Customer Service Manager (CSM)

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Position:         Customer Service Manager (CSM)

     •   This position is responsible for overseeing all operational functions at the site
          including customer service, production, maintenance, transportation and safety.

     •   Deploy and monitor sales/service resources to ensure superior customer service
          throughout all product areas
     •   Ensure a smooth and effective site production process including the loading and
          shipping of material, receiving and unloading of material, superior product
          maintenance, and implementation of site merchandising
     •   Direct and monitor inventory control processes (cycle counts) to meet inventory
          turn goals and minimize scrappage and waste
     •   Oversee all transportation activities including scheduling and maintenance of
          vehicles, and site maintenance. Ensure compliance with all safety regulations
          and policies
     •   Contribute as a key member of the site management team on issues of improved
          customer service and cost control
     •   Evaluate customer satisfaction and manage a process of continuous improvement
          in site customer service
     •   Coordinate service process to enhance availability inquiries, price quotes, bids
          and special orders
     •   Ensure the proper availability to technical support for customer inquiries

     •   BS degree in Horticulture or related field, and in depth knowledge of the
          horticulture industry and products
     •   Minimum 3-5 years specific experience in managing production, maintenance and
          service resources in an operational environment
     •   Strong customer service processes evaluation and process improvement skills
     •   Excellent organizational ability, a high degree of initiative, excellent
          communication skills and a team orientation
     •   Ability to provide input for cost analysis, planning and budgeting
     •   Experience in hiring, developing, training and motivating a team
     •   Demonstrated commitment to superior customer service and high quality