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									The One That Got Away on the Green River

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Fly fishing can be a surreal experience mending the soul of any person.
That is, until you have to deal with the one that got away!

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Fly fishing can be a surreal experience mending the soul of any person.
That is, until you have to deal with the one that got away!

The One That Got Away

I’ve battled the crowds, seen the masses of fish in the crystal clear
water, and been skunked by the some of the most educated trout around on
the Green River below the Flaming Gorge Dam. On a float trip last fall,
I experienced the true meaning of …The One That Got Away.

This fight and escape was like no other that I have experienced in my 10
years of fly fishing. This fish was not just big, but the most aggressive
and determined trout I have ever seen!! It was a picture perfect moment;
I spot a large rising fish on the left side of the river about 50 down.
We row into position. I make the perfect cast and my drift is right on
target. Suddenly, the fish comes almost completely out of the water.

Now you are probably thinking, big deal, what makes this the ultimate one
that got away story? It’s not the size of the fish or even the amount of
time the fish was on, it’s all about the angler.

Moments before my fly drifted over this fantastic fish, a dive-bombing
Osprey snagged him out from under me nose, or more accurately, the nose
of my fly! Maybe their eyesight is not quite as good as I thought,
because this bird chewed off way more than he should have!

It was a perfect snag, both talons sunk into the back of the fish. The
bird was able to pull the fish almost completely out of the water with a
few extremely labored flaps before he went down. Yep, the Osprey was
completely dragged under by the heavy, powerful and extremely determined

Amazingly, the Osprey surfaced still clutching the fish and made another
attempt to conquer the beast. Dragging the fish half submerged across 10
feet of river, the bird was once again almost completely submerged. Again
the Osprey surfaces, well, almost surfaces. Only one wing comes out of
the water and flaps frantically. One had to wonder who was having who

Unbelievably, it started to look like the fish was going to roll the
Osprey under it. Sure enough, the fish came over the top and was
partially in the air while the Osprey was completely submerged under it!
The trout made a vicious twisting movement and the Osprey apparently
thought oxygen was a better meal. It let go of the trout. The soaking wet
bird laboriously returned to a nearby perch for a well-deserved rest.

We all stared at each other in complete shock. Now that is one hell of   a
One That Got Away story!!

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