Colleges Address Student Binge Drinking by wtr48155


									                                        Volume 2, Issue 1
                                                                   Colleges Address Student
                                          August 2006
                                                                   Binge Drinking
                                                                   November 10, 2005                           College Alcohol Study.                The University of California at
                                                                   News Summary                                Limiting access is crucial to         Berkeley actually required that
                                                                                                               curbing consumption, Wechsler         all 6,900 incoming freshman
                                                                                                               said.                                 complete the AlcoholEdu course
                                                                   As binge drinking rates rise and                                                  this fall. At the University of
                                                                   studies show that one in five                                                     Illinois, students who completed
                                                                   college students is a regular               While some colleges increase
                                                                                                                                                     the program reported 50 percent
                                                                   binge drinker, schools are                  penalties to deter risky alcohol
                                                                                                                                                     fewer drinking-related problems
                                                                   instituting new policies and                use, other schools, including the
                                                                                                                                                     than students who had not
                                                                   strategies to curb this risky               University of Texas, Cornell
                                                                   behavior on their campuses.                 University, and Emory
                                                                                                               University, have implemented
                                                                                                               medical amnesty policies so that      Another assessment program,
                                                                   Many schools seek to educate                students are free to seek help in     named Check Up to Go, or e-
                                               Prevention Update

                                                                   their students on the dangers of            alcohol-related emergencies           CHUG, was developed at San
                                                                   excessive alcohol use, but health                                                 Diego State University and the
                                                                                                               without fear of punishment.
                                                                   professionals warn that                                                           University of Texas-Austin. E-
                                                                   education alone cannot solve the                                                  CHUG, which lasts only 10 to 15
                                                                   problem; the white males in the             Another popular approach is the
                                                                                                                                                     minutes, tells a student how
                                                                   Greek system who remain the                 interactive self-assessment test.
                                                                                                                                                     much his or her alcohol use is
                                                                   heaviest drinkers are also those            AlcoholEdu, one such program
                                                                                                                                                     equivalent to in cheeseburgers.
Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention

                                                                   receiving the most information.             developed by Outside the
                                                                                                                                                     One student said of the program,
                                                                                                               Classroom Inc., asks students
                                                                                                                                                     “It said I drank the equivalent of
                                                                                                               about alcohol use, family
                                                                   “You can educate students, but                                                    44 cheeseburgers in a month,” or
                                                                                                               drinking history, and other
                                                                   as long as alcohol is thrown at                                                   more than 95 percent of males
                                                                                                               issues. Over 450 universities use
                                                                   them...they’re going to drink,”                                                   his age.
                                                                                                               the program, most assigning it as
                                                                   said Henry Wechsler, principal              part of sanctions for alcohol-
                                                                   investigator of the Harvard                 related offenses, and some 140    
                                                                   School of Public Health’s
                                                                                                               offering it to its new students.

                                                                   Iowa State University’s e-CHUG
                                                                   Since Fall 2005, SAVP has been          • 3% Athletes
                                                                   using this tool with students here      • 23% Taking medication                 
                                                                   on the ISU campus. Since last
                                                                   fall, 355 students have completed       • 79% Reside on-campus                    the heaviest drinking period
                                                                   the on-line alcohol assessment.         • 85% of respondents do not             • 100.78 was the average number
                                                                                                             smoke                                   of drinks per month
                                                                   Data thus far:                          • 15% of respondents do not drink
                                                                   • 68% Male respondents                    on a monthly basis                    For further data or questions on the
                                                                   • 13% Greek                             • .18 was the average BAC during        e-CHUG data, please contact Sara
                                                                   • 57% Freshman                            a typical week of drinking            Kellogg at 294-1174 or
                                                                                                           • .27 was the average BAC during
                                                                   • 26% Sophomores

                                                                        Inside this issue:
                                                                        Tips for Advisors                                        2
                                                                                                                                         SUBSTANCE ABUSE & VIOLENCE
                                                                        Keg Registration                                         2                  PREVENTION
                                                                                                                                            I O W A S TA TE U N I V E R S I TY
                                                                        Concerns growing about Female Binge Drinking             3
                                                                                                                                             0 3 5 5 M E M O R I AL U N I O N
                                                                        College financial aid rules loosened                     3                AM E S , I A 5 0 0 1 1
                                                                                                                                              PHONE: 515-294-1174
                                                                        New Books & DVDs in Jim Krafft Resource Center           4              F AX : 5 1 5 - 2 9 4 - 1 1 3 0
                                                                                                                                            W W W . S AV P . I AS T ATE . E D U
                                                                        Girls Fight Back—Erin Weed                               4

                                                                        ISU AfterDark Fall 2006 Calendar                         4
Tips for Advisors
You have the ability to influence              • Promote low-risk behaviors and                   legal problems (second offense
institutional change concerning student          responsible choices.                             possession, public intoxication or
alcohol use. As a staff having direct                                                             OWI)
interaction with students, and because         • Suggest alternative cultural/social
advisors share in the role of assisting          activities for students to consider.         • Having relationships problems
students in making decisions about their                                                        (family, significant other, or
                                               • Be informed of the ISU alcohol/                roommate) that are caused or
college career and hopefully guiding
                                                 other drug policies and Student                worsened by drinking
them in being successful, you have an
                                                 Conduct Code.
opportunity to intervene when difficulties                                                    • Mood changes such as temper flare-
arise. You might be the primary                                                                 ups, irritability, and defensiveness
connection the student has to this
university.                                                                                   • Physical or mental problems such as
                                                                                                memory lapses, poor concentration,
Why should you be concerned?                                                                    bloodshot eyes, lack of coordination,
 • Students who drink excessively tend                                                          frequent exhaustion or nausea
   to miss more classes, get behind in                                                          (particularly after “party nights” –
   school work, and drop out of courses                                                         Thursday, Friday or Saturday)
   or the university.                                                                        Why is change needed?
 • Students’ academic performance and          • Provide or suggest service-learning          • 11.2% of ISU students have been in
   GPA are inversely related to the              opportunities for students to apply            trouble with the police, residence
   number of drinks consumed per                 course concepts, deepen                        hall staff, or other college authorities
   week.                                         understanding of subjects, and                 because of their drinking
 • Particularly vulnerable to peer               develop a sense of civic
                                                 responsibility.                              • 18.4% of ISU students have
   influences, college students drink                                                           performed poorly on a test or project
   more alcohol and tend to drink more         • Be an advocate for change: don’t               due to their drinking
   recklessly than their non-college             joke about poor student choices or
   counterparts.                                 partying – it may normalize and              • 35.6% of ISU students have
                                                 even subtly encourage irresponsible            forgotten where they were or what
 • The campus and community                                                                     they did because of their drinking
   environment and culture may be                drinking behaviors.
   encouraging dangerous or                   What are potential signs of a problem?          • 35% of ISU students reported doing
   irresponsible alcohol use.                                                                   something while drinking that they
                                               • Failure to fulfill major work, school,         later regretted
What can you do to reduce high-risk              or home responsibilities
drinking among ISU students?                                                                  • 25% of ISU students drink 82.6% of
                                               • Specific school problems such as               all alcohol consumed by students in
 • Recognize and respond to students’            poor attendance, low grades, and/or            a given week
   problem behaviors. The Substance              recent legal or disciplinary action
   Abuse Prevention Office (294-1174)                                                        Recognize that you are a link to student
   and Student Counseling Services             • Drinking in potentially dangerous           success, and you CAN influence student
   (294-5056) can provide assistance to          situations (such as when driving,           behaviors. Your input can make college
   students, and their services are              with strangers, etc)                        alcohol prevention programs more
   confidential.                                                                             successful.
                                               • Having recurring alcohol-related

Keg Registration
Eight counties in Iowa have enacted keg      Council, which includes mayors in the         provides
registration laws since 2003. Those          county. Polk County attorney, John            accountability.
counties include: Palo Alto, Story, Boone,   Sarcone said the measure would go in
Jones, Poweshiek, Keokuk, Washington,        front of the supervisors sometime in the      Opponents argue
and Dallas county. Dallas county’s           near future.                                  that there is no
ordinance goes into effect on September                                                    hard evidence
18, 2006.                                    Supporters of keg registration applaud        that keg registration curbs underage
                                             these measures as a way to adding             drinking. They believe these laws cause
Polk county recently received support for    responsibility to those who provide alcohol   hassles for consumers and retailers.
an ordinance, from the Metro Advisory        to minors. They believe the law also

Page 2                                                                                                         P R E V E NT I O N U P DA T E
Concerns Growing About Female Binge Drinking
March 13, 2006                                   Beyond health concerns, heavy drinking by           of such drinks. “I truly believe that if
News Summary                                     women also increases the risk of sexual             alcohol tasted like the poison that it actually
                                                 abuse. Koren Zailckas, 25, details her story        is rather than candy...I don’t think you’d
Binge drinking among college-age women           of heavy college drinking in a new book             have young people as intrigued by it, or it
has grown into a problem equal to male           called Smashed, saying that peer pressure           wouldn’t go down as easy,” said her
over-consumption of alcohol, experts say.        led her to start drinking at age 15. At             mother, Pat.
                                                 Syracuse University, she suffered blackouts
ABC News reported March 10 that more             and occasionally woke up naked, without             “For every Samantha Spady, there are
college-age women—including those under          knowing what had happened to her the night          literally 1,399 other deaths on college
age 21—are drinking at levels most closely       before.                                             campuses per year as a result of alcohol
associated with males in fraternities. “They                                                         use,” said CAMY’s Jernigan. “I wish it
are not only drinking more than their male       On college campuses, the problem is                 were just that isolated instance. But it’s
peers, but they are now more likely to drink     evident: nine female University of Colorado         not.”
more heavily than their male peers,” said        Boulder students were hospitalized for
David Jernigan, executive director at            alcohol poisoning in just one weekend last          Women interviewed at the University of
Georgetown University’s Center for Alcohol       fall, and a 19-year-old Colorado State              Wisconsin at Madison told reporters that
Marketing and Youth (CAMY). “There has           student, Samantha Spady, died of an alcohol         they drink to get drunk, start drinking early
been a huge amount of effort to stop             overdose in 2004.                                   in the night to avoid the hassles of police
underage drinking in this country in the last                                                        sweeps and ID checks at bars, and play
10 years. It’s made some impact with the         Spady died after drinking from a bottle of          drinking games where it is easy to lose track
boys. We are not getting anywhere with the       vanilla-flavored vodka, and her parents are         of how much alcohol they’ve consumed.
girls.”                                          hoping to raise awareness about the danger            

College financial aid rules loosened
By Mary Beth Marklein, USA TODAY                 go far enough.
February 8, 2006
                                                 “Someone who was caught using or dealing
Some college students or would-be students       drugs long ago now will get financial aid,”
who were denied federal financial aid for        says Chris Mulligan of the Coalition of
past drug convictions will regain eligibility    Higher Education Act Reform. But “a
under a measure passed last week by              student caught with a joint in college is still
Congress and expected to be signed soon by       going to lose financial aid.”                      question about drug convictions on the
President Bush.                                                                                     Department of Education’s Free Application
                                                                                                    for Federal Student Aid.
                                                 Using Department of Education data, the
But students convicted of a drug felony or       reform coalition and other groups estimate
misdemeanor in college will still be             about 175,000 applications have been               And the ACLU Drug Law Reform Project is
disqualified from receiving federal aid for at   disqualified since the government began            preparing to file a nationwide class-action
least one year.                                  asking about drug convictions on financial         lawsuit against officials “who have
                                                 aid forms in 2000. That doesn’t account for        ultimately denied student aid” to students
                                                 students who didn’t apply because they             with drug offenses, staff attorney Adam
Now, the American Civil Liberties Union is
                                                 assumed they would be denied.                      Wolf said.
preparing to challenge the constitutionality
of that law. And other groups opposed to the
drug penalty are pursuing reforms on the         Mulligan says students are penalized again at      The law has had a rocky history. It was the
state level.                                     the state level. A coalition study released        brainchild of Rep. Mark Souder, R-Ind., who
                                                 today shows that 35 states deny educational        said it would deter students from using or
                                                 funding because of drug convictions even           selling drugs, encourage abusers to get
The measure passed by Congress scales back
                                                 though their legislatures in most cases have       treatment and hold students accountable for
a 1998 law denying federal financial aid
                                                 never voted to do so. Most follow federal          taxpayer money. Souder also introduced the
applicants who indicated they had been
                                                 policies out of convenience, the report says.      bill to soften the law, saying it reached
convicted of a drug offense. Juvenile
                                                                                                    beyond his intent.
offenses don’t count; offenders can regain
eligibility by completing certain drug           Meanwhile, others are taking the question to
treatment programs.                              court. Students for Sensible Drug Policy           But a congressionally created advisory
                                                 recently sued the U.S. Education Department        committee suggested last year that the drug
                                                 over a technical dispute as it seeks a state-by-   issue be dropped, calling it “irrelevant” to aid
Groups fighting for a repeal of the drug
                                                 state breakdown of students who have lost          eligibility.
penalty say the revised version will help a
small number of older students but doesn’t       federal aid based on how they answered a

V O L U M E 2, I S S U E 1                                                                                                                   Page 3
    New Books, DVD’s, & Resources                               Girls Fight Back—Erin Weed
      Available in the Jim Krafft
           Resource Center                                      Monday, September 18
                                                                7 pm
                                                                Great Hall, MU
• Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies, and Alcohol featuring Jean
      Kilbourne and Jackson Katz (2004)
•     Deadly Persuasion: The Advertising of Alcohol &           Girls Fight Back was founded in
      Tobacco featuring Jean Kilbourne (2003)                   2001 by Erin Weed after the
Books:                                                          murder of her college sorority
                                                                sister, Shannon McNamara. This
• Talking with College Students about Alcohol:
                                                                terrible tragedy inspired Weed to
      Motivational Strategies for Reducing Abuse, by Scott T.
      Walters and John S. Baer (October 2005)
                                                                learn all she could about personal safety, self-defense and
                                                                women’s empowerment. After training with the best
•     When Painkillers Become Dangerous, by Drew Pinsky
                                                                violence prevention experts and self-defense instructors
      (July 2004)
                                                                in the world, she created the innovative Girls Fight Back
•     Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective                  approach. Mixing humor and empowerment with the
      Responsibility, by Richard Bonnie and Mary Ellen
                                                                practical needs of today’s woman, Weed has created
      O’Connell (February 2004)
                                                                revolutionary personal safety programs, courses,
•     The Ultimate College Survival Guide, by Janet Farrar      educational tools and a cutting-edge women’s self-
      Worthington and Ronald Farrar (April 1998)
                                                                defense studio.
•     Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts, by Lynn Zimmer and
      John P. Morgan (August 1997)

Other Resources:                                                Cosponsored by: Catt Center Learning Communities,
                                                                Committee on Lectures, Committee Against Violence,
• BAC cards that come in 24 different categorized weights for
      both men & women
                                                                DPS, Department of Residence, Substance Abuse and
                                                                Violence Prevention, Women’s Center, Women’s Studies,
•     Samantha Spady Alcohol Poisoning Cards
•     Beer goggles

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