Additional Features                              ACES
Because the Customer Management            SERVICE CENTERS
Tool is Internet-based, it allows inter-
operability between installations and      Relevant & Ready

 Counselors may provide counseling
   services at any education center
                                                                          GUIDE TO
   once they are added to the coun-
   selor access list.                                                  IMCOM ACES
   - Counselors have oversight of cus-
  tomers waiting.                                                        CUSTOMER
   - Counselors move customers from
  the waiting to the service area and
  sign them out .
                                                                        TOOL (CMT)
 The region can view customers wait-
ing and those serviced at all education
centers within the region to ensure                           SERVICES
proper usage and address problems                                Directs customer traffic
with the system.
                                                                 Enables counselor oversight of
                                                                   the waiting area
                                                                 Encourages greater customer
                                                                 Provides hard statistical data for:
                                                                   - Reports
                                                                   - Improved Services
                                              IMCOM ACES
                                                                                April 2007
          IMCOM ACES                        CMT Requirements                                Counselor Screen

            CHANGES                          NETCOM/DOIM approval                          Counselors view the names of customers

                                             Dedicated PC with static IP address for
                                                                                               who are currently waiting to be serviced.
   Reorganization into ACES
                                               customer interface                            Once the customer enters the coun-
     Service Centers (hubs) that
                                             No customer access to any site other
                                                                                               selor’s office, the counselor will move the
     service one or more satellite
                                               than the CMT sign in screen                     customer’s name from the waiting to the
     centers or locations.                                                                     service area.
                                             User access list to control usage and
   New business practices that                                                             Upon completion of the counseling ses-
                                               the level of access
     allow for the most efficient and                                                          sion, the counselor will sign the customer
     effective service to the customer,      Staff access authenticated through              out.
     while utilizing leading-edge              AKO
     technology.                                                                            Statistical Data
                                            Customer Sign In Screen
        CollabWorx (CWx), a
          collaborative meeting and                                                         Statistical data is used to provide information
                                             Customer is prompted to fill in title,
          training tool to enhance                                                          for reports, to defend manpower and need
                                               name, phone number, email address,
          communication between                                                             for resources, as well as to determine future
                                               status, branch, unit, and reason for visit
          education centers.                                                                service improvements such as change in op-
                                             If the customer has filled in the            erational hours to meet customer needs, re-
        IMCOM Army Education                 information in a prior visit, all of the     quired appointments, etc. Queries are avail-
          Website, providing                   fields automatically fill once the name      able to provide figures and create charts for:
          convenient, online services to       has been entered. The customer will           Wait times
          customers.                           verify that the information is correct.
                                                                                             Service Times
        Customer Management                Customer asked if s/he has an
                                                                                             Reasons for visits
          Tool (CMT), providing                appointment, and if yes, selects the
                                               name of the counselor from a drop             Customers who leave without being seen
          management of customer
          traffic, a means for additional      down list                                     Peak service hours

          customer feedback, and             Customer offered to join a Listserv to        Averages by installation, ACES Service Cen-
          accurate statistical data for        receive current ACES information                ter or region
          reports and service                ICE link is sent to customer’s email          Combinations of data
          improvements.                        upon pressing the “Submit” button

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