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                                                             Opinion                                                           Monday, March 26, 2007
Campus Focus Reporter: Dustin Phillips
                                                       Campus Focus
                    What do you think of the outside improvements being made at TJC?
      Early Childhood
                                                          Architectural Design
      Education Major
      Rachel Rogers                                                                   Brandon Carr
“I think it’s awesome. It
                                                                                    “It’s looking like a
will be much prettier and
                                                                                      campus now.”
a more pleasant place.”

                                              General Studies
                                                                                                                              Business Major
                                                                                                                         Priscillia Villemond
                                              Payton Diers
                                                                                                                           “I think it’s great. I
                                       “It looks good. It’s going
                                                                                                                                 like it.”
                                       to attract new students.”

Can the ‘American Dream’ be a reality in students’ lives?
By Royce Eller                         said, “Being happy. It’s up to the      migrant’s vision of the American        semester. Don’t get spring fever
Staff Writer                           individual. It’s their choice.”         dream could be to hold a minimum        and fizzle out of school.
    Growing up in the United               Radio/Television Major Derika       wage job at a fast food restaurant,         When we look at the big pic-
States makes the term “American        Maxwell said, it’s “a term that sig-    because in his homeland that op-        ture, we are the future. It is our job
dream” rather hard to define in        nifies success in life as a result of   tion was not possible.                  to ensure that we don’t mess up
subjective terms. It usually im-       hard work.”                                  What do college students see       what generations before us have
plies being successful and living a        The American dream is deter-        as the “dream?” We are living the       made possible.
satisfying life. Typical assumptions   mined by the individual’s stan-         American dream, reaping the ben-            In the great words of former
of the American Dream are usually      dards. A farmer might say the           efits that our parents and grandpar-    president William Jefferson Clin-
defined as societal meritocracy or     American dream is to have good          ents sowed for us. We are bettering     ton, “We need a new spirit of com-
American capitalism and obtaining      crops year after year, and for his      ourselves from generation before.       munity, a sense that we are all in
one’s desires emotionally.             son to take over the farm some-              Returning from spring break,       this together, or the American
    How do TJC students look at        day. A lawyer’s response might          my request for all students is to       Dream will continue to wither. Our
the American dream?                    be to have his daughter attend the      live up to the expectations you set     destiny is bound up with the des-
    Art Major Cierra McGuckie          best college in the nation. An im-      for yourself at the beginning of the    tiny of every other American.

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