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       DTI-NanoTech                                                                      application note 6AX
         Division of Discovery Technology International
                                                                                         August 2006

                                                           movement. Precise linear movement is achieved using
NanoRobot-6AX – Bench Top                                  a 3 axes NTS100 (100 mm travel) nanopositioning
Robotic Nanopositioning system                             system arranged in an XYZ configuration1. Control over
                                                           the angular movement is achieved using the RoboMate
The NanoRobot-6AX (patent pending) is a highly             angular-linear nanopositioning system2. RoboMate is
advanced miniature robotic nanopositioning system          attached to the XYZ positioning system as shown in the
combining the unique features of DTI’s RoboMate            illustration.
motorized angular-linear nanopositioner, with the
NTS100 XYZ linear nanopositioning stage. The result is a   Rotary motor R1 of RoboMate is mounted via a secure
six axes fully automated nanopositioning system with       bracket to the Z-axis of the NTS100 nanopositioning
outstanding performance. NanoRobot-6AX is the only         system. The output shaft of R1 is fixed to a rigid “L”
system of its type that is able to position a tool/probe   shaped link to rotary motor R2. The rigid link has a
towards a target from virtually any direction or angle,    right angle bend such that the axis of rotation of the
with nanometer resolution. Incorporating DTI’s Virtual     shaft of R1 is orthogonal to the axis of rotation of R2. A
Point technology, the tip of the tool/probe can remain     third motor controlling the linear drive tool holder (LD)
fixed at a specific point while its angle of approach      is secured by means of an additional rigid link to the
with respect to the target can be varied continuously.     output shaft of R2. The linear drive tool holder allows
The system is fully software controlled. Optional          the probe/tool to be moved in both forward and
joystick control is also available.                        reverse directions.

                                                                Illustration of the functional elements of NanoRobot-
                                                                   6AX. System combines a 3-axes NTS100 XYZ linear
                                                                motorized nanopositioning system (“X”, “Y”, “Z”), 2
                                                                motorized rotary axes (“R1”, “R2”), and a motorized
                                                                   linear drive with tool holder (“LD”). Virtual Point
                                                                      (“VP”) is created at the intersect of R1 & R2.

     NanoRobot-6AX – System includes 6-axes robotic
      nanopositioning system (above), 6-channel DSP
       controller, Windows application software and
              optional joysticks (not shown).
    Dimensions of the complete system shown 300 (W) x
                   450 (H) x 600 (D) mm.

Basic Design
The functional design of NanoRobot-6AX incorporates a        For further information see DTI publication “NTS100 Nanopositioner
highly advanced proprietary piezoelectric (non-            2
                                                             For further information see DTI publication “RoboMate Angular-Linear
electromagnetic) motor controlling each axis of            Motorized Nanopositioning System 2005”.

DTI-Nanotech                                                                                                           AN6AX
application note 6AX

Virtual Point Technology                                    portability an optional dry cell rechargeable battery
                                                            pack is also available.
A Virtual Point is formed where the axis of rotation of
the first and second rotary motors (R1 and R2) and the
longitudinal axis of the probe/tool intersect (“VP” in      Applications
illustration). When the
tip of a probe/tool is                                      The unique positioning capabilities of NanoRobot-6AX
positioned     at    the                                    and its miniature size means that it has important
Virtual Point, changes                                      applications in many fields of science, engineering,
in the angle of the                                         medicine and manufacturing, where the traditional
probe/tool will not                                         methods of positioning tools rely upon standard XYZ
affect the position of                                      micropositioner systems. The NanoRobot-6AX design
the tip of the probe,                                       overcomes the inherent drawbacks of these systems by
which will remain at                                        combining precise XYZ nanopositioning control, with a
the Virtual Point.                                          continuously variable angle of approach.

                                                            Applications are numerous and include:
                                                                   Microscopy and microcircuit inspection and QC
                                                                   (microscope camera can be fitted to the linear
                                                                   axis of RoboMate)
                                                                   Micro and nano positioning
Operation                                                          Microchip probing, rework and prototyping
                                                                   Laser and fiber optic alignment
Positioning control over the linear and angular                    Laser damage testing
movement of the entire system is achieved using the                X Ray orientation
supplied Windows application software. Optional                    Ultra-fine assembly, probing, soldering and
manual control using a joystick is also possible. For              testing
complete joystick control of all axes of movement two              Micropositioning (electrophysiology, e.g. patch
joysticks are required. The first joystick can be used to          clamping)
control XYZ movement; the second joystick can control              Microinjection
angular movement and the linear drive tool holder. A               Microsurgery
combination of movement of each axis enables an
unlimited number of positions of a probe/tool to be
made with respect to a target sample.                       DTI’s RoboMate as featured on front cover of Vision Systems
                                                                                 Design – July 06.

Outstanding Range of Movements
The NTS100 XYZ positioning system has 100 mm of
travel along each axis. The angular range of movements
of RoboMate is 360º (R1) and -90º to +70º (R2). The
linear drive tool holder has a range of 50 mm.

Digital Signal Processor Control
The core of the system design is an advanced
piezoelectric rotary motor driven by a digital signal
processor (DSP) based controller. When the motor is
de-energized, it operates as a steadfast position holder
(brake) with almost undetectable backlash and drift.
An additional key component of the system is the
NanoDirect™ series controller designed entirely on a
proprietary DSP platform. This design permits a wide
dynamic range, high measurement accuracy and
unparalleled       performance       (see       technical
specifications). The entire system operates from a low
voltage (12 VDC) power supply. For complete system

DTI-Nanotech                                                                                                   AN6AX
application note 6AX

Technical specifications
     NTS100 XYZ Platform
     Travel Range                       100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm
     Open-Loop Resolution               Approx. 1 nm
     Min. Close-Loop Increment          50 nm (50 Encoder Model), 125 nm (125 Encoder Model)
     Full Travel Range Accuracy         < 0.01% of FS
     Unidirectional Repeatability       < 1 nm
     Bi-directional Repeatability       < 0.3 µm
     Backlash                           < 0.3 µm
     Hysteresis                         < 0.5 µm
     Pitch (θy)/per 1 mm                <2.5 µrad
     Yaw (θz)/per 1 mm                  <2.5 µrad
     Max Velocity                       500 µm/sec
     Reaction Time demand to
                                        < 0.3 msec
     maximum velocity
     Velocity Range                     (Stepped – Continuous) 0.5 nm/sec to 500 µm/sec
     Max Vertical Load Capacity         3 kg
     Max Horizontal Load Capacity       10 kg
     Max Push/Pull Force                30/30 N
     Long Term Stability – Drift        < 2 nm /hour @ 200C

     RoboMate – Angular/Linear Drive Tool Holder
     Rotary motor angular range
                                        360º (R1) and -90º to +70º (R2)
     (from vertical)
     Minimum angular step               0.00055 deg. (2 arcsec)
     Angular rate of rotation           0.006 deg/sec – 90 deg/sec
     Range of linear movement of
                                        50 mm
     tool holder
     Minimum linear step                0.1 µm
     Range of linear velocity           1 µm/sec to 25 mm/sec
     Step size of linear movement
                                        0.01-1.0 mm
     (in step mode)
     Max. Load                          0.5 kg
     Push/Pull Force of the linear
                                        20 N
     drive tool holder
     Rotary Axis Drift at 20ºC          Less than 0.0003 deg/hour
     Linear Axis Drift at 20º C         Less than 2 nm/hour

     Overall System Parameters
     System Weight                      2.85 kg
     System Dimensions (mm)             300 (w) x 450 (d) x 600(h)
     System Supply Voltage              12 V
     System nominal Power

                       Div. Discovery Technology International, LLLP - Sarasota, FL USA
                        Ph: 941.921.5111 Fax: 941.921-5114

DTI-Nanotech                                                                                   AN6AX

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