until
the flag has been fully raised. You will receive a message indicating the point has been captured once this has
been done.

You may also research upgrades to increase the rate of req at a listening post once you reach tier 2, and once
again once you reach tier 3.

Note that the capturing squad can not move or return fire while capturing a point, so it is wise to keep an eye on
them and protect them if you can. If you leave a point before it is fully captured, it will reset and you will have to
start again from the beginning.

Each captured point will give you +6 req(+6 req every 10 seconds)

Power is used for most things, like heavy weapons, research, vehicles, heroes as well as some of the more
advanced buildings. Power is supplied by power generators which can be built anywhere within your Building radius
(explained later). You can have a maximum of 6 power generators per stronghold (or upgraded stronghold). Each
power generator provides +10 power (+10 power every 10 seconds). If you find a slag deposit, you may place a
thermo-plasma generator
onto of it, giving +40 power. These will not count towards the 6 power generators per stronghold limit.

You may research an upgrade to increase the power rate once you reach tier 2, and another to further increase it
once you reach tier 3. This research is conducted at a power generator (not thermo-plasma).

You start with 10 infantry population cap and 0 vehicle population cap (ipop and vpop from now on). You can spend
money to research a 3 pop increase to either cap at the stronghold, up to a maximum of 20 ipop and 20 vpop.
Sergeants add 2 maximum pop can to your current amount, so it is better to buy more sergeants than research the
ipop. You get a 2 vpop allowance per Machine cult, there is no
other way to get more, other than building more Machine cults or researching the vpop cap at the stronghold.

*Special note

You may also choose to sell any of your buildings if you don't want them anymore. You will recover 50% of their
build cost if you sell them(delete). This can form the basis or the Chaos 3 minute PCM rush, covered in the basic
strategy section. If you need to put a turret down to help with your base defense against a rush, you can just delete
it later to recover some req and power.

Now, time for you to learn about your buildings and the units they can produce.

Tier 1
This is the starting tech level, where you will hone your skills before movingon recruit.


This is your main HQ and the first building you get. It is always free, but you can build another later in the game
should you have sufficient resources. It projects a zone of control around it, meaning you can build other buildings
around it.

The stronghold always provides you with +20 requisition.
You can build units from here(servitor and scout) as well as conduct research(pop cap) and upgrades.

Tier 2 requires a Chapel-barracks and an armoury, tier 3 requires tier 2 and a Sacred Artifact and a Machine Cult.


These are the builder units of your army, they are essential for both building your buildings as well as repairing
buildings and vehicles when they get damaged. New buildings will become available once you go up the tech tree.
Servitors are not armed(they can't fight back), but have a moderate amount of armour, so the can survive a few
hits, though they will die quickly if they are focused on.

Servitor can not only cue movement orders, but build and repair orders as well. Simply select the servitor, then
select what you wish to build, hold shift and select where you want to build it. You may then either build another of
the same
type by simply selecting where you wish the new one to go, or select another type of building, hold the shift key
again and chose where you wish it to be built.

The structure will be dropped into position, but the servitor will build them in the order you specified. Repairs are
conducted in the same manner. Select the servitor and right click on the units/structures you want repaired while
down the shift key. If a unit or building is destroyed before the servitor gets there, they will continue on with the next
item in the queued list.


Scouts are an invaluable part of your army, they can serv many roles, but the most important one is often capturing
points on the map(known as capping from now on). Scouts move quickly and ignore any speed reductions due to
terrain, and can also lean the infiltrate ability, which makes them invisible to enemy units except for
commanders(list of units later on). Infiltration is researched at the Stronghold.

*A quick note of having scouts cap points.

Time is a resource, use it well!

Set the rally point of your scouts as the come out of the stronghold as the nearest strategic point. Once they are
ready, they will move to the point and immediately start capturing it with no further directions from you.

You can then further instruct them to go on and capture other points when they are done with their current orders
by using the shift key. Select the squad and hold the shift key, then right click on the next point you wish them to
They will continue capping their current point, and as soon as they are done, they will move to the next point and
begin capping that one.

There is no limit to the amount of squads you can set orders for, and no limit on the amount of orders.

A scout squad is often used to harass then enemy as well as finding out what race the other team is. Infiltration is
useful here since they will not know what race you are, but you will know their race.

Scouts can be upgraded with 3 types of heavy weapons(max of 2 heavy weapons per squad), Flamer, Sniper Rifle
and Plasma gun. Scouts come with standard bolters and knives. You must have an armoury to give your Scout
squads heavy weapons.

Flamer- Is a flamethrower which does very little damage, but massive moral damage. Once a squad is at 0 morale,
they are "Broken"(explained later) and will do significantly less damage to your squads. It always hits. Effective
against anything with morale. No setup or reload time.

Sniper rifle- High damage, long range rifle which cause good morale damage, and is often a one hit-one kill
weapon(thereby inflicting even more morale damage) against infantry, though it is still effective against heavy
infantry. Good against Eldar and Orks, since they are mainly infantry based. Has a 3 second setup time, and a 9
second reload time. If your units move or are disrupted during the setup time, they will have to setup again before
they can fire. You can reload while moving/disrupted.

Plasma- Good damage against infantry, very good against heavy infantry, best used against Space marine or
Chaos space marine, though Eldar warpspiders, seer
council and grav platforms(like brightlances) and Orks nobz are all heavy infantry as well. No set up time, can be
fired while moving, though with less accuracy. Requires tier 2.

Scout initially arrive as a 2 man squad, but can be reinforced to a maximum of 4 men. Scout squads take up 1 ipop.


This is where most of your infantry army will be coming from.

This is the first building built as it provides you with the troops you will need to defeat your enemies.

Space Marines

These will be the backbone of your army, learn to use them well!

The first unit to be available is the Space marine squad(sometimes referred to as a tac squad, or SM squad). They
are available upon completion of the chapel-barracks. The Space Marine is the workhorse of the Space marine
capable of almost any role once upgraded properly.

Space marine squads can be upgraded with 4 different types of heavy weapons(max of 2 heavy weapons, can be
upgraded to 4 max at armoury), Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Plasma gun and Missile launcher. Space Marines come with
standard bolters and knives, and can be upgraded to have Frag grenades, which are effective against Infantry. You
must have an armoury to be able to give your Space marines heavy

Flamer- Is a flamethrower which does very little damage, but massive moral damage. Once a squad is at 0 morale,
they are "Broken" and will do significantly less damage to your squads. It always hits. Effective against anything
morale. No setup or reload time.

Heavy bolter- Longer range and higher damage and rate of fire than a normal bolter. has a 2.5 second set up time
during which you must remain stationary. If you move or are disrupted, you will have to set up again before you can
Very good damage against infantry, best used against Ork and Eldar, as they have mainly infantry. Also good
against scouts and cultists. Spot with an infiltrated scout squad to fire beyond normal sight range.

Plasma- Good damage against infantry, very good against heavy infantry, best used against Space marine or
Chaos space marine, though Eldar warpspiders, seer
council and grav platforms(like brightlances) and Orks nobz are all heavy infantry as well. No set up time, can be
fired while moving, though with less accuracy. Requires tier 2.

Missile launcher- Excellent damage against buildings and vehicles, poor damage vs. infantry or heavy infantry. 2.5
second set up time, as with everything else, you can't move until the setup is done, or you will have to set up again
you can fire. Good against heroes due to the fact that it knocks them down, allowing for you to direct more fire at
them. This is the main anti vehicle of the Space marines, other than other vehicles. Long range, outranges all base
defenses(other than missile turrets). You can fire beyond a squad’s sight range by using a infiltrated scout squad as
a spotter.

Space Marines initially arrive as a 4 man squad, but can be reinforced to an 8 man squad, and once at tier 2, a
sergeant can be added. Sergeants increase the squads morale and have the rally ability(resets morale to 100%),
which can be
used at any time, but requires it to recharge once used. This ability costs nothing. Sergeants can be upgraded via
the armoury. Space marine squads take up 2 ipop.
Assault Marines

This squad excels at close combat(known as CC from now on), and has a jump pack to not only move quickly
across the battle field, but to jump over obstacles and bad terrain. They are not as good at ranged combat as
Space Marine squads, and cannot have weapon upgrades.

Assault marines come with bolt pistols and chainswords, and can be upgraded to have Melta bombs which are
effective against buildings and vehicles. Assault marines may not have any units attached to them.

Assault Marines initially arrive as a 4 man squad, but can be reinforced to an 8 man squad, and once at tier 2, a
sergeant can be added. Sergeants increase the squads morale and have the rally ability(resets morale to 100%),
which can be
used at any time, but requires it to recharge once used. This ability costs nothing. Sergeants can be upgraded via
the armoury. Assault marine squads take up 2 ipop.

Force Commander

This is your first hero, He can take a lot of punishment and excels at CC.

Hero's can be attached to squads to provide a damage and morale boost, though they can also be left unattached
to give your squads more flexibility. The Force commander(known as FC from now on) will be a major focus of the
majority of your battles, as he will be often used to counter the enemy hero.

The FC can get a damage and HP upgrade at the Sacred Artifact, as well as learn the abilities Inspiring aura which
gives infantry units a damage bonus and battlecry, which is a warshout which again gives infantry a damage bonus.
abilities are also researched at the sacred relic, which can be built once reaching tier 2. The FC can also use the
Orbital bombardment ability once the orbital relay has been built, which calls down a strike on the specified are.

The FC must concentrate on the area for 5 seconds, then another 7 seconds later massive strikes will blast the
target area for 12 strikes over 30 seconds.

This ability causes massive damage to buildings and vehicles, but minimal damage to infantry. The FC may be
attached to a Scout, Space marine or terminator squad. The FC doesn’t take up any ipop.


Available with tier 3 and control of a relic, these troops are the finest examples of Space marines. They have
extremely thick armour and they all come equipped with power fists and storm bolters. They can be upgraded with
2 heavy weapons, a choice from either heavy flamers or assault cannons. Heavy flamers are the same as normal
flamers but do more damage and more morale damage. The assault cannon is the same as the others of its type.
They can be teleported to any spot on the battlefield that you can see when they are ready.

They can also be equipped with teleporters(research at the orbital relay). A common tactic is to Deepstrike them
into your base, reinforce them to their max squad size the put the back into the chapel-barracks ready to be
deepstruck again. Terminators are very effective either at range or in CC. They are quite slow, so they can be
vulnerable to hit and run, and the lack of a sergeant can make moral a problem.

Terminators arrive at a squad size of 4, but can be reinforced to a maximum size of 8. There is no Terminator
sergeant. They take up 4 ipop.

Assault Terminators

These are the CC specialists companion of the terminators, they have no ranged weapons, instead having
Thunderhammers and Stormshield and very heavy armour.

This gives them a defensive bonus in the form of damage reduction. They have no weapon upgrades and are just
as slow as normal terminators. Their stormhammers will stun vehicles however. They also require tier 3 and control
of a relic.
They can also be equipped with teleporters(research at the orbital relay). A common tactic is to Deepstrike them
into your base, reinforce them to their max squad size the put the back into the chapel-barracks ready to be
deepstruck again. They are quite slow, so they can be vulnerable to hit and run, and the lack of a sergeant can
make moral a problem.

Assault Terminators arrive at a squad size of 4, but can be reinforced to a maximum size of 8. There is no Assault
Terminator sergeant. They take up 4 ipop.

Now you know about your troops, you can learn how to use them and make them better!

Queuing units orders and waypoints

You want to move your troops with as little time spent as possible right? So give them orders step by step. Simply
select a unit and hold the shift key down then tell them where you want them to go. Right click a location and they
will move there as usually, but if you hold the shift button down and click another point, they will continue moving to
the original location and only begin moving to the new location once they have reached their original destination.

This can be useful if you want your units to move around things like negative cover, or if they are on the way to
support your allies or the rest of your army, you don't want them to move through cover(it will slow them down) if
are no enemies near them.

As explained in the scout and servitor sections, you can even queue up capturing points and move orders with
attack orders.

If you tell a unit to attack another unit, then hold shift and tell them to attack a different unit, they will fire on the
enemy unit until it is destroyed and will then immediately switch fire to the next unit you selected.

Should the first unit run however, your unit will follow them in an effort to destroy them, even if they have to run past
20 bolter turrets to do it. They will not switch targets until the first unit is destroyed.

You may also cue attack orders on buildings, which is far safer as they tend not to move(Except for the Eldar). This
is useful if you wish to hit and run, tell a missile squad to attack a building then cue a point behind your lines. They
will run up and attack the building, then run back to your army, hopefully dragging the enemy into your well
prepared and fully dug in army.

This can allow for a co-coordinated attack from multiple fronts or quick feints as well as easy recon. Keep queuing
in mind when capping points, as you can tell them to catch up the rest of your troops by using queuing commands!

You may add to the queued list at any time by selecting the unit again and holding shift and issuing addition orders.


This is where you conduct research to make your troops better, and once you have an armoury and a chapel-
barracks, you can upgrade your stronghold to a monastery(tier 2).

The first upgrade is heavy weapons, which allows your Space marine squads to have 4 heavy weapons per squad
rather than 2.

The second upgrade is to increase the accuracy of your Space marines(1st accuracy upgrade)

There is another accuracy upgrade once you get tier 2

The third upgrade is to increase the health of the Space marines(1st health upgrade)

There is another heath upgrade once you get tier 2

There are also upgrades for the sergeant here, one gives all sergeants as well as the FC and librarian a plasma
There are 2 other sergeant upgrades. The first gives them(not the FC or librarian) a power sword to replace the
chainsword they usually have, and the second gives them a power fist to replace the power sword.


This is not a unit or an upgrade, but it is very important recruit!

This is a way to fill out your Squads without manually clicking on them. Overwatch can be started by Right clicking
on either the add squad member button of a unit(the gold plus sign), the desired heavy weapon for a unit, or even a
certain Infantry or vehicle type in the barracks, Machine cult, Sacred Artifact or Orbital relay.

Anything on overwatch will continue producing what you told it to until you either run out of resources or the Squad
cap, heavy weapon cap or ipop/vpop cap is reached. If you run out of resources before the cap is reached,
will simply idle until you have enough resources, then it will begin again. If you hit the cap, i.e. max number of
troops in a squad or your current vpop, Overwatch will turn off. Should you lose a squad member or similar, you
can turn overwatch back on in the same fashion as before.

Overwatch can drain resources very quickly, so use it with care! If you wish to upgrade something but can't get
enough resources, Use the pause overwatch button near the minimap. This will cause ALL overwatch commands
to idle. You may restart overwatch by clicking this button again.

Overwatch is Handy as you can concentrate more on maneuvering your army, but use it wisely recruit! There is no
point depleting your resources just before you will need your HQ upgrade!

Listening posts

These can be built on a captured strategic point or relic. The cost 100 req, but give 50 req back once they are
finished building. They also prevent an enemy from capturing the point until they have destroyed the listening
post(know as LP from now on) and give +6 req. LP's can be upgraded to have guns, and this will also give you a
req increase of +6 per upgrade.

There are 2 upgrades available, the first giving it a gun, the second increasing it's HP as well as a better gun. You
may also research req upgrades at a LP.

LP's also project zone's of control around them, just like a stronghold, which means you can build additional
structures near them.

Skull probes

Skull probes can be built from LP's, and have one basic use, which is as an expendable scout. They degrade over
time(rather quickly) so send them where you want them to go, or have them stand near an Apothecary(they will
their heath when near an apothecary). These units can also be attached to squads to increase their sight range.

Skull probes can infiltrate just like scouts, and have the ability to self destruct and stop building activity for a short
period of time. This ability appears not to work on turrets or LP's.

They build very quickly and cost only 25 req, so they are very viable as quick scouts to see into your enemy’s base
for short periods of time. They take no ipop.

Power generators

An essential building for the Space marines, especially if you get to tier 2, these provide you with power to make
your units and structures. They cost 165 req, and give 50 power back once completed, but no req. You may also
power upgrades here.

Thermo-plasma generator
Basically a really big power generator which can be built only on slag heaps. It gives +40 power, but the cost and
placement restriction often make it unviable.

You may not conduct research from these, but they will benefit from any research that you conduct at your normal
power generators.

Heavy bolter turret

These are stationary bolter emplacements. it comes with a twin linked heavy bolter. These are usually used for last
ditch defense, especially against Orks. The req and power is almost always better spent on upgrading a LP, or
even another squad.

You can then run your squads around the upgraded LP.

The twin linked heavy bolter can be replaced with a twin linked missile launcher for 50 req. This is useful against
vehicles, but is still inferior to another squad.


Useful to prevent units getting into your base unnoticed, as they will be revealed if they trigger the minefield. also
handy for placing in cover or along the route you think an enemy might try to flank you. only commander units can
see minefields(and units that have triggered them, they can see them as well).

Tier 2
Once you get tier 2(upgrade the stronghold), the Machine cult and Sacred artifact become available.

Now we get vehicles and more upgrades for our troops recruit, this is often the turning point in longer games!

Machine Cult

This is where the Space Marines build their vehicles. there is only one upgrade to research here, and that is the
smokescreen for the rhino transport.

Rhino transport

This little vehicle is unarmed and lightly armoured and can transport 1 unit of Space marines. The smoke screen
can be used to give any unit standing in it a 50% reduction from ranged attack damage. This is of very little use. It
costs 2


A fast unit that ignores terrain speed reduction. It has a twin linked assault cannon and a twin linked stormbolter. It
has relatively little armour, but is fast and can jump(like assault marines). Also quite cheap and quick to produce.
Very good against Ork and Eldar(infantry), OK against Space marine and Chaos space marine. It takes 2 vpop.


Ah, the much vaunted Dread, Awesome CC damage, upgradeable with either an assault cannon or twin linked
lascannon (lascannon requires tier 3), loads of HP, all yours for the bargain basement price of 2 vpop.

Note that they are slow and that upgrading them will halve their CC damage. They can be deep struck once you
have an orbital relay(tier 3). Requires loads of power(405!) and a relatively slow build time. Can also be built in the
relay. The assault cannon is often a good choice against Eldar due to the fleet of foot. It takes 2 vpop.

Hellfire Dreadnought

A dread with an assault cannon and a missile launcher. Has no CC ability, but it's much cheaper. It's also slightly
weaker(less HP). Same slow speed though.

It can upgrade the assault cannon to a twin linked lascannon(lascannon requires tier 3). Not used much except
when you can't afford a normal Dread, but need more HP than a land speeder. It takes 2 vpop.


Artillery tank, best accuracy on artillery after the prism(which never misses). Good range and doesn't require line of
sight, but will be less accurate if you can't see your target. Massive range. Will throw infantry, causes ok damage,
but HUGE morale damage. Good for blasting troops from out of cover. If your opponent turtles, this can outrange
his defenses encouraging him to come out and play. It takes 2 vpop.


General purpose tank, autocannon on top and a twin linked bolters on each side. The autocannon can be replaced
with a twin linked lascannon, the bolters can be replaced by lascannons. Expensive, but very tough and relatively
quick. VERY expensive if upgraded to lascannons. Use unupgraded for infantry control, upgrade to lascannons for
anti-vehicle duties, or you can strike a balance and mix and match.

Personally I like to upgrade the autocannon to twin linked
lascannon and leave the bolters as they are. Requires tier 3. Takes 3 vpop.

Land raider

The largest of the Space marine tanks, has a twin linked lascannon on each side, and a twinlinked bolter on top(the
lascannons on the Landraider do better damage against infantry for some reason). Can transport any infantry, even
terminators. Has machine spirit which reduces damage taken, but slows the land raider. This ability must be
manually activated and must recharge before reuse. Requires tier
3 and control of a relic. Takes 5 pop cap and lots of resources.

Sacred Artifact

This is the building to research commander upgrades and build the Librarian and apothecaries. Also required along
with machine cult for tier 3.


The units have a healing aura which surprisingly enough heals units. It increases the regeneration rate of nearby
friendly infantry. It has no ranged damage, but has decent CC damage. Not a lot of HP though. It can spot hidden
units and minefields. You may only have 4 apothecaries on the field at any one time.

Apothecaries may be attached to a Scout, Space marine or terminator squad. It takes no ipop.


The second Space marine hero, he is a "Psycher", he has powerful psychic abilities. He is competent in CC, but is
mainly used for Word of the Emperor and smite.

Smite comes free when he is built, but Word of the Emperor and weaken resolve must be researched at the sacred
artifact. Smite will cause minimal damage and throw infantry units. WotE makes infantry immune to death for a
short period,
Weaken resolve lowers enemy morale. He can also spot hidden units an mine fields. The Librarian may be
attached to a Scout, Space marine or terminator squad. He takes no ipop.

Commander upgrades 1 + 2

This increases the HP, damage and the recharge rate of their abilities of the FC and the Librarian(both upgrades
increase HP, damage and rate of recharge for abilities).

The other research here is the commander abilities, Inspiring aura and battlecry for the FC, Word of the
Emperor(WotE) and weaken resolve for the Librarian.

Inspiring aura gives the FC an aura which increases nearby infantry damage(this is a passive ability and is always

Battlecry further increases nearby infantry damage(this must be triggered and must recharge before you can use it
again). This requires tier 3.

WotE, when activated will make all nearby friendly infantry immune to death(they still take normal damage, but will
remain at 0 HP until WotE wears off. This last about 30 seconds. This ability must be triggered and must recharge
before use again. This doesn't make the Librarian immune to death, and if he is killed, the effect will end
prematurely for anyone who it was affecting.

Weaken resolve attacks the morale of an enemy unit. This spell must bet triggered and aimed at an enemy unit.
This ability must recharge before it can be used again.

Tier 3

Once you get the tier 3 upgrade, called a fortress monastery, (which requires the tier 2 upgrades and a Machine
Cult and Sacred Artifact) the Orbital relay, terminators, assault terminators, landraider and predators becomes

Orbital relay

This building allows deep striking, which is where a unit is loaded into the relay and once it has charged, the unit
may be placed anywhere onto the battlefield that you can see. Tanks(predator and land raider) may not be
deepstruck. Dreads and infantry(even builders) may be deepstruck. The orbital relay also allows the FC to use the
orbital bombardment ability.

Dreadnoughts, Hellfire dreadnoughts and Space marine tactical squads may be produced here as well, and will be
ready to be deep struck upon completion. Space marine squads are produced as per standard(4 men, no heavy
weapons) at the standard cost. You may deep stike the units into your base to upgrade weapons and add personel
and then load them back into the Orbital relay just as with the Chapel-Barracks.


Morale, Cover and Broken squads

Use cover whenever possible, light cover gives a 25% reduction against ranged damage, heavy cover gives a 50%
damage reduction, this can be game turning. If your enemy is in cover, try to outrange him by using infiltrated
scouts and
heavy bolters or missiles, throwing grenades, using assault troops, artillery if it's available, anything to avoid the
horrendous losses you will take. Units in CC will also get damage reduction almost equal to light cover.

Broken squads move 20% faster (1.2 modifier) and take an 80% accuracy penalty (.2 modifier). They do not take
more damage (what people are probably noticing when they find their broken units die is they're no longer killing
enemy units,
so enemy firepower stops decreasing).

3 types of cover, light heavy and negative

Heavy cover: 50% ranged damage reduction, 25% move speed reduction, double moral regen

Light cover: 25% ranged damage reduction, 10% move speed reduction, 1.5 times moral regen

Negative cover: 10% increase in ranged damage taken, 20% move speed reduction.

Units in CC have 23% ranged damage reduction, and 90% ranged moral damage reduction.

Stolen from Thanks Gammadion.
The rule of 10/10

Get your ipop to 10/10 as soon as possible, then worry about filling out your squads(i.e. 3 squads of 4 rather than 2
squads of 6), this gives much better flexibility as you can outmaneuver your opponent. Please see Perp's nightly
lessons learned for more fantastic info.

Avoid putting units on ranged stance as units using ranged weapons while being attacked in CC have their
accuracy reduced to 1%.

Try to finish off any squads you engage, if you let them run, they will come back at an inopportune moment.

If one of your squads breaks, run it away and put it in the best cover you can find, as soon as they are right again,
bring them back into the fight.

Build orders

There are 2 common SM build orders:

2 scout, 3 Space marine and FC

Cue Scout, Scout, Servitor
1st servitor build barracks
scouts cap nearest points,
2nd servitor helps with barracks build.
Both servitors LP nearest point
Keep capping point with scouts and build your LPs
Power generator
Either fill out squad numbers or go HQ upgrade for tier 2, depending on
situation and enemy.

This gives more HP but requires more req, and you cap your points slower then he does, but you will have a
firepower advantage with the extra marine squad, as well as the versatility to go an assault squad instead of the 3rd
marine squad.

or the 4 scout, 2 Space Marine and FC

Scout, scout, scout, serv, scout
Scouts cap points(or harass if that's your thing)
1st Servitor build barracks
2nd servitor comes out as barracks is done, both serv's then LP the nearest
point, and continue
Power gen
Either fill out squad numbers or go HQ upgrade for tier 2, depending on situation and enemy.

This is the one that I favour, you can get your points capped nice and quick and have something to effectively tie up
enemy troops in CC with, as well as some nice Snipers when you get that armoury and a good supply of FC body

Either way, put your FC in a scout squad and set the to assault and attack stances, then have your marine squads
and scout squads stay back. Once you engage the enemy, have your squads fire at the other squads as they will
probably attack your squad with the FC in it. Since they only have a 1/5 chance of hitting your FC, you will almost
always come out on top, and reinforce the scout squad with the FC if some die.

If they are good, they will try to tie your marines up in CC to stop them firing, this is where your maneuvering
skills(dancing) comes into play. There is no real way to learn dancing other than practice and watching replays.

Commander units

This is a list of the unit who will see through infiltration, remember, this can work both ways, your command units
will be able to see enemy infiltrated units.
Thanks Vertigo.(this list stolen from )

Space Marines:

Force Commander


Big Mek
Bad Dok


Seer Council


Chaos Sorc
Chaos Lord

A listing of all of Vertigo's by the numbers threads and what they contain

Very useful for an explanation of why something works against a certain enemy.
Thanks again Vertigo, you are my numbers hero.

Basics against other races

Vs Space Marine

You probably have a good idea what unit's he has by now, so this is often about taking a good position and good
micromanagement(micro from now on) of your troops. If you can surprise him somehow, you can often get the
upper hand

Things probably won't be decided after the first showdown, so if you won it, keep the pressure on, harass him into
his base, but don't take to many losses. If you are starting to lose unit integrity from the long chase, stop and
consolidate your position. There is no use giving up your advantage by throwing units at him piecemeal.

Tech to tier 2 for plasma to use against his marines, and missiles to use against buildings, hang around near his
base, take the critical points with your scouts. If you lost some scouts(or even a SM squad, try to replace them with
assault marine squad, their superior maneuverability and CC will almost always give you an edge over standard
SM squads.

Make sure to get the frag grenades, their damage might seem paltry, but it helps, especially when he needs to set
those Heavy bolters up again.

If you've lost, run away at an angle so you can at least fire back at him, retreat one squad while another squad
covers you, that way you'll have more time to rebuild our forces and you might even turn the tables(his squads are
all moving, either giving them an accuracy penalty or making it so they can't fire, while your are moving away and 1
squad is standing still, firing at full efficiency). This is know as a tactical withdrawal(called bounding overwatch if
you are advancing), and usually lets your troops retreat in good order.

Once again, tech to plasma, and if you can spare it, send a scout to check if he has any points not LP'ed. This can
either turn into an all out infantry war, or a tech to dreads, either way, surprise and good micro will usually win the

Consider going landspeeders with missile squads, you should be able to attack earlier than him, maybe even
before he has a dread(which is what the missiles are for, just in case).

In either case, try to take his barracks or power generators out first if you get a chance to touch his base, and watch
out for a sneaky servitor running away to continue the fight elsewhere if he still has a force out and about and
in or near his base.

Vs Chaos

Basically the same as space marine, but I would suggest flamers here followed by plasma, chaos regroups at 150
morale, SM regroups at 50. That -80% to accuracy
is gonna hurt, and you can easily negate their numerical superiority.

Your scouts should be able to own their cultists until the cultist get grenade launchers, when they do, I would
suggest you move your scouts to the rear, and try and lead the cultists on a merry chase until your marine squads
have dealt
with their treacherous brethren and can lend a hand.

It is important to note that the Chaos lord is stronger than the FC here, so attaching him to a scout squad is vital if
the FC is to survive.

Should you get pushed back with some scouts intact, try and drew the chaos forces on a merry chase and send
scouts to decap their unLP'ed points, chaos is quite slow on the req front early, and this will hurt. If you can pop a
force labored heretic or 2, all the better.

Should they try a possessed rush, you simply need to keep cool and attack their base(if you are seeing the
possessed at about the 3 minute mark, they have sold their HQ and barracks), all you have to do is destroy their
sacrificial circle
and a power generator and its game over. You might also try to dance them around, but the horror squad will make
that difficult. Go for their base, you'll get theirs before they get yours.

Vs Orks

This generally isn't fun. If you can beat off the early rush and tech to missiles, it's often game over for the orks, but
getting to this stage can be difficult. You will want to upgrade a LP in your base, then lead the orks to it as you
make a tactical withdrawal, always trying to thin out their numbers.

Once you get back near your base and they see the upgraded LP, they might break off, but it's not likely. If they
don't, turn it into a Benny hill scetch and run your troops around the upgraded LP for their daily exercise, hopefully
keeping your men out of CC while chewing up the orks, when they retreat, follow them and chase them back into
their base, but don't follow. The guns that they have on every building will make it not worth it even should you take
a few out.
Consolidate your position and tech to missiles, 'cause you know wartrakks are coming(granted you can be in for a
nasty surprise if they aren't, but we can deal with that). Get a Machine cult up if you have the req to spare(I know
hard, but it's worth it) then get some landspeeders out. Yes, landspeeders, it's not a typo. Landspeeders own
infantry, and can't be forced into melee like heavy bolters can and can be produced very quickly as well as gun
down anything that
tries to run.

It also handily deals with the rare occasion that 'trakks don't appear but you get mobbed by more infantry than you
can poke a lascannon at.

If you are having trouble with Nobz(either leaders or squads), plasma is very useful as the nobz are heavy infantry,
often getting the plasma pistol upgrade can be enough to make short work of them without sacrificing an heavy

The main thing here is to survive the rush and try not to get bogged down.

Vs Eldar

You should be able to hold these guys since they are pretty much the same as orks but more expensive. They will
almost certainly have a squad of warpspiders(who will eat your scouts for lunch and there isn't a lot you can do
about it) and a banshee squad or 2(depending on how many guardians they have). Banshees will destroy marines
in CC, so you will have to figure you how to deal with that, I would suggest flamers(if you can get them) and some
good micro, since Eldar don't really have a counter to this.

This is the difference between holding the field and ceding control of the criticals. You should probably win your
fight against the farseer, and if she tries to dance you around, switch targets to the banshees(the warp spiders will
simply 'port away). Constantly threaten the farseer so as to keep her out of the fight, if you can have some
infiltrated scouts that were held back come in from the back or sides once the farseer is engaged or busy, they can
cause the WS's
problems, especially if you have previously forced them to use a jump. Lock them into CC then hit overwatch on
your scouts and concentrate on the main battle.

With the banshees broken, they should fleet of foot it out of there, then you can take any points left in the middle
and then pump assault marines out, support them with tac squads and finish them. You will want assault squads to
you can quickly tie up the Reapers that they are sure to get before they chew you're marines to bits. Melta bombs
just make base disposal all that much easier.

If you didn't get flamers in time(likely) and were forced to retreat, do the same as against orks. The Eldar will likely
chase you down with fleet of foot, but this reduces their accuracy, so you will take minimal damage. Run them
around an upgraded LP until they leave. Now you would normally tech to a Machine cult and vehicles right?

Wrong! The Eldar can and will have brightlance platforms out by now which will make short work of any vehicles
you field(though some artillery might do alright here, you can get better results for your resources elsewhere).

Now is the time to pop out a Sacred Artifact. Get 4 apothecaries out and attach them to your squads, then get a
Librarian out. WotE will be extremely useful here, especially if they have dark reapers out, if you can get inspiring
aura as
well, all the better. You will want to time this well, because if you leave it too late and they get Fire Prisms out, you
are going to have a very difficult time (though a heavy presence of assault marines with melta bombs will make it

Try to engage all of their units in CC, as you will have a distinct advantage(assault marine beat banshees and own
dark reapers, and if he is trying for Fire prisms, he will have mainly dark reapers). Remember that Assault marines
can still jump when entangled, but can't move until it has worn off, if
nothing else, have them jump to a building and attack it.

Keep in mind that warpspiders, seer council and Grav platforms are all heavy infantry, and thus plasma will net you
better results against them.


There will often be less rushing, simply because there can be twice as many units to defend against it. Therefore
you can expect to get your tech quicker and will see higher tier units than in 1vs1.

Coordination leads to Victory!

You have an unbelievable amount of firepower available to crush your enemies with, use it effectively! There is no
point turning it into 4 1vs1's. You need to concentrate your firepower.

Now we can consider what sort of firepower we need. If you have an Ork ally, there isn't much point specializing in
CC units is there? They have already got that covered, give them some nice ranged cover fire(like heavy bolters),
and then tech to anti vehicle squads and vehicles(missile squads to deal with enemy walkers, and dreads for
general all purpose carnage).

The opposite stands for the Eldar, don't expect them to hold the line for you while you stand at the back! Break out
your assault marines while the Eldar have some dark reapers or warpspiders supporting you. If you plan on Later
though, Holding back is what you should do, since the Eldar player will likely have Fireprisms, which will mess up
any attempt at CC.

If you can quickly punch a hole in their lines and cause havoc in a base, that will put not only that player behind, but
their entire team! That works the same against you however, if your team-mate is being attacked, help him!

This brings us to a very important function; The ping button.

(Perp covered this well in his Nightly lessons learned thread, so I'll just steal it, read the thread if you haven’t

Become familiar with the use of the ping buttons! There are 2 ping buttons to the bottom left of your mini map. The
green one activates the ping (just click the green one, then the spot on the mini map you want to ping), and the
grey one
toggles the ping from "ALL PLAYERS" to "TEAMMATES ONLY".

To have your ping say "Attack here!", "Defend here!", "Gather resources here!", etc. RIGHT CLICK on the green
ping button. This will cycle you through all of the ping commands.

Team communication

Voice is often far more efficient then typing, and anything that allows you to spend more time on your army is good.
The two main programs which I have heard getting good reviews are Teamspeak and Ventrillo.

This is only useful if you regularly play with the same group of people. I use Ventrillo and can say that it works very

Late game tactics

Surprise is a Key element to Victory!

Space Marines have possibly some of the best late game mobility with the Orbital replay. Yes, Eldar can jump and
are quick, but they have a limited distance and speed. With the Orbital relay and deepstrike, you can place your
units anywhere on the map almost instantly.

A tactic nicely summed up by Perp called:
The Dread Shuffle

This is a late game tactic, but I find it very enjoyable . What I do is build a mech center right next to my Orbital
Relay, and waypoint the mechs so they walk right up to the OrbRelay. Both the Mech Center and the OrbRelay
spam out Dreads as fast as they can so that there are 3 dreads in the Relay, and 3 dreads ready to hop into the

When I make my drop with my dreads, I immediately load the next 3 in, for a quick second wave. From this point
on, if I wipe out an opponent (in big Multiplayer games) I end up walking my damaged dreads back to the
where my servitors are still waiting, for a quick heal and reload. This way, no matter if I am at the 20/20 mech limit, I
always have fresh dreads anywhere on the map. I call this the Dread Shuffle, and prefer to be able to drop my
into battle then walking them in (their so dang slow!). BTW - I usually build my OrbRelay somewhere near the center
of the map, as kind of a forward base, with a mech center nearby. I hotkey the Mech Centers as 3 and 4, with the
OrbRelay as 5
(1 is Servitors, 2 is barracks).

Note that you will need a line of sight for your Troops to strike into, thus an infiltrated Scout unit or Skull probe does
the job nice and cheaply.

(once again stolen from Perp's nightly lessons learned)

Another common late game tactic is to attach the FC to a terminator squad and deepstrike them from the chapel-
barracks into the enemy base and use Orbital bombardment. This is quite devastating, and the only real defense
against it is to keep your base free of infiltrated units or lots of missile turrets(the missiles will hit the FC, knocking
him down and interrupting the Orbital Bombardment). This is best used during a battle as it can distract him enough
to let your infiltrated units in (there will be no units capable of seeing them around, they will be fighting), and he will
be concentrating on the battle rather than his base.

On Assault marines:
Yes, the two uses of the most underused or underestimated unit in the space marine roster....

1: Butcher the enemies heavy weapons, or used as a CC screen for flamers and heavy weapons.

2: To harass and generally make a nusence of themselves in the enemy backyard. With jump packs and melta-
bombs they can strike from unpredicted or undefended areas. They can take down upgraded LP's with 2 meltas or
they can take them down with 1 and maybe 1-2 casulties from the post. With the speed of movement and jump
ability they can do several attacks and decap several points before the enemy can react.

Also can be used to force the enemy to abort there rush to defend there base or suffer the destruction of several
power generators or barracks/machine cults/pits/support portal.

With several striking from different locations you can setup a "ping pong" effect with there army as you hit them
from one side then fade away when they counter-attack only to attack from the side they just left. All the while using
those melta bombs to bust up juicey targets.

Assault marines also hold up well vs. orks, if they're not terribly out-numbered that is.

Though alot of this should apply to any patch, this was written as of patch 1.10.

Thanks to Firaya for the proofread, Andaius and Firaya for pointing out stuff I forgot, Perp for Nightly lessons
learned(read the damn thread already people, there's good stuff in there!), Gammadion for the cover and morale
numbers and Vertigo for the numbers on almost everything else, and Moe for the general kick in the arse to write

Special note of thanks to Ir0nClad, one of the best SM players out there that I've seen. If you can get a hold of his
replays, watch them, they are always excellent.
Venerate the Immortal Emperor

On Assault marines:
Yes, the two uses of the most underused or underestimated unit in the space marine roster....

1: Butcher the enemies heavy weapons, or used as a CC screen for flamers and heavy weapons.
2: To harass and generally make a nuisance of themselves in the enemy backyard. With jump packs and melta-
bombs they can strike from unpredicted or undefended areas, they can take down upgraded LP's with 2 meltas or
they can take them down with 1 and maybe 1-2 casualties from the post. With the speed of movement and jump
ability they can do several attacks and decap several points before the enemy can react.

Also can be used to force the enemy to abort there rush to defend there base or suffer the destruction of several
power generators or barracks/machine cults/pits/support portal. With several striking from different locations you
can setup a "ping pong" effect with there army as you hit them from one side then fade away when they counter-
attack only to attack from the side they just left. All the while using those melta bombs to bust up juicy targets.

Also Assault marines hold up well vs. orks if they're not terrible out numbered that is.

On the Librarian:
the Librarian...he has a FORCE weapon, he has a chance(although small) of killing a unit outright. (At least thats
what it says in the manual.)

On the Orbital Relay:
Also take note, the orbital is like a mini-chapel/cult, you can make both dreads and marines out of it as well. They
will be added into drop pods right away. However be aware that the squads will be the normal 4 man, with no
upgrades. You can drop them next to the orbital and add members and weapons then send them back in.

Another note worthy occurance, Terminators can be put in drop pods via the orbital relay OR put back in the
barracks to deepstrike. So you can deepstrike in your base with the terminators, then add members and weapons
as needed then put them in either building. So i think you can have 4(?) deepstriking units and 6 drop pod deployed
units. Remember dreads take 2 spots in the orbital!

Thee above i snagged from my post on white_dragonz thread but it seems to have died, but are relivent to this one
and this post is sticky so i guess will help more people.

Also by the way you say the Assault Terminators have "stormhammers and stormshields" in fact they have
Thunderhammers and Stormshields

Otherwise most "Excellent"(In your best Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.)

The build:

1.Servitor -> Chapel baracks
Build: Servitor, Scout, Scout
2.Servitor -> help with Chapel baracks
Scout -> s. point
Scout -> s. point
3.Servitors -> Armory
4.Build: Assault Marines
5.Setvitors -> build Listetnig posts

-when AM are done, imideatly start them reiforcing (overwatch)
-when scouts finish taking points, upgrade them with flamers (are cheaper in power than sniper rifles )
-when 1st AMs reinforced, build another AM squad
-build Power generator
-build SM squads and upgrade them with heavy bolters

[1.41]Space Marine Community Strategy Guide
The Following Is a Collection of Help Strategies, Hints, Tips and tricks for Space Marine Players Playing
in Winter Assault 1.41, this will be Updated When 1.5 Comes out so have no fear.

Congratulations of Your Promotion Brother, You will now lead our forces to victory. Here is a current
run down on known Deployment Strategies and Units.

Troop Listing

Scout Space Marines
Scouts are the first unit type available to you. Built from the stronghold they are a tough first tier unit.
Able to be upgraded with Flamers, Plasma Guns and Sniper Rifles; they shouldn't be overlooked when
engaging the enemy.

Skull Probes
The Skulls of fall servants of the emperor live on in this device, able to infiltrate enemy lines, where they
can cause havoc by disabling nearby enemy amour and buildings

Tactical Space Marines
Tactical Space Marines or Just plainly Space Marines will form the Core of any Space Marine army.
Heavy armored and highly effective at combat, they will play at the heart of most strategies. They are also
able to fill a wide range of combat roles with heavy weapon upgrades, ranging from Flamers for Morale
damage, to Heavy Bolters to cut down light Infantry, Plasma Guns to handle Heavier Targets and Missile
Launchers for an Effective Anti-Vehicle unit.

Assault Space Marines
These are a Jump troop infantry, leaping into battle to engage in deadly Hand to Hand combat, and are
extremely effective "Hero Killers" when used in squads of two. Because their range damage is quite low,
it is recommended that you only engaged stationary targets, as they are wasted chasing infantry around.
They are also able to handle lightly armored Vehicle units with Melta Bombs.

A dedicated healing unit which can be assigned/attached to a target space marine squad to provide them
with healing. The Apothecary lacks any ranged weaponry, but does pack a punch in close combat. They
are also best used along the sides on a Chaplin (See Below) to increase the rate of healing as well are area
of effect.

A dedicated heavily armored ranged that can hold its own if it is engaged in melee combat. Built from the
Chapel Barracks it can be deep strike to anywhere on the map upon completion, supporting units already
on the field. Terminators are able to be upgraded with an Assault Cannon and a Heavy Flamer.

Assault Terminators
A Close Combat only Unit, Assault Terminators are armed with a thunder hammer and storm shield, these
heavy armored units slowly make their way into battle, where the can cause the most damage. The
Assault Terminators thunder hammer is able to stun the crews of tanks, rendering them useless to the

Vehicle Listing
An Un-armed, Armored Transport unit. Can carry 1 Squad of Space Marines into Battle.

Land speeder
Primarily a scout unit, the land speeder hovers above the ground, granting it a faster speed than tracked
units; it also has the ability to fly over a large distance using its jump ability. An Effective light infantry
counter; they should be deployed in packs of 2-4 units.

A walking tomb, a fallen brother pilots these large walker units. This Unit is primarily a Close combat
unit, tying up large squads causing massive destruction, can be upgraded with an assault cannon or
lascannon, but isn't recommended due to lose of close combat ability. They can also be deep strike from
the orbital relay.

Hellfire Dreadnought
A Ranged Version of the Normal Dreadnought, this one is armed with a missile launcher and assault
cannon, and is an effective counter for enemy Vehicles as well as infantry. Can also be deep strike.

A Dedicated Missile Battery, it launches missile across the field of battle cause massive destruction to
units below its missiles. This unit should never spear head an assault, rather it should provide support to
advancing troops. For Effective deployment, have 2-5.

The Predator is primarily a tank hunter unit, using its Four Lascannon to make quick work of enemy
armor, but be carefully, it can be trapped into Close combat units, allowing enemy Anti-Tank units to
destroy it easily.

Land Raider
The largest and most armored of all Space Marine Units, the land raider is able to make quick work of
enemy infantry thanks to its mounted storm bolter, as well as handle enemy armor with 2 twin linked
lascannon. It also has the ability to take even more damage thanks to its Machine Spirit; the only
downside is the reduced speed.

Commander Listing

Force Commander
The Primary Commander unit of all space marine forces, he is able to deal out a lot of damage when in
close combat, and isn't that bad of a shot either. Attach him to a squad to increase his rate of survival. He
is also able to call down a hail of holy fire with his orbital bombardment, making quick work of units or
structures, use carefully; it has a long recharge time.

A weak Commander when compared with the other two, he certainly makes up for it with his psychic

The Chaplin is a powerful close combat unit, and combined with his healing aura, he is quite a force to be
reckoned with.
Now that you know what you command, here’s how to effectively deploy these units in the field of battle

1 v 1 Strategies

sypher_diaz/general moon's 1v1 Build

Servitor 1: build barracks
At HQ queue :
Servitor (shortcut S)
4x Scout squads (shortcut M)

Send the servitor to help finish the barracks
Then send the first scout squad towards the enemy base to find out what you’re up against / harass.

If against chaos, target heretics, as they will usually be low on health due to forced labour. If you find
enemy units capping points, click on the point as though to cap it even though the enemy is still there, and
as soon as they finish capping, you will de-cap the point. Only retreat if a hero unit appears, or if they
mob you with vastly more troops. Reinforce the first harass squad to keep it alive as necessary. As your
other troops appear do the same type of things, de-cap points and focus fire on enemy capping squads to
cripple their economy.

Then send your remaining 3 scouts to cap nearby points and build an LP on the nearest point.

Cue each scout squad to go and join the first at the enemy base by holding the SHIFT key and clicking at
the enemy base. This means the scouts will cap the point, then run to the enemy base immediately.

As soon as your barracks is built, build an FC (force commander shortcut F), and send it to join the scouts
in the attack. As you get the money build a space marine squad (shortcut M)

To finish any enemy commander units I advise attaching your FC to a scout squad when you send him
into CC, as this gives him a human shield, and will help keep him alive till the enemy hero is dead. This
used to be common practice, but I've noticed a lot of people getting sloppy and neglecting this one

Once you feel you are on top, build a power gen and then an armory. Depending on how your troops are
doing you will choose whether to buy the plasma pistol (PP) upgrade for your FC or the power sword
upgrade (PS). If you have killed all his units and are just cleaning up buildings, get the PS upgrade, as PS
eats buildings. If you are still battling hard against troops get the PP upgrade as this will cut down enemy
infantry quite nicely. Once you have these upgrades start to upgrade LP's and think about doing the tier 2
research. (This is pretty much the only imbalance I do use.....but CSM have the same imba, and guard is
the race of there’s no guilt)

This build works well against SM CSM Eldar and to some extent guard, but is poor vs. Orks as the scouts
will get cut apart by building guns.

Orks can be a tough match up for SM as the "shoota rush" is very effective, in the shoota rush the Ork
will send (usually) 2 slugga squads a big mek and 2/3 shoota squads into your base early on. It’s very hard
to counter, but try to keep the shootas from focus firing on your commander. You may have to use ASM.
Getting an early LP2 can be a help as the extra fire power can be helpful in repelling the rush. As a long
term Ork player I can say that it’s all too easy to commit too much req and time to the shoota rush, only to
be beaten by a tech to tier 2. So think about the long term game and try to hold them off while reaching
tier 2 if you can.

Akranadas' ASM Build

Servitor builds Barracks
Queue up 1 scout squad, servitor then another scout squad (a 3rd if it’s a 4v4 map).
1st Scout Squad Cap's closest SP, while 2nd Servitor Helps build barracks, 2nd Scouts cap another SP,
and continue Capping.

Once Barracks is done, start on the Armory, at about 15% of it building, you should have capped your
first point, get a servitor to build an LP straight away. This will ensure a steady income.

Once amour is built, overmatch ASM, it should be building 1 squad straight away, get the remaining
servitor to build another LP. Don't worry, if done right, you will have enough for a second ASM squad.
Once the First ASM squad is out and the second is building have them harass the first enemy SP, killing
units when you can.

Once you have the second ASM out, begin over watching both of them with reinforce. The trick to this
tactic is to tie up as many squads as possible, while your scouts take those important SP and CL. This
strategy work best a confusing your enemy, as you jump your ASM from point to point destroying his
LP's and de-caping, then send your scouts to cap them. Hope this all helps.

CrossOrion ASM Variant
A varient of the ASM build is to queue scout/servitor/scout as opposed to scout/scout/servitor, or
servitor/scout/scout, depending on how fast you want your barracks to be up.

One key note of this tactic is to becareful with your overwatch. If your enemy keeps a calm head and hits
tier two while outdancing your ASMs, your in deep shit if you aren't at the same tech level, mass ASMs
or not (only 3 squads if you didn't suicide your scouts)

You /must/ remember to tech to tier 2, a third ASM squad which may be outdanced cost 220 req, and can
well cost you extra time into the tier 2 research. Each ASM reinforcing will also put back your tech. Now,
bionics and targeters as well as the Chaplain will secure you the game as opposed to just giving you an
early advantage. Skull probes are also avaliable in tier 2, but not going to mention powerswords as a hard
counter for vehicles, because they might get the axe in the next patch.

Holy Flamer Build

Servitor builds barracks while you queue up Scout, Servitor, Scout, Scout. Scout Cap Points while 2nd
Servitor Builds a Gen, when you Barracks is done, build the armoury.

If you feel like it build a LP on a point, just in case. During the Armouries construction, Build 1 Tac
Squad. Once the armour is done, upgrade every squad with flamers, when at least 1 for each squad is
done, head out and do some purging. This is very risky, and doesn't work. Good for team games though.
Listening Post Defenseive

With this tatic you focus on getting those LP to the tier 2, you start by building 2 gen's straight away, then
the barracks. While your scouts cap the SP, once thier fully yours, build those LP's as fast as you can and
the upgrade them straight away.

This is risky, but when it works you slingshot yourself into tier 2 really quickly, allowing you to get some
hellfire dreads and more out before the enemy has anything to counter.

For a 2v2 game, use this in combo with the ASM rush.

Force Commander and Tac Rush

Follow the standard off the bat SM build (Serivtor 1 builds barracks, while you build scout, servitor,
scout) once the barracks is up, go SM, FC, SM, and with any spare rec try to build an LP to give you an
eco boast.

The main strength of this strat is to have you FC tie up squads in CC, while your tac squads and scouts
shot them.

Scout Rush

The focus of this strat is to get as many scouts out as quickly and over whelm the enemy, start building
about 4x scouts. First one caps, maybe second on as well or you can send it straight to the enemy to
harass. As soon as all four are out, send them into the enemies base, and attack his capping squads,
builders and anything. Continue to build scouts until you think theres enough. The tech up to tier 2.

peturabo's effective 1v1 race counters

vs. IG = x2 scouts go for 3 tact squads then fully reinforce, scouts queued up to take map control etc.
Focus fire on the command squad(300 HP a piece they die quickly). Then shoot the non commi'd units,
then the commi'd units. If you are chasing units down click in front of them not on the unit(Unless your
intending to melee them).

Tier2+ grabs some Melta bombs, bionics, target finders, etc. If he gets 1 basilisk you will need 2 melta
bombs at any given time once to kill them. Give your marines heavy bolters. Go for vehicles not apoth's
because of Basilisk, id rather face mass sentinels than mass basilisks personally As for choice of
vehicles hellfire’s are sm’s best vehicles especially en masse that missile knock.

Vs. Orks:- On certain maps shoota rush is unbeatable such as Tiboraxx AND gorhael crater because he
can have 2 fully reinforced shootas plus fat mek, in your base when you have 1 FC+1 sm squad. So yeah
in this MU I’d recommend I’d go for 3 scout squads FC->sm squad-> sm squad-> sm squad. Then gets
some flamers tech up, etc.

At Tier 2 get apothecaries, chappy give your units plasma guns or heavy bolters w/ frag grenades. Just
spam skull probes to beat down vehicles But yes apothecaries are the pawn in this MU u must get

vs. Chaos:- go 3 scouts, cap outer points first, queue up infiltrate and go to infiltrate harass past the csm
unit or raptors, kill heretics and de-cap a point if you can do not have your scout squads more than 2
members! it such a waste of money imho because this is only a minor harassment to give u the little eco
edge. Don’t worry about cultists when Lord shows up just get your a$$ out of there cause lord pistol will
rape scouts, don’t scout rush chaos it sucks. Mass tactical owns every strategy that Chaos can do the
hardest strat they can do is mass csm rush, just hold back get equal squads reinforce out micro& pawn.

Get map control, etc mass tactical squads, with FC. FC should always be unattached and look for a csm
squad to engage. If he goes raptors first focus fire on the raptors they die fast under focused fire. Keep
your scouts as support because they do more damage than a tactical bolter. If the csm focus fire on them
just move them away and when he stops shooting at them just hit your stop key(Q on default keys). Tact’ s
focus fire on the weakest unit FC should melee one unit, if CL comes near him move Fc away.

1 for 1 tact’s beat chaos marines but you don’t get 10 man squads so don’t engage him till u get FC+ 1 or
2 tact’s, fully reinforce, concentrate on micro, use stop hotkey a lot, etc. Tier2 it doesn’t really matter
what you you have win, id recommend mass marines with apothecaries, chaplain, frag grenades plasma
guns& missiles.

Vs. Eldar = 2 scouts, asm spam, I wouldn’t worry too much about hero plasma pistol here. Just harass any
units capping look for any cheeky de-caps before he can get LPs put down. I’ve beaten waR|Asdrubael
like every time I play him doing this(Not really worth uploading because it doesn’t show anything new),
its not very hard when you get Tier 2 add tactical squads with plasma guns or heavy bolters frag grenades
and apothecaries, those units of asm you built up in Tier1 counter everything. Build 1 asm per every
reaper squad they build or 1 asm per every banshee squad.

Vs. SM = Flat& boring really, not as bad vs. I though. 3 scouts Fc first, tact mass, mass tact’s>asm. If he
goes pp just engage the FC in melee. Like your game with chaos leave FC unattached, melee squad move
if other hero close you down meanwhile mass tact’s focus fire on the weakest unit.

Tier 2 SM v SM the winner is the guy who builds the most Hellfire dreadnoughts, spammed probes own
vehicles but hellfire’s. My mirrors with Youlian and Raven taught me this ^_^

Multiple Enemies 2v2-4v4 Strategies

sypher_diaz/general moon's Hard Tech

Build order:

Servitor 1 builds gen
At HQ queue servitor
3x scouts

Scouts cap points then move off to harass

Second servitor builds barracks, shift command first servitor to help with barracks once the power is

As soon as the barracks is up build the armory, this build means the second the armory is up you have
enough req and power to click the tier 2 upgraded right away.
While the tier 2 research is going, build LP's on your capped points and if possible upgrade them to LP2

Once in tier 2 get a machine pit up and build a hellfire dread right away. The hellfire will keep any
infantry attacks down as they have a nice knock down on their rockets.

Hellfire and plasma scouts are one of the best anti zerker combos I know of in tier 2.

Then build more troops or if you and your team are on top, you can hard tech even further to tier 3 and
then stomp the enemy completely.

This build is heavily reliant on your allies being able to hold off the enemy attacks until you get out the
more powerful tier 2 units. This tech does not hold out well against rushes. So is best used on the larger

For smaller maps I suggest going for the normal 1v1 build, as you can normally tech up quite nicely while
harassing the enemy and keeping them on the back foot.

That’s all for now, ill come back and update/add more if people feel this is useful

Once a team game has got to tier 4, fire prisms (FP) can become an issue which needs dealing with. As
SM I find one of the best methods of dealing with them is to make them fight in their own base.

Get a land raider and max your vehicle pop out with predators. Make sure you have at least 2 barracks
with assault terminators (AT's) on over watch.

Charge the vehicles at the Eldar base, land raider in front, with preds behind, and as soon as you start to
take prism fire, do machine spirit on your land raider, which will halve the damage taken and make it last
longer. Get all your preds and your land raider focus firing on each fire prism in turn by using the shift

Some people say "spead out your vehicles so they don’t take splash damage from the prisms.", now this is
all well and good in theory, but in a real fight, you wont have time. So don’t worry about that, what I
suggest you do, is start deep striking (DS) your assault terminators right behind the line of prisms. The
AT's will stun the prisms and stop them from firing, while you batter the living hell out of them. This
means that you should be winning, req will be tight from constant reinforcing, but if you micro you AT's
and keep one squad on each FP, (sometimes if your lucky a squad will spread out and stun more than one
prism) you should be able to start going for buildings as well.

A trick I like to use is to put my chaplain in the orbital relay and then DS him in along with the
terminators to spot cloaked buildings and also he has a large healing aura which will make your AT's last
that bit longer

Tricks of the Space Marine Trade
by sypher_diaz/general_moon

Against Eldar, where reaper rush is very popular, get your scouts on over watch (right click the reinforce
button) and this will keep them reinforcing as they are killed. Then by pressing the Z key and then left
clicking on the reapers, send you scout into CC (close combat) with the reaper squads. One scout squad
per reaper squad, as the scouts are fast, and have moving through cover bonuses, they can keep up with
the reapers, and it stops the reapers dancing away from you and then shooting at your other troops. Then
you can either use the FC PP to pick off the reapers or focus fire from other scout squads and SM squads.

FC is a good hero, but he can have a hard time of it going toe to toe with other commander units. So try to
attach him to a scout squad to give him the edge over a lone chaos lord (CL) which would otherwise beat
him 1 on 1

Get word of the emperor research from the sacred artifact, and attach the librarian to an AT or regular
termie squad. You will be able to load them into the barracks, and he wills DS along with the termie
squad. Once all your squads are down, do words of the emperor, now your squads can’t die for a limited
period of time. Be aware that when you attach the librarian or any other commander unit to an AT squad,
that squad will loose their stun ability (makes a huge difference). If you want to use WOTE with an AT
squad, be sure to detach the librarian when the spell wears out.

When you have a lul in battle DS your termies next to your own barracks, as you can fully reinforce them
to a squad of 8, then put them back in the barracks for DS, this is also a handy way to DS hero units
without taking up space in the orbital relay.

FC "suicide bomb" this is cheap, but it’s effective. Put your FC into the relay and get a unit to spot enemy
base (cloaked scouts and skull probes work well) Draw the enemy army off using tanks and main force of
infantry, and then DS the FC into the enemy base and orbital bombard (OB) the enemy HQ. If they lose
their HQ they can no longer build any tier 2/3 buildings or addon for their Aspect and Support Portals,
But if they've already bought those addons, then they can still build them. Is sometimes worth having a
termie squad or rocket marine squad to DS in to finish the job should the building survive.

SM squads: always upgrade the heavy weapons so that there is only one type in any one squad. e.g. 5
missile launchers (ML) or 5 plasma guns. As you want to target vehicles with the ML and infantry with
the plasma, if you mix heavy weapons in squads, you end up shooting some plasma at vehicles which is a

In my unit tips section i mentioned the suicide bomb tactic used by SM. In big team games you are almost
always going to be facing another SM player, so heres a tip in the later teiers for avoiding the suicide
bomb. Once you reach tier 3, or even while in tier 2 if your enemy has out teched you, build a turret and
upgrade it to a rocket turret.

"only noobs build turrets!!" i hear you cry! well in the early game yes, turrets are a disaster, but in tier 3
they can really save your arse. This is because the turrets have a knock down effect, and also outrange the
OB, so when the FC DS in and trys to OB he will be knocked down, and will be unable to use the ability.
This will buy you enough time to get some troops back to kill him before he manages to get your HQ. If
you have lots of spare req, i find 3 rocket turrets at different corners of your HQ give max protection.

To help in this technique of protection, as some players get into the habbit of DS a dread in before the FC
to draw fire, remember you can target your turrets manually by pressing "A"
then selecting the target you want them to attack. This is usefull as any turrets will auto target the first
thing that they see, and you dont want them wasting shots on a dread when the FC is around.

Another tip or thing to think about is that any OB already in effect will be stopped instantly if the FC who
cast it is killed. So if you get an OB off in an enemy base, with a FC on low health, get him attached to a
squad fast so they cant focus fire on him.
When sending tanks in against FP its obviously going to be a tough fight, dont waste that extra 2 pop on a
dread. Buy rhinos.......again i hear the noob acusations. Well hear me out. Rhinos have an ability called
smoke grenades, which gives any group of units its cast over a 50% cover bonus. So its awesome when
you dont want to be taking all that splash damage from the FP's. Cast the smoke grenades on your tanks,
and watch as your damage halves! giving you ample time to kick the shit out of those pesky prisms! Also
if you feel a bit devil may care, you can transport something in them as well.

Unsure if this has already been mentioned so ill put it in anyway while im here. But when a chaos player
uses mass oblitorators on you, build a couple of whirlwinds (WW) and target them. The oblitz will spend
so long on thier arses that they wont be able to jog around and kill you. WW are also an excelent counter
to AT's

PheonixIgnite's General Tips

General Tips:
-You don't always need the FC. A lot of the time you are better off saving the req & pow for getting to T2.
Go for the Chaplain instead.
-Don't use up too much req in T1 reinforcing and buying heavy weaps, again you're better off with the T2
-Don't go overboard with the vehicles, you should always have proper infantry back up. Even dreds can't
tie up a whole army, if a few squads are left to keep them busy then the rest of the army can move on and
cause trouble for you elsewhere. You would be surprise how well you can do without building a single

Do your best to get these guys into T2. If you are going for ASM's you can really benefit from the ranged
support, especially in tight quarters. You'll probably have the most success with plasma and after you've
gotten the other armoury upgrades, get the heavy weap upgrade and you can tear through heavy inf.
If you get far enough, you can attach Apoths for extra healing (you should already have the chappy out).

Disruption is your friend:
Especially against pesky ranged troups like IG and Eldar. Use hellfires and WWs knock around 'free'
squads (especially IG GLs/Karsyrs).

-As an alternate to focusing on the HQ, try deep striking near plasma gens and weaker supply buildings.
You goal is to disrupt the eco and tech as much as possible so the opp can't retaliate. Most important for
this strat is to micro the ATs so they don't get tied up in fights with INF of Vehicles, they can take a lot of
punishment so the building will go before they do.
-Draw out your opponents as much as you can before deep striking. ATs and dreds are slow so you want
to pick their targets carefully. Aim to tie up vehicles and important squads. Also, only DS as much as you
need to since it can be a long slow walk for them to get anywhere after the fight.
-Spread out a bit. Look for small pockets in the enemy lines where you can cause trouble. Don't put them
in the middle of a huge army, just somewhere where they can disrupt the opponent's micro. The best
benefit of this is they can't focus fire on one area or tie up your ATs as easily.
-ATs are a good fire and forget weapon(to a point), especially when reinforced and dropped. Opponents
mostly have to react to ATs so use that to your advantage. If they start dancing some of their squads,
make the rest of their army pay.
-Pick your fights against CC squads. ATs can win a lot of the time against other CC units, but you'll take a
lot of losses doing so. You can get a lot more bang for your buck by tying up ranged squads, vehicles and
by taking out buildings. The only time you should really take on CC squads is when you need a meet
shield or you don't have another choice.

One more point about picking your offensive targets (base wise). Remember that by taking out LPs and
Plasma gens, you hurt their entire team's eco. If you can manage, it's handy to have a scout squad
decapping as you fight. Doing this well can really swing a game's momentum.

-Most people will tell you not to but under special circumstances, I don't mind mixing heavy weapons in
tac squads (with the heavy weapons upgrade). For short range fights, i'll equip 2 flamers and 3 plasma.
Medium range, 2-3 plasma and 2-3 HB (HBs are strong but easy to disrupt, this should allow you to dance
more easily). For long range fights I may mix 2 MLs in with HBs to be a bit more effective against
This stat may be effective in team/high req games. You probably shouldn't set up more than a few of your
squads like this though. When you do do this, you'll probably have the best luck setting hotk eys for those
squads so you can make sure they are in the correct role.

If you want to get better use out of the FC and Chap's auras, get the PP upgrade and set their stance to
ranged. I find that they tend to stay out of trouble longer this way, so you can get more time out of their
abilities. If you are having trouble with a CC mass getting into your Ranged squads, change their stance
back to melee. You can do this with the librarian as well, but his PP damage is lower, he doesn't have any
auras and his disruption AOE attacks are good for helping out your CC troops. You probably want to
leave the lib on melee unless he's low on hp, then you can pull him back on ranged the healing auras will
fix him.

Space Marine Hot Keys

        marine_hq                               =         "S"
        marine_artefact                         =         "A"
        marine_armoury                          =         "R"
        marine_chapel                           =         "C"
        marine_generator                        =         "P"
        marine_listening_post                   =         "L"
        marine_orbital_relay                    =         "O"
        marine_temp_drop_building               =         "D"
        marine_thermo_generator                           =        "T"
        marine_bolter_turret                    =         "H"
        marine_machine_cult                     =         "M"
        marine_mine_field                       =         "I"

        marine_servitor                         =         "S"
        marine_dreadnought                      =         "D"
        marine_dreadnought_hellfire             =         "H"
        marine_force_commander                  =         "F"
        marine_land_speeder                     =         "L"
        marine_librarian                        =         "L"
        marine_skull_probe                      =         "S"
        marine_scout                            =         "M"
        marine_apothecary                       =         "A"
        marine_assault_marine                   =         "A"
       marine_sergeant                   =     "L"
       marine_space_marine               =     "S"
       marine_terminator                 =     "T"
       marine_assault_terminator         =     "R"
       marine_land_raider                =     "R"
       marine_predator                   =     "P"
       marine_rhino                      =     "T"
       marine_whirlwind                  =     "W"

        marine_assault_cannon            =     "C"
        marine_flamer                    =     "F"
        marine_heavy_flamer              =     "F"
        marine_heavy_bolter              =     "H"
        marine_lascannon_1               =     "L"
        marine_lascannon_2               =     "S"
        marine_lascannon_twin            =     "W"
        marine_missile_launcher                =       "M"
        marine_plasma_gun                =     "P"
        marine_sniper_rifle              =     "S"
        marine_missile_launcher_turret         =       "U"

        marine_accuracy_research_1     =       "T"
        marine_accuracy_research_2     =       "T"
        marine_force_commander_research_1=     "F"
        marine_force_commander_research_2=     "F"
        marine_daemon_hammer_research =        "D"
        marine_frag_grenade_research   =       "G"
        marine_health_research_1       =       "B"
        marine_health_research_2       =       "B"
        marine_commander_health_research_1     =       "P"
        marine_commander_health_research_2=    "P"
        marine_librarian_research_1    =       "B"
        marine_librarian_research_2    =       "B"
        marine_max_weapons_research    =       "D"
        marine_melta_bomb_research     =       "M"
        marine_power_research_1                =       "U"
        marine_power_research_2                =       "U"
        marine_requisition_research_1 =        "E"
        marine_requisition_research_2 =        "E"
        marine_scout_infiltration_research=    "C"
        marine_smoke_launcher_research =       "S"
        marine_squad_cap_research      =       "I"
        marine_vehicle_cap_research    =       "V"
        marine__melee_research_1       =       "P"

Space Marine Tech Tree Created By Sajuur from the Dawn of War FAQ
Special Thanks to...
Dawn of War Community
Space Marine Players
People that lost to space marine players, you've been a big help
And anyone else I forgot.

--All Game Strategies as of an Auto match standard, so no quick start or High Rec---

--This is still incomplete, and is pending further support from the community, so post your strategies and
build orders--
--Updated 24/4/06; Corrected Spelling, Added Hot Keys--

---Comments are welcomed---
The Art of Waaagh
an Orky Strategy Guide

Orks is made for fightin'……and winnin', even in 1.3. This strategy guide is to fill in a lot of the information gaps I
believe exist for Ork players. Most of this information assumes you don't know anything about Ork, but there are
also a lot of tips for experienced players. 1.3 is a tough arena for Ork, but the winning strategies are out there.
The best of luck to you grunt.

I've labeled the best Ork stuff with a      figure, the worst with a   figure, and the most difficult to execute (usually

because of micro) with a          figure.

Orks at a Glance
The Orks are not like other races. In fact, they are, in my eyes, the most dissimilar race. It is perhaps for this reason
that they are by far the most underplayed race. Still, don't shy away from the green skins, as their scarcity is their
advantage. Many players cannot even tell one Ork unit apart from another. The unorthodox tech tree Ork makes
feeling them out very difficult even for experienced players who have not themselves played Ork.

Ork are mostly an infantry race. They have very pronounced, easily exploited weaknesses, yet can still manage
victory. How so? Blunt force, sheer numbers, and powerful upgrades early in the game crush opponents with a
well-timed battle.

Their mech, or Mek as they call it, is much slower than the other races and normally an end-game tactic. Playing
Ork is often like playing the role of a Viking: destined to die in battle (especially in 1.3), fighting the good fight.

Waaagh, the Ork Resource
Yes, Ork have their very own resource. While Orks use requisition, power, and population cap as the other armies,
Waaagh is another resource to manage. It is really not that complex. Waaagh is simply put, the rate at which you
can buy or reinforce Ork units.

The building that provides Ork with population cap increase is the Waaagh Banner. Increasing your population cap
will add to your Waaagh resource (red numbers located just below your power and requisition values). Like power
and requisition, the amount of Waaagh you have is the left number, while the right number indicated the rate at
which you are gaining Waaagh. A banner does not immediately add X amount of Waaagh, but rather increases
population, which increases the rate at which you gain Waaagh.

Unlike other races, every Ork unit requires population resource in addition to Waaagh (usually the same amount of
each). This means even after you have purchased a squad, when you reinforce a single unit, he will take 1 Waaagh
and 1 population. Though other races do not have this same extra burden, the Orks can raise much larger armies
for their battles.

If you have a maximized population, your Waaagh will be 0, thought your rate will still be indicated (red # on the
right of the Waaagh meter).

Ork Tech- uhhhh what exactly do I do?
Like Waaagh, Ork tech (referring to their technology tree) is not perfectly clear. Each unit and building you can
make has a required population. However, you do not actually have to have the population of Ork units on the
battlefield, but rather just your current population + your available Waaagh (the first red number). For instance, the
Mek shop requires 46 population, but you may build the shop if you have 10/50 population and 36/+12 Waaagh, as

One final note on population tech is that it does not instantly take effect. If you are at 30/30 population, your
Waaagh resource will be at 0 (see above). If you need 31 population for something like a Stormboy, you will need
to build another banner. When the banner is produced, your population will be at 30/40. It will take a few seconds,
however, to produce an additional Waaagh resource. When you produce 1 Waaagh, you will now have 30
population +1 Waaagh = 31, making Stormboyz available.

Ork Buildings
Without going into each and every Ork building, it is important to understand that Ork buildings are offensive, but
very fragile alone. When defending your base, your buildings can be powerful assets. When your buildings are
attacked in your absence, your buildings can be a liability, as losing banners means losing tech and Waaagh.

     The Waaagh Banner can be upgraded to be more offensive. However, it is best to not rely on Waaagh Banners
to defend your base, as you will soon find they are an easily exploitable weakness if your opponent targets them. It
is instead better to place larger buildings such as your Da Boyz Hut and Pile O' Gunz on the outside of your base.
These buildings can take and deal far more damage than a Waaagh Banner. Though losing these buildings also
complicates your situation, an enemy would be foolish to target one of these in battle while your army is present.
Below are two examples of using a primary building as a defensive tool. In the first, you see the Pile O' Gunz and
LP2 defending against the chaos player. In the second, you can see the shoreline of Dead Man's Crossing guarded
by Da Boyz Hut.

The last thing to know about Ork buildings is that you can place a number of squads (usually 1) inside of them. This
even applies to Listening Posts (LP). This can be a very useful feature when enemy casters are around, such as a
Farseer who often tries to find your vulnerable gretchins running around. You can also place fighting units inside of
buildings to safely wait for other forces you have to rally for a fight. It can even be used to hide your numbers in
Ork Heroes
I won't bother marking either of the Ork heroes with an   , as it would not do them justice. Ork heroes are on the
highest caliber of power/cost in the game. Always make them. When they die, always repurchase them. Only
extremely rare, dire circumstances might make you think otherwise.

Big Mek- Big Mek (BM) is the man. While he has only 1050 HP and will lose in combat against most of the other
heroes, he has a big bag of tricks. BM does the most ranged damage of any tier 1 hero with his pistol and has
many kill animations, which allow him to massacre tier 1 units. He has a number of researchable abilities too.

Kustom Teleporta is BM's most important ability. Why? The teleporta not only allows BM to teleport, but it also
takes his squad with him. Not only will the teleporta allow you to harass your opponent then jump away, but it will
also protect BM and his squad from dying. Most importantly, the teleporta is a great way to jump a giant group on
top of your enemy's hero or ranged units.

BM also has a very useful Force Field, which reduces ranged damage to units nearby BM. This is also a nearly
"always get" upgrade and is inexpensive in the long run.

Tankbustin' Kit is BM's final upgrade, which does just what it says. It adds two abilities to BM, both of which are
anti-vehicle/building. The first is a vehicle stun, which disables a vehicle and lets you pound on it a bit. Secondly,
the kit adds a powerful grenade that BM can use to completely destroy small vehicles, damage larger ones, and
take-out enemy listening posts and turrets.

In 1.2, BM could often stand in front of your units. In 1.3, only in the very early game can BM stand safely alone.
Until you are more experienced, I highly recommend placing BM in a group after the first 2-3 minutes of the game. I
also recommend you growing BM's group for several reasons. First, large Ork groups gain the morale bonus.
Second, a larger group means a larger teleport. Lastly, once you teleport, often the only units that will immediately
benefit from BM's force field are those in his group.

Warboss- The warboss is easily explained. He is crunk. He is a killing machine. At tier 3, the warboss is easily the
most offensive single unit in the game. He, like the NL and Dok is a must-purchase unit when available. He can
destroy any type of unit and is not weak against anything. He comes with a Power of the Waaagh ability that makes
Ork units immune to fear. Use this ability about 1 minute after a large battle is underway. Using it before that poin t
will not give you as much benefit and using it later means many Ork units will not be alive to benefit.

Still, be careful with the Warboss. Don't make him lead the charge at tier 3, as most opposing armies will have a
large enough line to do quite a bit of damage to the warboss before he reaches combat. Realize that he is far more
damage efficient than your sluggaz and they are far better off taking the hits or first teleporting BM's group in than
letting the Warboss die.

Ork Units
Gretchin- The gretchin, aka grot, is the runtiest of Ork units. They are Ork's builder unit and can overwatch
(automatic reinforce) for free, though slow. At the start of the game, in addition to your starting Slugga squad, you
will start with a gretchin. Immediately place the grot on overwatch. He will grow to a squad of 10. The more grots,
the faster the building will construct. These units can also be used to fight in a pinch, though they die more easily
than any unit in the game.

Gretchins can also infiltrate. For a small cost of 50 requisitions, the lil grots can infiltrate even while building ore
repairing. Because of their fast speed, this can even make them useful scouts. Some players utilize this upgrade as
soon as possible. I'd recommend getting it on larger maps, where the grots have to travel substantial distances. On
smaller maps, it is easier to simply place them in a building if they are in danger.

        Mines! Yes, these things rock. It is really difficult to get used to mining successfully, but when done right, it
can really throw a wrench in your opponent's plans. The gretchins are particularly good at mining since they can
build while infiltrated. On maps where you can expect your opponent to split his forces up, such as outer reaches or
meeting of the minds, placing mines near vulnerable LPs or near strategic objectives that you cannot otherwise
guard is nice.

Against an Eldar player, placing 1 or 2 mine fields in the back of your army can give you a way to nail his warp
spiders as well as retreat without having fleet of foot gun you down the whole way. When the battlefield is narrow,
this works perfectly to delay an opponent's pathing.

You won't need any mines early on, as their energy cost is hard to float, but the more you play, you will begin to
recognize the right times to use mines: enable retreats, guard strategic objectives and LPs, prevent harassment in
places where jumpers are attacking. Basically, anytime your opponent's speed of movement is an issue or where
he is dividing his forces, mines are useful.

Slugga- The Slugga is the basic Ork melee unit. He comes equipped with a Slugga pistol and a Choppa Axe. In
nearly all situations, it is best if the Slugga melee a unit rather than fight at a ranged stance. The slugga can have 3
different weapon upgrades, but because of his low health and the fact that they are usually leading the charge, it is
best to leave them unequipped.

     Shoota- The shoota is the twin of the Slugga in many ways. Having the same health, cost, and squad size as
the slugga, the shoota only differs slightly. His ranged attack weapon, the shoota, is slightly better than the slugga
(roughly +2dps to most units), while his melee, an Ork Knife is slightly inferior to the Choppa Axe (roughly -2dps
than the Axe). These differences are small in some respects, but it is very critical to realize that the shoota is nearly
twice the ranged attacker that the Slugga is. Additionally, the shoota is the most efficient ranged attacker in the
entire Ork army.

The rule of thumb when deciding between sluggaz and shootaz is to make shootaz whenever you have more
sluggaz than you can efficiently attack with. You will find that attacking with 50 sluggaz will often leave 35 or so of
them waiting in line to get some Choppin' Time. In this situation, it would be better to have 35 shootaz firing a more
damaging shoota than the weaker slugga pistol.

Another note on the shoota is that vs other ranged units, if the shoota is nearby, it is best if he melee the unit
instead of firing it out. The shoota does decent damage, but has far less HP than a marine, scout, dark reaper,
warp spider, or other ranged units. The bright side is that the shoota's Ork Knife does much better melee damage
than these other units and is a winning situation once you enter close combat (CC).

Finally, shootaz, like sluggaz, can have 3 different weapon upgrades. If you have sluggaz to act as meat shields for
the shootaz, these weapons are often worth getting. I'll discuss them more in the weapon section below.

         Stormboyz- Stormboyz are the flying slugga. They do nearly identical ranged damage as the slugga and
slightly more melee damage. Like the slugga and shoota, stormboyz have very few HP and a poor armor type. Still,
their turbo boost and jump packs make them very useful against ranged units. Particularly, They are good against
ranged units that have setup times, such as scout snipers, dark reapers, heavy bolters, and the like. They are also
good against other mobile units, like warp spiders, assault marines, and raptors.

Stormboyz are more expensive per HP and damage than other Ork units though and should not be made in excess
unless the situation is extreme (such as the common Eldar-vs-Ork strategy of making nearly all Warp Spiders).

Some elite Ork players swear by the Stormboy, making only SB against every non-Ork race after their initial
sluggaz. Their success with this unit is undeniable, but also difficult to duplicate. You cannot simply send them into
battle in masses, but often need to divide your army into segments, harass in multiple places, and play hit-and-run
games. Their key to succeeding is often destroying enemy resources and waiting until they succeed at dividing their
opponent's army. Then the SBs can quickly unite your army for a powerful strike against the enemy's divided

    Tankbustas- While these anti-vehicle units are not nearly as efficient as the anti-vehicle units of the other
races, they have their uses. Tankbustas are very unique in many ways. They come with infiltrate, which can be a
useful way of getting them into the right position or harassing an enemy's flank.

Additionally TB's can hold up to 6 rokkits, which allows them to be a significant anti-vehicle punch when well
equipped. Lastly, the TB's can have tankbusta bombs researched, which allows them to have a close-range anti-
vehicle bomb per squad.

An important note about TB's is that when made, they come in attack stance and when told to attack a unit, they will
fire their rokkits then run forward to melee the unit. To avoid this, use the ranged stance (F7) on them immediately
when they are made. With the ranged stance, the TB's will fire their rokkits at a distance and stand there and reload
without charging. This will keep them alive much longer.

Since TB's have no greater accuracy with rokkits than a shoota squad, it is debatable whether or not they are worth
making. I myself only get them when I intend to use them for the dual purpose of harassing or if I am against
walker-type vehicles, which will undoubtedly get close enough to use TB bombs against.

         Mad Dok- The Dok is a must-have unit. As soon as you can purchase the Dok (46 population cap), buy as
many as you have squads for them to attach to. The Dok creates a healing aura that is very powerful in large
battles. Most importantly, the Dok has Fightin' Juice. The juice, like in pro sports, is an unfair advantage. It acts as
temporary invulnerability for 1 squad. The great part is, the Juice, when used, does not have to be used on the unit
that Dok is in, but rather any nearby squad.

The Dok himself is not too shabby either. He has more HP than a slugga and does more melee damage with his
wicked-looking jagged blade.

Don't forget the Dok! Not getting Doks is the biggest mistake you can make at tier 2. Before you buy anything else,
if you have squads, buy Doks.

In combat, try to use the juice on the largest squad possible, but most importantly, use it on the squad taking
damage. It doesn’t matter if your hero is in a different squad, put the juice on the squad taking the hits, even if it is
only 4-5 units. It is nearly impossibly for an opponent to tell which squad you have used the juice on, so he will not
know to stop attacking it. You can even use the juice on squads that cannot even have a Dok, such as Stormboyz.

Nob Squad- The Nob squad is the finest Ork melee squad. Unfortunately, they are also the highest tier squad for
Ork and require tier 3 to make. They are also expensive and make very slowly. Nonetheless, they are Heavy-
medium armor units, which allows them to contrast all other Ork units, which are infantry-high units. Because of
this, often in a game, when your nob squads come out, your opponent is completely unprepared to fight against
them, having spent the entire game dealing exclusively with infantry-high units.

Nob Squads can also have power klaws equipped. These Klaws, unlike the power klaw upgrade for the Nob Leader
(NL) is very useful. Nob squads with Klaws can dice through vehicles, units, and buildings like a salad shooter (or
shoota I suppose).
Nob Squad is the only squad that the Warboss can lead. Go figure. If you are making the Warboss, I highly
recommend you making a nob squad for him to lead, as they ensure your warboss will stay around far longer than
your opponent will like.

One negative side to the nob squad is their very poor ranged attack. They only do slightly more DPS than a shoota
ranged attack and they are 3 times the cost. Running the numbers you will find it to be a very bad idea to make nob
squads for the purpose of ranged attacking. In fact, you should only use nob squads as melee attackers and meat
shields or you will be misusing them.

Also be aware that having sluggaz+Nob Leaders divides your army into 57% heavy, 43% infantry, but that getting
nob squads makes you 100% heavy. This can work for and against you. Against a space marine or chaos player,
he can quickly gear up with plasma to annihilate your all-heavy squad. Against an Ork, however, who has no anti-
heavy units, the Nob squad is ideal.

        Nob Leader- The NL is the bread and butter of your Ork army. You can add one NL to any shoota, slugga,
stormboyz or nob squad. The NL is the key to most Ork victories in 1.3. Why? As the Nob squad, the NL is heavy-h
armor type, which means that all of the heavy bolters and warp spiders out there, which counter your entire army,
do not counter the NL. To boot, the NL has 900 HP! He has more HP than 5 sluggaz and only costs 75/25. This
makes him more efficient and useful than any other fighting troop in the entire Ork army, except heroes.

If you are faced with anti-infantry weapons, putting 1 NL per 4 slugga/shoota will do something amazing. It will take
your army from 100% infantry to 43% infantry and 57% heavy-m! Don't forget the nobz!
Ork Mek
WarTrukk- The Wartrukk, like most transports, is not worth using as a transport. The wartrukk is, however, a good
905 HP big shoota with vehicle-low armor. The truck is the first mek available to you and is worth making if your
opponent is still in an anti-infantry mode. Be wary though that making a trukk tips your opponent off that you are
starting to produce mek, so it is best to not make trukks unless they will have a significant impact.

     Wartrak- The wartrak is the only other Mek available to you until you reach tier 3. The trak is the staple Ork
mek and can play many different roles. When first produced, the Trak is similar to the trukk and is anti-infantry. With
his first upgrade, the trak gains an anti-vehicle rokkit launcher. With a second upgrade, he gains a bomb-chucka,
which turns him back into an anti-infantry unit capable of short-range bombardment (great for scattering ranged
units with setup time).

        Killa Kan- The Kan is slow. The Kan is dangerous. The Kan is expensive. That being said, the Killa Kan is
a very powerful walker unit whose one weakness is his speed. The Kan is excellent at dealing with enemy walkers
and even does well at killing enemy units to boot. You have to be patient with the kan and sort of move your army
around him or you will find him lagging uselessly behind or dangerously in front.

The Kan can be upgraded to have a rokkit launcher that does more DPS than standard Ork rokkits. The upgrade is
a must if you have picked him to destroy vehicles! While the Kan is slowly creeping forward, the rokkit gives the kan
a significant way to damage enemy vehicles.

The Kan is not good when you do not have a sizeable army to accompany them. Alone or with small groups,
players can easily dance around the slow moving kan. In a large battle, the kan simply out-lasts and out-kills
everything else for the dollar. Like most Ork mek, the right situation makes the right mek, not vice versa.

One of the best times to consider Kans in on maps with a slag deposit (the thing you can build a bigga generator
on). Dead man's crossing is perhaps the best instance, since it is relatively easy to guard the generator. For the
price of approximately 3 generators, you gain 5 generators worth of power. This is the kind of juice you will need to
pump kans out.

Looted Tank- Aka, the LLR or Looted Leman Russ. This tank has seen many improvements in 1.3. Now, while
firing its massive battlecannon, the LLR also shoots 3 heavy-bolters. The disadvantage of the LLR is that it is a
short-range tank for most purposes and is slow.

The best way to use the tank is to have an accompanying army move forward while the tank bombards enemies
back. Once your army has taken new ground, move the LLR up just behind your front lines. Repeat this process
over and over to creep on even the most dug-in enemies.

I would not advise making too many LLRs as once combat starts, their battle cannon will begin scattering your own
melee units unless you dedicate a lot of micro to them. Still, 1 or 2 LLRs can be very well used to target specific
set-up ranged units in the back of a battle while it continuously fires its heavy bolters. Don't try to move the tank
much though as it has a set-up time of its own and very poor pathing.

     Squiggoth- Big daddy squigg is the largest unit in the game and has the most powerful attack in the game. He
comes with a rampage ability where you can target a location ahead and let the squigg make his own path. His
pricing is really too high. He is a novel unit in most situations but can be an effective meat shield for long drawn-out
battles and group games. My advice is to make more kans and LLRs before you invest in a squigg, but for the sake
of fun, the squigg is a must!

Ork Weapons
Big Shoota- The BS is Ork's anti-infantry weapon. The BS is not as powerful as the heavy bolter and is more
expensive. That being said, it can often be more useful. How so? While space marines and chaos do not always
have meat shields to protect their heavy bolters, Orks usually always do. Because of this, the BS is a good way to
take advantage of Orks melee/ranged hybrid army. Additionally, the Orks can research more blasty, which adds 15-
20% to BS attacks (first upgrade adds 15%, second one adds 20%).

While other races can only pick 2 special weapons per squad, Ork units can pick 3 to start. In the right situation, a
quick more-blasty upgrade and purchase of 3-6 BS can mean the game is over for your opponent.

Though the BS is primarily useful against infantry, you will find it best against another Ork player and Eldar armies.
I often use the BS against Space Marine as well. Though the SM are almost exclusively Heavy-type armor, the BS
does much more damage than a regular shoota and is the only ranged attack upgrade worth buying against SM.

Whenever you buy more than 1 BS, buy the more-blasty upgrade. It is cheaper than 1 BS and will add not only to
your BS but to your wartrukks and traks later on in the game. There is a second more-blasty upgrade available at
tier 3, but it is more expensive as well. I often skip the second upgrade unless I have many BS still around since tier
3 has many more important purchases for me to make.

Burna- The burna is Orks flame thrower. I use the burna against Orks and Chaos. In particular, the Burna is an
excellent way to fight off possessed space marines, which otherwise decimate your melee units. Chaos have no
good way to recover morale and by default regenerate morale very slow.

    Unlike the BS, if you purchase more than a few burnas, you may still not want to tie-up your Pile O' Gunz with
researching more burny. The first upgrade adds 15%, while the second one adds 20%. I've not noticed it adding
any extra moral damage.

Rokkit- The Ork rokkit is the worst of the missile-type weapons. It is luckily cheaper though and can be fired on the
run. I would recommend not purchasing these until you know you will have an opportunity to attack an opponent's
base or at about 8 minutes into the game, when mech usually first starts to appear. The rokkit damage upgrades
are absolutely necessary against any opponent who is switching his offense from units to mech. You can usually
tell by the lack of appearance of new units that he is intending to mass produce mech. Stay alert as the rokkits take
a while to research and so does their damage upgrade (again, 15% for the first upgrade, 20% for the second).

Other Ork Upgrades
It may not have been said by too many or anyone at all, but being a mathematician at heart, I assure you that Orks
are an upgrade race. The other races can slide by on the raw stats of their units, but the Orks need to keep the
upgrades flowing from the start. Your pile o' gunz will stay busy (or at least it should) or you will find your
effectiveness waning.
Why is this? While other races are climbing the tech tree and replacing units with new, more effective ones, your
sluggaz/shootaz become quickly out-dated. To keep up with them, you will need to upgrade these units and your
nob leaders repeatedly.

         Stick Bombs- These bombs, which knock units down, can be researched early in the game at the Boyz
Hut. They add bombs to every Ork squad that I know of and refresh rather quickly. Though they often compete for
use of the hut (as you will be busy making units and buying BM's upgrades), they are particularly useful in the pre-
tier 2 period when space marines and chaos are hitting you hard with heavy-bolters.
Since their HB's require a modest 2-second setup time, the bombs give you a window to charge in.

It is best to attack move, then while your units are moving inward, start throwing the bomb with the hotkey. Be sure
to aim at the bolters themselves, as it is easy to miss your target and knockdown the non-HB marines in the squad.
It can be difficult to get these bombs off before you get into melee combat. Once in melee combat, if you use the
bombs, use them on units far away, as the stick bombs splash your own units!

The stick bombs also give a smaller added advantage of preventing units from retreating without more losses. Eldar
will be able to retreat regardless, but against chaos and SM, these bombs can prevent them from dancing too
easily around your sluggaz and stormboyz.
   More-Choppy- This upgrade is very useful. Against chaos and Ork this is the first upgrade I buy. It adds 15-
20% to choppa attacks.

        More-Dakka- This adds 15-20% damage to slugga pistols and shootaz. This upgrade is better than people
suppose. If you follow my concepts about shootaz, that you should often have more of them than sluggaz in the late
game, then you can see how it is important to have the extra damage. This upgrade is a great purchase once you
have around 20-30 fighting units. Before that time, I'd avoid buying it.

   Power Klaw- Don’t buy it in 1.3. Get more-choppy instead. If you are in a melee intense game and already
have choppy, then power klaw isnt so bad. It does help against vehicles too.

         Tougher-Bosses- This upgrade is great. I would not recommend getting it until you have first purchased
around 4 NL. This upgrade essentially adds to your non-infantry dimension of your army, which is crucial. Unless I
plan on going mek, I always get this upgrade as it also adds to BM and the Warboss.
There is a second tier upgrade once you have a fortress, but like the other second tier of upgrades of other types, I
often skip them as tier 3 has many other must-purchase things ahead of it on my list (like the warboss and nob

     'Eavy Armor- This upgrade is another no-miss upgrade that you cannot go wrong with. Still, you have to
prioritize and I often leave this off my list in preference for tougher-bosses and the weapon damage upgrades. Still,
if you find yourself without many special weapons and already having purchases tougher bosses, than this upgrade
is a safe way to improve your units. Unlike the other upgrades, this upgrade is particularly valuable the more sheer
number of units you have. If you have a large tier 2 infantry army of about 50 units and are about to attack, this
upgrade is very useful.

    Kustom Shoota/Boss Weapons- In 1.2, this was particularly nasty on BM using his ranged or hold ground
(F2) stances. In 1.3, it is still a good weapon, but far less effective. You should purchase it against an Eldar or Ork
army (primarily infantry armies), but only after you purchase the must-have tier 3 units, such as Warboss.
When BM has the kustom shoota, I prefer to place him in a shoota group, so long as I have stormboyz or another
suitable unit to lead the charge. If you don't have any units to lead the charge, I'd advise sticking to tougher-boss
upgrades and the like and not getting this at all.

    Vehicle armor- This upgrade simply takes too long. Unless you are seriously pumping out vehicles, such as in
a 3v3 with 2 mek shops, I'd consider this upgrade not worth it. Ork mek takes a tremendous time to produce for
anything other than trukks and traks. Pausing 1 minute for this upgrade is rarely worth it when you can utilize an
overabundance of power with the mek shop by buying an additional mek.

    Vehicle speed- Like the armor, this upgrade is often not worth it. The only vehicles affected by this upgrade are
already the fastest vehicles in the game and come with a turbo boost. In other words, how fast do you need these
things to be? If this upgrade made the mek turn and rotate faster, I'd consider it worth something more than the unit
starts with, but it doesn't. In other words, your retreats won't improve any and getting to the battle a few seconds
early is a small difference at best.

Basic Build Orders
I have 2 build orders I use and live by. Some players have more, but these two are flexible and are a good place to
start. I refer to them simply as "tech" and "BM," named respectively for their use.

On maps where the points are spread out (Outer Reaches, Fallen City, etc), use the BM build order, as BM can act
as a mobile defense and offense for you.

On maps where the points are mostly nearby or are separated from your opponent by a choke (Valley of Khorne,
Dead Man's Crossing, etc..) use the tech build order as it has a much greater economic ability if you do not need
BM's early mobility to guard you.
settlement (HQ)- grot, slugga
first grot makes banner (then helps finish Hut)
second grot start Boyz Hut
Hut-shoota, BM

When hut is done, 1 grot makes first LP while second grot makes a generator. From there, use two slugga groups
and your shoota group to capture points while BM scouts. Don’t let BM engage another hero. Instead, pick a side
and take 1 of your slugga groups and your shoota group and press on your opponent while your other slugga group
continues to capture pts.
Don't make any more banners until you've captures and build LPs on all of your nearby points. Then, make a
second generator, 2 banners, and a pile o' gunz.

The BM order is easily the most stable build to use. Consider starting with this before even trying the others.

Settlement-grot, slugga, slugga
First grot makes banner
Second grot helps finish banner
Both grots make 1 generator each (2 total)
Both grots make LPs
1 grot makes Hut at choke (for defense)
other grot makes your 3rd LP

In this strategy, you skip BM and build early generators. The idea is to cap many points with your sluggaz, LP them,
then immediately upgrade to LP2 at everyone of them. Be sure to capture the furthest forward point first, otherwise
your opponent will be able to harass you.
On maps like outer reaches, capture the point north of your base, in the center row of the map before the point
nearby you. On dead man's crossing, capture and LP2 the points near the water first.
Your hut is an important part of this strategy and should be build near your first LP2. Together they will ward off
most early game harassment until BM comes out.
Once BM is out, the game returns to normal but you have a massive economic advantage for the next few minutes.
Use your time wisely and you can usually mount a large 40/40 or 50/50 infantry attack with many nobs and
upgrades. This attack will usually beat marine and chaos players who are a minute or two away from mech.

          Bonus Build Order: Stormboyz rush
Though I rarely use this build order, against the right opponent, such as Eldar, it can be very useful. The premise is
simple: early SB mobility allows you to harass strategic points and destroy early generators. However, you will
sacrifice your economy in the process, so on maps where you will not be able to effectively harass with SB's
(smaller maps), this is a bad option.
I recommend using this on fallen city, outer reaches, and perhaps battle marsh.

Settlement- Gretchin, Slugga, Slugga
2 gretchins build 3 banners and a boyz hut *(see below)
sluggaz capture nearby points first
gretchins build 1 LP
make BM
gretchins build 2 more LP
gretchins build generator and finish with LPs
*the early timing is critical as it can mean having a chance to prevent his economy from growing or missing your
opportunity altogether.
The very first gretchin makes a banner all alone. The second gretchin, when he comes out of the hut, summons
down 2 more banners and a hut, but works on 1 of his banners.
As the first gretchin is finishing his banner, he helps the second gretchin finish his banner. Now, only 1 banner and
the hut remain. Have 1 gretchin finish each at the same time. This should have your 3 banners (give you a total of
40 pop) and hit finish at the same time so you can make your Stormboyz.

When the boyz come out, immediately use their turbo boost, as it will begin refreshing. As soon as the boost is up,
jump, so it will begin refreshing as well.

If your opponent tries to counter harass you, do not send your stormboyz home. Instead, stay away from his hero
and continue harassing him with your stormboyz, especially killing generators. When BM is out, you can then
engage his hero.

If he is extremely aggressive (as desperate players often are) and sends all his units and hero at your base, do not
panic. Wait for BM. Don't let your sluggaz die in the meantime either. If your enemy's hero is pushing your sluggaz
back, have them capture points where the stormboyz are harassing.

If it comes down to it, let him come into your base, where your hut+3 banners will give the home field advantage.
Still, try to never bring your stormboyz home, or your opponent will have succeeded at bringing the battle to you,
instead of it being mutual destruction.

This is a fun tactic, but very hard for players with weak micro. If you are a micro guru, this is an easy way to climb
the ladder to 1200. It gets a little rough from there as chaos and SM players can own this with early tac spamming.

Basic Strategy against the races
Commonly used strategies against you:
Big Shoota Rush
Big Shoota Tech (Nobz + more blasty + Doks)
Trukks (sluggaz+trukks)

In the mirror match, it is best to use the tech build order in my opinion, but your build will honestly not make a
massive difference unless the map is very small, when the BM order is mandatory.

Regardless, after BM comes out, pump out many shootaz, upgrade more-blasty, get many nobs and many BS. You
might want to add 2 or 3 burnas to boot if your opponent is sticking to sluggaz (doubtful). Before you engage, get at
least 2 Doks and you will be well-equipped to win. Follow-up with trukks and traks, which will already have your
more-blasty upgrade.

Avoid making stormboyz and TBs in this matchup as they are typically inefficient. Instead concentrate on upgrades
and BS. Don't let him get to trukks though and not have trukks of your own or you will find your army quickly
melting. His first trukks are weak enough that you can purchase rokkits on the fly, but if you do not soon have
trukks of your own, his army will beat yours based on efficiency alone.

In tier 3, you want the warboss, the second tier of upgrades (choppa, armor, blasty, and even bigga-boom) and killa
kans. Wartraks with bomb chukaz are good too, but take a lot of practice to keep from hurting your own army. Don't
worry about getting nobs and instead focus on NL's.

Anytime it becomes a shooting war, you will want stick-bombs at some point.

Here is a fun replay of the tech build vs the non-tech. I honestly don't think the build has as much to do with it as
early harassment, but it is an excellent example of the typical Ork-Ork game:
Commonly used strategies against you:
Warp Spider Massing
Guardian Tech (Warlocks (entangle) + platforms + Vypers)
Banshee Massing (beats stormboyz)

As things currently stand, Eldar have a big advantage here and will often spam you with warp spiders. Your best
build order here is map dependent. The first strategy I'll explain is the use of stormboyz. Stormboyz work best on
maps with a lot of terrain obstacles, such as Fallen City, Outer Reaches, and Battle Marshes.
You will want to slide by while beefing your economy with your original 3 squads until you can buy stormboyz. You
need to purchase around 4-6 groups with NLs and NLs in your original squads. Do not reinforce any of your
squads, but instead shoot for a higher number of squads.
Your goal will be to jump on your enemy's spiders and keep them in melee combat. As he jumps away, you jump or
turbo boost to him and keep him in melee combat. No group whatsoever should be in ranged stance against Eldar,
without exception. The WS are crappy in melee but uncontrollable in ranged stance. They can literally lay waste to
your army in seconds.

Unless you completely decimate his army, do not attack his base, as he can easily dance around his LP2's. If you
do decimate his army, follow his retreating WSs to his base, while buying rokkits and a tank bustin' kit on the way.
These will help you punch past the first LP or two and begin turning the tide in your favor, if not winning altogether.

here is an excellent example of Stormboyz beating Eldar WS's:

    There is one alternative to this strategy, which is the Shoota tech. As I mentioned about Nob Leaders, turning
your army to 57% heavy-m, you can formulate a strategy around this. Getting all small shoota groups (no weapons)
with dakka upgrade and Mad Doks will allow you to fight it out with the warp spiders. This strategy works very well
on maps where the battlefield is either unobstructed or small, such as Blood River, Meeting of the Minds, or Valley
of Khorne.

The timing is not terribly difficult. Save your slugga groups from early in the game and get them NLs. You need to
make around 4-5 shoota groups with NLs and have a mad dok for each one. Whenever his spiders begin focusing
on one of your shoota groups, use your fighting juice on them.

When you go into battle, have your shoota groups engage the WS first. This is because your doks and fighting juice
can do a lot to off-set their damage while your slugga groups charge in. When his first groups of WS begin to
teleport around, your BM can use his teleport to throw them into further disarray.

This may sound suicidal, but the doks and NL's can keep the battle pretty even. If you come out on top after the
battle, immediately move on his base. Add some rokkits while you are on your way (and a tank bustin' kit of course)
and keep new groups of shootaz making at home as you begin to put the battle at his door.

The biggest thing about this strategy is not delaying it any more than you have to. Do not buy every possible
upgrade, but instead get the basics and then attack: NL's, dakka, doks, and tougher bosses. If you delay this
strategy too much, he will have higher tech in his army, such as Grav Tanks, which are an entirely different

Here is a good replay showing the power of shoota tech against WS in open-field combat, where the WS cannot
easily run:

Again, anytime it becomes a shooting war, you will want stick bombs.

Commonly used strategies against you:
10/10 Rush (extremely efficient early game attack with tacs)
PSM rush (beats slugga+nob groups)
Defiler Tech (can be done with economy or following either of the first two strategies)

Chaos and SM are very similar against an Ork in 1.3. Both armies can hold you at bay with marine masses and
heavy bolters while they wait to tech to mech. Chaos does however, have a superior rush, an inferior economy, the
defiler, and the ever so dangerous, Chaos Sorcerer.

In the case of chaos, they will often try an early 10/10 population assault on your base then hang-tight until they
have the sorcerer and defilers. If you are not prepared, back up and rally your army. Don’t let your army die trying
to defend a single LP2. Realize that at this point in the game, he is likely to have a much weaker economy than
you, but a much stronger army. You need to survive for now while your economy kicks in.

Your best chance of victory has to come after the initial rush but before the chaos gets defilers. You will time it
similar to playing against another Ork player, but instead of buying BS and waiting for Doks, attack when you have
around 4-5 NL and 3-4 burnas (I know these are not commonly used, but they work, I swear!). Give BM a large
overwatching group (let it grow to at least around 8). Use BM's group to kill the Chaos Lord and you will have a
good shot at gaining enough advantage to beat the chaos. Though your battle victory might not secure the game,
immediately purchase the tankbustin kit and a group of TB's with many rokkits and you will be able to handle the
first defiler (perhaps the second as well) for the win.

This match is still a difficult one as the defiler is imbalanced for the time being. Unlike WS though, you have a good
chance to beat the chaos before he gets his key unit (defiler). After the first battle or two, start making stormboyz to
help harass him and to get to his weapon squads of tacs and cultists. Remember though, as the game goes on
longer, your chances of winning against chaos will get smaller and smaller if you haven't dwarfed his economy, so
keep the action up with harassment.

Here are some example matches of Ork vs Chaos:

Here an a later game match against Chaos, which shows good skill with Killa kans and dealing with defilers:

Space Marine-
Commonly used strategies against you:
Armory Tech (snipers+ Heavy Bolters)
HellFire/Landspeeder Tech (saves energy to tech. You can spot by the masses of plain tac squads and scouts)
Ground War (apothecaries + Librarian with Word of the Emperor)

The match vs SM is my favorite. It is a very balanced match. Except for the initial 2 minutes of potential scout
harassment, the game is even until you get NL's. The game is then slightly in your favor until the SM gets plasma
plus mech. Like the match with chaos, you need to make a significant dent in his forces before this happens. Seize
your opportunity before the window closes.

Unlike the match with chaos, burnas wont do you much good. However, BS and stormboyz help a lot. Use the
stormboyz and teleporting BM to quickly land on and engage the marine groups with heavy bolters/plasma. Use the
BS groups to then quickly knock off scout squads while your sluggaz move in. In all likelihood, your stormboyz will
die, but they have served their purpose as the rest of your army can safely charge in.

If your opponent has many snipers, which is sometimes the case, use Stormboyz to deal with these. Snipers are
expensive and easy to kill.

Unlike Chaos, whose defiler is nearly without answer, you stand a chance in the tier 3 battle against SM. The key is
to keep a sizeable unit army with many rokkits and stormboyz and have a few killa kans. The stormboyz jump with
BM's teleporting group to immediately engage his missile marines while your rokkits focus-fire on his mech. This
will allow the kans to get closer. Once the kans come in, the tides turn quickly in your favor.
Of course, having the 'Boss and fighting juice is mandatory in any late game battle.
Here are two great replays of Pureball, an elite Ork, against top SM players. The first is perhaps the best to watch,
as it shows how to deal with SM tech to plasma and SM mech:

Here is another worth viewing:

General Note on Utilizing Ork Squad size
There is a simple rule of thumb here: get as many nobz as possible. If a squad gets knocked down all the way to
just the BL (common occurrence), let him be and buy another squad. Remember, the NL is the most efficient Ork
unit, either ranged or melee.
However, there is one exception. Because Ork get a moral bonus for larger numbers, it is important that BM be in a
large squad when he teleports in. Otherwise, he will break very quickly when he leads the battle and if you are
jumping Stormboyz in as well, they will follow his fate.

2v2 Strategy
First off, don't team up with another Ork! I have played 5 2v2 AT's with my good Ork friend and have yet to win a
single match, as 1 opposing Eldar can hold you both off while their armies can tech to any level. 2 marine armies
can load enough heavy bolters on and snipers to ruin your day as well. Ork need to team with non-Ork to succeed
in 2v2.

That being said, Ork are one of the very best 2v2 races, since they contrast the other races so well. In particular, I
believe the Orks thrive when teamed with either SM or Chaos. This is because their armies will be filled with
exceptionally powerful ranged units and tons of heavy armor. By teaming with one of these armies, you are
preventing any one unit or weapon from being the best counter for both of your races. You are infantry and
powerful cc, while he is heavy armor ranged. You have many infantry tricks and upgrades, while he has valuable
mech and anti-infantry.

In 2v2, it is very important to build Big Mek quickly and immediately research his Kustom teleporta. I suggest you
avoid the tech build order in 2v2, as often you or your teammate will die if your opponents double rush 1 of you.
Instead, use the BM order, but make the BM first out of the Hut instead of the shootaz and have your settlement
make a 3rd slugga to make up for the delay of the shoota.

Having the Big Mek early on allows you to reinforce your teammate with an entire squad almost instantly, harass
vulnerable SPs as they are being capped and most useful of all, it will allow you to add your BM's squad to your
teammate's army to make an early attack.

The early attack is guaranteed to be too much for any 1 player. If they foolishly hesitate even for a moment to
retreat, a force commander or chaos lord will either stun or slow poison their hero and combine with the BM for a
free kill. If that player's teammate decides to counter attack, your teleporta will easily smother his attempt. In other
words, the Kustom teleporta and early BM will give you a free, significant early threat every game. Just like 1v1, the
first battle in 2v2 often decides who will hold a substantial advantage for the first 10 minutes. Ork are far far better
being on the proactive team than the reactive one.

Into the mid-game, Ork are best at continuing to play a non-mek role. Your teammate should be allowed to make
mech instead, while you focus on getting nob leaders, doks, and upgrades.

As far as upgrades go, If you are facing 2 marine-type armies (either SM or Chaos), you should let your teammate
focus on countering their armor type while you go anti-vehicle rokkits+big boom upgrade. You will still stick to
infantry, but not on anti-infantry weapons, as here, against all heavy-type armor, you are ineffective.

When facing an Eldar or Ork opponent, utilizing the shoota tech can be very powerful, regardless of what your
teammate is doing. In fact, if you have several nob leaders, big shootaz, doks, and more-blasty upgrades, your
teammate could tech fairly fast to vehicles and still remain safe.

In the late game, I suggest you make your mek shop and go directly to fortress before making any mek. I believe
that traks and trukks simply don't cut it in 2v2, as any anti-vehicle weapons at all can wash these away. Getting the
settlement quickly, however, will immediately give you the warboss and access to killa kans and the LLR. All 3 of
these are grade A+ weapons in 2v2. Why? It is because each of these is an absolute damage machine, whose only
weakness is not being accompanied by a large army. In 2v2, your teammate's army will help fill this role. Make sure
before any major battles that he knows to stay near them and not too far ahead or behind. A lot, of course, will
depend on you.

Also consider as the game goes on against 2 all-ranged opponents that you will no longer want sluggaz at all.
Instead, replace sluggaz with stormboyz. The boyz can spring upon your enemies while your ranged teammate
moves into range and begins railing them. When you jump your boyz in, be sure to CC the units in back first, as
your teammate will be shooting the guys in front. If you are in CC with the guys in front, this will greatly reduce the
damage your teammate is doing to them.

Remember, in the mid to late game, your best role is to either do shoota tech or use stormboyz to engage the
opposing team's ranged units in back.

Of course, if your opponents are using CC units themselves, such as Possessed Space Marines or banshees, you
will need to have a few squads to stand in front of your teammate's ranged units. If your opponents are using
jumpers as well, keep a few stormboyz in back who do not jump until they know it is safe to abandon the ranged

One final point I'd like to make about 2v2 is how critical it is to be rallied with your teammate. By nature, Ork is not a
100% ranged army. Because of this, if you are caught alone against both of your opponents, who will often be
nearly 90% ranged if they do not have an Ork player, you will be cut down without even damaging them. With your
teammate beside you, however, your army will work its synergy.

The End!
I hope this guide was of some use in figuring our how to succeed with Ork. I am certainly not one of the very few
Ork L33T gamers, but I've played and seen enough to know how it is done. I wish you good luck, and most of all,
fun on the battlefield.

am glad that I read that. A lot of the stuff, I'd been doing instinctively while playing the Orks in 1.3 and it is good to
read an endorsement of it. With that said, I wanted to add a couple of things that work for me:

1. I auto-reinforce all my squads the moments I get into serious combat. I saves on the micro-managing and, in
most battles, keeps the squads from being attrophied too much. I don't know if this is a good thing number-
crunching wise, but it 'feels right.'

2. What are peoples' views on the Stikkbomb? I like to throw them in as I rush into Close Combat. I find a good way
of disrupting Heavy Weapons. Is this just a delusion and a mistaken impression or does it have a real effect?

3. I like the Squiggoth. Over-priced or not, it is an effective piece. It rarely comes out. My games never really last to
that stage but when they do, I find him a must. Why? He is just too big to be ignored. I send him as a diversion into
an opponent's base. He will have to deal with it. He has no choice. This means that my Boyz and my Kans can then
deal with the rest.

4. A great, great tactic which works wonders with the Orks is 'Divide and Conquer.' In a straight 1-1 fight of main
army verus main army, it is very likely that the Orks will not make the best show. Orks work on numbers and that is
the advantage to press at all times. You can, as the Ork, afford to send a handful of boyz (5% or so of your army) to
go and cause trouble. Any other opponent has to deal with that and must send out a squad or a vehicle to deal with
it. That represents a bigger percentage of his army, thereby increasing your numerical advantage. Maps without
choke points are a dream for the Orks.

5. Never be afraid of retreating to 'fight again another day.' As the Ork, you tend to build up numbers quickly, so,
retreat and, once again, increase your numerical advantage, and that's where Orks rock.

I can't stress the last points enough: the Ork numerical advantage is the thing to be pushed. Every other race tries
to cut down the number in ranged combat, so everything you do must be geared towards countering that. I don't
play on the 'Net. I only play in LAN games, so I don't know if there's a big difference between the two, but I can
vouch for that as a general tactic, in the LAN games against some fairly decent opponents, this has been a winner.
Ork resource

One final note on population tech is that it does not instantly take effect. If you need 30 population for a
unit, when your banner finishes that pushes you over 30, it takes about 8-10 seconds before all of your
tech options open up. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but don't discourage or think that you've misunderstood
how tech works when this happens. Just give it a moment and all will resolve.

I can explain the reason of delay. The population requirement is the total number of orks, which includes
the number of orks on the battlefield (ork population) plus the number of orks that wish to join the battle
(the ork resource, the left red number under the Waaagh Meter).

For example you've got a 10/10 ork population. Your ork resource is 0, because there is no place for other
orks. Then you build 2 Waaagh! Banners you population cap increases by 20 and you get a 10/30 army.
Now you have some «vacancies» for your orks.

From that moment your ork resource starts to increase (the increase rate is the right red number with plus
sign). Every time you reinforce or build a unit or squad the ork resource is converted into ork population.
For example, when you reinforce a slugga, your ork resource decreases by 1 and ork population increases
by 1.

So if you want to build a generator (16 orks population requirement) and have 10/10 army, when you
build one banner and you population cap increases to 20, you should wait for a while, untill your ork
resource is 6 or more, because 10 orks on the battlefield and 6 orks waiting for war give you a total of 16
orks that you need.

To sum up, the population requirement is the sum of ork population and ork resource.

PR = OP + OR

Ork Resource Guide

I feel that Vertigo's guide to Ork Resource, as useful as it is, didn't explain things as well as it could. I also
checked out Preacher's in-depth version, but all dat talk about Savings and Checking Accounts made my
head hurt. So I did some experimentation of my own and came up with a 3rd guide.

-Available techs, units, and the Ork Resource Rate are all determined solely by the Total Orkz.
-Total Orkz = Current Population + Ork Resource. The Total Orkz won't increase above the Population
-90% of the time, your Total Orkz will equal your Population Cap.
-Waaagh! banners affect your available units/tech & Ork Resource by increasing the Population Cap and
thus the maximum Total Orkz.

A detailed explanation of the system is provided below.

(Insert stupid "Human Resources" joke here.) I like to think of this as "Orkz in Reserve", since you can't
build Ork infantry without Ork Resource and it's limited by your population cap. Think of it as the total
number of Orkz sitting back at your base, drinking grog and bashing headz while waiting to be called into
battle, and its behavior makes sense. When you build orc squads, Ork Resource is converted into

Your ork resource will never increase above Population Cap - Current Population. Therefore, your Ork
resource will be 0 if you build as many Orkz as your Population Cap allows.

Your current population isn't the number of orkz on the battlefield. For example, each Nobz counts as 2
Population apiece. Don't think about it too hard or you'll be distracted from choppy.

This is the magic number that determines everything else.

Total Orkz = Current Population + Ork Resource

Your Total Orkz will never increase above your population cap (although it can be higher than your cap if
you lose some Waaagh! banners). This is important.

Waaagh! banners do not directly increase your Ork Resource Rate or tech level. Read that over and over
again until you get it nailed into your thick skull. Waaagh! banners only increase your population cap,
which indirectly increases your Ork Resource Rate & tech level by increasing your maximum Total Orkz.
That's why there's a short delay between building the Waaagh! banner and seeing an increase in Ork
Resource rate & tech level.

Here is a quick & dirty way of figuring out how many WAAAGH banners you need to reach a certain Ork
tech tier: (Orkz technically have 6 tiers instead of 3 like the other races. I've divided them into subtiers for
your convenience.)

Tier 1a: Initial tier (Sluggaz, Big Mek)
Tier 1b: 1 WAAAGH banner (Shootaz, Pile o Gunz, Kustom Tellyporta)
Tier 2a: 3 WAAAGH banners (Stormboyz, Mek Shop, Kustom Force Field)
Tier 2b: 4 WAAAGH banners (Tankbustaz, Mad Doks, Wartraks, advanced upgrades, Orky Fort*)
*Almost all of the Tier 3 units/advances require the Orky Fort upgrade in addition to the listed number of
WAAAGH banners.
Tier 3a: 6 WAAAGH banners (Warboss, Nob Squads, Killa Kans)
Tier 3b: 7 WAAAGH banners (Looted Tanks, Squiggoth)

The rate at which you gain Ork Resource is determined by your Total Orkz. Remember, orkz have a mob
mentality: they're attracted to large groups. The larger your group, the faster they come. It increases from
+5 for 0-10 Total Orkz to +13 for 80-100 Total Orkz. There are a few other factors (Example: A Warboss
increases it by 1), but the Total Orkz is the important one.

Thus, Waagh! banners indirectly increase your Ork Resource Rate by increasing the population cap and
thus the maximum Total Orkz you can have.

Settlements also have a major effect on Ork Resource rate (probably as some sort of multiplier) that hasn't
been researched due to the rarity of having more than 1 Settlement per game. Take 80-100 Total Orkz, for
example. With 1 Settlement, the Ork Resource rate is +13. With 2 Settlements, it jumps into the +22
range. With 0 Settlements, it drops to the base +5 rate, no matter how many Total Orkz you have. More
investigation is pending. Even with this paltry data, though, a 2nd Settlement seems like a worthwhile
investment in the late game for any Ork. (The +20 increase to Requisition rate it gives you doesn't hurt,

The Waaagh! meter is a graphical representation of which tech level you're on. Each letter on the
Waaagh! meter represents the next tier on the tech tree. W is 0-15 Orkz, WA is 16-30 Orkz, WAA is 31-
45 Orkz, etc.

There is no difference between Ork Resource and Current Population in determining Total Orkz. 31+ Ork
Resource is just as good as 31+ Boyz on the field if you need to build a Mek Shop. Useful to remember
when you're low on requisition or trying to tech up really fast.

90% of the time, your Total Orkz will equal your Population Cap. The only times this isn't true is when
you've just built another Waaagh! banner or when you're losing Orkz faster than the Ork Resource can

Your tech level will temporarily drop if you lose too many orkz, barring you from advanced units &
research until your Ork Resource recovers. On the bright side, your tech level won't drop if you don't lose
any orkz, even if all your Waaagh! banners are blown up.


Any questions/comments?

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