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Prefeasibility Report on Five Star Hotels in India

Description:    The number of tourists visiting to India is likely to soar to 10 million in the year 2010 from its
                current level of 5 million in 2007-08. Recent estimate shows that India has a shortage of 150,000
                rooms fuelling hotel room rates across India.

                Scope of the report:
                At the backdrop of such a conducive business atmosphere ‘Pre-feasibility Report on Five-star Hotel
                Industry’ attempts to examine such critical factors which will provide vital inputs in general to the
                potential investors and estimation of commercial viability of such an investment.

                - It presents the market analysis of Indian hotel industry in terms of structure & segmentation,
                market size, major hotels etc.
                - It analyses the steps involved in setting up a hotel describing the technical aspects in terms of
                locational details and land requirement.
                - It assess the manpower planning and financial estimate involved in setting up a hotel.
                - It brings an insight into the procedure for setting up a hotel, type of machinery & floors space
                required, requirement of regulatory permissions & clearances.
                - It provides the final conclusion stating that the project is viable under the given conditions.

                Reasons to Buy:

                - Spot opportunity to set up a hotel under the given conditions
                - Suggests a project plan with all required information
                - Provides a thorough understanding about the various parameters to be considered to set up a
                - Sample financial analysis is given to examine the financial viability with their inputs for a project.

                This report will be useful to entrepreneurs interested in setting up hotels, banks offering loan
                services in hotel industry, management consultants, private investors, venture capitalist, MBA
                institutes and hotel administration and management students.

Contents:       1. Project Concept

                2. Industry Analysis
                2.1 Overview of Indian Hotel Industry
                2.1.1 Introduction
                2.2 Structure & Segmentation of Hotel Industry
                2.2.1 Budget Hotels
                2.2.2 One and Two Star Hotels
                2.2.3 Three & Four Star Hotels
                2.2.4 Five star & Above Category Hotel
                2.3 Market Size and Growth Rate
                2.4 Major Hotel Chains
                2.5 Growth Drivers

                3. Project Details
                3.1 Steps Involved in Setting up a Hotel

                3.2 Technical Aspects
                3.2.1 Locational Details
       Demographic Details
       Tourism in Bangalore
       Major Players
                3.2.2 Land Requirement
       Floor Planning Facilities Available Room Plans Permissions & Clearances Required

3.3 Manpower Planning
3.3.6 Marketing & Promotional planning
3.3.6 Scheme for Market Development Assistance (MDA)
3.3.7 Mobilising Bank Loan
3.3.8 Critical Success Factor
3.3.9 Key Concerns

3.4 Financial Estimate
3.4.1 Project Cost
3.4.2 Sources of Fund
3.4.3 Disbursement, Moratorium Period & Repayment schedule
3.4.4 Revenue Model & Projection
3.4.5 Expenditure
3.4.6 Revenue & Profitability Projection
3.4.7 Working Capital Requirement
3.4.8 BEP & IRR 3.4.9 Ratio Analysis
3.4.10 Sensitivity Analysis

 4. Conclusion Annexure:
- 1: Bibliography Annexure
- 2: Providers of important products/ services Annexure
- 3: Financing Pattern Annexure
- 4: Details of Project Cost Annexure
- 5: Financing Pattern Annexure
- 6: Loan Repayment Schedule & Interest Calculation Annexure
- 7: Income Projection Annexure
- 8: Depreciation Schedule Annexure
- 9: Working Capital Annexure
- 10: Manpower cost Annexure
- 11: Operating Cost Annexure
- 12: Projected P & L Statement Annexure
- 13: Projected Balance Sheet Annexure
- 14: Cash Flow Statement & IRR Annexure
- 15: DSCR in the base Case Annexure
- 16: Ratio Analysis Annexure
- 17: Sensitivity Analysis


Table 2.1: Minimum Statutory Size of Rooms
Table 2.2: Criteria for One and Two Star Hotels
Table 2.3: Criteria for Three and Four Star Hotels
Table 2.4: Criteria for Five Star and Five Star Deluxe Hotels
Table-2.5: Profile of different types of visitors & their preferences
Table 2.6 Total inventory of rooms in 4 and 5 star categories (Bangalore)
Table 2.7: Daily average revenue levels of 5 star hotels in Bangalore
Table 2.8: Occupancy levels in 5 star hotels in Bangalore
Table 2.9: Demand Supply gap of Hotel rooms in Bangalore (Four and Five Star Categories)
Table 2.10: Key financial Indicators (Hotel Leela Venture)
Table 2.11: Key financial Indicators (Indian Hotels Company Limited)
Table 2.12: Key financial Indicators (East India Hotels Ltd)
Table 2.13: Key financial Indicators (Taj GVK Hotels)
Table 3.1: Floor Space Allocation
Table 3.2: Conference and Convention capacity
Table 3.3: List of Permissions & Clearances
Table 3.4: Manpower Requirement
Table 3.5: Cost of the Project
Table 3.6: Financing Pattern
Table 3.7: Tentative Loan Disbursement Schedule
            Table-3.8: Calculation of Average Room Rent
            Table 3.9: Schedule of Income
            Table 3.10: Estimated Manpower & Cost
            Table 3.11: Revenue & Profitability Projection
            Table 3.12: Level of Capacity Utilization
            Table 3.13: Working Capital Calculation
            Table 3.14: Break even point
            Table 3.15: Ratio Analysis
            Table 3.16: DSCR in different scenarios

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