IB Visual Arts at AIS Statement of Philosophy by osl20813


									                      Middle and High-School Visual Arts at AIS

Individual creativity, technical training and cultural awareness are equally weighted in
the visual arts program at the Antwerp International School. Our strategy emphasizes
each student’s ability to apply the artistic knowledge and skill they have gained from one
grade level to the next, combining practical instruction with personal discovery.
It is of especial significance to the manner in which art is taught at AIS that this is a
multicultural and equal-opportunity school. While students are expected to work towards
a general standard of excellence, the path they take to get there should acknowledge and
reflect their individual abilities, needs, views and heritage.
Cross-curricular links are an important component of AIS art classes. Our location near
Antwerp provides us with an excellent opportunity to refer to Belgium’s rich art-
historical heritage. Connections are also made with the fields of mathematics and
biology. At certain times of the school year, art assignments are designed to draw
attention to school activities, especially plays and musicals.
Art is a required subject in the middle school, an optional class in grades 9 & 10 and is
offered as an IB course in grades 11 & 12.

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